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Thursday, December 15th, 2022 at 8:00 PM - Ottawa, KS
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Please Read Terms and Conditions Before Proceeding Contact RD @ 785-418-8245 for Assistance or Questions Radio Flyer Rocking Horse Metal Horse Figurine Wall Decor Plastic Shelves & Bins Wrought Iron Candle Sconces Antique Quilt Wood Framed Mirror Mirrored Knick Knack Shelf Mountain Picture Fall Decor Basket Ryobi Buffer/Polisher Humidifier With Filters Blue Tote Full of Christmas Items Cushions Small Dish Set House, Wobble Doll, Paper Weight Knick Knacks and Miscellaneous Glassware and Utensils Clocks Large Pitcher Set of 4 Pictures XL Wind Chime Dragonfly Whirlybird Hummingbird Whirlybird Pair of Whirlybirds Butterfly Windchime Metal Top Wind Chime Wood Top Wind Chime W Wind Chime Lot of Candle Holders Mining Lantern Dolls Dolls Dolls Dolls Dolls Tote of Fall Decor and Easter Full Tote of Christmas Gift Boxes, Tissue Paper, ETC Tote Full of Christmas Decor, Ornaments, ETC Tote of Christmas Lights and Decor Box of Linens and Craftwork Jars, Knick Knacks, Sea Shells Picture Frames and Sign Air Pump, Mini Vac, Cords Utility Heater Cream of Wheat Thermometer Small Lamp Campbells Soup Mugs Unicorn Decor, and Knick Knacks Bird House and Feeders Ceramic Vegetables Lantern and Signs Lot of Coca Cola Items Native American Windchime Box Full of Picture Frames Sun Decor Wall Decor 18” Fiber Optic Tree Tote of Christmas and Halloween Decor Easter and Childrens Items Doll Doll Doll Paper Shredder Grape Nuts Picture Crosman Bros Flower Seeds Picture Flour Picture Huge lot of Cookbooks Lot of 10 NIP 3/8” 19MM Sockets Lot of 10 NIP 3/8” 19MM Sockets Lot of 10 NIP 3/8” 19MM Sockets Lot of 10 NIP 3/8” 19MM Sockets Lot of 10 NIP 3/8” 19MM Sockets Lot of NIP 1/2”Drive 3/8 Sockets Lot of NIP 1/2” Drive 3/8 Sockets Lot of NIP 1/4” Drive 3/16 Sockets Lot of NIP 3/8” Drive 17MM Sockets Lights and Decor Bird Houses Coca Cola Tray and Washboard Boxer Items Metal Horse Decor Figurines Native Bear Figurines and Wagon Figurines Planter and Glassware Small Stove and Steak Knives Bird Figurines and Wind Chimes Small Boxes Horses and Milk Can Decor Glass Insulator and Jar Glassware Bottles & Glassware Glassware and Tin Avon Glass Stands and Jars Shelf and Basket Orange Kettle Books Baskets and Contents Pair of Horse Heads Cassettes Boxer Items Candle Holders and Watering Can Bird Houses Bird Fountain Wooden Bowl and Misc. Vases and Jars Glassware & Misc Planters, Pictures, Misc Large Frogs Frogs and Bear Rooster and Pigs Houses Wooden Tic Tac Toe Brass Pair of Milking Stools Native American Decor Lamps Oil Lamps Small Pictures Glassware Hanging Decor Rooster Welcome Sign Pair of Pictures Chicken Picture Wall Phone Heart Shelf Oak Shelf Box of Picture Frames Unicorn Lamp Pair of Seat Covers Heart Shelf/Rack Pair of Heavy Duty Shelves Tote of Christmas Ornaments Angel Candle Holder Pair of Shelves New Pyrex Dish W/Carrier 9x13 Mother Picture Pair of Shelves Carved Picture Knick Knack Shelf Pictures Quad Heart Shelf Shelf and Rack Heart Knick Knack Shelf Deer Picture Winter Barn Scene Picture Tree Picture Fall Barn Picture Red Barn Picture Coca Cola Barn Picture Coca Cola Barn & Creek Picture Woman Picture Bird Clock Oval Bird Clock Farm House Picture Woman and Child Picture Water Well Picture Octagon Mirror Round Wall Clock Geese Pictures Jars of Decorative Food(More than what is pictured) Coffe Mugs W/ Stand Pitcher and Vases Salt and Pepper Cows Brass Apple, Sea Shells, Misc. Figurines and Misc. Glassware Horse, Barn Clock Basket and Knick Knacks Frogs Lot of Bird Items Animal Decor Turtle Pin Cushion, Covered Dishes Chickens, Misc. Bottles & Jars Dish Set Pitcher and Bowl Tea Set Mixed Flatware Metal Decor Candle Lamp and Kettle Metal Bird (Neat Piece) Farm Style Bird Barn Cowboy Clock Metal Dump Truck Box of Linens Bolos Native Decor and Misc Bull Whip and Pouch Powder Bag Native Style Canteen Southwest Nativity Scene Box of Frogs TV Trays Magazine Rack End Table Small Kids Bench End Table on Wheels Kids Desk End Table End Table Oval End Table Kids Rocking Chair Wrapping Paper and Tote Planters Carpet Cleaner Water Softener Set Up Glider Side Chair Wicker Rocker Computer Desk Green Chair Craft/Sewing Cabinet Small Cabinet Pair of Antique Lamps W/Shades Chairs Cabinet Large Box of Decorative Flowers Planters and Flowers Floor Lamps and Curtain Rods Antique End Table LG Electric Dryer Gas BBQ Grill (No bottles) Patio Table and Chairs Maytag Refrigerator 1914 Barber Dime 90% Silver 1964 Washington Quarters 90% Silver 1963 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1962 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1961 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1960 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1959 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1958 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1957 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1956 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1954 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1953 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1952 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1951 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1950 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1948 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1945 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1943 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1939 Washington Quarter 90% Silver 1936 Washington Quarter Bank Roll of Nickels (Did not go through) Silver Roosevelt Dimes 90% Silver 1920s and 1940s Mercury Dime

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