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Public AuctionPublic Auction

Saturday, August 20th, 2022 at 10:00 AM - Salina, KS
- Art, Antiques and CollectiblesView Auction!

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Maxfield Parrish; The Canyon Daybreak; Gardens of Allah; Hilltop; King of Black Isles Morning; Stars; Wild Geese Dreamlight; Contentment Ecstasy; Waterfall; Maxfield Century Midsummer Enstein print; Maxfield Life; The Circle Art work; Art work The Face- The Sun; Maxfield Christmas; Parrish Prometurs; large assortment of other pictures; Colliers Dolls; MM men; Kaldionsours lunch box; Mickey Mouse telephone; decorative vase; Celestial Seasons tea paintings; older mirrors; Japanese jewelry; Scull stick; Indian tomahawks; Indian artwork; M Levin & Co large box; collection art faces; many clowns; large moon; large India sun; large antique plant hanger; accordion; Chequot Club box; many puppets; baseball bank; Ben Franklin statue; trick dog bank; Humpty Dumpty statue; Art Deco statue; Monk statue; face blocks; candleholders; African art faces; whimiscial pipe; bottle top men; bells; clowns; Deco Ladies; Art Deco inc: (frames; Nude Lady; stand; mirror; lady calendar); Art clock; advertising signs; Tiffany type shade; Halloween wall hangings; Gen Scott tin; many clown items; several statues; Mechanical banks inc: (Hometown Battery, Trick Dog, clown); Indian dolls; assortment pictures; figures; lamps; Indian statue; Masonic plaque; Art suns; Marilyn Monroe print; tapestry pictures; Artful rose; many wooden puppets; skeleton cutout; Chinese puppet; Drive Through sign; Pickup Window sign; Beach Boy Print; Dr. Pepper calendar; light fixtures; coke trays; bottles; Mickey Mouse; Kit Carson coke picture; Coke tin & ice pick; Lips radio; Little Buddha; gong; art sun china pot; wooden bucket; statue; crocks; Southern Queen large can; flying clown; pillars; art hands; bowling pens; Handy Andy tool set; school clock; cash register; postal fixture; skinny girl ad; newspaper man; metal cars; sun thermometer; poster bed; antique couch; trunk box; shelving; cans; Mexican bat; large crock; dog bird house; dog clock; shaving cups; Siptone African art; yard art faces; little man light; wicker chairs; James Dean print; Vampire print; horse clock; Shredded Wheat box; Noel Bottle Works calendar; baseball; wooden table; The Red Door Carok; 1-Hour Photo sign; wooden display; door; trunk; clock radio; many tools; tool chest; garden cart; stools; Circus poster; Vermont maple syrup tin; leather bag collection; hand blown decorative lights; many spice containers & bottles; large amount of store shelving; 80 amp wire welder; welding cart Note: Chuck has bought many unusual items over the years, there are many unique items on this auction. It will be a very large auction.

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