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Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 at 7:00 PM - Wellington, KS
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Vintage Metal Glider Chair 26” x 26” x 32” Vintage Metal Glider Chair 26” x 26” x 32” Vintage Metal Cabinet 24” x 12” x 63” Wood Cabinet with Metal Panels on Doors and Glass Wood Shelf (only leans against wall and not able Vintage Floor Lamp (works) 66” When Fully Vintage Metal Lawn Chair 22.5” x 25.5” x 33” Wood Airplane Prop 58” Marked 50195 Painted Wood Children’s Vanity with Seat 33” x Wood ‘Old’ and ‘Older’ Painted Adirondack Chairs Wood and Metal Bench 48” x 15.5” x 27” Johnson 10 Sea Horse Outboard Motor on Dolly Vintage Radio Cart Metal Wheel Barrow (one wheel Vintage Load Hog Metal Frame Wheel Barrow - tray Vintage Garden Mark Montgomery Ward Metal Wheel Antique The Aeromotor Chicago Co. Windmill Vane Boss Cistern Pump 19” x 34” Boss Cistern Pump 19" x 34" Vintage Flight Waste Can 16” x 16” x 38” Metal Fire Pit 29” x 13.5” Antique Cast Iron Trahern Well Pump Base 33.5” Milk Can 24” (very rusted lid and bottom) Vintage Flying O Express Metal Wagon - Tray of CR Industries Seals Metal Cabinet 18” x 5” x 22”- Vintage Fan with Wood Body 22.25” x 11.25” x 19” Antique Cast Iron Bell O.S. Bell Co. No. 2 - Coleman Powermate Ultra Generator 2500 (unknown Evinrude Outboard Motor Stand 33.5” Sundial Metal Stand 14” x 32.50 Wood Plant Stand and Magazine Rack - plant Vintage Canadian Rocket Ice Skating Outfit in Vintage Quality Skating Outfit in Original Box Vintage Word Processing Typewriter Series LXI in Topps Donruss and More Baseball Cards and Topps Donruss and More Baseball Cards (most Winchester Small Arms Ammunition Wood Crate 15” x Vintage 1979 Wellington Kansas Little League Vintage Plastic Smurfs Thermos Lunchbox and Toys Royal Typewriter in Case - Quiet De Luxe Vintage Marx Toys Western Bucking Broncho Toy in Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowl 7.25” x 3.5” Arkansas City Santa Fe Foods Cream of Tartar Arkansas City Kansas Santa Fe Fancy Whole Cloves Arkansas City Kansas Santa Fe Allspice Tin 2.25” Arkansas City Kansas Santa Fe Coffee Tin 5” x Painted Cast Iron Coca-Cola Truck with Bottles GI Joe Wood Box with Vintage Toy CB Walkie Plastic Miller Beer Clock 16” Vintage Porcelain Enamel Montgomery Ward Heater Cast Iron Dutch Oven 12.5” x 5.5” Vintage Stromberg-Carlson Radio 12” x 7” x 7.5” Sears Spectrum Motor Oil Tin 2 1/2 Gallon 14.5” Wards Commander Motor Oil 2 Gallon Tin 11” Skelly Anti-Freeze One Gallon Tin 9.5” Vintage Hotwheels and Martchbox Toy Cars and Hotwheels and More Toy Cars in Carry Case (case Hotwheels Matchbox and More Toy Cars in (2) Arkansas City Kansas Purity Cafe Glass Cups (12) Vintage Looney Tunes Glass Cups 6.25” - Candlewick Glass Fan Vase 8.5” Pair of Candlewick Double Candleholders 6.5” x Candlewick Glass Handled Tray 8.5” and Plate Candlewick Glass Bowl 10” Glass Bowl and Milk Lone Ranger Merita Bread Porcelain Sign 10.5” x Camp Woolrich Est. 1830 Metal Sign 11” x 14” Cowhide Brand Overalls and Pants Porcelain Sign Coca-Cola Porcelain Sign 11” Finck’s Overalls Porcelain Sign 9” x 12” Rosie the Riveter We Can Do it War Production Black Cat Cigarettes Porcelain Sign 9” x 13” Vintage 1959 and 1960 Redskin Oklahoma State LL Bean Cast Iron Heirloom Christmas Tree Stand Ertl Smokey and the Bandit Semi Truck and Trailer Metal Toy Tow Truck 13” 1977 Star Wars Toy Van 7.25” (plastic) Vintage Hull Duck Planter 7” Belt Buckle with Removable Gun Lighter 5” Hutchison Kansas 1987 Metal Sign 12” Vintage 1963 Skipper Barbie’s Little Sister Doll Chivas Regal Whiskey Mirrored Sign 7.25” x 8.25” Vintage Marx Plastic Toy Horse 14.5” x 13” (2) Monterrey Western Ware Cups 3.25” (chipped) (4) Monterrey Western Ware Bowls 7” (5) Monterrey Western Ware Plates 10” Vintage Cheinco Canister Set - Tin and Plastic Vintage Plastic 14” x 7” Vintage Normark Wood Fish Scaler Board 23.5” (2) S. Third Metal Sign 6” x 24” Vintage Faribo Wool Blanket in Chicago North (2) Reproduction Bass Fishing Lures 5” and Wyeth Galvanized Funnel 9.5” x 11.5” (5) Sets of Footloose Movie Prints 14” x 11” Homewire Outdoor Wire 12-2 UF-B 25ft 600 Volts, Red Handled Kitchen and Home Primitives Vintage Hide-A-Key Metal Sign 11.25” x 14” Antique Coleman Quicklite Lantern 19.5” Antique Coleman Lantern 18.5” Vintage YarDarts Lawn Darts Game in Original Box Vintage Flint Hills Beef Feeders Inc. Potwin Vintage Jewelry Box and Jewelry 12.5” x 8” x Vintage Wood Handled Screwdrivers Vintage Kid’s Tin Toy Refrigerator 7.5” x 6” x Stemware Glasses 5” and Smaller Xbox One Games Xbox 360 Games Antique Tiger Tobacco Lunch Pail Tin 8” x 6.5” x (2) Vintage Pepsi-Cola Metal Soda Bottle Carriers Vintage and Newer Picture Frames and More 10” x Electric Fence Insulators and Hay Hook Basket Teapot Stencils Colander and More Vintage 1992 Large Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vintage Glass Pitchers and Pyrex Measuring Cup 9” Hardware Organizer Traction Cables Soldering Popcorn Popper Egg Slicer Vintage Tupperware Vintage Tools : Wrenches Micrometer Snips, Sickle and More Primitive Hand Tool Glass Trays Glass Candleholders Duck Bookends, Vintage Toys Buttons Miniatures and More Necklaces Watches Earrings and More Milk Glass Amethyst Glass and Clear Glass Hens Bubble Level Pipe Wrenches and More Drywall Tools Case of Dozen Ball Quart Mason Jars Croquet Game Set Metal Yield Sign 27” Left Turn Only Metal Sign 30” x 36” (2) Cardboard and Paper Lawn Boy Signs - 28” x 1985 Lawn Boy Paper on Foam Sign 30” x 23.5” 1985 Lawn Boy Paper on Foam Sign 30” x 23.5” Highway 54 Metal Sign 24” Kansas Vanity License Plates Kansas License Plate and Plate Decor Casablanca Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” Happy Days Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” I Love Lucy Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” Elvis Presley Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” Marilyn Monroe Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” Ford Thunderbird Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” The Three Stooges the Windbags Metal Sign 12.5” x The Brady Bunch Metal Sign 12.5” x 17.5” No Parking Plastic Sign 12” x 18” and No Decorative License Plates : NASCAR and the Three Eagle Two Gallon Safety Can Cast Iron Footed Dutch Oven 10.25” x 5” Cast Iron Footed Dutch Oven 10” x 6” Cast Iron Christmas Pan 13” x 7” Christmas Vintage GM Mirror Kit in Original Box Skil Belt Sander Mastercraft Jigsaw Stanley Tonka Toy Van Power Rangers and More in DuPont Peters High Velocity Shot She’ll Cartridge Wizard of Oz Cardboard Cutout 44.5” x 70” Wood Soda Crate and Sewing Table Drawers - Pioneer Double Sided Metal Sign 20” x 6” Sure-Tite Hose Clamp Metal Box Wittek Mfg. Co. JI Case Company Award Plaque 11.5” x 14” (Metal Massey Ferguson Award Plaque 12” x 15” (Metal on (4) Vintage Light Fixtures (unknown working Santa’s Roasted Peanuts Red’s Peanut Farm Sack Kentucky Tavern Whiskey Kentucky Derby Mirror Ope Don Dinning Metal Sign 24” x 18” Southwest Real Estate and Land Co. Metal Sign (2) Arrow Metal Signs 18” x 24” Chalkboard Wood Framed Sandwich Sign 17” x 32” Kendall Motor Oil Five Gallon Can 16.5” (2) Galvanized Minnow Buckets (one is missing McCoy Oven Ware Bowl 10” Hull Blue and Pink Floral Vase 6.5” (small ship Amber Glass and Multi-Colored Glass Dishes 10.25” Vintage Puppy Dog Planter 7” Billiard Balls Record Albums Vintage Kamkap’s Metal and Plastic Toy Arkansas City Kansas Santa Fe Foods Can Labels Arkansas City Kansas Santa Fe Apple Juice Can Arkansas City Kansas Santa Fe Can Labels 20” x (2) Vintage Standard Hardwired Wall Clocks 13” Vintage Lamps (unknown working conditions) Vintage Red Aluminum Pitchers Vintage Ice Trays, Silverplate and Metal Serving Ware - Tray with Railroad Date Nails Railroad Date Nails Vintage Hotwheels and More Toy Cars in (4) Trays Vintage Hotwheels and More Toy Cars in (3) Trays Cast Iron Bell 10.5” x 8.5” Pyrex Measuring Cup Snack Plates Cups and Maglite Flashlights and Harley Davidson Antique Stomach Bitter Amber Glass Bottle, Vintage Fisher Price Chalkboard Tray Metal Toy Porcelain and Metal Light Fixture Covers (Green Vintage and Newer Gun Cleaning Kits Vintage and Newer Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Vintage and Newer Hats : Cessna Menlo-Redford (2) Antique Spring Scales - Hanson and Chatillon Chevrolet Hood Ornament 2.5” and Hood Ornament Vintage Bait Box Metal Grate and Wood Lid with Northwest Bullseye Brand Shot Sack Allis Jewelry Watches and More Vintage Nokona Baseball Mitt KC Royals Steve Vintage Simplex Drive-In Speaker 6” x 5” x 8.5” Kansas Frankoma Plate Porcelain Plate Crock Plano and Rebel Tackle Boxes and Tackle 17” x Vintage Metal Wastebasket 13” and Metal Eagle ‘EZ’ Cistern Pump Cover Galvanized Metal 16” x 8” Vintage Grentec Skateboard 24” x 5.75” Vintage Handy Electric Haircutting Set in (3) Champlin DeLuxe Motor Oil Quart Cans 5.5” Texaco Outboard Oil Tin Can 6.25” NOS Ra-Loy Spark Plugs Uranium Glass Oval Dish 8” x 6” x 3.5” Guitar Shaped Watch in Case Zippo Lighter and Vintage Arvin Fan/Heater 16” Tall (works) Brie De Meaux Fromage Wood Lazy Susan 22.25” Wire and More Vintage Leather Working Supplies in Vintage Atlas Good Luck Jars and More Glass Jars Metal Scott Paper Towel Dispenser with ‘Fire Cast Iron Tractor Seat 17.5” x 14.5” Marx “The Grandchild” Children’s Plastic Clock By Size Large Flight Suit and Western Auto NASCAR Lariat Vintage Helmets and Visors (helmets are size XL) Winch and GE AC Voltmeter (7” Wheel on Winch) Cast Iron Fence Finial Pieces 4” and More Drywall Tools and More Tools in Wood Crate - (2) Empty Milwaukee Tool Cases Hand Planes, Vintage Locking Payment Box (Heavy metal) (no (6) Vintage Windows (one is missing a pane) 23” x (5) Vintage Windows (one has a large chunk of Camping Cot 2’ x 7’ Pipe Bender 38.5” Vintage Eskimo No Draft Fan and Newer Fan (both Vintage Latchhook Craft Art 17” x 23” and Smaller Foot Massager Tortilla Pan Set Lifting Device, Wood Crate Plastic Coca Cola Bottle Carrier and (3) Metal Milk Crates and (1) Plastic Crate - Craftsman Gas Leaf Blower (unknown working Kids Halloween Costumes and Shoes in Tote Purox Acetylene Torch and More Agfa Camera Flash Film Reels and More Vintage Cameras : Argus Bell & Howell Brownie, Ford Wheel Covers Ford Wheel Cover Light Basketball Hoop (2) Plastic Gas and Water Containers Plastic 4.75” Branding Iron Parini Casserole Dish Parini Utensil Set Rollig Metal Decor Coal Bucket and More -19” long and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Framed Print., Aluminum Weathervane 18” x 25.5” Stone Apples 3.5” Wood Mold 28” x 19” Metal Decor 32” and Smaller Metal Plant Stands 25” and Smaller Wood Children’s Chair 14” x 11.5” x 23.5” Plastic Kids Bed Pack’n’Play and Ironing Board Vintage Metal Corner Shelf 17.5” x 12” x 30” - no description - (2) Vintage Enid Oklahoma CM Russel Calendars 31” Budweiser Plastic Banner OU Vs Oregon 36” x 90” Medford OK Rhoades Construction Yard Stick Rapp Hardware & Feed Wakita Oklahoma Yard Stick 1961 Chevrolet Yard Stick Roach Anthony Kansas 1961 Chevrolet Anderson Chevrolet Co Medford Sylvia KS CO-OP Measuring Stick - Encyclopedia Wakita Oklahoma WE Adams Co. Yard Stick Chrysler Williams Motor Co. Anthony Kansas Yard 1967 Chevrolet Quality Chevrolet Company Wichita, Wood Shelf and Wood Happy Harvest Decor - 19.5” Vintage Wood Door 32” x 78.5” (missing glass) Metal Base 18” x 14” x 19” Chicago 14” Cut Off Saw (powered on when plugged Metal Fire Pit with Lid 29” x 12” Phillips 66 Wichita KS Century of Fords Print, Blue Moon Kansas City Royals 2018 Poster 18.25” x Casablanca Framed Print 22” x 30” Antique and Vintage Picture Frames - 26” x 29” St. Croix Fly Fishing Outfit and (2) Kids (2) Fishing Rods and Reels : Shakespeare Alpine 13’ Surf Heavy Action Rod with Penn Squidded No.

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