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Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 at 2:00 PM - Cottonwood Falls, KS
- Radtke Online Auction (450+ Lots – Signs, Arrowheads,
Jewelry, Local, Antiques, Outdoor, Ammo, Toys, Primitives)
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Ladies Enamel Sign Kolman Emanel Sign IH Emblem/Plate Hanging Sign "Richards Welding" No Swimming & Coronado Signs We Accept Cash Tin Sign Master Mechanic Sales Display Rotary Blastholer Enamel Signs 7up Trays Multilist Sign Texaco Fire Chief Enamel Sign No Fires on Downwind Side Sign Sam Mulkey Co KS MO Sign Master Charge Sign BIG A Light up Clock Filling Station Decanter Beer Containers and Tin Papst Blue Ribbon Wood Sign Budweiser Sign Pig - Ozark Wood Crafters St Pauli Girl Sign Gun Lighters (cond unknown) Bottle Openers Bottle Openers Empty Cigar Boxes Redneck Sign Last Supper Jack Daniels American Legion Memorabilia Bottle Cappers Satin Cigarettes Duck Trays Vintage Ashtrays Bottle Cappers Pipe Stand and Pipes Wood Pecker Toothpick Server Norman Rockwell Glasses Novelty Mugs/Glasses Vintage Jars (chip) Marion Florence Bottling Cups from old bottles Nut Bowl with tools Tobacco and Cigarette Tins Misc .Tobacco Tins Velvet Tobacco Tins Rooster Calvert Sales Display Heidelberg Blatz Beer Milwaukee Sign Goetz Country Club Special Sign Camel Zippo and Ashtray Bottle Openers Display Goodyear Tire Ashtrays Ashtrays (Case & Son Marion KS) Misc Ashtrays Ashtrays and Bookends Ashtrays Misc Ashtrays Ashtrays and Drink Mixers Flasks (Fire-water) Novelty Shot Glasses Novelty Shot Glasses Misc Shot Glasses Misc Shot Glasses Misc Shot Glasses Misc Shot Glasses Beer Glasses Mini Travel Whiskey Bottles Novelty Gag Gift Items Misc Decanters Misc Tobacco Tins Misc Tobacco Tins Misc Tobacco Tins Misc Tobacco Tins Misc Tins Misc Tobacco Tins Dealer for Farmcraft Sign DART Sign Minnesota Valley Breeders Sign McCormick Deering Signs ACCO Seed Sign Ford Red Belly 8n Tin Sign M-M Sign (Minneapolis-Moline) The Ferguson System Sign Grain and Fertilizer Chart Tin Superswee Feed Thermometer (cond unknown) Farmall Thermometer John Deere Signs Riddle Soils Service Marion KS Framed Bag Cedarapids Sign John Deere Items John Deere Tags and Thermometer John Deere 1948 Model B Pocket Knife No 2 Rich-Com Air Pilot Lantern Western Art with Spur 5 qt Swingspout Cobbler Shoe Mold Possibly a Horse/Calvary Fence Post Tie Down P&O Co Canton Cast Cast Moline Plow Co Cast John Deere Z105I-H+ Cast Pitt's Double Pinion Horse Power Antique Ice/Log Tongs Paper Roller (not cast steel) Pair of Spurs Misc Spurs Horse Tack Decor Wooden Toy Horse Drawn Wagon Owners Manuals and Parts Catalogs Operators Manuals Misc Farm Implement News 1978-79 Old Timers News Year John Deere Chase 2-row Lister E-B Ads Manuals and Books Operating Manuals and Books Vehicle Manuals John Deere Oliver Seed Lids Antique Tool Box Lids Cast McCormick Cast Dain MNFG Co Ottumwa Iowa John Deere Emblems Insley Excavator Cast Tag Buller Livestock Equipment Cast David Bradley CLAY Equip Emblem M-M Cast Plate Misc Parts Bain 10 Cast Parts L.W.W. 2 Cast Parts T3 & WW Co 9 Cast Parts E.Bain & Bain 9 Cast Parts CASE Implement Seat Implement Seats Vintage Oil Cans Coop Motor Oil Can 4-lb Sun Flower Brand Can Salina KS The De Laval Separator Co Oil Cans Misc Pump Oil Cans Misc Oil Cans (Red Star Herington KS) Misc Oil Cans Thumb Oiler Oil Cans Thumb Oiler Oil Cans Funnel for Coleman Lantern Thumb Oilers (Eagle) Branding Irons Date Nail Collection RR Spike Collection Tractor Spark Plug Wires Yard Sticks (Aulne Marion John Deere) Mini 2-man Saws Stanley Thermos Nell's Place Cast Boot Jack Brass Bull Boot Jack Indian Chief Figures (chip) Butterfly Trivets Trivets Trivets Owl & Mushroom Trivets Cast Welcome Axe and Axe Heads Trivets (one is cracked) Cast Skillet Ashtrays Sad Iron and Cast Pump Figures Cast Nut Cracker Cast Match Holder Cast Painted Rooster Cast Painted Pig Sheep Cast Painted Horse Cow Art Deco Bookend or Door Stop Buffalo Figures Cast Buffalo Bank Misc Buffalo Items John Wayne Books Glass John Wayne Magazine Ad Calendar John Wayne Pocket Knife Set John Wayne Pocket Knife Set Horse Hame and Shoe Lamps Wood Dominoes Belt Buckles Misc Belt Buckles 1985 Marion KS Best Place I've Seen Belt Buckle Belt Buckles (Jacques DeKalb) 1975 Hesston Belt Buckle 1975 76 77 Hesston Belt Buckles 1978 78 79 Hesston Belt Buckles 1981 82 Hesston Belt Buckles 1981 82 Hesston Belt Buckles 1948 85 Hesston Belt Buckles Belt Buckles (1986 Hesston) Misc Belt Buckles Belt Buckles (Handyman Hillsboro Dodge) Longhorn Belt Buckles Marlboro Belt Buckles Frontier Colt 44-40 Belt Buckle Belt Buckles (Explosives US Shooting Team) Colt Revolvers Belt Buckle Remington Belt Buckles Belt Buckles (IBP) Belt Buckles (USN Schlitz) Misc Belt Buckles Belt Buckle Belt Buckles (American Bowling Congress) NRA Belt Buckles Belt Buckles (NFR Eagle) Belt Buckles Pins (Wheat Harvest US Census 2000) Pins (Antqiue Steam Engines Santa Fe Trail) The Old West Book Collection Wanted B&W Framed Photo Framed John Wayne The Duke John Wayne Tin Signs John Wayne An American Legend John Wayne Picture Frederic Remington Print no back rip John Wayne Duke Clock Implement Yard Art Implement Yard Art Horse Shoe Hat Hooks Horse Shoe Brush Good Luck Horse Shoe Wall Halltree Walnut Cracker 12-ga Shells (partial boxes) Misc Shotgun Shells (decorative) Misc Shotgun Shells (decorative) 12-ga Shells (partial boxes) 12-ga Shells (partial boxes) 16-ga and 12-ga Shells 28-ga shells (partial box) Western Super-X 22 ammo (partial box) Remington 10-ga Shells (partial Box) 20-ga Shells (partial boxes) 20-ga Shells (partial boxes) 410-go shells 20-ga Shells (partial boxes) 410-go shells (partial boxes) Artillery Shell Wood Tip (241-71 G.M. CO) Empty Ammo Boxes Bolo Ties Bolo Ties Bolo Ties Bolo Ties Bolo Ties Cuff Links Watch Fobs (Bucyrus Eris Le Roi) Watch Fobs (Case Case Eagle) Watch Fobs (Caterpillar McCoy Co Colorado) Misc Shells & Cartridges (live and empties) 7.65 ARG Mauser (approx 250 rounds) 8mm?? (approx 135 Rounds) 8mm Mauser (approx 94 rounds) 8mm?? (approx 110 Rounds) 25-20 WCF ammo (partial box Remington 300 mag 180 grain - 16 rounds Frontier 222 REM - 16 rounds 308 WIN - 16 rounds ????ammo Bullets - box says 7.65 Mauser 7.62 NATO Blanks Ammo Boxes ????ammo Remington 32W9 & 22W6 Misc 22 ammo (partial boxes) Misc 22 ammo (partial and full boxes) Misc 22 ammo (partial and full boxes) Antique Bullet Collection Bullet Collection in Box Toy Guns (Hubley Dyna-Mite) Toy Guns (broken) Toy Revolvers (Hubley Texas Star) Toy Revolvers (Kilgore ZIP) Toy Guns Toy Guns (Winchester Mod 101 Remington Mod 742) Toy Guns and Bullets Toy Revolvers (Soneso Bulldog Texan Jr) Toy Revolvers (Mattel Roy Rogers Texan Jr) Toy Horses Frog Gig Heads Frog Gig Heads DuPont Cast Clay Thrower Antlers Pair of Antlers Antlers Pair of Antlers Skull and horns Steer horns with weights Ram Figure Rifle Letter Openers Hubley Flint Lock Toy Gun Toy Guns and Ammo Toy Revolver (Hubley Smoky) Toy Cannons Santa Fe Trail Center Flintlock Gun Displays (Bunker Hill 1780 Remington 1863) Pocket Knives (Remington) Winchester Wood Crate Peters Victor Wood Crate Frog Gig Spears Vintage Fishing Poles (see damage) Antique Barbed Wire Display Antique Barbed Wire Display Antique Hammer Display Uber Leather Jacket (see photos) Uber Leather Jacket (see photos) Wood Ice Box (see photos damage) Pittsburgh 6-lb Anvil Small Anvils Continental Battery Small Anvils (Indestro Mfg) Scales Mallet Good Shot After Shave Bottle Openers Scale and weight Avon Bottles (Western - 2 boxes) Avon Bottles (Cars - 3 boxes) Avon Bottles (Vehicles - 2 boxes) Avon Bottles (Guns - 2 boxes) Avon Bottles (Vehicles - 2 boxes) Avon Bottles (Guns - 2 boxes) Avon Bottles (Misc - 2 boxes) Avon Bottles (Animals - 2 boxes) Misc Tools cond unknown Misc Lamps Oil Lamps Eagle Measuring Cups S-n-P Shakers (Cast Stove Green Depression) Misc S-n-P Shakers Western S-n-P Shakers Misc S-n-P Shakers S-n-P Shakers Misc S-n-P Shakers Misc S-n-P Shakers Misc S-n-P Shakers Misc S-n-P Shakers Candle Sticks Happy Anniversary Plate Misc Bottles Beakers Measuring Devices VHS (John Wayne) Brass & Misc Bells Tin Cups S-n-P Shakers Misc Glasses & Mugs Misc Bottles Misc Bottles Stoppers Containers Shot Glasses Tobacco Tin Misc Glass Items Misc Tins Key Hook Container Misc Glass Items Trick Dog Cast Bank Uncle Sam Cast Bank Toy Cars (Emergency Equipment Locker) Farmall Coastal Pepsi Truck Banks Toy Pedal Cars (Big A The Chief Sentry) Plastic Donkey Tricycle Tin Toys Toys (Farm Classics 1/32 Fordson Duesenberg) Misc Toys (McDonalds) Toy Cars Wagons Diving Sub Small Toy Pedal Cars Toy Cars (1960 Impala 1955 Chevy) Scooter Wagon Kids Riding Toy (front wheel broken) AMF Tricycle Junior Tricycle Tricycle (rims only) Tricycle Wood High Chair Wheel Barrow Dolly 2-man Saw 2-man Saw 2-man Saw Arrow Heads Rocks Arrow Heads Rocks Arrow Heads Rocks Misc Rocks Arrow Heads Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Rocks & Shell Misc Rocks & Shells Misc Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Arrow Heads Rocks Misc Rocks Misc Arrow Heads Rocks Antique Bullets found in Marion Co KS Pipe Misc Rocks Hatchet Hatchet Arrows & Misc Rocks Hatchet Cast Items Misc Tins Reunion Steam Drop Forged Plate Misc Items Tools Canes Misc (Spur Tack) Crock Jar Wood Crates Cuckoo Clock Farming Wall Decor Quality Mart Coffee Mug Angel Figurine Pins (Military Cameo State) Cigar Boxes Dice Bullet Pencils (Livestock John Deere) Poclet Screw Drivers Misc Pens Pig Fire Hydrant Jars Square White Mountain Nut Cracker Goodyear Tire Guage Craftsman Micrometer Glass Knobs Vintage Misc & Valentine Cards Wooden Nickels Misc coins/Tokens 1958 Valley City Diamond Jubilee Herington KS Misc Razor Schmidt Can Lighters Zippos Matchbooks Papers Fish Key Hook Tree Bowl S-n-P Shakers Chess Pieces (not sure if complete) Watches Pins Key Chain Misc Animals Bells Wood Box Ears of Corn Miniature Tools Tool Box Misc Monopoly Pieces Miniatures Manuals (1956 Pontiac Electricity Jeep CJ-3A) Aunt Jemima Misc S-n-P Shakers Misc S-n-P Shakers John Deere Coaster Plate Mugs Misc Farm Animals Angel Cow Misc (Broken Ear) S-n-P Shakers Cream and Sugar Misc S-n-P Shakers Misc Figurines Cookie Jars Shower Hooks Misc Farm Animal Figurines Erector Set - The Rocket Launcher Set Misc Buttons Novelty Shot Glass Set Ertl Cream Seperator Toy (broken piece) Local Calendars (Hetts Implement Plenert Tire) Kellogg's Funny Jungleland Book Calendars (Louis L'Amour Cowpokes) Stout Motor Co Marion KS Advertising Fan Victor Records Magazines (Johnny Cash Roy Rogers Hank William) Comic Books (Sgt Rock Yosemite Sam Road Runner) Santa Fe Trail Books Croutons on a Cow Pie Misc Comic Books (Daniel Boone Gunsmoke Billy Kid) Misc & Joke Books (Charlie Brown Good'n'Mad) Lassie Jolly Jump-ups Mother Goose Book Return to Kansas Tom Mix Baxter Black Bobbed Wire II and V Bibles Kids Puzzles (Walt Disney's) Monoploy Three Bears Picture Puzzles Six Murphy 4414 Wood Office Chairs (one is broken) Two Murphy Wood Office Chairs Enamel "To Cottonwood Falls Southeast" (damaged) Chase Co License Plate 4-H Club Member Tin Signs (see damage) Larry W Schwarm The Gallery at CWF Cast Tractor Seat

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