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ANTIQUE SCALES—CASH REGISTER SELL FIRST AT 10:30 AM Platform Scale Vintage Toledo Elec. Scale Computing Scale, Style #585B, SN88627 Antique Toledo Grocery Store Scale Antique Fairbanks Platform Scale, 1000 lb cap. National Antique Cash Register—Ornate STOVES LISTED IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER—(CHECK FULL LIST ONLINE): Round Oak Duplex Riverside No. 45 (Coal) Base Burner Riverside Aer-duct / Round Oak 22SB Royal Jack No. 7 / Round Oak 20-T-3 2—Favorite Stoves #4/A & 4-17 Miniature Stove, Complete Round Oak Duplex No. 21 Round Oak R-180-X2, May 7, 1912; Dbl Burner, Restored, Nice Union Stove Work Station Agent No 20, Complete 2—Round Oak Duplex No 24 5—Great Western Duplex; 2-824A & 3-924E 3—Round Oak M-18 3—Round Oak 18-T-3 / Round Oak K-18 Great Western Duplex 724B 3—Round Oak E-14 & 2-E-18 Estate Oak F-Series No I-36 2—Round Oak M18 & E-20s Round Oak 7-14 / Tidy Oak 150 Portland Stove, Queen Atlantic 308 2—Round Oak R-180s Peerless Oak 5111 3—Round Oak (#12, 20 & E-20) 2—Round Oak D-20 & M-22 Round Oak 140-X2 Mars Eclipse No 316 2—Round Oak 18-0-8 & 16-T-31 Lake Side Foundry Co. Estate Oak Series 160 Radiant Kalamazoo Base Burner Round Oak 16SB-T-2 2—Round Oak D-14 & 70-T-3 Garland Smokeless 160A Magic Andes 15 Great Western Duplex Prize Acorn & Economy Heater 419 Gem City Clermond / Entilator 318 Columbus C.M. Emrich ‘Florence’ Windsor Magnificent 22 Bridge & Beach 20 / Todd Parlor Stove Dowagiac Air Tight I 25 +/- Parts Stoves, Incomplete 3 Stove Jacks / Brass Rail 34x34” Ornate Brass Ash Bucket 50+ Stove Trading Post Cards Ornamental Lined Coal Bin 24” Tall 1927 Oliver-Rickard Hardware Co. Hanging Calendar 3—Cast Iron Waffle Makers Large Cast Door Unknown Origin Heat Control Indicator / Round Oak Duplex Top Antique Stove Pipe Shelf 2 Square Stove Floor Protector Boards 15+ Stove Books plus Literature & Magazines Assorted Small Stove Related Collectibles & Memorabilia Large Selection: Stove Top Finial/Urns— Air Adjustors—Lid Lifters—Indian Feathers—More 3—Full Trailers of Misc. Stove Parts Several Framed Pictures Selection of Match Stick Boxes ANTIQUE COOKSTOVES Uncle Sam Jr. 1876 Mini Cookstove, Wood or Coal, Excellent Condition with several mini cooking pans/skillets Size; 21x11.5x14 in. Home Herald Cookstove Othello #328 / Prize Apex Antique Gas Cooking Range, Not Marked NOTE: This is a lifetime accumulation of Dan’s passion for collecting all things antique stove related. Almost anything imaginable for stoves is here. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GROW YOUR COLLECTION OR CATCH THE STOVE BUG! DON’T MISS THIS AUCTION. Bidding in person or by phone only. No online bidding. If you can’t attend, please call for phone bidding options.

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