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Saturday, May 27th, 2023 at 10:00 AM - Pittsburg, KS
- A collection from one of our life long customers
made up of 84 top shelf firearms with zero rust, primo condition
and some extremely rare pieces. The complete collection
has been stored in Browning Fireproof safes and silicone stocks.
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MFG Model Caliber Description Item # on Picture JG anschutz/ Savage 184 Sporter 22LR MFG 1972, anschutz mfg savage import DON-001 Winchester 63 22LR MFG 1954, 22in BBL DON-002 Browning Abolt 22 22LR MFG 1988, Iron sights, 22in BBL DON-003 Colt Officers Model Special 22LR MFG 1950, 6in BBL, Target Sights DON-004 Smith and Wesson 17-4 22LR MFG 1980, 6in, BBL DON-005 Smith and Wesson 617-4 22LR New production, 10 shot, 6in BBL, Factory box DON-006 Smith and Wesson 14-3 38spl MFG 1975, 6in BBL, 6 shot DON-007 Smith and Wesson 64-2 38spl MFG 1977, 2in BBL, 6 shot, S&W wood and aftermarket rubber grips DON-008 Ruger Police Service Six 357mag MFG 1976, 4in BBL, 6 shot, 200th USA Anniversary, Original Grips DON-009 Smith and Wesson 7 38spl MFG 1954, 4in BBL, 6 shot DON-010 Colt Woodsman 22LR MFG 1966, 4.5in BBL, 1 mag, Original Box, 4 mags DON-011 Colt Single Action Frontier Scout 22LR MFG 1967, 4.5in BBL, 6 shot, Bat Masterson Edition, Original Box DON-012 Colt Huntsman 22LR MFG 1977, 6in BBL, 1 mag, Original Box DON-013 Colt Diamondback 22LR MFG 1978, 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original Box DON-014 Ruger Security-Six 357mag MFG 1973, 6in BBL, 6 shot DON-015 Smith and Wesson 66-2 357mag MFG mid-1980's, 4in BBL, 6 shot, wood and rubber grips DON-016 HK P30 9mm Current Production, Original box, DON-017 Ruger Single-Six 22LR MFG 1971, 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-018 Ruger Mark II 22LR MFG 1998, 50th Anniversary, 1 mag, Original box DON-019 Colt The Woodsman 22LR MFG 1933, 6.5 in BBL, 1 mag DON-020 Colt Huntsman 22LR MFG 1975, 4.5in BBL, 1 mag, Original box DON-021 Colt Service Model ACE 1911 22LR MFG 1982, 5in BBL, 1 Mag, Original box DON-022 Smith and Wesson 41 22LR MFG 1981, 5.5in BBL, 2 mags, Box, extra BBL DON-023 Colt Diamondback 22LR MFG 1981, 6in BBL, 6 shot DON-024 Smith and Wesson 17-4 22LR MFG 1978, 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original Box DON-025 Smith and Wesson 18-3 22LR MFG 1972, 4in BBL, 6 shot DON-026 Springfield Armory XD-9 sub compact 9mm Box, holster, mag holder, 2 mags DON-027 Ruger Security-Six 357mag MFG 1973, 2.75in BBL, 6 shot DON-028 Ruger New Model Single-Six 22LR Current Production, 6.5in BBL, 6 shot DON-029 Smith and Wesson 17-5 22LR MFG 1987, 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-030 Ruger Automatic Pistol (Mark I) 22LR MFG 1967, 1 mag DON-031 Ruger Mark I (target) 22LR MFG 1977, 1 mag DON-032 Mossberg 44US 22LR MFG 1943, 1 mag, Original WWII training rifle DON-033 CZ 452-2E ZKM 22LR 20.5in BBL, 1 mag, Leupold 2-7x33 scope, Leather sling, Beautiful Stock, Original box DON-034 Kimber 22 Hunter 22LR 22in BBL, Leupold M8 fixed 6x scope, Leather sling DON-035 Marlin golden 39-A 22LR MFG 1981, 24in BBL, Leather Sling, Original box DON-036 Browning t-bolt 22LR MFG 1965, 22in BBL, #892 of the first run of t-bolts, DON-037 Marlin 1897 Texan 22LR MFG 2002-2003, 20in Octagon BBL, Original box DON-038 Marlin golden 39-A 22LR MFG 1965, 24in BBL, Lyman Peep sight DON-039 Browning A-bolt 22LR MFG 1987, 22in BBL, 1 Mag, Vortex Diamondback 2-7x36 scope DON-040 Weatherby Mark XXII 22LR 22in BBL, Leupold 2-7x28 scope, 1 mag, Original box DON-041 Marlin golden 39-A 22LR MFG 1998, 24in BBL DON-042 Winchester 9422 22LR MFG 1996, 20.5in BBL DON-043 Marlin 36 A DL 30-30 MFG 1946, 24in BBL, Great shape DON-044 Browning x-bolt White Gold Medallion 223 rem 22in BBL, Vortex 2.5-10x44 scope, Leather sling, Original box DON-045 Winchester 1873 45LC New production, 20in BBL, Original box DON-046 Winchester 94 30-30 MFG 1958, 20in BBL DON-047 Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited 357mag MFG 2009 "JM", 20in Octagon BBL DON-048 A. Uberti 1873 El Patron 45LC 4.75in BBL, 6 shot DON-049 Dan Wesson PM9-S Pointman 9mm MFG 2004, 5in BBL, Original box, multiple grips, 6 mags DON-050 Smith and Wesson 27-2 357mag MFG 1975, 3.5in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-051 Smith and Wesson 15-2 38spl MFG 1967, 4in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-052 Smith and Wesson 28-2 357mag MFG 1973, 4in BBL, 6 shot, DON-053 CZ 75b 9MM Cold War Commemorative, Original box DON-054 Smith and Wesson 27-2 357mag MFG 1977-1978, 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-055 A. Uberti 1873 22LR 5.5in BBL, 12 shot, Original box DON-056 Hi Standard R-100 22LR MFG 1972, 6in BBL, 9 shot DON-057 Smith and Wesson 7-Oct 38 spl MFG 1988, 4in BBL, 6 shot, Lanyard Loop, Original box DON-058 Browning High Power 9mm MFG 1991, Multiple grips, 11 mags DON-059 Sig Sauer P226 9mm MFG West Germany, Original box, 3 mags, multiple grips DON-060 Smith and Wesson 442-2 38spl 2in BBL, 5 shot, DC vs. Heller Commemorative, Original box, multiple grips DON-061 Smith and Wesson 36-10 38 spl 3in BBL, 5 shot, Case Hardened by Turnbull Restoration, Original box DON-062 Colt Police Postive Special 38spl MFG 1977, 4in BBL, 6 shot DON-063 Beretta 92x Performance 9mm Original box DON-064 Colt Official Police 38spl MFG 1955, 6in BBL, 6 shot DON-065 Colt Govt Model 38 super MFG 1976, 5in BBL, 1 mag DON-066 A. Uberti 1873 357mag 5.5in BBL, 6 shot, "dalton" outlaws and lawmen edition DON-067 Colt Python 357mag MFG, 1983, 4in BBL, 6 shot DON-068 Sig Sauer P210 9mm Original box DON-069 Colt King Cobra Target 357mag New production, 4.25in BBL, 6 shot, Aftermarket grips, Original box DON-070 Colt Python 357mag MFG 1973, 4in BBL, 6 shot DON-071 Colt Trooper MK III 357mag MFG 1978, 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original Box, multiple grips DON-072 Colt Python 357mag MFG 1969, 4in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-073 Kimber Micro 9 TLE 9mm G10 grips, night sights, Original box DON-074 HK p30sk 9mm Night sights, Original box, 3 mags DON-075 Smith and Wesson 586-1 357mag MFG 1986, 6in BBL, 6 shot DON-076 Colt 1911 45ACP MFG 2011, 5in BBL, 1 mag, 100year commemorative, Original box DON-077 Smith and Wesson 28-2 357mag MFG 1972, 6in BBL, 6 shot, "Highway Patrolman" DON-078 Smith and Wesson 25-2 45LC 6in BBL, 6 shot, Original box DON-079 Smith and Wesson 66 357mag MFG 1972, 4in BBL, 6 shot, Stainless, Original grips, aftermarket s&w grips DON-080 A. Uberti 1873 El Patron Competition 357mag 5.5in BBL, Factory action and trigger job, Original box DON-081 HK MR556 556 nato 16in BBL, gas piston rifle, OEM Quad rail forend, hard to find, Original box w/ case DON-082 Colt Detective Special 38 spl MFG 1970, 2in BBL, 6 shot DON-083 Winchester 69a 22LR 25in BBL, 1 mag, lyman sight DON-084 Marlin 336A 30-30 24in BBL DON-085

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