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Estate AuctionEstate Auction

Saturday, January 21st, 2023 at 10:00 AM - Concordia, KS
- Crocks, Toys, Collectibles, Guns, Old Metal Signs,
Motor Oil Cans, Toys, Military Items, Misc
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Miss Items: Crock jugs, #6 Western crock, #2 Diamond crock, Stone crock, #3 butter churn crock, #5 Red wing crock, #3 Red Wing crock, #3 Butter Churn, glass butter churn’s, Ball Blue canning jars, stamp collection, Axis & Allies WWII game, vintage baby buggy, large Coca-Cola collection, free standing lamps, jewelry box, troll dolls, political whiskey decanters, vintage dial phone, old Crosman pellets & BB’s, Marlboro clock, large collection of hot wheel toys, occupied Japan dishes, brass bugle, mantle clock, old spot lights, Anheuser Bush wood box w/ checkerboard, black American pictures, large assortment of knives: old timer, Remington, Imperial, Ghillie suit, Atlantic lunch box, International tool box, wood boxes, military boots, Green Beret hats, old lamps, gumball machine w/ marbles, color wheel Christmas light, old car tags, Pyrex bowls, Mets beer piggy bank, McCoy pottery, old milk bottles w/ metal carrier, Hop along Cassidy items, Bush lighted sign, metal bread box, metal claw’s w/ glass balls, galvanized bucket, Coca-Cola lamp. Vintage pictures, old candy box’s, stamp machine, gun cleaning kits, nail keg, metal storage box, old Spanish war picture, rector sets, Barbie & Ken box, Phillips 66 radio car, GI Joe Bob Hope collection, Al Shorey thermometer , Leury & Vopat Insurance thermometer, old roller skates, branding irons, Bick cigarette lighter dispenser, military lantern, vintage radios, Royal Baking powder wood box, troll dolls, Marlboro Phillips Morris lighted clock, vintage metal lunch box, baseball card dispenser, vintage Remington typewriter, die cast piggy banks, old car tags, (2) full box’s of 12 gage shotgun shells, 23esq, Model A front end wall mounted head light , BB pistol, Fairmont Ford plaque, railroad lanterns, Coors lighted sign, Several vintage metal 6 pack Pepsi & Coke carriers w/ bottles, Dr Pepper & 7Up metal carriers, bicycles, lighted stop light, Bull Durham smoking tobacco Black American posters, Cloth Dodgem Bumper car advertising, cloth Hambuger for lunch advertising, Black Amercain salt & pepper shakers, Hand crank record player, old Karen scene lamp, Case of Dr. pepper 2,4 & 7 pop bottles, Budweiser neon sign, Guns: Bush Master AR15 223/556, Superior Arms AR 15 223/556, Superior Arms 95A1 Crimson light grip 9MM, Several old vintage ammo boxes, Old metal signs: Hop along Cassidy, Crosley radio, Napa, Coca-Cola, Red Rider BB gun, Bernina lighted sewing sign, seven up metal chalkboard, Pepsi metal chalkboard sign, Camel cigarette sign, Karo chocolate soda metal sign, Tootsie Rolls metal sign, Texaco Fire Chief metal porcelain metal sign, Standard oil metal sign, Farm Bureau metal sign, John Deere metal sign, Kayo porcelain sign, Chocolate drink metal sign, Harley-Davidson porcelain sign, Coopers Farm metal sign, Model Smoking tobacco metal sign, (original) Kansas 66 metal sign, Deering/New Ideal metal sign, Cappers Farmer metal sign’s, (Rare) Cappers Kansas Farmer metal sign, Standard oil metal sign, Coca-Cola metal signs, 1930’s cloth Camel cigarette billboard sign, metal air plane sign, yield sign, speed limit sign, stop sign, Karo metal sign, Budweiser Neon sign, Canada dry porcelain sign, Viceroy cigarette metal sign, Salem cigarette metal sign, Dekalb hybrid metal sign, Southern Pacific metal sign, Deer wall mount, stuffed Bob cat, lighted rail road lamp, Motor oil cans: Fox head, Defender, Archer, Shell, Lubaid, Texaco, Quaker State, McMillan, Roslyn, Polarine transmission grease can, Mobile, Sinclair, Mobile, Stand Kindal, Imperial, Mobile & Standard oil glass bottles, Shelly & Texaco metal 5 gallon cans, Toys: Buddy L Coca-Cola Truck, old pressed steel coca –Cola truck, Smith & Miller mobile gas semi, smith & Miller bank truck, Tonka jeeps, Marx coast to coast metal semi, Tonka metal jeeps, Buddy L wild animal circus metal truck, Tonka press steel ser-v-car, Tonka back hoe, Tonka sportsman truck, Stucco pressed steel truck, Marx pressed steel truck, Buddy L freight truck, Buddy L flatbed & Texaco truck, Lamar military truck, Stratco truck, large Buddy L dump truck, Tonka car hauler, Larx large dump truck, Tootsie toy cars, Tonka state Highway truck, Wyandotte toy truck, tootsie toy truck, small steam engine w/ log trailer, several toy guns & holsters, Star war collection, (first original Matchbox cars, Military Items: holster’s, pouches, helmet covers, backpack, Max military multipurpose tool, ammo box’s, Cast iron tractor seats, Golden Eagle compound bow, cast iron alligator, Bull Durham tobacco advertising, cast iron door stops, coal miners had lamps, Mobile glass globe, Winston cigarette thermometer, Coca-cola thermometer, Royal Crown cola thermometer, slits beer box, old beer bottles, 1960’s Pepsi pop cooler, Coca- Cola 1960’s Pop cooler,

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