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Sunday, February 5th, 2023 at 10:00 AM - Salina, KS
- Furniture, Crocks, John Deere Patent Loader, Advertising, PicturesView Auction!

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Oak wardrobe; oak parlor table; oak library table; pine step back cupboard; 1800’s walnut cradle w/forged hardware; black country cupboard; marble top Victorian dresser; walnut M.T. dresser; walnut gentleman’s chest; oak kitchen cabinet w/frosted glass; oak fainting couch; oak baby bed; Morris chair; Grandfather clock; Victorian rocker; midcentury phonograph; midcentury floor lamps; midcentury M.T. end tables; Art Nouveau foot stool; floor model Pack Man Machine Midway 1981 Bally Co. (works perfect); Oak tobacco box “Whitewater Encampment W.F. Churchill 1895; oak/glass voting ballot case; Aikin Lambert B’s gold pens curved glass showcase; Boye Sewing Needles showcase; oak collar showcase; double wheel store coffee grinder;1941 Challenger peanut machine; 1909 Pepsin Tutty Fruity gum display; oak collar box; wooden barber pole; Gilcrest malt mixer; 1936 Seven Dwarf figures; 6 drawer spice cabinet; Victorian hanging lamp; caramel slag hanging lamp; stain glass window; Crocks: Dobson & Branns pickle jar w/lid; Fairchild crock jug; 3 gal RW water cooler w/lid; 30 gal RW; 6 gal RW churn; 3 gal Western churn; 2 gal Buckeye churn; 4 gal salt glaze churn; 3 gal RW jug; several RW crocks; 1880’s passenger train water cooler; Victorian baby buggy; 1890 wicker baby stroller; 150 spice tins (Happy Kids; Peanut Butter; Aircraft; Kansas; Lee; Courthouse; Happy home; Planters; American Aces; Portage Tobacco tin); horse weather vane w/ball; brass saxophone; Jayhawk collectables; John Deere patent loader; Toys inc: (CI Yellow Taxi; Massey Harris, Tru Scale & Gleaner combines; other farm toys); Auburn rubber cars; circus shooting gallery; Flying O bike; Sterling Skiptooth bike; Roy Rogers pencil set; several watch fobs; Cyrus Hall McCormick coin; O. W. Shulze Reserve trade coin; George Washington coin; Washington, Ks. Fire Dept badge; Kansas centennial coin; Railway Conductors watch fob; ADVERTISING: Fairmont Ice Cream clock; signs (Nesbitts Orange Drink; Squirt Soda; Hires Root Beer; Chesterfield; Squirt; Dr. Pepper; neon Budweiser beer; Kyanize Paints; 7’ x 2’ Chesterfield; King Van Lines; Mobil Motor Oils Sold Here, Mobil Oils & Lubricants Distributor; Kumho Tires); Goodyear hose rack; Regular price sign; Mobil, & Skelly 5 gal cans; Mobil & Conoco 15 gal barrels; gas fill cans; oil jars; qt. cans Pennzoil, Texaco, Getty, Skelly & Mobil cans; new old stock; 25 barrel bungs; Red Wing linseed oil; E A Schleier thermometer; Pictures: yard long Pacific Tea Co 1898 girl; Indian Maiden; Almon signed painting; 1903 H.G. Hammond oil painting; Medcalf Case machine print; 1911 charcoal signed print; Round Grove Farm Greenleaf, KS, picture; 1909 football picture; Beatle pictures; 30 framed prints; Army picture; Halloween masks; crock insulators; perfume bottle set; Staghorn cutlery set; mini brass fishing reel; 50 pcs early paper inc: farm manuals (McCormick, Massey, Ford); CI dog door stop; 100 hankies; 50 tea towels; quilts; ladies hats; costume jewelry; silver topaz ring; AWA human hair jointed doll; duck decoy; bronze parrots; bakelite Victor & Firestone radios; Kennedy for President button; Hull pottery; milk glass spice set; Perez adv plate; Victorian plates; Wedgewood cameo set; decanters; adv button key; rag rugs; wash tubs; buggy wheels; violin; wire store rack; wooden boxes; blue jars; CI pump handles; wooden planes; 50 pc. graniteware; ornate cast iron shelf brackets; collection of other good items.

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