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Estate Auction

Saturday, March 25th, 2023 at 10:00 AM - Concordia, KS
- Antiques, Vintage Items, Collectibles, Guns, CoinsView Auction!

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Auctioneer Note: (we no longer do open house on Friday night before the auction) There will be a lot of nice items for this auction. We accept cash & good checks only, No Debit or Credit cards Miss Items: Vintage hand tools, Japanese friction toys, large size Military tanks, jeeps, jeep w/ trailer, Humvee w/ trailer, pewter civil war figures, canon, bobble head Mickey Mouse, old binoculars, Dog poker game tapestry, U.S. Army Drill Sergeant G.I. Joe doll, General MacArthur doll, Belt buckle collection, old gas station patches, beer steins, small miniature instruments, black American memorabilia, hillbilly moonshine still figurines, G.I. Joe bobble head, G.I. Joe clothes, pewter figurines w/ cards (fighting men of the American Soldiers) 1961Dr. Pepper pop bottles (full) and wood pop case, Easy Rider motorcycle set, Hesston money clips, 1 bottom plow, vintage Victor traps, cream can, Skelly gas cans, vintage hand saws, 2- bench vise, large assortment of street signs, small iron wheels, (2) misspelled Midford lake signs (they should spell Milford lake), 2- old wire gates, vintage wood doors, 3- barn doors, 2- galvanized chicken nest for chickens, disc blades, 100 gallon water tank, barn wood, 2 bottom plow, vintage wood tool box, old bicycle tire pumps, storage barrel, Coleman stove & lantern, heavy duty ratchet straps, uncle Sam piggy bank, porcelain stove top, military storage cabinet, 78 & 45 records, Air Force & Fort Riley pencil drawing, small crock, Zinc Ball canning lids, vintage blue canning jars, Funks hybrid corn sign, Mom’s diner sign, Clay Center tiger sign,Beatles & Rolling Stones memorabilia, old advertising for Indian & Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Pinzz candy collection, old spice cans, West point Memorabilia, vintage women’s hats & gloves, Miltonvale , hull, & McCoy pottery, vintage Emporia State pennants, die cast Coca-Cola truck, small oil cans, tobacco cans, old coffee cans, cold beer refrigerator, Don Kramer Mormons seed sign, small show case, Military Big Red vintage picture, cranberry glass, vintage watches, wood box’s, old post cards, road maps, Hall brothers display case, flow blue pottery, Chevy art deco picture, desert storm cards, Atlas wood box, old cameras, 100 piece toy soldier set, #2 crock, pampered chef, snap-on calendars, fire king bowls& cups, John Deer cookie jar, Hage Shot shells advertising, several BB guns: Daisy 95 Roger Arkansas, Daisy Model 99 Roger Arkansas, Daisy model 95b Roger Arkansas, Crossman pump bb gun, Crosman model 760 pump bb gun, Stamp Collection Guns: Remington 22-250 model 788 rifle, Marlin 12 gage goose gun 3-in mag , Winchester model 90 octagon barrel 22 cal. Pump rifle, Raven Arms 25 auto pistol, RG 25 auto pistol, Military drill practice rifles, SKS 7.62x 39 rifle, Remington model 24 22 cal. Rifle , SKS Draguov synthetic stock, Coins: Proof sets: 1953,1955d, 1948, 1942, 1949, 1952, 1976,1984, 1985, 1981, 1983, 1993, 1980, 1987, Buffalo Nickels, Wheat pennies, 1953 Federal $2 note, 1963 Federal $2 note, 1904 & 1892 Morgan silver dollars on a belt buckle, Morgan 1921 silver dollar on a belt buckle, 1878 Morgan silver dollar, 1879 peace silver dollar, 1892 Barber ½ dollar, 1993 Walking Liberty 1oz. silver coin

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