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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Wellington, KS
- This Auction Includes Vintage and Antique Toys, McCoy Pottery,
Marbles, Buttons, Glassware, Misc Collectibles, Quilts, Crocks,
Roseville Pottery, Baseball Bats, Mitts, Dryden Pottery,
Vintage Hot Wheels 1960s Buttons, and Much More.
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Seth Thomas Mantle Clock 11” x 7” x 14.5” Hull Planter/Vase 5.5” McCoy Planter/Vase 5.25” (2) McCoy Planters 4” (2) McCoy Planters 4” (one is unmarked) McCoy Vase 6” Vintage Marbles and Shooters Atlas Mason Jar (jar Antique Handbag 7.5” x 7.25” (4) Vintage 7Up Soda Bottles Vintage Automatic Radio 13.5” x 6” x 7” (did not Vintage Triner Air Mail Scale 16” x 7” Vintage Painted Cast Iron Cat Figure 5.75” Vintage Painted Cast Iron Coin Bank 5.5” Vintage Painted Cast Iron Figure Coin Bank Vintage Painted Cast Iron Figure Coin Bank 4” - Vintage Painted Cast Iron Deer Coin Bank 5.5” Vintage Painted Bar Bum Cast Iron Figure 6.75" Vintage Painted Cast Iron Lion Coin Bank 5.25” Vintage Painted Cast Iron Figure Coin Bank 5.5” Vintage Metal Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco Sign Vintage Metal Newport Cigarettes Sign with Wood Vintage Metal Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco Sign Crock Bowl with Lid 9” - Marked ‘Oven Ware 9 Made Blue and White Stoneware Water Dispenser with (2) Vintage Jars of Buttons Vintage Horse Pottery Planter 7.25” (2) Vintage Crock Bowls 12” Western Stoneware Crock Jug 10.25” Vintage Milk Bottles - One Embossed ‘Grisham’ and Basket of Vintage Wood and Plastic Thread Spools Vintage Metal Coca-Cola Tray 12.5” x 15” Vintage Plastic Pharmacology Tray 16.25” x 10.25” Vintage Metal Coca-Cola Tray 18.75” x 13.25” (no Metal John Deere and Coca-Cola Tray 12.75” x Vintage Norman Rockwell Lasser’s Beverages Metal Vintage Metal Coca-Cola Tray 18.75” x 13.25” (no Vintage Anheuser-Busch Metal Tray 17.5” x 12.75” (3) Vintage Oil Lamps with Globes 18.75” and Vintage Franciscan Desert Rose Platter 19.5” x Franciscan Ware Apple Plates - (3) 10.5” (5) Franciscan Ware Apple Dishes : (10) Bowls (10) Glass Jar of Buttons - 7” Tall Jar Vintage Metal Affiliated Foods Midwest Amber Madrid Glass Plates Bowls Creamer and Crock Dishes 10” Vintage Wood Abacus and Vintage Tin Toy Noise Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers : Vintage ‘Wishing You Well’ Planter 8.25” Crock Chicken Drink Fount 10.75” (2) Crock Jugs 10.25” McCoy Planter 12.5” x 5” Tonka Metal Toy Dumptruck 19” Tonka Metal Toy Truck 21.5” Tonka Metal Toy Road Grader 18” Vintage Nylint Metal Toy Road Builders Crane Vintage Nylint Metal Toy Semi Truck and Trailer Vintage John Deere Metal Toy Tractor with Scoop Vintage John Deere Metal Toy Baler 10” Vintage Metal Toy Tractor 7.5” Vintage Metal John Deere Toy Tractor 7.5” Vintage Miniature Cast Iron ‘Queen’ Stove 4.5” x McCoy Black Planter 6” x 4” McCoy ‘Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree’ Planter McCoy Wishing Well Planter 7” x 6.5” McCoy Pink Vase 9.5” (3) Yellow Pottery Bowls/Planters 7” x 4” (2) McCoy Vases 8” and Smaller (one has large (2) Vintage Jars of Buttons - 5.25” Tall Jars Vintage Marbles and Shooters in Jar - 7” Tall Jar Vintage Marbles in Jar - 5.5” Jar (2) Vintage Painted Oil Lamps with Globes 18” (2) Crock Jugs 13” and 11” (2) Pottery Planters 8” and 6” Vintage Marbles in Jar - 5.25” Tall Jar Vintage Motorola Radio 11” x 5.5” x 7.5” (when Vintage Westinghouse Radio 11.5” x 5.5” x 7” Vintage Oil Lamp Converted to Electric 22” (3) Oil Lamps with Globes 18.5” and Smaller (pink Vintage Metal Tonka Toy Fire Truck 17” Vintage Marbles (for scale: bag is gallon size) Vintage General Electric Clock Radio 11” x 4.5” x Vintage Truetone Radio (some cracks in plastic) Vintage Sentinel Radio 11.5” x 6.5” x 7” Stained Glass Pieces 17” x 9.5” and Smaller Cast Iron Double Decker Bus 11” Vintage gaf View-Master and View Master Projector Frankoma Pitcher and More Pitchers 9.5” and Stoneware Bowl 9” and Lidded Stoneware Bowl Pair of McCoy Vases 9.25” McCoy Planter 7” x 7” McCoy Vase and McCoy Planter 8.25” (2) Hull Vase and Vintage Vase 8.25” and Smaller Roseville 822-8” Vase Roseville 826-6” Bowl Vintage MCM Blue and Grey Pattern with Silver Rim Amber Madrid Dishes : (5) Bowls 5” (4) Sugars, (4) Fostoria American Pattern Platters 12.25” - (6) Fostoria American Pattern Plates 9.5” Fostoria American Pattern Pitcher (2) Sugars, (4) Antique Dr. Pepper Bottles (two are bottled (3) Antique/Vintage Soda Bottles : Barq’s, (3) Antique/Vintage Soda Bottles : Quality Brand Jar of Marbles (jar is plastic Vintage Marbles in Plastic Jar (jar is 5” tall) Vintage Marbles and Shooters in (2) Small Jars Vintage Marbles and Shooters in Jar (jar is 6.5”) Jar of Buttons (jar is 7”) (2) Jars of Buttons (jars are 4” and 4.5”) Vintage Marbles in Tin (tin is 6” x 5” x 4.5”) Vintage Marbles and Vintage Chines Checkers Vintage Marbles and Shooter Marbles Vintage Marbles and Shooters Vintage Marbles and Shooters Vintage Marbles and Shooters Vintage Marbles and Shooters Vintage Marbles and Shooters in Box Vintage Marbles and Shooters in Box Vintage Marbles and Shooters in Ice Cube Trays NOS Montgomery Ward Coveralls Size 48 Reg Antique Metal Mesh Handbag 7” x 7” and Beaded Antique and Vintage Beaded Handbags - 5” x 7” and Vintage Canning Jars : Ball and Atlas (11) Fostoria American Pattern Plates 7.5” Fostoria American Pattern Serving Dishes 12” and Fostoria American Pattern Stemware : (5) 4.75” Vintage/Antique Blue Tinged Canning Jars : Ball, Vintage Enchanto Co Calif. Pottery Leaf Dish (4) Vintage/Antique Milk Bottles : Silver (4) Vintage/Antique Milk Bottles : Detroit (5) Vintage Milk Bottles : MBS Indianapolis, Antique/Vintage Oil Lamps and Holders 14” and Clown Juice Bottle Beater Salt and Pepper Souvenir and More Shotglasses and Toothpick Vintage Glass Candy Containers Shotglasses, Vintage Glass Flower Frogs Ceramic Glass and Metal Flower Frogs Vintage Plates and Trivets 14” Shawnee Corn Pitcher/Creamer Crock 7.75” and Pottery Pot 8” Pottery Pot 8” (2) Vintage Quilts (yellow appears to be machine (2) Vintage Quilts 67” x 84” (one appears to be (2) Vintage Quilts 70” x 92” (butterfly quilt (2) Vintage Quilts and (1) Baby Quilt - 72” x 910 Vintage Light Fixture Globes Vintage Light Fixture Globes Vintage Metal and Ceramic Light Fixture Housings Oil Lamp Globes/Chimneys 9” and Smaller Oil Lamp Globes/Chimneys 10” and Smaller Oil Lamp and Lantern Globes/Chimneys 10.5” and Vintage Light Fixture Globes and Glass Oil Lamp and Lantern Globes/Chimneys 10” and Vintage Cardboard Chicken Feeders - F.D. Vogt Vintage Jewelry : Necklaces Bracelets Brooches, Vintage Jewelry : Necklaces Brooches and More Vintage Jewelry : Necklaces and More Vintage Jewelry : Necklaces Cuff Links, Vintage Jewelry : Necklaces Brooches Clip On Dryden Green Vase Pitcher 6.25” and (2) Stove Wicks Heater Wicks Mantle and Oil Lamp Vintage Wood Toolbox and Miniature Kids Tools - (2) Vintage Nifty Tin Toy Airplanes 7” x 7” x 3” Antique Arcade McCormick-Deering Cast Iron Franciscan Ware Apple Dishes : (9) Plates 10”, Schatz Clock with Glass Dome 12” (dome appears to Vintage Softballs in Original Boxes - Worth Poly Antique Nails 4” and Smaller (3) Baseball Mitts : Rawlings Revelation and (4) Baseball Mitts : Spaulding Mag Pee Wee, Red Wing Shoes Shoe Sizing Tool Boot Jack Shoe (3) Handsaws and Vintage Children’s Wood Golf Sunkist Metal Sign 14.5” x 13” Antique Textile Art Framed 15” x 18” Vintage Framed Print and Painting 18.5” x 14” and Remington UMC Metal Sign 12.5” x 16.5” Double Ringer Horseshoes Vintage Light Fixture with Globes (width at Watches and Watch Parts : Embassy Timex. Watches and Watch Bands : Timex Acqua and More Vintage Jewelry : Rings Clip on Earrings, Vintage Jewelry: Brooches Cuff Links Tie Clips, Wrist Watches in Cigar Box : Timex Armitron and Vintage Esquire Boot Polish Shoe Shine Wood Box Vintage Marbles in Hard Case 16” x 13” x 6” Matchbooks Scout Patches Keychains Keys, Trivet Antique Big Horn Cap Gun (rusty) Prince Antique Nautical Sextant and Compass (both marked Signed and Numbered Moose Print 24” x 20” Dryden Dish 14.25” Blue Glass Bottles Figures, US Tobacco Co Spittoon Vintage NYC Map, Ibanez Guitar Amplifier GTA15R (powered on when Vintage Stradoline Hollow Body Electric in Hard Enamel Wash Bowl 16.5” and Vintage Plastic Bowl Vintage Doilies Embroidered Tea Towels and More Vintage Books Wood Pillar/Stand Magazine Rack Milk Crate and Vintage Big A Auto Parts Coin Bank 6.5” (3) Vintage Quilts 70” x 84” and Smaller Vintage Quilt Tops Vintage Fabric Pieces and Antique Quick Work Cleaner Sweeper and Eveready Antique Cards Advertisements Fan Calendars, (2) Wood Levels 24” and 30” (larger level is Vintage Louisville Slugger 250 Wood Baseball Bas Vintage Louisville Pro Hillerich & Bradsby Wood Vintage Louisville Slugger 125LL Wood Baseball Vintage Hillerich & Bradsby Co. Louisville KY Vintage Louisville Slugger 125S Wood Baseball Bat Vintage Hillerich & Bradsby Co. 66 Louisville KY Vintage ‘Star Brand Shoes Are Better’ Wood Winchester Pocket Knife Vintage Bullet Pencils, Antique 1939 Chevrolet Button Advertising Vintage Jewelry Pins and More (4) Pocket Watches : Ingersoll Calibri, Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Ford J-Car Button Vintage 1968 Hotwheels Redline ‘57-‘Bird Classic Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Custom Corvette Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Custom Barracuda Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Hot Heap Button Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Deora Button 1.5” Vintage 1968 Hotwheels Redline ‘32 Ford Vicky Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Ed Roth Beatnik Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Custom Eldorado Vintage 1968 Hotwheels Redline Splittin’ Image Vintage 1967 Hotwheels Redline Custom Firebird Vintage Rice Bros. Livestock Dealers Watch Fob Vintage Euclid Earth Moving Equipment Watch Fob Vintage Aultman & Taylor Watch Fob Vintage Caterpillar Watch Fob Vintage Caterpillar Watch Fob HGE Rings Military Boy Scouts and More Pins Medals and War Trophy Pin 1” War Trophy Pin 1” Foreign Coins : Germany Canada Brazil Great Foreign Coins : Mexico Singapore Canada, Foreign Coins Tokens Pendants and More Tax Tokens Commemorative Coins and More Tokens Commemorative Coins and More Elvis Presley Double Eagle Commemorative Coin Antique/Vintage Black Dresser and (2) Muffs

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