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THE JUNIOR SANDY PREMIER GUN COLLECTION ESTATE GUN AUCTION SAT. APRIL 15, 11:00 A.M. RAY COUNTY VETERANS BUILDING 312 CLARK ST., RICHMOND MO 64085 Directions: From 13hwy in Richmond, MO, go East on E Main St to Clark St. Turn South to Auction. Auctioneer’s Note: Mr. Junior Sandy had a passion for collecting quality firearms of high grade, many engraved, many in original boxes or fitted cases. If condition is important to your collection, you wont want to miss this incredible auction. Terms: Cash or Check w/ Current Valid Driver’s License. We do NOT accept credit or debit cards - Driver’s License required for registration, No exceptions. We reserve the right to withhold any and all items until check clears our bank. All Items sold “As-Is”. Security and Video Surveillance on site. Absentee bids accepted (rules apply). Great chance to purchase some Quality Firearms from this Lifetime Collection! All statements day of sale takes precedents over any printed or early advertising. Out of State Residents WITHOUT an FFL, ALL Guns (including antique guns manufactuered before 1898 when purchased by check) will be held in owner’s possession and will be shipped thru a local FFL Dealer to a Dealer in your State. A Transfer Fee will be charged for each Gun purchased by an Out-of-State Resident (note: some states may require extra cost or may not be available to ship to). Dealers, please bring a copy of your current FFL for our records. Missouri Residents (Transfer Fee Does Not Apply), please bring a valid driver’s license. Lot 1: Browning BL-22 Lever Action .22 Cal Rifle, NIB, Ser 02962 PY126 Lot 2: Browning Model 12 Pump 20ga, NIB, Ser 01097 PN832 Lot 3: Browning Model 12 Pump 28ga, NIB, Ser 03174 NM872 Lot 4: Browning Belgium Superposed Skeet Over/Under .410ga, Vent Rib, Ser 3420 10 Lot 5: Browning Belgium Superposed Skeet Over/Under 28ga, Vent Rib, Ser 2044 F8 Lot 6: Browning Citori Over Under 12ga, Sporting Model, 2 3/4in, 30in Bbl, NIB, Ser 42972 V6 Lot 7: Browning Auto 5 1988 Ducks Unlimited “Sweet Sixteen” 16ga, Fancy Engraved Receiver, New in Case, Ser 000330 Lot 8: Browning Auto 5 1990 Ducks Unlimited “Light Twenty” 20ga, Fancy Engraved Receiver, Feathered Walnut, Ser 001781 Lot 9: Browning Belgium Auto 5 2,000,000th John Browning Commemorative 20ga, Gold Signature Receiver, NIB, 2,000,000-82, Ser P 34260 Lot 10: Weatherby Mark V Bolt Action .300 Weatherby Mag Rifle, Fancy Engraved Stock, Ser H175979 Lot 11: Weatherby Regency Over/Under 12ga, Trap Grade, Beautiful Striped Walnut, Full Engraved Receiver, 32in Bbl, Vent Rib, Ser R03029 Lot 12: Waffenfabrik Mauser Gew 98 Bolt Action .25-06 Rifle, Leupold Vari X II Scope, with Incredible Custom Burled Walnut Stock with Black Diamond inlays and Carved Rams, Like New Condition, Ser 7950 n Lot 13: Sako AV Bolt Action .30-06 Rifle, Beautiful French Walnut Stock, with Leupold Vari X II Scope, Ser 571385 Lot 14: Winslow Bolt Action 7mm Rem Mag, Fancy Wood Stock, Belgium FN Action, Ser 19183 Lot 15: Browning Belgium Auto 5 Light Twelve 12ga, NIB, Ser Q 96640 Lot 16: Browning Belgium Auto 5 Sweet Sixteen 16ga, Round Knob Stock, 28in Mod, Vent Rib, Ser 25-87351 Lot 17: Browning Belgium Auto 5 Magnum Twenty 20ga, 28in Bbl, Vent Rib, Ser 69X30304 Lot 18: Winchester Model 42 Pump .410, Skeet Grade, Solid Rib, Ser 54283 Lot 19: Winchester Model 12 Skeet 12ga, WS-1, 26in Bbl, Vent Rib, Ser 110203 Lot 20: Winchester Model 12 Black Diamond Trap 12ga, Full, Solid Rib, Ser 69920 Lot 21: Remington Model 1100 SA Skeet Lightweight 28ga, NIB, Ser M339042J Lot 22: Remington Model 11-48 .410ga, 3in, 25in Imp, Vent Rib, Ser 4147861 Lot 23: Remington Model 11-48 Skeet 28ga, 26in Bbl, Vent Rib, Ser 4004374 Lot 24: Remington Model 8F Premier Grade Engraved .30 Rem Cal Rifle with Peep Sight, Ser 73589 Lot 25: Savage Model 99K Lever Action .300 Savage with Extra .410 Bbl, Checkered Walnut, Engraved Receiver, with a Period Noske 2x Scope, Ser 332853 Lot 26: Winchester Model 101 Pigeon Grade Over/Under 3 Barrel Set with 20ga, 28ga and 410ga Barrels, in Case Lot 27: Winchester Model 101 “Pigeon Grade Super” Over/Under 12ga, Elaborate Fancy Scroll Engraving and Gold Engraved Pheasant Scene, NIB, Ser 385509 Lot 28: Browning Citori Grade 6 Over/Under 20ga, Elaborate Fancy Scroll Engraving and Gold Engraved Mallard and Pheasant Scene, NIB, Ser 28254 Lot 29: Browning Citori Grade 6 Over/Under .410ga, Elaborate Fancy Scroll Engraving and Gold Engraved Mallard and Pheasant Scene, NIB, Ser 15991 Lot 30: Browning Grade 6 Automatic .22 Cal Rifle, Takedown Model, Elaborate Engraved Receiver with Gold Dog/Rabbit/Wolf/Squirrel Scene, Ser 07040PR646 Lot 31: Browning Belgium Grade 2 Automatic .22 Cal Rifle, Engraved Nickel/Grey Receiver with Squirrel and Groundhog Scene, Ser 01442RP246 Lot 32: Browning Belgium Grade 1 Automatic .22 Cal Rifle, Like New, Ser 70T38127 Lot 33: Beretta Model 687 Silver Pigeon Grade 5 Gold Engraved Over/Under 12ga, Beautiful Engraved Receiver with Gold Pheasants, NIB, Ser R27102S Lot 34: Beretta Model 687 Silver Pigeon Grade 5 Gold Engraved Over/Under 20ga, Beautiful Engraved Receiver with Gold Pheasants, NIB, Ser R049725 Lot 35: Russian Over/Under Pigeon Grade 12ga with Fancy Walnut, Beautiful Heavily Engraved Receiver with Gold Inlays, Bird Dog and Pheasants, Model NTG, Ser 85873 Lot 36: French Darne SxS Double Barrel 12ga, Scroll Engraved, Rare Lot 37: Muffert Hubertus 3 Barrel Drilling, SxS 16ga Shotgun Barrels over 8.57R Rifle Barrels, Heavy Engraved Stag and Hunt Scene on Receiver, Outside Hammers, Nice Lot 38: Millen and Valcreise Over/Under Drilling with SxS 24ga Shotgun Barrels over Rifle Barrel, Fancy Engraved Receiver Lot 39: Browning Belgium Superposed Over/Under 20ga, FN Markings, Engraved Bird Dog Underneath, Engraved Quail and Pheasant on Receiver, Ser 823PZ12600 Lot 40: Browning Belgium Superposed Over/Under .410ga, Early Round Knob Stock, Vent Rib, Ser 2880 J9 Lot 41: Browning Belgium Pigeon Grade Superposed Over/Under 12ga, Vent Rib, in Fitted Case, Ser 99875 Lot 42: Browning Belgium Diana Grade Superposed Over/Under 20ga, Incredible Heavy Engraved Receiver, Signed by Engraver, Beautiful Gun, Ser 50325 V8 Lot 43: Browning Belgium Diana Grade Superposed Skeet Over/Under .410ga, Incredible Heavy Engraved Receiver, Signed by Engraver, Beautiful Gun, NIB, Ser 3293 10 Lot 44: Winchester Model 101 Pigeon Grade XTR Lightweight Over/Under 12ga, Deluxe Engraved Silver Receiver with Quail and Pheasant Scene, NIB, Ser 476816 Lot 45: Winchester Model 101 “Live Bird American Flyer” Over/Under 12ga 2 Barrel Set with 28in and 30in Barrels, Vent Rib, New in Case, Ser 549046 Lot 46: Winchester Model 101 Over/Under 20ga, 2 3/4 and 3in, Fancy Checkered Walnut, Scroll Engraving on Receiver, Vent Rib, 95% Condition, Ser 202672 Lot 47: Remington 1858 New Model Pair of .44 Cal Revolvers by Boone of Burbank, California, in Fitted Wood Case, Heavy Engraved Nickel Finish, with Matching Flask, Bullet Mold and Caps, Fantastic Set, Ser 2574 and 6625, formerly part of the John McFarland Collection of Hays, Kansas Lot 48: Colt Woodsman 1st Series Target Model .22 LR Handgun, Ser 92990 Lot 49: Colt Government Model 1911 Custom Shop Presidential 1 of 100 Stainless Engraved .45 ACP with Gold Inlays, 5in Barrel, One of 100, NIB with Tags, Ser GB010 Lot 50: Colt SAA Model P Factory Engraved Nickel .45 Cal Revolver, Beautiful Gun, 5 1/2in Barrel, NIB, Ser S 58467A Lot 51: Colt SAA .38 Special Revolver in Fitted Wood Case, Ser 24287SA Lot 52: Colt Python .357 Mag Revolver, Nickel, 4in Barrel, Ser 90880 Lot 53: Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Cal Revolver, Ser 14516, with Factory Letter: Sold to the United States Gov., shipped to: Lt Col G.D. Ramsay, Date of Shipment, Nov 4 1861, Rare Lot 54: Colt Model 1861 Navy .36 Cal Revolver, Ser 707, 7.5in Barrel, with Factory Letter: sold to the United States Gov., Shipped to: General John Wood “Qtr Master General”, Date Shipped: Aug 23 1861 Lot 55: Colt Model 1861 Navy .36 Cal Revolver, Engraved, Ser 15676 Lot 56: Colt Model 1878 SxS 12ga, Hammers, Ser 17442 Lot 57: Colt Model 1883 SxS 12ga, Hammerless, Light Engraving, Ser 5362 Lot 58: Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor .45-70 Rifle, Beautiful Condition with Color Case still on Metal, Ser 131150 Lot 59: Henry Model 1860 Brass Frame Lever Action .44 Rimfire, Excellent Condition, Ser 8496, RARE Lot 60: Winchester Model 1866 Brass Frame Lever Action .44 Rimfire with Original Cleaning Rod, Ser 158634 Lot 61: Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action .32 WCF (.32-20), Ser 290002B Lot 62: Winchester Model 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine, .38 WCF (.38-40), 20in Bbl, Ser 134117 Lot 63: Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action .40-82 Rifle, Ser 1789, Nice Lot 64: Winchester Model 1886 Saddle Ring Carbine, .38-56 Cal, Ser 81746 Lot 65: Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action .38 WCF, Oct Bbl, Ser 605296 Lot 66: Browning Belgium Superposed Lightning Over/Under 20ga, 26in Bbls, Ex to Like New Condition, Ser 54988 V9 Lot 67: Browning Safari Bolt Action .222 Mag Rifle, Made in Finland (Sako Action), NIB, Ser 145784 Lot 68: Browning Safari Bolt Action .243 Rifle, NIB, Ser 8946Z8 Lot 69: Browning B-78 Single Shot .45-70 Govt Rifle, NIB, Ser 80887 Lot 70: Browning White Lightning Citori Over/Under 20ga, Citori Special Steel, Invector Plus, Vent Rib, Ser 23321NPY63 Lot 71: Browning Citori Over/Under .410, 2 3/4 or 3in, 26in Bbls, Ser 05104RN183 Lot 72: Browning Citori Over/Under 28ga, 28in Bbl, Vent Rib, Fancy Checkered Walnut Round Knob Stock, Ser 28075NR773 Lot 73: Winchester Model 12 Old Trap 12ga, 2 3/4in, Full, Factory Winchester Vent Rib, Trap Morgan Pad on Butt, Ser 1931238 Lot 74: Winchester Model 21 Trap SxS 12ga, Beautiful Wood, Ser 3478 Lot 75: Winchester Model 21 Tournament Skeet SxS 20ga, Ser 5596 Lot 76: Winchester Model 23 Pigeon Grade SxS 20ga, Beautiful Engraved Receiver, NIB, Ser 202211 Lot 77: Winchester Model 42 Pump .410, Ser 142993 Lot 78: LC Smith Baker Hammer-Damascus 3 Barrel Drilling, SxS 10ga Barrels over .44 Cal Rifle Barrel, Fancy Wood, Outside Hammers, in Fitted Wood Case Lot 79: LC Smith SxS 20ga, Fancy Wood, Color Case Receiver, Ex to Like New Condition, Ser S 50965 Lot 80: Merkel Over/Under 12ga, Scroll Engraved Color Case Receiver, Ser 47334 Lot 81: Valmet (Finland) Over/Under Combination Gun 2-Barrel Set with Over/Under .30-06 Rifle Barrels and Over/Under 12ga Shotgun Barrels, Valmet 412 Model, Nice, Ser 221530 Lot 82: Weatherby Athena Grade V Over/Under 20ga, 3in Mag, 26in Bbl, Heavily Engraved Receiver, NIB, Ser A506C Lot 83: Browning Superposed Lightning Over/Under 20ga, Ser 5877 V9 Lot 84: Browning Superposed Lightning Over/Under 20ga, Ser 4075 V73 Lot 85: Browning BSS SxS Dbl Bbl 20ga, 28in Barrels, Ser 01121 PM 168 Lot 86: Beretta Model 686EL Gold Perdiz Over/Under 12ga, Fancy Engraved Nickel Receiver, NIB, Ser L 26721 B Lot 87: Beretta Model 686L Silver Perdiz Over/Under 20ga, 3in Magnum Only, Hunting/Sporting Model, Scroll Engraving, NIB, Ser 39518B Lot 88: Winchester Model 61 Pump .22 Rifle, New in Orig Box, Ser 197115 Lot 89: Winchester Model 63 .22 LR Rifle, Rare, Ser 120838 WINCHESTER SIGNAL CANNON - Winchester 10ga Signal Cannon, W.R.A. Co, Ser S 942 RARE KNIVES, BAYONETS, CIVIL WAR SWORDS AND MORE - 1600’s, 1700’s and 1800’s Knives and Plug Bayonets - 1700’s European Dirk Knife - 1800’s Spanish Hunting Knife - 1800’s Spanish Hunting Knife - 1600’s French Military Knife - 1700’s French Knives - 1600’s Colonial Knife - 1700’s Dagger - 1600’s Dirk Knife - 1700’s Dirk Knife - 1600’s and 1700’s English Knives - Early Unmarked Daggers - WW2 Nazi Dress Knives - German Bayonets - British Enfield Bayonet - Custom Made Knives - Large Knife with Carved Horn Handle - Browning 3pc Centennial 1970 Folding Knife Set in Wood Case - Early Fighting Knives or Swords with Brass or Wood Scabbards - Carved Basketweave Handle Fighting Knife or Short Sword with Wood Scabbard - Larry Duvall Custom Made Knife from Gallatin MO: Jaw Bone Handle Knife with Deer Hide Sheath - Larry Duvall Custom Made Antler Handle Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath - (2) Unmarked Civil War Swords - (1) Ames Civil War Sword and Sheath - (1) ADK Marked Civil War Sword - (2) WW1 Era Swords Dated 1913, Stamped with MA Hallmark - Dated 1879 Sword and Scabbard - Large 19in Frederick Remington “Northern” Bronze Statue - Large Dr Robert Taylor “Cover Search” Bronze Bird in Flight Statue, 15in Tall - 14in Tall Bronco Buster Style Statue - 6x10 Bird Dog Statue - Vintage 1950’s/60’s Era Cardboard Winchester Standup Advertisements - Snake Skin Boots LARGE AMOUNT OF AMMUNITION NOT LISTED!!! - Lots of Ammo!!! JUNIOR SANDY ESTATE GUN COLLECTION STEVE RITTER AUCTIONEERING (816) 630-1252 or Cell (816) 506-1429 STEVE & STEVEN RITTER www.ritterauction.com

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