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Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 at 5:00 PM - Olathe, KS
- Morgan Dollars some UNC, WWII German Propaganda items,
Shipyard workers badge, ANCIENT coins circa 200 AD,
1935 Hawaii $1, Lots of Star Notes, Sheets if $1, $2, $5 Notes,
Unusual Bank Check Collection, Lots of Foreign SILVER coins,
Other Foreign Coins, Early Lincoln cents many semi-key,
1922 KKK coin, Stock Certificates, US Silver coins,
Unusual Tokens, foreign coins from 1700's, Stamps and MORE !!!
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1886 Morgan 90 % SILVER Dollar looks UNC to me 1934 $50 Note - Circulated 1880 S Morgan 90 % SILVER Dollar looks UNC to me 1898 Morgan 90 % SILVER Dollar looks UNC to me 1900 Morgan 90 % SILVER Dollar looks AU-UNC to me WWII era Ship Yard worker Badge Group of Masonic & Other Service Pins - uncommon 1813 Workhouse (Massive) Token 3 pence 1935 A HAWAII $1 Note (Circulated) Lg Group of German WWII Cigarette Cards 1930's GERMAN WWII Propaganda Pictures 1900 O Morgan 90 % SILVER Dollar 1935 Canada Silver Dollar NICE condition 1938 D Walking liberty Half Dollar Key Date Nice 1948 Mexico .90 SILVER 5 Peso Coin UNC?? 1906 & 1915 Great Britain SILVER half Crowns 1953 Red Seal $2 STAR Note 3 1957 STAR $1 Notes Nice !! Unusual 1878-1899 Bank Checks Collection of Unusual Bank Checks Philippene SILVER Coins 1885-1920 1938 HITLER Real Photo Postcard 3 1957 $1 STAR Notes NICE 3 1935 $1 Notes NICE 3 ANCIENT Roman Coins - one is AU? others nice 2 ANCIENT SILVER Roman Coins - NICE 1790 & 1792 British Tokens (larger ones) Group of EARLY Lincoln Cents 1909-1933 w mint mars 1922 KKK Coin Missouri/Kansas Region Railroad & Mining Stock Certificates Obsolete Bank Stock Certificates Walking liberty & Barber Half Dollars 1894-1938 Barber Standing Liberty Quarters & Mercury Dimes French & British Coins 1799-1806 4 ANCIENT time of Christ ROMAN Coins 4 ANCIENT time of Christ ROMAN/Greek Coins EARLY US coins with issues Mercury Dime cut-out Ear Rings Earings 3 1957 $1 STAR Notes - NICE Group of OLDER Foreign Coins 1878-1941 Coins from the Netherlands Vintage British Pounds OLD Tokens etc... strange stuff 97 Buffalo Nickels with good dates OLD St. Joseph Light & Power Trolley Tokens OLD Tokens etc... strange stuff Masonic related Medals/coins Vintage Tokens or Medals etc. OLD Tokens --- COOL & STRANGE TOKENS from Owl Smoker Hutchinson KS 4 Ancient Coins time of Christ ..... WOW !! 3 Ancient Coins time of Christ ..... WOW !! 3 Ancient Coins time of Christ ..... WOW !! Set of Roosevelt Dimes (59) 1965 & UP Set of Lincoln Wheat Back Cents 1941 & UP 8K Gold Miniature Krugurand Group of OLDER Foreign Coins Group of OLDER Foreign Coins Group of OLDER Foreign Coins 1909-1930 Lincoln Wheat back Cents Great Batch of Lincoln Wheat Back Cents Set of Lincoln Cents 1941 & UP Nice Red Lincoln Wheat Back Cents 1922 D 1916 S and other nicer Wheat Back Cents Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents Pair of 3" medals & Another Great Group of OLDER Tokens etc. 1862 Confederat 1 cent coin (likely restrike) Uncut Sheet 1976 $2 notes 2 UNCUT Sheets of $1 Notes (w/fancy Serial Number) Fraction Currency Opium Inventory Vehicle USE ta 15 V Nickels Good OLDER Foreign Copper coins (most larger) 1863-1927 SILVER coins from Italy 1870-1941 SILVER Coins From MEXICO w/ KEY date Silver Coins from Australia 1920-27 GERMAN SILVER coins 1913 & 1958 (larger) Silver Coins from Italy 1940's Silver Coins of Great Britain 1849 & UP Silver Coins CANADA & IRELAND one is UNC?? Various Vintage Foreign Currency Vintage Chinese Currency 1940 & UP Vintage pre EURO Currency from Italy Vintage Foreign Currency 1900 & UP some military 2 Sets of $1 Note 1981 Uncut Sheets of 4 2 Sets of $1 Note 1985 Uncut Sheets of 4 Uncut Sheet of $5 notes 2001 HIGH Serial Numbers Group of HIGH Grade Graded US Coins PR 70 etc. Anacs & other Graded Foreign Coins 4 PR 69 Graded Presidential Dollars WWI German Medal & WWII US Navy Medal Group of Foreign coins w/ 1868 Silver .... Neat Group of Foreign Coins some EARLY Group of Foreign SETS Mint Proof? etc. Mixed Lot early US dime red wheat back MORE !! 1976 Colorized $2 Bill in holder Weird Money form Advertizing etc... Empty Coin & Currency Books Stamp Collection some OLD some blocks some ODD

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