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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 at 7:00 PM - Overland Park, KS
- Great Coins, Sterling Silver, WWII Era Knives, Arrowheads and MORE.
Sterling Silver Flatware, Coffee Sets, Flatware, Morgan Silver Dollars,
SILVER Half Dollars, Silver Quarters, Silver Dimes, American Eagle .999
$1 Silver Dollars, Foreign SILVER Sets, 1936 Chinese Currency,
Silver Rounds, Souvenir Spoons, Many Native American Flint Points,
WWII Fighting Knives, 1920s-1950s Stamp Covers
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15 pc Oneida King Cedric Sterling Silver Flatware RARE 1888 Gorham Sterling Silver Versailles spoons RARE Reed & Barton Love Disarmed Sterling Silver International Lg Sterling Silver Winthrop 9.7 ozt International Sterling Siver Cloeta spoons 4.0 OZT ELGIN 1923 16s Pocket watch Gold Filled RUNS 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar in Key Chain Bezel 1885 O & 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars 1921 Morgan SILVER Dollar 1922 d & 1923 S Peace SILVER Dollars Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware DISCOVERY 71 pc Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware 11 pcs 2 Wendell Sterling Silver "Ariel" 1895 Spoons RARE Gorham Daniel Low Salem Witch Spoon 5 Gorham Fleury Sterling Silver Forks 6.58 ozt 1922 D & 1923 Peace SILVER Dollars 2 Franklin SILVER Half Dollars 13 Standing Liberty & Washington SILVER Quarters 35 Mercury SILVER Dimes 1916 & Up Barber SILVER Half Dollar 1908 O & Quarter 1894 Winchester Carving Set w/ Sterling Ends & Bands Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Devon 34 pcs Reed & Barton Sterling Silver La Touraine BERRY Kirk & Son Calvert Sterling Silver 9 pc 11.81 ozt 6 Higher Quality Sterling Silver Forks 8.88 ozt Indian Head Cents and Buffalo Nickels 13.6 Ounces of 1953 Cents various mints 2013 & 2014 American Eagle .999 Silver 1 ozt dolla 1884 O Morgan Silver Dollar look BU to me U GRADE 1890 & 1896 Morgan SILVER Dollars 5 Antique Sterling Silver Sardine Forks 3.21 ozt Santa & Jesus Chritmas spoons Sterling Silver Reed & Barton Francis I Sterling Spoon & Butter kn Alvin Sterling Silver Lg Serving Spoons 11.96 ozt 6 Sterling Silver Cocktail Forks Whiting Louis XV 1885 & 1900 Morgan SILVER Dollars NICE !!! 6 Walking Libert SILVER Half Dollars 4 Franklin SILVER Half Dollars 8 Franklin Silver Half Dollars in a book 3 Eisenhower 40% Silver Dollars Gorham Old Medici Sterling Silver 3.46 ozt Wallace Sterling Silver Violet lg Gravy Ladle 2.16 International Sterling Silver Spring Glory Ladle Towle Georgian Sterling Silver Forks 15.97 ozt Westmoreland Lady Hilton Sterling Silver Flatware 1979 Jamacia $25 Sterling Silver 4.39 ozt 1977 Panama 20 Balboas 4.22 Ozt .925 SILVER Sacagawea 4 ozt .999 Silver Round Frankling Mint Reagan Sterling Silver Round 1936 Chinese 5 & 1 Yuan Consectutive Serial No's 3 Antique Sterling Silver Sardine Forks Various Sterling Silver Forks 9.07 ozt Gorham Sterling Silver Coligni 1889 spoons 8 Lunt Sterling Silver Modern Victorian Spoons Reed & Barton English Provincial Sterling Silver 90% & 40% $ 0% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars 17 Eisenhower Dollars, 12 Susan B Anthony Dollars 32 Sacagawea & Native American Dollars 45 Presidential Dollars 57 State Quarters in book Sterling Silver Coffee/Tea Service 36 Troy Ounces 3 Wallace Dauphine Sterling Silver Spoons 3.82 ozt 6 Antique Sterling Silver Spoons 4.18 ozt 5 International Sterling Silver Windmere 7.34 ozt Franklin Smith Sterling Silver Forks 4.33 ozt National Park Quarter Collection in book Books with Kennedy Half Dollars in them Coin Collector Sets Civil War Bullet and other Coin oddities BU Cent rolls 1960 & UP see pic Various Sterling Silver Spoons 4.68 ozt 12 Gorham Sterling Silver Lancaster Cocktail Forks 9 Antique Souvenir Spoons Sterling Silver 4.51 ozt 2 Large Sterling Silver Serving Spoons 3.92 ozt Heirloom Sterling Silver Ladle 1.87 ozt 12 Bu rolls of Cents 1960-1964 12 Bu rolls of Cents 1968, 1969 and 1 1975 1964 Kennedy Siver Half ,Roll of new Nickels & ++ 4.25" Native American Spear Flint Point arrowhead 4.75" Native American Spear Flint Point arrowhead Sm Sterling Silver Antique Baseball Player Spoon Gorham new Medici Sterling Silver Salad Set 5.89 o Gorham new Medici Sterling Silver Ladle 2.75 ozt Gorham new Medici Sterling Silver Sugar & Serving Reed & Barton Classic Rose Sterling Silver Flatwar large Pike co Ill found Native American Artifact large Calhoun co Ill found Native American Artifa Nice Calhoun co Ill found Native American Artifact WWII USMC Camillus fighting Knive w/ marked sheath fairbairn sykes British Commando Dagger OLD !! Sterling Silver Masonic Square & Compass 1852 Gorham Butter Knife either Coin or Sterling i Various Sterling Silver Butter Knives 4.29 ozt Various OLD Fancy Sterling Silver Forks 12.05 ozt 6 Saart Sterling Silver Spoons 3.51 OZT Nice Vivion co Ill found Native American Artifact Nice Halls co MO found Native American Artifact Nice Perry co MO found Native American Artifact WWII Pal Fighting Knife Red Spacer RARE THUS USN Colonial Navy Deck Knife WWII USN MK 2 Fighting Knife w/ mk 2 sheath RCC 10 Various OLD Sterling Silver Forks 11.9 OZT 8 Antique Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons 5.42 ozt 16 Small Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons 4.41 ozt 7 Various OLD Sterling Silver SOUP Spoons 7.78 ozt 3 1908 Lunt Monticello Sterling Silver Soup Spoons Nice Carroll co MO found Native American Artifact Nice Sevier co ARK found Native American Artifact Nice Lamar co MISS found Native American Artifact Nice found Native American Artifacts Nice found Native American Artifacts Towle Royal Windsor Sterling Silver Spoons 4.57 tr Pair of LARGE Meat Forks Sterling Silver 3.76 ozt 4 c 1830 .75 (12 Loth) German Silver Spoons Towle Lady Diana Sterling Silver Spoons 2.67 ozt Manchester Leonore Sterling Silver 5.05 ozt 12 Corn HOlders marked by owner as CATALIN Antique & Vintage Dice Bakelite and other MASSIVE STerling Silver Belt Buckle with Eagle Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Sterling Silver Belt Buckle with Abalone and Horse Various Antique Sterling Silver Baby spoons & fork 1864 Coin Silver spoons by Bower 3.99 ozt Group of Sterling Silver Bent feeder Spoons 3.22 z Antique Sterling Silver Sauce Ladles 2.63 ozt Towle #38 Sterling Silver Engraved spoons 2.99 ozt Antique Foth Camera (UNCOMMON) Antique Med. Format & Miniature Cameras UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $50.82 face UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $57.60 face UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $65.40 face 12 Antique Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons 4.98 ot 9 Antique Fancy Sterling Silver Spoons 7.2 ozt Antique Sterling Silver Ladle & LG Spoon 3.21 ozt Sterling & Mexican Silver Sipping Spoons 5.58 ozt Antique Sterling Silver Special pieces 3.15 ozt UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $107.77 face UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $68 face UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $84 face UNUSED US Stamps (vending packs) $48.44 face RARE roll of 500 1 1/4 cent stamps 1054 12 Various Antique Sterling Silver Spoons 8.62 ozt 4 Antique Watson Sterling Silver Spoons 2.76 ozt Small Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons 6.31 ozt 2 Antique Fancy Art Nouveau Spoons 1.44 ozt 3 Antique FANCY Sterling Silver Spoons 1.6 ozt RARE ATlas Sky Merchant Global Tour Cover 1948 Pearl Harbor, Discharge, Victory WWII Covers 19 John Glenn 1962 FDC Project Mercury 1948 Stamp Club Souvenir "stickers" w/ envelope 1954-1960 Coil & Regular Postage Covers c 1787 British Sterling Silver Spoons - John Lambe c 1840 W & H Coin Silver Spoons 1.38 ozt 5 Vintage Sterling Silver Spoons 4.06 ozt EARLY .800, Coin Silver & Sterling Spoons 3.97 ozt Onieda Damask Rose Sterling Silver 3.43 ozt Late 1920's - 1939 First Day Covers etc. Early & unusual Air Mail Covers etc. Special Delivery, Certified & Odd early FDC's MASSIVE Group first day covers 1940's-1960's MASSIVE Group first day covers 1940's-1960's 12 Various Sterling Silver Spoons 4.23 ozt International Sterling Silver Frontenac 6.83 ozt Pair of Antique Sterling silver Sugar Spoons Gorham Strasbourg Sterling Silver Spoons no mono Odd Sterling Silver Serving Pieces 3.38 ozt 200 Antique & Vintage Postcards many RPPCs Agate, Obsidian, Dinosaur poop, Petrified Wood Mid Century Chinese decortive items Wallace lg dish & Arabic ? Coffee urn (plated) 1835 R Wallace Meat Carving Set West Bend Penguin Hot & Cold server Ice bucket Massive Group of Plated Flatware & serving pieces

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