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Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 at 9:30 AM - Rossville, KS
- Indian Collectables, Tools, Toys, Covered Wagon (Good Condition)View Auction!

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INDIAN COLLECTABLES, TOOLS, TOYS, Pennsylvania Indian peace medal 1751; 1797 Peace & Friendship medal; George Washington shaking hand w/Indians medal; Trade beads (clay, coral, glass, stone, sand beads); Manhattan Indian trade beads; Indian beaded sacks; trade axes; trade banner stone; Indian Spud; granite Michigan barbed axe; granite double fluted axe; pipe bag; quiver & 18 arrows; tomahawk; custom knife; Robert Griffing “Last of the Mohicans” pictures; Jim Yellow Hawk picture; Roy Kerswill Indian Chief picture; Indian pots; handmade bird pipe; Clayton teepee painting; 1890 fish knife; carved turtle pipe; Indian axe; celt hide scraper; custom peace pipe; old arrows; custom built spear; buffalo skull; teepee paintings; hand carved teepee (like the one in Russian World Fair); Kachina dolls; Indian statues; sea shell deer picture; several Indian prints; 3’ x 8’ Indian rug; powder flask; Old Abbey picture; Electric City single shot 12 ga; 1970’s 50 cal pistol; Western pictures; RH Macy brown top jug; Hayner jug; Pikes Peak flask; 2” jug & mustard jar; other mini jugs; Jars: (large collection inc: brown & blue Lighting; Millville wax seal; 1822 Mason w/line; Mason from Coffeeville, KS; Crown w/lid; Root Mason; wax sealer jar; many very good jars); large collection of advertising bottles many rare; large collection of silhouette pictures several ladies in color; kerosene lamps; Rayo lamp w/shade; china hands; Hamm’s picture; records inc: “Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Elvis”; child’s skis; Crystal wall coffee grinder; 3 Topeka bridge lights; Calvary horse stakes; cradle scythe; double blade walking plow; horse cultivator; forge tools; broad axes; traps; hide stretchers; scales; 500 wrenches; fence stretchers; many cowboy items; walking plows; covered wagon bar scale; ox yoke; barb wire collection; lightning rod balls blue & purple; forge; Dempster Mill No 1 KC wooden pump; coaster wagon; fish decoys, fish creel; fishing poles; fish mounts; skulls; deer mount; Don’t Spit On Sidewalk brick; sad iron heater; wheel measure; pulleys; dippers; scythes; coal shovels; bellows; kitchen items; hay knives; drawing knives; drills; hatchets; carpenter’s tools; hammers; cast iron spittoon; egg basket; rosettes; horse bits; railroad oil can; lanterns; granite coffee pots; miner’s lights; cream cans; insulators; iron wheels; jacks; 1/16 toy tractors (many precision); Arcade cast iron spreader & plow; toy steam engines; many John Deere tractors & implements; AC tractors; 150 Hot Wheels & Match Box toys; newer tractor collectable signs; large collection of other collectables.   COVERED WAGON (GOOD CONDITION)   NOTE: The Newell’s started collecting in 1960 and have many unique items. The Indian collection is very good. There are many tools and a very large collection of tractors along with many collectables. The jar and bottle collection is very good. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards accepted as forms of payment. A 2% convenience fee will be added to credit/debit card transactions.

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