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Lot # Name 1 Keen Kutter Cutlery and Tools, EC Simmons silverware set (6 forks and 6 knives) 2 Case IH Eagle on Globe iron item 3 Hurst Co Newton Kansas badge 4 Keen Kutter razor, Keen Kutter pocket hone, Diamond Edge Norvell – Shapleigh Hardware Company celluloid hone 5 Keen Kutter pocket knife letter opener 6 Keen Kutter Limited Edition Spirit of St Louis Pocket Knife 7 Diamond King Norvell Shapleigh Hardware Razor Hone 8 Keen Kutter price tags, Keen Kutter stamp, Diamond Edge hone 9 Wahl Eversharp pencil, 1919 American Commercial and Savings Bank, Davenport Iowa (gold filled) 10 Enders Razor, J & P Coats Sewing New York Word’s Fair, 1939, Diamond King hone, Shapleighs flash light battery, Keen Kutter pocket knife box only 11 (21) Whitewater, Kansas advertising items 12 (11) Derby Oil Company advertising items 13 Klassen Bros Groceries Produce Meats Whitewater Kansas thermometer 14 International Harvester (3) match books and (1) ruler; Cedar Point, Burns, Strong City, Madison, Peabody 15 (7) advertising buttons/items Midland National Bank, 2 Bethany College (1890’s), Peabody, Marion, Winchester, Newton Lodge 706 16 (34) Large lot small advertising items including; Fisk, Winchester, Hillsboro, Ks, Lehigh, KS, Yates Center, Sedgwick, Getty, Hesston, Whitewater, and … 17 2 Elbing, Kansas knives Epps and Elbing Grain 18 (9) Skelly advertising items, matchbooks from El Dorado 19 (9) items, Ford, Massey Harris, Minneapolis Moline, Krause, Case, Flint Hills Live Stock, West Wend Cafe, Southwest Livestock 20 Hat Stretcher 21 Case XX John Deere pocket knife 22 (2) Imperial Diamond Edge Knives (353 & 382) 23 (3) Keen Kutter pocket knives 24 (4) Keen Kutter items; shears, scissors, razor, & hair clippers in original boxes 25 Winchester pocket knife 26 Keen Kutter switch blade pocket knife, Old Hickory Shapleigh’s hammered knives wood block 27 (4) items; 2 keen kutter pocket knives, Diamond Edge watch fob, Golden Rule oil company blue ribbon gas tag 28 Moundridge Milling Company and Norvell Shapleigh paper weights, Randy’s steaks lighter, Prestressed concrete lighter, Gold Leaf Butter, Kansas State Ba… 29 Simmons and Shapleigh items 30 Vacuum Oil Company Mobiloils Gargoyle measuring stick and Winchester folding ruler 31 Shapleigh clip, Santa Fe coin holder, Skelly bottle opener, M & M fan 32 (7) John Deere items; patch, pocket book, match books, and pictures 33 Large lot of Newton Kansas items in case 34 Large lot Vickers, Standard, Chevrolet and more in case 35 Large lot advertising items, 2 cases 36 Trap and Rife Club patches 37 John Deere red white and blue watch fob (chipped red area) 38 (3) John Deere watch fobs 39 Waterloo Boy watch Fob 40 (9) John Deere service pins (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, one unmarked) 41 (5) John Deere pins and fobs 42 (4) John Deere pins, medals, fobs 43 Wichita Automobile School, D.T. Barlett watch fob 44 (4) celluloid pins; two Peters and two Union Metallic 45 Minneapolis Moline watch fob 46 JI Case celluloid pin 47 Peters shells celluloid pin 48 (3) Caterpillar watch fobs 49 (6) items; 3 chauffer license badges, 2 Skelly membership medals, Wichita Commercial Club 1909 50 (6) service pins to Boing, Beach, Cessna 51 (5) Cyris Hall McCormick, International Harvester 1931 reaper centennial 52 John Deere Zippo, watch fob, medal, pin 53 De Leval and Sharples Tubular Cream Separator fobs 54 (10) service pins; Bethel, Allis Chalmers, Boing, NRA, KGEC 55 Dr Pepper watch fob 56 Poll Parrot and Hawkeye Incubator watch fobs 57 Tractomotive, Bucyrus, Magcobar watch fobs 58 Santa Fe tie pin, Reddy Kilowatt, McCormack, Chalmers Motor Co, Iver Johnson Cycles, Champion Harvesting, Weaver, Maine blown up 59 (2) Avery watch fobs 60 Massey Harris watch fob 61 (4) Terex watch fobs 62 Hughes watch fob 63 (4) watch fobs; Rex spark plug, McKinley monument, Our Very Best, crest 64 Case and Lima watch fobs 65 (6) watch fobs; Pioneer, Bunn special, Magcobar, American Congress radiology, Heinz, American Legion 66 (5) watch fobs; Avery, Gardner Denver, Cat, latin, NAWCC 67 Smith Oil Company, Tulsa OK 68 (14) watch fobs 69 (8) The Moundridge Coop Creamery Gold Leaf Butter Christmas gifts; 1938, 1941, 1944, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1954 (Butter Dish has damage and no year) 70 (6) glassware items including American Fostoria 71 (2) Harms Suderman advertising items 72 2 ball gloves (Diamond Brand and Shapleigh), 2 bats, diamond brand baseball with original box 73 Santa Fe baseball bat 74 Newton Kansas Dillons syrup can 75 Keen Kutter Simmons apple peeler 76 Keen Kutter Kraut cutter 77 (11) Fred Harvey silver plate spoons 78 Santa Fe sliver ware, Fred Harvey bottles 79 (7) items 4 milk bottles, 3 bottles all Fred Harvey 80 Keen Kutter and Diamond Edge knife boxes 81 (4) Razor Hones 82 Coleman Iron, Wichita Kansas 83 Wood rulers, straight edge razors, shakers, Oak Leaf, Shapleighs jet tag, 84 (4) Keen Kutter items; cutical set, 2 hones, stropper 85 large lot; spoons, clippers, Bethel pins, Hesston items, and more 86 (4) ATS & F red lantern globes 87 Santa Fe Chemical bottle, glass, and Turquoise Room plate 88 Pepsi Cola metal carrier, 4 Pepsi bottles, 1 Joy bottle, 1 Red Bird Beverage bottle 89 Camp Minnow Trap, 3 Hole, Checotah Oklahoma 90 Camp Minnow Trap, 3 Hole, Checotah Oklahoma 91 Fred Harvey butter mint candy tin 92 Fred Harvey Coffee tin and lunch room picture 93 Shapleigh Diamond Brand thermos and Simmons Sterling sifter 94 Touring card games, Lindy Flying card game, Newton Railers plastic megaphones, 2 Newton plates 95 Moundridge coop creamery sugar, 2 pitchers, 4 ashtrays 96 (12) Hesston belt buckles 97 Large lot belt buckles 98 Large lot belt buckles 99 Wood storage tube and Gasoline measuring can 100 3 Keen Kutter boxes, empty 101 1983 NFR Kids Buckle and Belt – Anniversary Series #1 Buckle

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