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Saturday, June 10th, 2023 at 9:00 AM - Clay Center, KS
- Mowers & Guns, Toys, Antiques & Primitives,
50+ Pcs Grizwald Cast Iron
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MOWERS & GUNS (sell at 10:00): 2 Dixon ZTR 42" riding mowers in good condition; Interarms .243 bolt action rifle w/MarkX 4x40 scope; Marlin Glenfield mod. 60 22LR auto; Coast to Coast Model 367 12ga. pump, 3" chamber; Eastern Arms Co. 12ga. single shot; 3 other old guns; Daisy BB gun. TOYS: IH 560 pedal tractor; Corvette ride toy; JD pull type combine; 4 wheel McCormick grain trailer; Tonka truck w/horse trailer; Tonka road grader & dozer; Tonka sand loader; baby dolls & clothes; lots of board games; other Tonka toys; Pan Am tin airplane; MAR tin Friend ship 7 space capsule; tin amphibius car; holsters & pistols; MAR dump truck; 20 dolls w/clothes; ANTIQUES & PRIMITIVES: Remington typewriter box w/graphics, other old boxes; shipped to Clay Center; Cistern pumps; Dazey & other glass butter churns; beater jars; Snow Cone machine; 2 Cisterns; Royal Blue mini cream seperator w/bowl; 2 wagon spring seats; Hand Cultivator; corn planter; wooden and metal pulleys; lard press; cream cans & pails; sm. corn sheller mounted on box; well pulley; huge lead ladel; cream seperator bowls; 4 ft. saw; Saloon shutter doors pair; ironing boards; horse hames; canvas buckets; egg baskets; 12 doz egg cases; large produce scale; 4 metal lawn chairs; 2 seat glider; 2 nice cast iron stoves; standing kerosene stoves & oven; 2 porcelain topped tables; Hageman planters; Beaumont Pottery water cooler, small crock, custard cups; Beaumont speckled crock and pitcher; wood cheese block containers - multiple; wooden butter molds; Royal Balance scale; cow kickers; curling irons; variety of Enamel cookware; cast iron cookware and other items; Tombstone elec. pizza oven; Antique medicine cabinet; desk lamp - milkglass, silver coaster sets, galvanized oil server set; collectible brass bell & figurienes; four dozen quart jars; hershey canisters set of 8, Calumet canisters set of 8; glass furniture sliders 30; white baby cradle with paintings; Local advertising - paper fans 8; 2 Hershey sundae cups; antique tobacco tins; oil cans one for sewing machine and a Coleman Funnel; 2 Rawleigh's bottles; Wieber Dairy bottles from Beatrice NE; Coronado tabletop radio; 2 electric kettles; 2 stovetop kettles; 100 anniversary Cracker Jack canister; Horse tac and cream stirrer; student slide rule set; hot water bottle, box; long and short coal shovels & pails; steel sharpening tools; air pumps, duster, towel rack, wooden faucets; bubble level; Stovetop corn popper; enameled double boiler; copper tea kettles; copper boilers; lots of galvanized buckets, sprinkling cans; cans and misc; wooden boxes & crates; chamber pots; 5 cast iron planters; 2 washtubs on stands; 10 round washtups; 12 copper tubs; Copper and enamel pails; 3 shoe stands; 2 coat racks; JC Penny and Sears catalogs (1980's to 1990's); Multiple tables full of small kitchen tools, flour sifters, ricers, egg beaters, carafes, reamers, cheese cutters, strainers, mashers, serving spoons, vegetable grater; bushel baskets 16; 3 tier cake set, shaped cake pans 2 sets; Emerson tabletop radio; blue glass scale; milk glass lamp pair; marble bottom lamp pair; advertising crates; Duke's mixture of all kinds of primitives; smalls; gas lanterns at least 6; galvanized pails, oil cans, gas cans, sprinkling cans; seed boxes off of lister; "white mountain freezer" ice cream maker; lg. cabbage cutters; "Seed Sower" Cyclone seeder Indiana; Radio Flyer wagon with white bumper; Folgers coffee can collection; 4 sleds; 1 crank telephone; ironing boards 5; larger crock jars; crock butter churn; -- '4 monmouth pottery", Red Wing Ko-Rec Feeders; 4 typewriters, one word processer; cash register; 1956 kitchen scale - Pelouze 25 pound portion controller; fondu fork set and knife set; mason fruit jar - stone; 4 butter churns, 50+ pcs. Grizwald Cast Iron incl: size 8 frying pans - 9; size 80 deep fryer - 3; one size 8 lid; size 7 frying pan - 2; size 6 frying pan - 4; size 5 frying - 2; size 3 frying - 3; size 9 flat griddle -4; size 8 two burner oval pan; size 8 waffle irons -6; size 8 flat griddle; size 10 flat griddle; number 273 Crispy Corn stick pan - 4; number 22 corn bread pan ; Enterprise cherry stoner -4; Griswald Spindles - 20 various sizes

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