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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 at 8:00 PM - Little River, KS
Commerative coin sets, Pedal Tractors, John Deere die-cast farm toys,
Hummels, Winchester & Hesston belt buckles, BB guns,
Costume jewelry, Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars & more
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JD 1939 Model B toy tractor JD 1961 4010 diesel tractor JD model 720 Rowcrop tractor International 1586 toy tractor JD 1949 Model R tractor JD model 20 pedal tractor Dealers Edition 1948 Ford F1 pick up JD model D tractor 1948 Ford F1 pick up Ertl JD model "A" tractor JD 1957 Model 720 high crop tractor 1934 John Deere model "A" tractor Massey Harris 44 tractor JD 1/16 MC crawler JD Standard 1931 GP tractor JD model "R" tractor-collectors edition JD narrow front model "G" tractor 50th anniversary Ford 9N JD wide tread 1930 “GP” tractor JD gravity wagon JD 1926 Model D tractor JD model “A" tractor JD Dealership 1940 Ford PU truck JD 1934 model “A” tractor & fuel pump JD 1937 model "B" tractor Caterpillar 2-ton track-type tractor John Deere utility tractor 1923 Chevy van bank John Deere grain drill JD 1953 model D tractor Mary’s MooMoos "Deere Santa" 1936 JD model "A" tractor John Deere rotary mower JD 9610 Maximizer Combine John Deere pedal tractor John Deere pedal tractor Pedal tractor tires Diecast JD tractor JD 8010 diesel tractor 50th anniversary JD 12A combine John Deere 5010 diesel tractor 7700 John Deere Combine Metal John Deere skid steer JD R Diesel Tractor Sound guard JD tractor JD manure spreader John Deere Baler JD wide front tractor John Deere 6600 combine JD tractor with cab JD 435 diesel tractor JD General Purpose Tractor JD manure spreader Green Ertl grain wagon Green Ertl grain wagon JD horse drawn wagon Sound guard JD cab tractor John Deere GP tractor JD 2550 cab tractor JD model G tractor John Deere anvil 1960s MM metal tractor Vintage cast-iron tractor JD 6410 cab tractor JD 1963 4010 tractor JD 9750 & 95 Combines JD PU & wooden blocks 1988 JD Commemorative tractor John Deere Truman 430 crawler JD lunchbox and toys Toy John Deere wagon 2 ton Caterpillar crawler Caterpillar diesel crawler MooMoos 4010 JD tractor Wooden Amish hay wagon Susan B, Anthony, dollars American statehood quarters First Day Issue Original Stamps World War II silver nickel set Oval office collection The Kennedy years World war 2 silver dime set World War II series Coins Oval office collection, Roosevelt dimes Oval Office collection of Jefferson nickel Oval office collection Lincoln pennies Lincoln pennies 24K gold plated 2000 coins set Susan B. Anthony proof dollar coin Commemorative coins Lincoln cent collection # two Coin history of the US Presidents Uncirculated Eisenhower silver dollars Uncirculated coins 4 Littleton Coin Company Coins Proof coins 50 states quarter set 50 states quarter set 50 states quarter set 50 states quarter set 50 states quarter set Lincoln penny album The John F. Kennedy half dollar collection Statehood quarters collection Uncirculated silver dollars Uncirculated Silver Dollars Uncirculated Silver Dollars Uncirculated silver dollars Silver Walking Liberty half dollar collection Liberty Head silver dollars/mercury dimes Lincoln head pennies Liberty dimes Buffalo nickels & gold Roosevelt dimes Uncirculated Susan B. Anthony dollars Eisenhower silver dollars Peace dollars Peace dollars Circulated peace dollars Two Morgan silver dollars Morgan silver dollar 14 Franklin half dollars Roll of Susan B, Anthony silver dollars Roll of Statue of Liberty gold coins Roll of John Adams dollar coins Roll of year 2000 Sacajawea Gold Dollars 25 Sacajawea Gold coins 25 Sacajawea gold coin’s State coins Jefferson Nickels Foreign coins plus tokens State quarters Circulated quarters John Quincy Adams coin Pennies Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars Kennedy half dollars Kennedy half dollars Kennedy half dollars John Deere metal boxes Two grain wagons Case tractor International 816 kerosene tractor Ford 621 Workmaster International tractor Farmall H tractor McCormick Deering manure spreader John Deere M1 tractor 75th anniversary Fordson tractor Farmall M metal tractor Hubley Junior H tractor John Deere Payloader Cast-iron John Deere wall hanging John Deere mailbox Otasco semi Radio flyer 80 International semi Wyandotte Toys semi truck Timeless doll Emerald Doll Collection Jerry Balla doll Doll named Virginia Pair of collectible dolls Collectible doll from Taiwan Miss Prisa doll Grandpa and grandma dolls 15 inch collectible doll Tracy Germany AM doll China head dolls Crimson Collection porcelain doll Pumpkin patch scarecrow set Cabbage Patch Kids porcelain doll Beanie Baby Ty bears Beanie Baby Ty Bears "Four" Emotions dolls Coca-Cola & Ty bears Child’s’ tea sets Shooter marbles Marbles Tractor trailer Motor Company Giveaways Titan II John Deere combine Tru-scale 2 row corn picker Enesco 8400 John Deere tractor Metal vintage Semi truck Structo dump truck 1987 See’s Candy Shop Truck Budweiser wagon Wooden toy grain wagon Ertl plastic horse trailer JD Jewelry & Gloves Buddy L cattle transport Ford roundabout tractor trailer Ford model T & Kenworth wrecker banks Phillips 66 truck & tanker John Deere miniatures Little Debbie plane & Pez truck Metal pick up Two metal banks Vintage cattle truck Tractor Supply semi truck & trailer Caterpillar with blade John Deere sign & trays Semi truck & trailer from Co Op Metal Planes Ertl 50 anniversary Ford pick up Hot wheels & mini cars Ford & John Deere mini tractors Little Debbie pedal car Bank Collectible tractor pictures Buddy L dump truck McKee Baking Company & 1937 Ford PU Miniature Red tractors Motorcycles and cars Wood mini copter & Peanuts ornaments Two Ertl Metal trucks Cast-iron elephant & sad iron Ertl Transtar dump truck Miniature cars & trucks 1930 Diamond T & 52 Ford pick up Fulton special sign marker & wood blocks Tonka truck Tootsie cars and more 3 US mail Ltd. series Banks Buddy L Pepsi-Cola truck 8 John Deere miniature toy tractors Road grader Buddy L Horse Transports Hot wheels & Matchbox cars Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon JD Porcelain Doll Collection International cab truck & trailer Fisher Price toys Winchester ammo box Ertl Transtar horse van Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon Remington dovetailed wooden box Structo rocker & crawler Tractor supply Co. semi trailer truck Farm safety for just kids Wooden covered wagon Fisher Price giant screen music box TV Fisher Price music box teaching clock Garbage truck Battleship & Christmas decorations Hot wheel collectors box Boxes of games Earthmover Pocket knives Two Iron Men signed baseball Ertl & Hubley trucks Framed picture of two cowpokes Painted sawblade & candle JD historical 4 piece toy set Games McDonald’s snow globes Hot wheels and more Knives Dominos & Uno Tonka dump truck Star Trek the next generation Hot wheels Pocket knives Belt buckles Gun cleaning kit & scope Pocket knives Outlaw’s belt buckles Matchbox cars Lithographs Mini cars in case Hesston belt buckles from NFRs Collectible belt buckles Cap guns and badges Miniature cars Winchester belt buckles Miniature collectible cars John Deere belt buckles 243 ammo Collectible mini cars 20 gauge shotgun shells Costume jewelry Rings Primitive kitchen tools 12 Gauge shells Costume jewelry Collector mini cars Rhinestone bracelets Pocket and wrist watches Gun trading books 12 gauge shells Full back massager from Conair Turquoise Native American jewelry Costume jewelry Costume jewelry Pearl necklaces Rhinestone necklace and others Costume jewelry Costume jewelry Costume jewelry Tote with games the McDonald’s toys Metal signs Hummel Prints Wood jewelry box & sports binoculars Metal advertising signs Cream & Sugar Set & pictures M.J. Hummel Anniversary plates Costume jewelry Hummel Collectors plates 1847 Rogers Brothers SilverPlated Hummel eggs William Rogers Silver Set McPherson County Centennial plates Anri 1973 Mother’s Day plate Costume jewelry Hummel March Winds & Boy With Horse William Rogers & Sons International Silver Hummel figurines Three Hummel Bells Costume jewelry Hummel eggs Hummel type figurines Porcelain thimble collection Gun resource books Hummels Stamp Collection Hummel Goebel angel lights 5 inch Hummel Figurines Three Hummel figurines Three empty Hummel boxes Goebel Spice set Playing cards Wooden shelf unit NFL Team Collectibles Diecast banks Miniature car sets Collectible & Miniature cars Miniature cars collections Boxes for collectible tractors Miniature cars Collectible Miniature cars Collectible Miniature cars Wooden shelf unit Owners manuals & recipe books Treasure Island manuscript & other books Bridge lamp & Glass Shelves Pictures books and flag Metal shelf unit Two fishing poles Daisy 400 shop BB repeater Daisy BB rifle Daisy BB gun Daisy BB gun Daisy BB gun Daisy BB gun Unmarked BB gun BB gun Daisy Junior BB gun Wooden yardsticks 4 foot yardsticks Square yard sticks Wood canes Canes Sporting-goods Set of The Armored Group luggage Depression era Crystal Glass candle sticks Pyrex cake pans & snack sets 11 glass tumblers & glass juicer Two pieces of glass from Israel Stoneware & Gibson dishware Mixing bowl & canister set Halloween decorations Surmarc Endure Collection Stoneware Folding card table Samsonite folding card table Solid wood folding card table Samsonite folding card table

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