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Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at 10:00 AM - Clay Center, KS
- Baseball Cards, Crocks, Jars, Bottles, CollectablesView Auction!

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BASEBALL CARDS, CROCKS, JARS, BOTTLES, COLLECTABLES Baseball card collection: 1957 & 1958 sets; 79, 81, 82 Tops album; 83 Fleer album; FRUIT JAR COLLECTION: several hundred inc: amber Globe, The Dandy, Lightning, Mason, Mission; Wan-eta; Drey; W H Hutchinson; Woodbery; Queen; many others; Thousands bottles inc: Pluto Water, Bakers, many medicine; many odd bottles; Standard oil jar; Pop Bottle collection: Clay Center Works; Elks Bottle Works; Leavenworth; Parsons; Concordia; Belleville; many others; Milk Bottles: Clay Center; Bolls; Fairmont; Elmore; many more; 10 buffalo skulls; KU collection; 60 wheat pennies; ink blotters; lightning rods; lightning rod balls; Crocks: Stone Mason Fruit jars; 10 & 15 gal Western; 2 gal Western jug; 2 & 10 gal birch leaf crocks; 5 gal Red Wing crock; 2 & 4 gal Red Wing crocks; brown crocks; crock beer bottle; stacking crock jars; 10 Coffeyville crock; car tags; sleds; Western Flyer wagon; metal corn sheller; railroad date nails; many other collectables. Note: Pete collected jars and bottles for over 60 years. This is a very large collection. There are many boxes that have not been looked in. This will be a large auction. If you collect bottles or jars, come. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards accepted as forms of payment. A 2% convenience fee will be added to credit/debit card transactions.

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