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John Deere Pedal Tractor Canton Corn Sheller John Deere Wooden Tongue Brass Seed Moisture Tester 1920 Public Sale Bill Schuyler No 0 Funnel, RPM Gauge Tool Essex Brass Corp Drip Oiler Jiffy-Way Egg Scale John Deere Cans (Power Steering Oil, Lubricant) John Deere Cans (Graphite, Thinner) Rock Island Elgin Watches Wall Clock Advertising Clips and Screwdriver Western Rock Salt Co Clip, Kansas City Mo Misc Fuse Boxes Local Bottle Openers, Tape Measure, $ Clip, Misc PAPEC Feed Machinery Themometer Farm Bureau, Bickmore, Union Printers Home 1997 40th McLouth Threshing Bee Belt Buckle Jack Spratt Watch Fob NOVO Engine Co Watch Fob Fletcher Push Points, Skoal, Pontiac Blades Avery The Bulldog Line Fob Skelly Fortified Tagolene Motor Oil Bank Outers Gun Oil, Peabody Fizz Whiz Bottle Cap Neil Produce Co Wall Letter Holder Champion Spark Plug C-4 New Old Stock Vehicle Emblems, Misc Keys Bottle Openers, Ice Pick Tire Pressure Guages Mechanics Pal, Screwdriver, Speed Indicator, Misc Local Advertising Pencils (Herington, Marion) Local Advertising Pencils (Abilene, Alta Vista) Snap-On Pen and CD, GM Business Accounting Pen Manual - McCormick No 21 Manure Spreader Manuals - McCormick No 5, No 11 Side Rakes Manuals - McCormick No 31, No 200-TW Spreaders Manual - McCormick 37 Wheel-Controlled Disk Harro Manuals - McCormick Model 20C, No 32 Mower, No 26 Manuals-McCormick No 8 Plow, Int60 Moldboard Plow Manual - McCormick Farmall 300 Tractors Manual - International 656 Tractors Manuals-McCormick Super W-6, Hyd Remote Control John Deere Paper Cups John Deere (Toy Forage Harvesterm CD, Emblem) John Deere Collector and Playing Cards John Deere Pocket Knife, Rain Gauge, Clip John Deere Pins John Deere Fob, Souvenir, Pencil, Spark Plug John Deere Printers Blocks (D, Unstyled A or B) John Deere Paper Cup John Deere CW-144 Filter Cartridge New Old Stock John Deere Pens (Marion, Moundridge) John Deere Pencils (Newton, Glasco, Osage City) John Deere Pencils (KC, Dodge City, Moundridge) John Deere Tape Measure John Deere Tractor Pins John Deere Medallion Tradition Lives On Waterloo John Deere Leather Wallet, Titewad John Deere Level Sperry & Weathers John Deere Diesel Power Belt Buckle 1981 John Deere Belt Buckle John Deere Model D 75th Anniv Belt Buckle Medallion Syracused Chilled Plow Co John Deere Oil and Filter Changes, Emblem John Deere Steel Plow Centennial Fob 1937 John Deere Tag, Key Chain, Oil and Filter Changes Misc John Deere Tags (Benton KS) John Deere Parts Punch Card, Sticker John Deere Parts Mailing Bag John Deere Quality Farm Equip Key Chain Medal John Deere Material Sample, Good Luck Token Champion Spark Plugs 16 New Old Stock AC Spark Plugs 87 COM New Old Stock FoMoCo Spark Plugs 40-12405-C New Old Stock Champion Spark Plugs C-7 New Old Stock STITT 719 Spark Plugs New Old Stock BG Spark Plug RB590 new old stock Farmers Pocket Ledgers 1950s Farmers Pocket Ledgers 1940-1950s Farmers Pocket Ledgers 1930s John Deere Tillage Tool, John Deere Paper Bags 1920 John Deere Plow Co Note, 1937 Invoice Misc Tools (IH, Deering) The Cooper Bessemer Nameplate Sentinel Junior Ace First Aid Kit, Willson Goggle Miller Line Typewriter Ribbon, Edgeworth Pipe John Deere Parts Expo Collectible Bolts Champion Spark Plugs 1 COM New Old Stock Champoint Glow Plugs VG-1, 2, Baby Splitfire Long John Deere Pens and Memorabilia COOP Memorabilia (Coasters, Saw Lincolnville KS) Maytag Multi-Motor Oil Can One US Quart Maytag Multi-Moto Oil Can One US Gallon Misc Wrenches (P&O Co) Case Fuel Cap, Bearing Caps, Threshing Cylinder Umbrella Brackets (John Deere, IH) John Deere Open Letter Wrench, Dain Mfg Co Wrench 1829 Stephenson Rocket Model 1/26th Scale 1950 Ford Pickup Model 1:25 Scale 1957 Corvette, 1969 Chevelle SS Models 1/25th John Deere How to keep your farm equipment in the COOP Calendars (1972, 1976, 1979) Calendars (Midvale Coal 1952, DeForest 1960) Wilson Pump Will Service Wichita Calendar 1962 Oklahoma Tire & Supply Winfield KS Calendar 1951 1987 Long Green Line Catalog, Farm Management John Deere 620 Tractor Operators Manual Operators Manuals (John Deere 70, 730 Tractors) Operators Manuals (John Deere A, D Tractors) Operators Manuals (John Deere 50, 40 Tractors) Operators Manuals (John Deere R Diesel, 70Diesel) John Deere Service Manual (140 Hydrostatic) John Deere Service Manual (120 Hydrostatic) Manuals (John Deere Draft Binder, Model B, LA) The Furrow 1936 July/Aug, Sept/Oct (Walsh Lumber) Instructions and Parts List (JD Model D, A) Repair Catalogs (John Deere No 22-B, No 40-H) Monkey Wrenches (International Harvesters) Misc Tools (Emerson Wrenches, Soldering Irons) Wrenches (Primer, Champion, Corn Rod, Tungsten) Wrenches (Ford, Fordson) Steel King Ice Balance Deere & Mansur Co Planter Lid Kiengle Tachometer, Western Germany 7 Jewels Clayton Mfg Co No 180 Cast Iron Stove/Heater McCormick-Deering IH Sickle Section Sharpener Lucerne Milk Crate Waterman Mailbox Hubcaps (Studebaker, Chevrolet, Chevy, Plymouth) John Deere Oil Cans Oil Cans (Ford 300, COOP) John Deere Oil, Farmhand Hydraulic Fluid Cans Planter Boxes & Lids (JI Case, Black Hawk) Planter Boxes (Deere & Mansur Co, John Deere) IH Reflector Flare IH Oil Can, IH Flat Chain Tool, Planter Lids Spark Plugs & Parts new old stock New Old Stocks Parts & Empty Boxes Champion 49 Spark Plug new old stock Champion D-6 Spark Plugs new old stock AC D-4 1/2 Spark Plugs new old stock Champion 2 COM-L Spark Plugs new old stock Champion C26 Spark Plugs new old stock AM 83 COM Spark Plugs new old stock Champion C-7 Spark Plugs new old stock STITT 197 Spark Plugs new old stock AC 87 COM Spark Plugs new old stock Champion 22/7 Spark Plugs New Old Stock AC 18A Spark Plugs new old stock Autolite TT4 Spark Plugs new old stock Anderson Glow Plug, Ignition Parts, Empty Boxes Tins (Firestone, Dutch Patch Kit, Philco) Manuals (John Deere Lawn Tractors, Engines) Operators Manuals (John Deere 2155, 2355, 2555) Manuals (JD Radial Piston Pumps, Cam Lobe Motors) John Deere 7700 Combine Parts Catalog American Threshman Magazine (1931s) American Threshman Magazine (1930s) John Deere Operators Manuals (4320, 4020, Radios) John Deere Component Technical Manuals John Deere Operators Manuals (8850, 8570, 8430) John Deere Operators Manuals (4020, 3010 LP-Gas) John Deere Operators Manuals (4020, 4010 LP-Gas) Parts Books, Manuals (Round Balers, Lawn Care) John Deere LogBook, 1924 Repair Order Blank, Misc Money Savings Suggestions for Services John Deere GMC Maintenance Manual for Trucks Carpet Stretchers (The Star, The Cady) John Deere Grain Binder Trip Pedals, JD Sweeps IH Tools (F9136, 204L, G246, VB62) L212 Cast Iron Tool Box Manuals (Kosch, White, New Holland, Crust Buster) McCormick-Deering Cream Separator Manual, Book Misc Manuals (4H Maintenance, Blair Feeder Line) IH Farmetrics, Mutual Hail Insurance Cimarron KS Better Fences Prices, Firestone Farm Tire Catalog Tractor Tools Boxes (Deere, John Deere) Rock Island Plow Co Cast Implement Seat Walter A Wood Cast Implement Seat Splitdorf Magneto John Deere DLTX8 Carburetor Unstyled A 1934-36 John Deere DLTX3 Carburetor fits a D Wood Boxes (Yeast Foam, Bordens, Mayhew Chisels) Timken Roller Bearing Wood Box Colorado Springs Allis-Chalmers Grease Gun Duplex Cast Barn Hay Trolley McCormick Deering No 7 Cast Sickle Mower Cover Wards Heater 20 Cast Door Malleable Iron Range Co Cast Door Large #22 Sad Iron with Sprial Twist Handle Farmers Co-op Grain & Merc Co Lehigh KS Dust Pan Galvanzied Can Montgomery Ward & Co 1924 Catalog Montgomery Ward & Co 1928 Catalog John Deere Operators Manuals (No 4-B, No 7, No 6) John Deere Operators Manuals (Auto Pickup Baler) John Deere Manuals (Tool Bars, Tool Carriers) John Deere Manuals (Disk Harrow, Wheel Carrier) John Deere Manuals (Plows, 3 bottom Moldboard) John Deere Manuals (Cultivators, Side Dressers) John Deere Manuals (Snow Plows, 45 Hyd Loader) John Deere Manuals (Sulky Rake, Sulky Rake) John Deere Manuals (Forage Blower, Cultivators) John Deere Manual (No 72, 74 Ensilage Harvester) John Deere Manuals (DiskTiller, Cultivator, Plow) John Deere Manuals (Side Delivery Rakes) John Deere Manuals (No 12-A Combine, Belt PickUp) John Deere Manuals (Rotary Cutter, Conditioners) John Deere Manuals (Mower, Side-Delivery Rakes) John Deere Manual (No 4 Enclosed Gear Mower) John Deere Operators Manual (30 Combine) John Deere Manual (LUC Engine, No 12-A Combine) John Deere Manuals (No 12-A Combine, Belt Pickup) John Deere Manuals (Wagon, Mixer Feeder) John Deere Manuals (Fertilizer, Side Dressing) John Deere Manuals (Surflex Disk Tiller, Blade) John Deere Manuals (Sprayers) Mile Marker Signs Burlap Sacks (Northern Flight, Wingold Wheat) John Deere Toy Tractor, Wagon, Misc (see photos) Misc Manuals (CAT Scale Models, Stihl PowerTools) John Deere Puzzles, Stickers Marvel Mystery Oil Cans 1 qt Bug Pump Sprayer (Hudson, Black Flag) 1927 Kan License Plate 1938, 1944 Kansas License Plates 1941, 1949 Kansas License Plates 1950, 1951, 1954, 1957 Kansas License Plates 1958, 1960, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976 Kansas Plates 1957, 1962, 1964, 1973, 1974, 1975 Kansas Plates 1970, 1971, 1972, 1972, 1975, 1976 Kansas Plates 1974, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1997 Kansas Cycle, Hawaii Misc License Plates Misc Kansas Dealers Tags, Irv Schroeder Tags Misc John Deere Bags and Boxes Misc John Deere Paper & Plastic Bags Ferguson Mill Rain Gauge, Firestone Wheel Ashtray Misc Pens, Bullet Pencils, Emblems and Tags Champion Key Tag, Plug Wrapper, Pen Bazine KS Champion Key Tag, Plug Wrapper, Pen Herington KS Contains Lead Sign Drink Coca-Cola Tray The Vermont Farm Machine Co Cream Separator Tag Tie Clip, Whiting Adams Belt Hook Hold Paint Can Letter Opener (Lansing Coal, Case & Son) HURD Lock and Key USN Evans Key Caddy, Brown Welding Supply Pocket Knif Buttons (KS Farmers Union, K&O Steam) Coca-Cola Trays Oil & Gas Match Books (White City, Council Grove) Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale, Schlitz Match Books Match Books (King Edward Cigars, Camel, Winston) Allis-Chalmers Match Books (Salina, Herington) Purina Chows, Sungold Sweeties, Foxbilt Feeds Car Match Books (Chevy, Marion, Beloit) Motel Match Books (Hotel Broadway Emporia) Mathieson, Elephant Brand, DeKalb Match Books COOP Match Books (Nickerson KS) Diamond T Motor Trucks Match Book IH Match Books (Hays, Clay Center, Council Grove) IH Match Books (Cuba, Enid OK, Wichita) IH Match Books (Clyde, Topeka) Oliver Match Books (Sioux City, Aurora, KC) New Idea & Misc Match Books (Leavenworth) Misc Match Books (Hillsboro, Sirlon Stockade) Match Books (KU, Hays, Great Bend, Joyland) Tums and Anacin Match Books Match Books (Toledo, White City, Junction City) Minneapolis KC, Blue Hill Nebr Match Books Match Books (Michigan, Borchert Ingersoll) Massey Harris Dans Implt Co Norton Match Book Ford Match Books (Clyde KS) John Deere Match Books (Helmkamp, Highland KS) John Deere Match Books (Salina, JD Plow Co KC) John Deere Items (Sign, Hallmar 4020 Ornament) Wood Coca-Cola Crate Duck Dynasty DVDs Misc Car Models, parts and pieces John Deere Coffee Mug 7UP, Welches, A&W Empty Can, Moose Wall Clock Oil Cans (COOP, Johnson, Doorease, Liquid Wrench) I&T Shop Service Manual, Implement & Tractor Misc Parts (Starter Switch, Scottsdale 10 Emblem) Tins (Elasti-Glaze, Rust Master, White Tire) Tins (Saddlers Wax, Sucrets, Shoe Grease, Scotch) John Deere Original Parts (some full and empty) Cast Pulleys Antique Ice Skates Van Brunt Drill Grain Box Covers Emerson Drill Grain Seed Box Covers Supe???? Drill Grain Box Cover IH Drill Grain Box Covers Huffman Oil Can Eagle Oil Can Oil Can Calendars (Tampa, RodsTire Hillsboro, John Deere) Calendars (John Deere Prairie Land, Tractors) Calendars (2004 Tractors, JohnDeere, PrairieLand) Calendars (John Deere Engine, Tractor Works) Magazine Page Ads (Texaco, Velvet, Union Leader) Magazine Page Ads (Texaco, Maytag, Camel) Magazine Page Ads (Remington, Peters, Mobiloil) Magazine Page Ads (Country Gentleman, Singer) BLANK Threshing Wheat B&W Photo BG Grondal circa 1916 McCormick-Deering Framed Ad, Waggener letter1925 Album of Magazine Ads (1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s) Tractor Calendars (never opened) John Deere Calendars - 2005-2006-2010 John Deere Prairieland Calendars John Deere Toy Day Calendars, Desk Calendars Misc Wrenches and Tools (IH, Klein, Akron Brass) Moline Plow Co, Moline Drill Wrenches and Key Crown Lumber & Silo Co, Indiana Silo Co Wrenches Misc Tools Tin John Deere Signs Tin Case Signs (1993) John Deere Quality for over 100 years? Tin Sign Wood, Taber & Morse's Tin Sign Two John Deere Tin Signs Allis WD-45 and John Deere A Tin Signs John Deere and John Deere Plow Co Tin Signs Allis-Chalmers and CASE Tin Signs Minneapolis-Moline and John Deere Tin Signs Case 500 Diesel and John Deere Tin Signs Dodge Pillow Block in Orig Crate Ignition Coil Buzz Box, Detroit Coil Company Yard Sticks (JI Case, JI Case Sales Peabody KS) Yard Sticks (Hartman Auto, C&M Auto Manhattan) Davidson Implement Yard Stick John Deere Cimarron Yard Sticks (IH Co Almena KS, McCormick-Deering) Yard Sticks (Ireland Awning, Balantyne Hardware) Yard Sticks (Jayhawk Coal, John Deere Lincoln) Yard Sticks (Salina, Pilsen StateBank, Manhattan) Misc John Deere Items and Parts John Deerre Items (Hat, Suspenders, Plate) ERTL John Deere Barnburners Full Throttle, open Full Set Operation, Care, Repair Farm Machinery Elgin Pocket Watch, Box, no hands, not working Ashtrays (Pistol Matic Wichita, Inland Molasses) De Laval Cream Separators Advertising (leg broke) Misc Coca-Cola (Pick, Dri-Hand Bottle Protector) Coca-Cola Ice Picks (Artesian Ice & Cold Storage) COOP Pencil, Pen Durham, Key Ring, C49 Spark Plug COOP Items (Greeley, Burns, Durham, Lincolnville) Standard Coal Co Allentown PA Tin Thermometer Coca-Cola Ice Picks (Stuart Radiator Co) Anderson Motor Co Ford-Mercury Thermometer Arlington COOP Exchange Thermometer (Arlington) WARSS RIVERSIDE Truck and Farm Tires Thermometer Rulers (People Exchange Bank, Robinson Florence) Case & Son Marion Level, Folding Ruler Rulers (Des Moines Saddlery Co Iowa) Rulers (Hiawatha, Massey-Ferguson, Billiken) AGCO Screwdriver, PrimeLine 1986 Hesston Keychain COOP Items (Lyons, Durham, Hillsboro, RushCenter) John Deere Operators Manual (Endgate Seeder) 1924-1925 Hill-Hudson Co Thresher Supply Catalogs Auto-Lite Spark Plugs Mountain Boys Brochure KC Baking Powder, Clabber Girl Baking Notebooks 1951 Chevy Owners Manual, Delco Battery Service Farmers Year Book Sublette, Firestone Auto Supply Instructions Operating Maytag Multi-Motor Engine Notebooks (American Tiger Brand Wire Rope) Firestone Farm Guide Books, Farm Notes Coca-Cola Tickets, Alexander Bottling Ticket Book 1941 Ford Deluxe Reference Book, 4 wheel fun 1928 Enterprise Manu 1908, Bridge Beach Cook Stoves Notebooks (Armours 1946, Swifts Red Steer 1936) 1934 Fitted & Bolted Plow Shares Wichita, Plowing Plymouth Binder Twine (Notebook 1935, Ad, 1926) Notebooks (Wright Overall Fort Scott KS 1925) Skelly Memo Books, Golden Tip Gasoline 1939 DEKALB Memo Books (Junction City, Rock Rapids) Need Salt? Morton Salt Apt Cards, 1960s Notebooks (OshKosh B'Gosh Overalls, Plymouth) DeLaval Cream Separators Ad and Postcard Ice Coupon Book 1000 lbs 1940s (25 and 50 pound ) Postcards (Dogwood, Rumely, Harvesting Wheat) Postcards (Rumely Plows, Massey-Harris 90) Postcards (Case Steam Roller, Climbing Stunts) Postcards (Allis-Chalmers B, Ford Citrus Harvest) Postcards (IH Algiers, SK-55 Mech Cotton Picker) Advertisements (OP Coal, Hudson Sterling Coal) Postcards (Canadian Harvesting, Threshing Wheat) Allis-Chalmers Postcards (60, C, Rake, WD, U, B) Postcards (Wagons, Caterpillar tracktype tractor) Sattley Riding and Walking Plow 1899 Cloth Wallet Rock Island Implement Co KS Missouri Cloth Wallet Rock Island Plow Co Cloth Organizer Wallet Rock Island Plow Co Cloth Wallet, receipt 1900 Dempster Convert-o-jet Fan, Hugo OK Ad Fan John Deere 620 Toy Tractor Fordson Tool Box IH Tool Box, Fuel Cap, ????? Misc IH Wrenches Wrenches (Bailor Plow Co, Brown-Manly Plow Co) IH Wrenches and Tools Bull Leads, Shackle Clevis, Horn Weights Calf Weaning Nose Rings, Spikes John Deere Technical Information Manuals 1980s John Deere Price List November 1, 1984 John Deere Price List (Service Riding Mowers) John Deere Umbrella Bracket Assembly F517-A John Deere Wrench IH Plastic Organizer Bins IH Tool Box IH Tool Box Part of COOP Mineral Feeder John Deere Spray Paint IH (War Quality Farm Tires, Letterhead, Specs) Massey Harris No 6 Mower Operating Instructions Allis Chalmers Manuals (Forage Harvester, Blower) Minneapolis Moline Harvester H3 Manual IH Operators Manuals (No 32, 27-V Tractor Mower) IH Operators Manuals (Planters, Grain Drills) IH Operators Manuals (68 Cultivators, 100 Mower) IH McCormick Manual (Cultivator 300 400 Tractors) IH McCormick Parts Catalog Grain Machines John Deere Operators Manuals (Spreader, Drills) John Deere Operators Manuals (Spreaders) John Deere Operators Manuals (Wheel Power Mower) John Deere Operators Manuals (Drills, Lister) John Deere Operators Manuals (Corn Picker) John Deere Operators Manuals (Disk Harrows) John Deere Operators Manuals (Hammer Mills) Manuals/Instructions (B&S, Baldor, Vickers) Manuals (McCormick Deering 200-H Manure Spreader) Almanacs (1958,1971,1949,1952,1946,1947,1945) Almanacs (1939 Newton, 1936,1935,1936, Firestone) 1939 IH Calendar, JF Martin Hardware (See damage) Framed John Deere Farming Picture John Deere Charts (Feed Plain Grain Drill) Massey Harris Steering Wheel Spinner Knob, Tools Trip Rope, King Corn Silo, F20 Kerosene Control Tools (Dain, Handle, Tool) Sad Irons Tube Vulcanizer, Cow Hobbles, AC Roto Baler Parts Hay Trolley Pulley, Louder Hay Trolley Pulley Ensign Carbeurator Case IH OK 1275 GE and Westinghouse Irons John Deere 3020-4020 Side Rockshaft Cover Planter Lid, Ice Tray, CanSpout, ???, Exhaust Tip John Deere Technical Information John Deere General Sales Manual Vulcan Mfg Co Hydraulic Bumper Jack, works John Deere Service Manual (45,55,95,105 Combine) I&T Shop Service (John Deere & International) Cast Wonder Cobbler Shoe Tool, IH Sickle Tool Pulley Wheels GMC & Chevy Hubcaps Hubcaps (Packard, IH, V8) Chevy Hubcaps (Corvair) Faucet, Viscosimeter, Sparkplugs, Misc Porcelain Wireholders, Sparkplugs, First Aid Kit Lionel Lines 1005 SUNCO Tanker Implement Seat (Emerson No 1) Tri's Grade A Calf Milk Replacer Bucket Wood Handled Shovel Large Railroad Wrench Tool Ashland Car Jack and Wrench Anchor Hand Crank Clothes Wringer Norman Rockwell Wood Print "Gold Medal" Chalkboard John Deere Cardboard Advertisement Picture John Deere 2755 Tractor PowrSync Trans John Deere Cardboard Advertisements Two John Deere Canvas Arts (Model D, Tractors) Two John Deere Canvas Arts (Tractors) Cast Wood Wheel Oiler Crate with Glass Insulators Wood Crate Part Catalog John Deere Technical Information Binder John Deere Technical Manual (8630 Tractor) Service Manual for Johne Deere Dealers John Deere Technical Information(Lawn Tractors) John Deere Predelivery Service Manual

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