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Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 5:00 PM - Belleville, KS
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MP Railroad items inc: cast iron 2 tracks signs; railroad track switch; railroad oil & water cans; link & pin; multiple shovels, picks and other MP tools; MP paper items; other items; UP railroad police badge circa 1900; wood carpenter bench; Crown rebuilt organ; 20 drawer store cabinet; wood cabinets; American Auto cabinet; Fairview street sign; Norway Elevator dust pan; tin seats; coffee tins; small anvil; wood folding chairs; wooden boxes; wood totes; wicker rocker; Edison phonograph; harness buckles; metal lawn chair; buckets; coal bucket; water hydrant; cast iron pedestal; windows from EUB church; Farmers Union sign; hinges; cast iron tool hangers; grates; metal lockers; flat top trunk; pocket watches; jewelry; kerosene lamp; shaving mirror; pink pitcher & glasses; cups & saucers; hand painted table lamp; Paper: large collection of paper many magazines late 1800’s early 1900’s; Ohio Farmer, Orange Judd Farmer, Drovers, Farmer Stockman, Journal of Agriculture, Comfort, Practical Farmer, Swine/Poultry, and Homestead; early 1970’s Time & Legions magazines; 1959-60 NCK Freefair books; Kansas Farmer, Homestead, 1900’s American Woman; Burke For Governor poster; National Geographic early 50’s w/Coke ads; early 1900’s State Board Ag Kansas; large assortment good books; Kansas Our English II III; photos; Big Chief tablet; UP calendars; sheet music; tablets from Norway store early 1900’s; 1948-1957 NCK electric calendars; Republic Co. items; post cards; ORIGINAL hand colored Currier & Ives “The Enchanted Isles” & “The Killeries-Connemara”; Courtland Comedy Co. trunk; door knobs; door hardware; medicine bottles; buttons; 2 cabinets from Air Stream camper; bottle caps; shovels; Osage oil can; yard tools; shovels; picks; antique wrenches; insulators; Ford running boards; bicycle horn; National Mazda light bulbs; handmade Grizzly Bear Marionette; damper control; name bricks; wind generator tower; porch posts; trim boards; ice cream freezer; roaster; jars; sewing basket; floor lamp; Round Oak stove emblem; anchor; CURE BOTTLES (Dr. P. Farney’s Blood Vitalizer, Natural flaws & bubble in hand blown to lay flat, Issues of The Surprise produced by Dr. P. Farney. 1892, 1895, 1902 & 1903 editions; GIBA small brown bottle; Shilo’s Consumption Cure; White’s Wonder Worker-W.W.W. Medicine-Pickering, Mo.; Ogene-For Mouth & Throat Hygiene (Milk glass jar); What Gives, Himalaya The Kola Compound-Nature’s Cure for Asthma; Standard Remedies booklet-National Remedy Co, Foley’s Hone-Tar Compound; Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy Bottle; Mayr Wonderful Remedy (box); Dr. Kimer’s Swamp Root (big & small bottles); Swamp Root Publication, St Joseph Gazette, 1901, Germa Oil for Man & beast-AW O’Brian & Co. Hutch, Ks.; much antique and vintage advertising; complete set imperial Stereoscopic Anatomy of the Head & Neck, Sections I, II, III, & IV. 1909 Imperial Publishing Co. Professor D.J. Cunningham, David Waterson, Professor M. H Cryer & Frederick E. Neres; many Edison records; cast iron bath tub; assortment of other items.

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