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2 aluminum sawhorses 1 work stand 2 jack stands 1 high lift jack 1 hydraulic floor jack 1 laser transit level 1 Milwaukee porta band saw Misc. decorative cast iron fence accessories Rachet straps- wire Four fiberglass welding blankets Misc. welding rods #7018 and more Misc. welding rods #8018 and #6011 Miller SRH 444 welder 3 phase with leads ---- Milwaukee Sawzall with case Milwaukee Sawzall with case Milwaukee porta band saw with case Milwaukee porta band saw with case Steel toolbox Key cutter miscellaneous Arc air rods Radnor aluminum wire 5 rolls 3 rod holders Rubber belting Cable and clevis 5” vise – 1 ¼ pipe notcher barrel roller Heavy equipment roller pads Safety strap chokers and more Turn table Hammer drill Miscellaneous concrete anchor bolts Hilti dual tube caulking gun 2-11R vise grips 4 banjo valves Lathe tool Transfer punches 3 clamps Pipe cutter and pipe wrench Miscellaneous clamps Miscellaneous c clamps Miscellaneous vise grip clamps Miscellaneous toggle clamps Misc. clamps Misc. clamps Misc. c clamps Misc. clamps Misc. clamps Misc. clamps Misc. clamps Misc. clamps Misc. clamps Misc. trailer parts including latches springs -- Grinder – 7 inch Misc. bolts 9 boxes Steel parts bin 20” x 4’ Steel parts bin 20” x 4’ Preheat oven Lights and 2 switch boxes Tig hose and cover Misc. hammers Tumble and Vibe plus electric plugs Lilliston mower parts including gear boxes --- 2 electric motors 3 phase 7.5 and 15 hp 4 electric motors 3 phase 1-3 hp 2 electric motors 10 and 7.5 hp one new in box Torch-hose new and used Chainfall hoist electric switch Light and electric meter Metal pan 36” x 36” and misc. steel Roller table for large sheet steel Turn table welding positioner Pallet of misc. steel Pallet of misc. steel Large pallet of misc. steel Pallet of misc. steel 2 air handlers Park-Master plasma cutter (needs new torch) Sander belt and disc Peddinghaus iron worker Miller CP250ts welder with wire feed 3 phase DoAll band saw C-916 size 158 inches with 10’ - 3 misc. stands Miller trailblazer welder 301G new battery Metal balancer IR t30 air compressor Honda engine --- Miller wire box feeds with additional cable Miller wire box feeds with additional cable 2 house jacks and a bucket of chain Tubing bender David White transit level Workbench with drill press and grinder Chain fall hoist 5’ roller ¼’ thickness Assorted large drill bits and rack Portable air tanks grease guns caulk guns and - Misc. bolts chain links rollers Misc. parts-bolts parts bins ball hitches and - DoAll 2013B band saw 154” Steel banding machine Miller welder OP250ts 3 phase Nelson Nelweld 4000 stud welder see studs on -- 200 ton HTC metal brake with some dies 3 phase,-- 16 dies for brake Piranha 10’ metal shear buyer to move Pallet of misc. weldable pipe fittings including - Miller cp252ts welder with cart 3 phase Miller syncrowave 350xl welder (DC only no high-- Miller coolmate 3 cooler Lando pressure washer Ridgid pipe threader Round welding table 67” 60 + punch dies for burn table 2 #5 wire guns 500 amp Circle iron plate 47” Welding curtain on stand plus extra curtain Old platform scale Misc. aluminum pipe flat stock and steel Misc. iron including hex and square bar --- Misc. iron box tubing square bar flat steel --- Roll 3/8 hose 6” pipe bandaid Cart Shop rags- 4 boxes Steel banding 4 rolls Steel banding 4 rolls Four rolls banding strap Steel studs for stud welder (see lot 102) Steel L brackets Steel L brackets Stainless screen 48” Twisted steel rod Steel banding tool 5500 space heater Rodinair R-12 refrigerant recovery machine Albs Capco Magnum 5 air compressor Balancing table 36” x 36” Edlund drill press Sharp vertical milling machine Five Drill press vises with cart various--- JIC 63-40 16-60 lathe Twin heavy duty air compressor Sheets stainless steel and misc. steel Sheets of galvanized and aluminum sheets some--- Steel plate plus some sheet steel Misc stainless steel plate Misc electric cords Tarus 2000 Plasma cutter and table with exhaust--- Long fiberglass extension ladder Longer fiberglass extension ladder Steel storage rack 4 tier with pieces of 3 box--- Steel storage rack 8 tier with some heavy steel--- Double sided steel storage rack 5 tier with --- Steel storage rack 6 tier with lots of strap and - 2 dies one 4 way one single Twenty dies various shapes and sizes Ten dies various shapes and sizes Seven dies various shapes and sizes Steel tumbler needs new switch Custom built smoker/grill dual compartment --- Stainless steel kerosene fuel stand Forklift attachment with 2” ball Pallet jack Barrel roller Snow plow with forklift attachment for mounting Old press frame Steel cart and wire basket Hand roller with table Steel wheel cart with lift attachment Steel shop table Small steel storage rack Kentucky 36’ Semi trailer no title Pallet miscellaneous sheet steel all sizes Mig/Tig guns Welding leads Oxy/Act hoses Air arch hoses Misc. Mig guns Large barrel rollers Bundle of all thread 3/8” by 10’ and bundle of --- Misc. steel saw horses Forklift steel plate attachment Twenty foot light trailer frame Steel plate rack 7 sections Four light poles Scaffolding with walk board Large barrel roller Aluminum fuel tank Tractor seats/misc. wheels see lot #197 for --- Misc. flat plate Flexible extension cord/ fish tape Misc. conveyor Thick flat plate/ big rods Loading ramps (heavy) 10’ Pallet jack Flat plate grate and seat mount brackets Misc. channel iron and pipe Four buckets lead weights Load locker/ John Deere loader brackets Press needs repair Running boards/ 2 sets Patio decking LED lights/ cooler Misc. equalizer hitches Semi tire breaker/trailer tires Rolling cart/bins Trailer rims/8 Plastic pallets Jack stands/tote 6 wheel cart Electric J box HD shelf/3 tier Plastic bins Parts bins and brackets Steel cage bins with rims Steel cage bins with rims Trailer ramps Steel rods with rack Steel and plastic bin Steel flat plate and checkered flat plate Two HD pallet bins Two HD pallet bins Caterpillar blade bolts and nuts Three phase electric motor/ cutoff machine Metal banding with clips-4 Metal banding with clips-4 Two collapsible plastic bins with lids Large collapsible plastic bin with lid Two steel walkway plates 2’x10’ Two steel walkway plates 2’x10’ Two steel walkway plates 2’x10’ Two steel walkway plates 2’x10’ Misc. fence post/wire roll 4 wire trailer 14 gauge 4 adjustable stands 4 adjustable stands 4 adjustable stands 2 aluminum tanks 2 light duty pallet racks Misc. load chains Misc. airplane parts including wheel pants --- 2 hydraulic tanks Implement rims/tires Suitcase weights – 15 Mower blades Mower blades Aluminum dock flat plate adjustable height 2 Sheets Stainless Steeel 22 gauge x 48”x120” Steel rack Medium duty pallet racking (9 sections) some --- 2 light poles 12’ long Barrel dolly/mower Misc. tires/ inner tubs Trailer jack/winches Sidewalk flat plate dolly Pitching machine Dodge bed mat Set Nissan tire/wheels Set generic tire/wheels 3 aluminum roller conveyers 22” wide x 10’ 4 Aluminum roller conveyors 10” wide x 10’ 9 Aluminum roller conveyors 16” wide x 10’ 3 13” steel roller conveyors 10’ 3 16” steel roller conveyors 10’ 3 33” steel roller conveyors 10’ 2 22” steel roller conveyors 4’ 12 plastic trash cans 9 steel barrels/cans wire mesh trash cans wire mesh/misc. Coats tire machine Niagra 30” foot shear Enco 48” box brake Lebland 13” metal lathe Chicago DP 515 drill press Four foot by 10 foot steel work table with vice 20” x40” steel rolling cart Two foot by three foot steel rolling cart English brothers standing grinder Pallet jack Three hand grinders Splatter spray One ton chain fall hoist Honda engine.( needs repair) and hydraulic jack Misc metal stands and heavy duty dolly Four iron wagon wheels Three steel No Trespassing signs Steel work stand and metal locker four way --- Pallet of Stainless and Aluminum plate and --- Steel work table 50”x 54” with vice 2009 36’ Econoline trailer. Oak floor Pallet of tig wire. Carbon stainless and --- Arbor press

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