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Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 at 8:00 PM - Ellinwood, KS
Selling collectibles and personal property: Furniture, chest freezers,
tremendous collection of Life Magazines, Kids books,
Cake Baking Molds, Lions Head furniture, Furniture for refinishing,
Lamps & more Lamps, Pictures and more pictures & lots and lots more.
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Wood podium base Lazy Susan & cabinets Vintage rocking locomotive Four folding chairs Two doors Eight wooden doors Two wood doors Two wooden doors Wood blanket rack Three shelves & beach chair Infant carrier Wagon wheel coffee table Wooden end table Table lamps Pair vintage table lamps 3 table lamps Table lamps Three table lamps Three table lamps Four table lamps Electrified oil lamp Walnut vintage dresser Vintage game table Depression era glassware CD holder Metal candelabra Lamps Snoopy & Christmas lights Pair of rolling carts Plastic shelf unit Table & ceiling lights Lamp table Side table & figurines Vintage metal cake carrier Pair of wood stair railings post Wood shelf unit Cookie cutters & popsicle sticks Cake decorating supplies Silicone molds Depression glass & DVDs Cookbooks & readers Speedster Avion Books & electrical covers Muffin tins & table lamp Metal tub & ice trays Costume jewelry Antique chair 3 pc set Costume jewelry & box Baskets Enamel top table Saladmaster cookware Cooking pots & tableware Pressure cooker & baking pans Stoneware & cooking pots Commercial cake pans Jewelry & pencils Cupcake carrier Table lamp & massager Sylvania screen TV Wood shelf unit Birdhouses Camping supplies Candles and owl Craft items & cleaning supplies Fishing rods & eatable grass Cleaning supplies Air Hose & Tools Wood pix frames Vintage metal cake carrier Socket set & B&D light set Salad shooter & chopper Chandelier & clock Toaster & waffle iron Camera equipment Baking supplies Four hubcaps Clock & wooden rocking horse Surger & Singer sewing machine Pair of vintage ceiling lights Cupcake carrier & material dye Brother sewing machine Fritz & Floyd musical mobile Ovenware & Double Broiler Wooden stick horse Dartboard & clock Rolling cart Metal toolbox & metal organizer Tools & sidewalk chalk Curv-O-MARK contour marker Vintage lights Galvanized tub & bucket Silver plate shell dish & more Victorian Sterling Pieces Silver trays Vintage light fixtures Sleeper sofa Wood fruit box & copper mold Rubber duck & cake decorating decorative items Kennedy Kits toolbox Red trimmed enamelware Cookbooks & umbrellas Collectible buttons Cassette tapes & computer Dillards Christmas house Collectible whiskey bottle Vintage light fixtures Two totes full of lightbulbs Lampshades & ceiling light Three vintage ceiling lights Vintage ceiling light Vintage art glass ceiling light Vintage ceiling light Clothes rack Vintage light globes Table lamp & shades Depression glassware Black cream & sugar Depression era glassware Depression serving set Bowl & pitcher set & teapots Pressedwood cabinet shelf Four glass tube vases Vintage oak dresser Two full length mirrors Chair covers Ceiling light globes Misc tools & spotlight 6 foot folding table Two clocks and a base Parts organizer Metal candleholders Two pairs of wall hang candles 3 ceiling lights Wooden box of screws Goblets and more Vintage irons & plastic crates Footed bowl with pinecones 18 pound sad iron Star Wars 5 qt slow cooker Framed art Kitchen Canister Set Budweiser mug Vintage mantle clock Covers of "Ladies Home Journal" Halloween is coming Sylvania CD disc player Decorative pieces 6 foot folding table Suitcase & chimney sweep brushes Small kitchen items Sterilite storage unit Wall hanging God Bless America Vintage wheat dishes Snack sets & gold rimmed tumblers 6 wine glasses & cookie jar Pepsi crate & bottles Large wall clock Relief wall hanging Pineapple shaped porch deco Stemmed goblets 25 Classico wine goblets Glass wine goblets & glass tumblers Yard long pictures Anchor Hocking short glasses Libby banquet goblets Candleholders & broiler pans Home Expressions bed cover Metal letterboxes 8 foot folding table Framed watercolors & pictures Tom’s snack rack Blu-ray and DVDs Wall hangings & mirrors Wallhangings Vintage pictures Wreaths & wall hangings Tool display & crosstich Four wall pictures Four drawer cabinet Screwy lamp Folding table & wall hangings Nishijin gaming machine Nishijin gaming machine Trouble light & tools Stuffed animals Vintage Christmas balls Material & Coca-Cola glasses Christmas holiday cards Folding chair & butter popcorn can Mirror & Norman Rockwell print Tote with games & coffee pot VHS tapes Garden & yard rakes Ironing board & wood TV trays Breg polar care & wood chair Sunbeam charcoal grill Wooden storage cabinet for camping Picnic basket Hand steamer Metal oil sign Aluminum cake molds Cake molds Cake decorating Miscellaneous tools Cassette tapes & milk crates Table lamps & milk crates Five headboards Three totes of seasonal decorations Rival electric food slicer Painting supplies & craft sticks Coca-Cola items Sterilite rolling shelf unit Christmas grinch & ornaments 24 inch animated doll Corner shelf & small coffee pot Dirt Devil & attachment kit Double boiler & knife steel Pasta Express Glass relish plate & more Vintage cake carrier & clock Cake Decorating stuff Pivot point Christmas tree stand Copper Chef pans Holiday decorations Wall Wood shelving Wood end table & hotdog cooker Artificial trees Three Insulated ice chests Table set Two drawer shelf unit Five drawer stack shelving unit Plastic shelving unit Smith Corona Elec Typewriter Tripod & misc kitchenware Toy green truck Giraffe and wall clock Baking equipment Base for a Sharp copier Fender Stratocaster guitar & flag Circular saw & tools PlayStation 2 and VHS PlayStation stuff Tupperware & Rubbermaud Cake pans & cake molds Punch set & card table Air mattress & speakers Kenmore chest freezer Soft sided luggage Army jacket & Wedding Dress Dress form Dish drainer & cleaning Two kitchen tables Dehydrator & Digital Spread Spectrum AM/FM radio & Organizer Radio Control Gadget 6 foot five shelf unit 18 slot organizer Plastic wheelbarrow Cast iron tub Sawhorse legs Barstool Sesame Street Library Sir Arthur Boyle Books Cake decorators catalogs Rolling Stone magazines Pelonis electric heaters Vintage game table Buddy L type truck Vintage metal toy van Three vintage table lamps Vintage cigar boxes Space heater & fan Mugs Vintage KTV Cast-iron pot Plastic trunk & beads Small covered wagon Wood end table Garden hand tools Hamilton Beach waffle maker Vintage Deacon bench Stanley miter saw Tea kettle & metal cash box Open & combination wrenches Handles & corn knife Tackle box with door pulls Farm primitives in wood box Painted wooden box Vintage tobacco tins Cigar boxes Office supplies B & D portable circular saw Formica tabletop Parlor table Wood magazine rack Painted vintage chest Vintage game table Piano stool 2 boxes children’s music books National Geographics Box of various horse magazines The Shotgun News Sesame Street & other children’s books National Geographic ads American Heritage books Box of cookbooks "Boys Life" magazines "Look" magazine Children’s Encyclopedia & Audubon books Boxes of medical books Boxes of "Life" magazines Boxes of National Geographics Vintage crock & pressure cooker Extension cords & belting T posts and piping Tarp & 5 gallon bucket Craftsman toolbox Metal coffee cans Shopmate1/2" drill & saws Bushel baskets and lard tins Collectible metal tins Implement wrench & ice tongues Phister fire extinguishers Carnival glass book & Schroeder’s price guide Crock jar & extension cord Primitive tools Lawn sprinkler & cashbox Tools Organizer for small items Boxes of tools Hinges & brackets Fishing wire & hinges Box of bingo cards Scale Weight & chains Roofing nails & SMV signs Bolts Paint & fence staples Oil barrel and hardware Miscellaneous bolts 5 gallon buckets & gas can Electric paper shredder Toolboxes & tools Craftsman toolbox 2 vintage fire extinguishers 3 grease guns & tote Oak Corner Cabinet Hudson sprayer duster Post hole digger & fishing rod Shovels & string trimmer 5 gallon buckets Handi-cart Victorian upholstered chair Arctic King mini freezer MTD push mower Esquire magazines Large pictures

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