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THE LIFETIME CONSTRUCTION TOY COLLECTION OF GREG KRANZ INCLUDING HUNDREDS OF QUALITY CONSTRUCTION TOYS FEATURING A LARGE AMOUNT OF GERMAN DIE CAST CONSTRUCTION TOYS, EARLY REUHL, VINTAGE ERTL, AND MORE!!! AS WELL AS A LARGE GAS/OIL AND FARM ADVERTISING COLLECTION INCLUDING PORCELAIN AND METAL SIGNS, GAS GLOBES, OIL CANS, PAPER GOODS, NEON CLOCKS, THERMOMETERS & COLLECTIBLES Don’t miss this incredible sale!!! RARE GAS/OIL AND SERVICE STATION SIGNS, SEVERAL PORCELAIN TEXACO SIGNS, RARE CAST IRON MICHELIN BIBENDUM MAN FIGURES, GAS GLOBES INCLUDING WHITE EAGLE MILK GLASS GAS GLOBE WITH ORIGINAL BOX, SERVICE STATION AND GAS/OIL ADVERTISING COLLECTIBLES, OLD OIL CANS, & RELATED ADVERTISING ITEMS - Rare Early Texaco Motor Oil Free Crankcase Service 30in x 30in Porcelain Service Station Sign, Single Sided, Nice Graphics; - Rare Large 4ft Texaco The Texas Company Ada Edwards Lease Porcelain Oil Well Sign, Scarce Version with Color Texaco Star Logo at Left, Nice Sign, 12in x 48in; - Nice 2ft Texaco Inc Fugler Lease Porcelain Oil Well Sign, 10in x 24in; - Large “Texaco Gasolines Localized for You in This Driving Area” Metal Service Station Sign, 24in x 42in; - Large Early 36in Round Double Sided “Kendall The 2000 Mile Oil” Service Station Sign, (1) Side is Nice, other side is faded, Very Rare Sign and Hard to Find in Nice Condition, Displays Great!!! - Rare Early 18in “Magnolene Motor Oils, Magnolia Petroleum Company” Round Porcelain Curb Sign – Nice!!! - Rare Large 2ft Cast Iron Michelin Bibendum Man Service Station Statue/Figure, almost 2ft Tall (Approx 22/23in), with Bolted Dome Base, Nice; - Rare 15in Cast Iron Michelin Bibendum Man Service Station Countertop or Tire Machine Topper Figure, 1918 Pat Date on Reverse, with Bolted Dome Base, Nice; - Rare White Eagle Milk Glass Gas Globe, just over 20 Inches Tall, with Original Box and Box Insert, USA made by Davis Lynch Glass Co, Star City West Virginia, with AFGWU (American Flint Glass Worker’s Union) Stamp on Box, Nice; - Early White Eagle 5lb Grease Can, Nice Graphics; - Large 36in Round Double Sided Porcelain Texaco Ethyl “Figure 8” Service Station Advertising Sign; - Large 30in Round Double Sided Porcelain “Genuine Ford V8 Parts” Service Station Advertising Sign – Nice; - Pair Large 20in x 42in Each Left and Right Facing Porcelain Mobil Pegasus Service Station Advertising Signs – 7ft Long Together, Nice Pair; - Nice 16in x 28in Porcelain Mobil Pegasus Die Cut Service Station Advertising Sign; - Dated 1956 “Texaco Farm Lubricants Sold Here” Porcelain Dealer Sign, 12in x 17in; - NOS MoPar Powerline Batteries Embossed Tin Sign, A-M Sign Co, 5-56, Near Mint; - IR 47 Mobilgas Dealer Service Station Clean Restrooms Porcelain Shield Sign, Nice, 12in x 12in; - Rare Associated “Certified Clean Comfort Stations – Have You Forgotten Anything?” White/Green/Red Porcelain Sign, 4in x 7in; - Nice “Aristo Motor Oil, Union Oil Company of California” Porcelain Flange Sign, 13in x 13in; - Vintage Bennett 505D-1006 Oil Pump with Original Paint and Original Kendall Motor Oil Advertising; - Texaco Outboard Motor Oil Sales and Service 24in Round Double Sided Porcelain Sign, Unsure of Age, Believed Newer; - Mobilgas Gas Globe with Pegasus Lenses, Plastic Body; - Mobilgas Special Gas Globe with Pegasus Lenses, Plastic Body; - Texaco Gas Globe, Plastic Body; - Texaco Ethyl Gas Globe, Plastic Body; - Texaco Diesel Gas Globe, Plastic Body; - Texaco Sky Chief Gas Globe, Plastic Body; - Texaco Fire Chief Gas Globe, Plastic Body; - Gulf “Gulfpride Motor Oil” Large One Gallon Oil Can; - Rare Penn-Bee Motor Oil 1 Quart Oil Can – full; - Rare Phillips 66 Aviation Engine Oil 1 Quart Oil Can – full; - Oilzum Motor Oil 1 Quart Oil Can; - Oilzum Special 1 Quart Oil Can; - Scarce Marathon Gas Advertising Handy Oiler Tin/Can with Nice Graphics; - Rare Klapmeyer Ford “Boost Kansas City” Jeweled License Plate Topper; - Early En-ar-Co Motor Oil Miniature Oil Can Tin Bank; - Bakelite Steering Wheel Knobs; - Fisk Time to Re-tire Figural Fisk Boy Ceramic Bank; - Kendall Lock-Ease Tin Advertising Oiler Tins/Cans; - Old Packard Bulb Kit Tin; - Early Advertising Playing Cards – Shell Gasoline, Skelly, Fisk, Southwest Grease/Oil; - Mobilgas Advertising Yo-Yo; - Early TGL Motorcoach/Bus Driver’s Badge; - Early White Eagle Service Station Tire Ashtray; - Phillips 66 1953 Baseball Schedule Advertising Book/Guide; - NOS Phillips 66 Advertising Omega Lighter in Original Box; - Other Advertising Collectibles; - Newer Texaco Sky Chief Figural Gas Pump Tin Thermometer, 19in Tall; - Newer Texaco Round Metal Bubble Glass Thermometer, 12in Diameter; - Large Newer Texaco Marine Products Embossed Metal Sign, 14in x 42in; - Vintage Gas Station / Service Station Signs; - Large 3ft New Indian Motorcycles Embossed Metal Dealer Sign, 12in x 36in; - Champion Spark Plugs Service Station Porcelain Flange Sign, 12in x 15in; RARE LARGE ORIGINAL 1908 INDIAN MOTORCYCLE PHOTO - Rare Large c1908 Original Black and White Photograph of a Newsboy on his New 1908 Indian Motorcycle, Photo Taken in front of the News Office, purchased from the Grandson of the Newsboy, 16in x 22in Framed; RARE SOLID 10K JOHN DEERE DEALER/SALESMAN RING - Very Rare Vintage Solid 10K Yellow Gold John Deere Dealer/Salesman Mens Ring with Large Center Malachite Cabochon Surrounded by “JOHN DEERE”, With the John Deere Deer Logo on Sides, Very Hard to Find, 1st We Have Sold in almost 40 Years of Business, Heavy Quality Ring, weighs 27.3 Grams!!! NEON LIGHTED CLOCKS, VINTAGE BARBER’S POLE, VINTAGE MOTION ANIMATED BEER LIGHTS, NOS WINCHESTER FLASHLIGHTS, OLD THERMOMETERS, OLD FARM ADVERTISING SIGNS, FARM ADVERTISING COLLECTIBLES & PAPER GOODS, EARLY TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT BOOKS/MANUALS, BROCHURES, LETTERS/ENVELOPES & RELATED ITEMS!!! - Large 18in Diameter Round CAT Caterpillar 2 Color Neon Lighted Wall Clock, Battery Op Clock, Neon runs off Electricity and turns On/Off with Pull Chain, Nice; - Large 18in Diameter Round 7-Up 2 Color Neon Lighted Wall Clock, Battery Op Clock, Neon runs off Electricity and turns On/Off with Pull Chain, Nice; - WW2 Era Large 7-Up Advertising Buy War Bonds Poster, 21in x 34in; - Nice Vintage Marvy Model 405 Rotating Wall Mount Barber Pole, 24in Tall; - Large Early 23in x 32in Eight O-Clock Coffee Porcelain Sign; - Large Vintage 19in Schaefer Beer Metal Bottlecap Sign; - Vintage King Cobra 23in Tall Lighted Spinner Motion Beer Light w/ Snake; - Vintage Stag Beer Bubbling Beer Light w/ Champagne Design, 11in x 13in; - Rare Early Meyer Dairy Ice Cream Round Metal Advertising Tray, Nice Graphics; - 11in Tall “KB Flour” Wooden Advertising Thermometer; - Jack Daniels 1904 St Louis Worlds Fair Advertising Piece, Foil and Glass; - NOS Winchester A3400 Flashlight in Original Box; - NOS Winchester S2200 Spotlight Flashlight in Original Box; - Nice Large Poulan Chainsaws, Earl Renfrow Sales and Service, Boonville MO, Embossed Metal Dealer Sign, 18in x 24in; - Nice John Deere Farm Implements, sold by Hall Hardware Co, McComb Ohio” Embossed Metal/Tin Advertising Sign, 12in x 24in; - John Deere Type EK Kerosene Engines Embossed Tin Advertising Sign, Rough, 9 1/2in x 13in; - “Another Oliver User” Metal Advertising Farm Sign, 11 1/2in x 12in; - Nice “Bullseye Certified Hybrids” Embossed Metal Seed Corn Farm Sign with Ear of Corn and Bull Graphics, 12in x 24in; - Rare Early 2ft Tall Wooden Advertising Thermometer for Baltimore Tank and Tower Co, makers of Water Towers, Water Tanks, Windmills, Pumps, Silos and More, Nice Graphics; - Nice 17in Tall “Case” Metal Advertising Thermometer with Eagle and Globe; - IH Pollock Truck and Tractor Co, Richmond MO Advertising Farmall Fast Hitch Die Cut Advertising Ruler; - Selection of Farm Advertising Paper Goods and Small Collectibles; - IH First with Four Million Tractors Large Pinback; - “Look Dad, its Here, MF 65” Massey Ferguson Pinback; - “Case of course!” Pinback; - Other Pinbacks; - Paper Goods/Brochures/Manuals; - Old Lawn Mower and Engine Manuals and Parts Books; - Cushman; - Briggs and Stratton; - Early John Deere Farmer’s Pocket Ledger w/ Great Graphics, Adv for Brain Implement Co, Hedrick IA; - John Deere and Syracuse Plow Works Postcards; - Early “The New Peter’s Kewanee Planter” Advertisement; - Early “American Harrow Company” Advertising Book w/ Implements; - Rare 1920 2nd Edition J.I. Case Thresher Manual; - Rumely 1910 Stationary/Letter and 1912 Postmarked Envelope; - 1917 and 1918 Letters from Union Tool and Parlin and Orendorff; - 1910 and 1912 Russell Mfg St Joseph Letters and Postmarked Envelope; - Collection of 1910 Letters/Correspondence between Geyser Mfg and a Farmer in Kansas, all on Geyser Letterhead including (1) hand written, Nice Graphics, plus Original Book/Pamphlet for their New Geyser Steam Tractor; - J.I. Case Advertising Foldout Pamphlet in Original Envelope; - J.I. Case Pamphlets/Brochures for Disks and Manure Spreaders; - Early Booklet on the J.I. Case All Purpose Tractor and Motor-lift Implements – Great Graphics; - Booklet on the J.I. Case “S Series” Tractor; - Sept/Oct 1947 “The Case Eagle” Magazine; - Foldout Advertisement for the 1942 John Deere Day Show in Versailles, MO; - Early J.I. Case Wallis Tractors Brochure Booklet; - 1933 Ford Fordson Tractor Parts Price List Book; - 1939 McCormick Deering Farmall F-20 Tractor Owners Manual; - J.I. Case Better Farming, Better Tractors Booklet; - 1941 Gleaner Baldwin Harvester Parts Book; - Meadows Mfg Elevator and Wagon Jack Sales Booklet; - 1922 Belleville Grain Separator and Baler Sales Brochure/Booklet; - Early Swayne Robinson Hay Presses Price List Book for Repairs; - Early Garden City Feeders Price List for Repairs; - Butler Steel Grain Bins Owners Book with Assembly Instructions; - Minneapolis Moline “Universal Z” Tractor Owner’s Manual; - Early Maytag Engine Owner’s Book; - Early Philadelphia Motor Lawn Mower Booklet/Manual; - Several John Deere Brochures and Implement Books; - Old Farm Paper Goods and Related Items; LARGE ORIGINAL VINTAGE FIRE PEDAL CAR - Nice 1950’s or 1960’s City Fire Dept Pedal Car, All Original, with Original Paint, Steering Wheel, Bell, Ladders, Grill, etc…; FANTASTIC LIFETIME COLLECTION OF HUNDREDS OF CONSTRUCTION TOYS FEATURING A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF QUALITY GERMAN DIE CAST TOYS, EARLY REUHL AND ERTL CONSTRUCTION TOYS, PRESSED STEEL AND DIE CAST TOYS, MODERN FIRST GEAR DIE CAST TOYS AND VEHICLES, GAS/OIL RELATED DIE CAST TRUCK BANKS IN BOXES & MORE!!! Special Note: The owner has the original boxes for many of the toys and will be matched up by auction!!! Incredible Lifetime Collection of Hundreds of Construction Toys: - Early 1950’s and 60’s Toys thru NIB Die Cast; - Rare Collection of Vintage Reuhl and Ertl Construction Toys; - Tremendous Collection of Quality German Die Cast Construction Toys by NZG, Conrad, Joal and More!!! Partial listing only!!! Highlights from this Amazing Collection include: - Vintage Ertl John Deere Dozer with Blade; - Vintage Ertl John Deere Dozer with Blade, ROPS; - Vintage Ertl John Deere Wheel Loader; - Vintage Ertl John Deere Excavator; - Vintage Ertl John Deere Backhoe with Front Loader, Rear Bucket; - Early Pressed Steel CAT D6 Dozer – Nice Paint; - Vintage Ertl No 301 Scale Model CAT D6 Dozer – Mint in Original Box; - Vintage Ertl 0573 CAT Dozer – Ex to Near Mint; - Old Ertl 2783 IH Hough Payloader – Near Mint; - Vintage Reuhl Lorain Excavator; - Vintage Reuhl Cedar Rapids Pitmaster Rock Crusher, 20in Long!!! - Vintage Reuhl CAT No 12 Road Grader – 13in Long; - Vintage Reuhl CAT No 12 Road Grader – 13in Long; - Vintage Reuhl CAT Dozer; - Vintage Ertl International TD25 Track Dozer; - Large First Gear 1:25 IH TD25 Series C Track Dozer w/ Umbrella, Pull Behind Double Roller Aerator; - Large First Gear 1:25 IH TD25 Series C Track Dozer w/ ROPS; - Large First Gear 1:25 IH TD25 Series C Track Dozer w/ Ripper; - Large First Gear 1:25 IH 433 Pay Scraper; - Large First Gear 1:25 Red International Diesel Dozer; - Ertl 1:16 Red/White International T-340 Track Tractor; - Ertl Precision Construction Series 1 Case 580 Super M – NIB; - First Gear Mack R-Model Concrete Mixer Truck – NIB; - Ertl CAT D10N Dozer, First Edition 1 of 7500; - Ertl CAT 631E Articulated Earth Mover, First Edition 1 of 7500; - Ertl CAT D350D Articulated Wheel Dump Truck, First Edition 1 of 7500; - Ertl CAT 988B Wheel Loader; - CAT RD8 Tractor/Dozer – NIB; - CAT 583 Pipe Layer – NIB; - CAT 793C Large Dump Truck – NIB; - Large 1996 NZG No 426 1:16 CAT Challenger 35 Track Tractor; - Large 1996 NZG No 426 1:16 CAT Challenger 45 Track Tractor; - Large 1996 NZG No 426 1:16 CAT Challenger 55 Track Tractor; - Large Conrad No 2726 1:50 CAT 789B Dump Truck; - Large Komatsu PC 450 LC Track Excavator; - Large Komatsu PC 3000 Track Excavator; - Komatsu PC 400 LC Track Excavator; - NZG German No 213 1:50 Ingersol Rand Crawler Rock Drill; - NZG German No 229 1:50 Ingersol Rand Drilling Rig Truck; - CEF French Poclain 1000 Track Excavator; - Conrad West German 1:50 Poclain 150 Excavator; - Conrad West German 1:50 Poclain 350 Excavator; - Conrad West German 1:50 Poclain 90 Excavator; - Conrad Mod 2771 1:50 O&K High Spoon Excavator, RH 120 C, Slight Damage to Railings; - NZG No 139 1:50 Bucyrus Erie Track Excavator; - NZG No 301 1:50 O&K Trojan 23.2 6 Wheel Articulated Dump Truck; - NZG No 148 Grove Crane Truck; - NZG No 189 ENTP Pull Type Compressor; - NZG No 202 1:50 DEMAC Pull Type Compressor; - Conrad Mod 2079 1:50 Liebherr 8 Wheel Crane Truck w/ Telescoping Boom; - Conrad Mod 2083 1:50 Liebherr 4 Wheel Crane Truck; - Conrad Mod 2827 1:50 Liebherr 984 Track Excavator; - Conrad Mod 2731 1:50 Liebherr Crawler Crane; - Conrad Mod 3076 1:50 Liebherr Crane Truck; - NZG No 164 1:40 Green Terex 82-50 Track Dozer with Ripper; - Gescha Green Terex 72-71 4 Wheel Dozer; - NZG No 163 1:40 Green Terex 33-07 Dump Truck; - Conrad Mod 2761 1:50 Green Terex EUC R-35 Dump Truck; - Joal 1:50 Green Euclid R85 B Dump Truck; - Conrad Mod 611 1:43 Green Terex TS-14B Earth Mover; - (2) Conrad Mod 2762 1:50 Green Terex Tandem 6 Wheel Dump Truck; - NZG No 175 1:35 JCB 520 Fork Lift; - Conrad No 2885 1:50 Clark Michigan 175C Loader, Metal Bucket; - Conrad No 2885 1:50 Clark Michigan 175C Loader, Plastic Bucket; - Joal 1:50 Michigan L320 Loader; - (2) Gescha Fiat-Allis 41B Track Dozers with Rippers; - Large Conrad Mod 2077 1:50 Krupp 8 Axle 20 Wheel Telescoping Crane Truck; - Conrad Mod 2080 Krupp 8 Wheel Crane Truck; - NZG No 283 1:50 Krupp Crane Truck; - NZG No 318 1:50 Link Belt “The Boss” Crane Truck; - Conrad Mod 2021 Liebherr Crane – NIB; - Conrad Liebherr Crane – NIB; - Large 1:16 CAT D2 Dozer – NIB; - Ertl 8/16/97 NTTC Show John Deere Track Dozer – Mint, Tracks in Plastic; - Ertl John Deere 648E Skidder – NIB; - Hitach No 620 EX1800 Giant Excavator; - Hitachi EX 200 Excavator; - Hitachi Track Excavators; - Dresser TD-40B Track Dozer with Ripper; - International TD-340 Diesel Track Dozer; - Conrad No 272 1:50 Dresser Haulpack Dump Truck; - Conrad No 2721 1:50 Dresser Dump Truck; - Conrad No 2722 1:50 Dresser Dump Truck; - Supermini Dynapac CT25 Compactor; - PPM Crane Truck; - Conrad No 2081 1:50 DEMAC AC435 10 Wheel Crane Truck; - NZG No 357 1:50 DEMAC H485S Excavator; - Conrad No 272 1:50 Dresser Haulpack Dump Truck; - P&H 2800 Excavator; - New Holland Skid Steer; - NZG CAT Excavators; - NZG CAT Dump Trucks; - NZG No 298 1:50 Silver CAT D8N Dozer with Ripper, 25th Anniv; - NZG No 376 1:50 Silver CAT 966F Wheel Loader, 25th Anniv; - Ertl #493 of 4900 Silver 1:16 1928 CAT 2 Ton Dozer; - Ertl Silver 1:16 1926 CAT 2 Ton Dozer; - Ertl Silver 1:16 1924 Holt 2 Ton Dozer; - Conrad 1:25 CAT Sixty Dozer; - 1992 NZG No 376 1:50 CAT 966E Log Loader; - 1994 NZG No 387 1:50 CAT 166 Road Grader; - 1994 NZG No 3881 1:50 CAT AP-1000 Asphault Paver; - 1994 NZG No 3881 1:50 CAT AP-1000 Asphault Paver; - 1992 NZG No 377 1:50 CAT 245 Track Jackhammer; - Joal 1:25 CAT IT18F Wheel Loader w/ Bucket; - 1995 Farm Show CAT Challenger 55 Track Tractor, 1 of 5000, New on Card; - 1994 Farm Show CAT Challenger 45 Track Tractor, 1 of 5000, New on Card; - 1991 Farm Show CAT Challenger 65B Track Tractor, 1 of 5000, New on Card; - 1989 Farm Show CAT Challenger 65 Track Tractor, New on Card; - 1990 Farm Show CAT Challenger 75 Track Tractor, New on Card; - CAT D6H Track Tractor/Dozer, New on Card; - CAT D25D Articulated Dump, New on Card; - CAT 613C Elevating Scraper, New on Card; - CAT 950E Wheel Loader, New on Card; - CAT 1932 Panel Delivery Truck, New on Card; - CAT 1913 Model T Holt Delivery Van, New on Card; - Ertl John Deere 1010 Collector Edition Crawler Dozer w/ Blade – NIB; - Evergreen Mills 100 Year Gold Model C-Cab Stake Truck; - Ray Meyer Fossils Excavating Die Cast Truck and Hauling Trailer; - CP Ward Construction Die Cast Mack Dump Truck; - DA Kessler Die Cast Mack Dump Truck; - Palumbo #124 Mack Dump Truck; - Remote Control Bobcat 753 Battery Op Toy – Nice; - Conrad No 285 1:50 CAT D11N Dozer with Ripper; - Conrad No 2725 CAT 789 Dump Truck, ’92 Mini Expo; - Conrad No 2725 CAT 789 Dump Truck; - NZG No 366 CAT 994 Wheel Loader; - Large Collection of CAT Caterpillar Die Cast Toys: - Dozers and Crawlers/Tractors; - Excavators; - Dump Trucks; - Earth Movers; - Graders; - Wheel Loaders; - Die Cast Model CAT Engine; - Large Collection of Case and Komatsu Die Cast Toys: - Dump Trucks; - Dozers; - Dozer with Ripper; - Excavators; - Wheel Loaders - Skid Steers; - Fork Lifts; - Volvo Die Cast Construction Toys; - Kawasaki Die Cast Construction Toys; - Hitachi Die Cast Construction Toys; - Bobcat Die Cast Toys; - Miniature 1:82 Scale CAT Toys; - Nice Die Cast Vehicles; - Die Cast Truck and Flat Bed Hauling Trailers; - Triangle Inc Diesel Truck and Rock Trailer; - State Highway Dept Diesel Cab Truck and Hauling Trailer; - State Highway Dept Towing Trucks; - Chevrolet Die Cast Tow Trucks; - Die Cast Truck and Flat Bed Hauling Equipment Trailer Sets; - Die Cast Delivery Vehicles in Boxes – Coca Cola, 7-Up, Sinclair, Texaco; - Ertl John Deere Pickups – NIB; - Several Texaco Die Cast Truck Banks – NIB; - Texaco, Sinclair and Phillips 66 Die Cast Wreckers and Tank Trucks – NIB; - Die Cast Cars in Boxes incl Ertl American Muscle 1:12 Scale 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible in Box; - Incredible Lifetime Collection!!!

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