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Friday, February 10th, 2023 at 6:30 PM - Douglass, KS
- The Mini Ranch & Estate - Rural Douglass KansasBid Now!

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Welcome to what we have affectionately tagged as the “Mini-Ranch”. This hobby farm is ready for you to help us clear it out so the property can go on the market. Take a look at this online timed auction and you will soon be able to tell how creative, inventive and resourceful this fella was! There is a little bit of everything for all, from Hunting and Camping to Welding and raising livestock. Pay particular attention to what you buy as you want to bring help if you can’t lift it yourself! Worst case scenario would be to bring extra cash for tips for our helpers. Like always we will have some help here, to show you to your items, then they have to get right back to showing the next person around. For pickup days we chose to run long on Saturday and have a short Sunday. That way you won’t miss kickoff for Super Bowl Sunday! Most everything is easy to get at. If it rains, we may have to reschedule a later visit for some items. Some items will need tires repaired or changed out before hauling. In that case, prepare yourself for extra trips. Everything Sells to the Highest Bidder with NO Reserve and NO Sales Tax so name your own price and bid to buy at online auction.

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