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Saturday, January 28th, 2023 at 6:00 PM - Baldwin City, KS
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Wii game unit and games no nunchucks powers on no further testing done Kansas City Life insurance company statue with Lion on top 6 and 1/2 in Long 3 in wide 6 in tall heavy Kansas City Life insurance company statue heavy with lying on top 6 1/2 in by 3 in by 6 in tall 3 fishing books two fishing books three fishing books two fishing books one fishing book two fishing books two fishing books three fishing books two fishing books three fishing books three fishing books three fishing books one outdoor story book three fishing books two fishing books three fishing books two fishing books four fishing books two fishing books two fishing books two fishing books two fishing books two fishing books two fishing books two fishing books basket of hangers box full of hangers go sports croquet set new in box unopened two fishing books two fishing books three fishing books three fishing books two fishing books two books one on fishing and one On Alaska three automotive books and two stickers Fisher-Price price guide 1931 to 1963 1939 naval customs traditions and usage book an unofficial minecrafters guide Minecraft hacks 2014 four mixed books on silversmiths hallmarks American pewter and wicker a few hundred professionally style photographs unknown of who took 16 and 3/4 by 10 in by 3 in copper box 17 in a quarter inch by 24 and a half inch framed Kansas City Star Noon edition May 7th 1945 Monday front page Germany surrenders war in Europe ends 16-in by 25 in framed front page Kansas City Star Friday April 5th 1968 shot kills Martin Luther King 18 and 1/4 inch by 24 and 3/4 in framed front page Kansas City times September 1st 1939 Friday Hitler begins war 17 inch by 24 in framed Kansas City times front page June 6th 1944 Tuesday allies invade French Coast box of newspaper front pages from the 40s and a few other newspapers in the bottom of the box box of Rusty jackhammer bits antique mouse trap antique 15 in by 18 in standard atlas of Morris county Kansas rough shape 1901 31 in x 12 in iron Wall hanging of two birds and flower pot flat of office items 9x8 and 1/2 x 5 in iron butterfly and six by four and a half inch sad iron holder 2 ft wood level 2 sure shot canisters and one oil can seven bottles of engine products working two ton floor jack 12 computer cords beige rotary style phone 7 HDMI cords 7 multi plugins 19 different sized cords 9 laptop cords Boifun 15" DVD player Plus set of Buffalo box end wrenches 14-in rigid pipe wrench Hoppes gun cleaning kit shotgun quick sharp honing kit Apollo Stone crock stick honing device Master mechanic 12 volt battery and charger power is on no further testing done Craftsman cordless drill with battery and charger plugged in comes on no further testing done Craftsman 7.2 volt through 9.6 volt charger Craftsman 12.0 volt - 13.2 volt - 14.4 volt charger Black & Decker 18 volt drill with two chargers and five batteries Craftsman battery charger 7.2 volt to 24 volt comes with 14.4 and 19.2 volt battery 23 and 1/2 in x 35 1/2 in framed print of Normandy The landing beaches 1944-1984 23 3/4 by 31 1/2 framed print of 60 Eme anniversary 1944-2004 18 by 23 and 1/2 frame print of D-Day 50th anniversary year 1994 two 12-in Chinese hanging lanterns Black & Decker 9.6 volt drill no charger Bosch 30 minute charger five wireless batteries 1 24 volt one Milwaukee M18 1 skill 14.4 volt snap-on and Black & Decker 12 volt Black & Decker cordless screwdriver no battery companion jigsaw no battery snake light Black & Decker no battery and one charger Reese hitch with 2 and 5/16 ball camera bag and other camera items flat of new face masks flat of new face masks flat of new face masks 19 and 3/4 in by 9 in by 5 1/2 in Wood crate with cloth liner arcade Crystal grinder missing jar New Britain grinder patent October 12th 1892 and April 12th 1893 new in box Santa's systems the union of form and function natural foundations flat of mixed garage items New pieces flat of garage items mostly new flat of mixed garage items mostly new flat of mixed garage items mostly new two and a half foot by 4 ft 50 star flag with staff two and a half foot by 4 and 1/2 ft 50 star flag with staff 22 in by 34 in 50 star flag with staff 3 ft 8x5 foot sex 50 star flag with staff four flags five pool cues 37 1/2 in cane 37-in cane with possible silver tip 36-in duck head cane and duck head is loose 36 and a half inch bamboo cane 35 and 1/2 in cane with metal tip 35 and 1/2 in cane with metal tips on both ends 36-in cane with horn handle 36-in cane with metal tip 36-in curved handle chain Louisville slugger Hilleridge and bradsby company genuine Caesar Cedeno Louisville slugger two whips violin case bow and extras new Ge Create 18 Pound Electric Roaster Model 169221 Box of hanger 7" tall 7 and a 1/2 wide yellow vase 6 carnival Brandy glass 6 cup Tea set with 17 pieces Soup bowl with glass label Brandy urns Vintage gold glass candy and peanut Glass basket 13 inch Ceramic rose Bud vase Goose Wall hanging blue tapes holding on the screws 1983 Franklin porcelain Catherine the great limited edition hand painted find porcelain 10 inches Old man and old woman figurines Old copper Lester Pitcker 11" vase 7" vase Glass coffee warmer 14" glass cut dish with gold trim 12 1/2 glass cakes stand 8" glass cut Relish dish 2 Better homes and garden 17 by 24 throw rugs 28 by 34 Is car rug 27 by 27 car Reversable table Cloth 90 by 86 cover and 2 chans 24 x 30 7" cut glass relish dish 8 inch round divided relish dish 7" vase With chip that's been glued back Pan with lid 8" skillet and Pan 8 crystal Sherry glasses And decanter Cake stand with cover 12 and glass cake plate 10" green tinned dish 13" hand painted dish 13" R S Prussia Hand painted dish 5 1/2 inch hand painted pitcher 7" tall Man and woman taking care of flowers Flat of miscellaneous vintage metal can vintage salting cracker can 23 C d's 6 napkin rings 1 1/2 qt fire king dish No lid Vantage tripod 2 snow brush 6 Translucent Euro Hanger 5 inch green dish With gold trim 7" green dish Sugar bowl Kleer-guard(r) Clear Plastic Chair Covers 76" X 46" 1-mil, Pack Of 2 Covers Kansas City Chiefs hat Hamilton beach mixer and attachments untested Copper teapot Copper coffee pot France 18 0 4 Imperial guard by T Morett 10" tall 2 7 1/2 face pieces been glued back 9 by 4 vase 9" pink Depression bowl Preshore oven to table wear dish Royal Worcester oven to table wear Baking dish White Westinghouse Cooker Untested Plastic cake cover Angel food take Pan 2 9" round cake pans 2 9" round cake pans 2 8" Pie Pan and 1 7" pie Pan 3 9" Pyrex pie pan Anchor 9 by 13 3 qt blue Baking dish 3 qt pyrex baking dish 2 qt Pyrex baking dish 2 qt Pyrex baking dish 2 qt Pyrex baking dish 8 by 10 Anchor Hocker baking dish Pyrex bread dish Bread dish Susan Paluy by Ganz Candles holders figures Josephine and Kendra Susan Paluy by Ganz Cynthia Simone and Dottie mug Dottie has chip 8" pitcher 5 seashell angels 3 seashells 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 jewel box 4 divider glass and metal Tray 4" crystal vase 5 1/2 crystal vase Flat of towels Size 38 by 29 Wrangler jeans Size 38 X 30 Wrangler jeans 11 1/2 green vase 11 1/2 green vase 11" glass bowl Ceramic Flower basket 1999 art of giving Roxanne Bradley Stein given from Ford family Kansas City assembly plant Hagerty Delicate Jewel Clean Hagerty Pearl Jewel Clean Hagerty Pearl Jewel Clean Jewel case Roll out both sides Sunbeam hair dryer untested Sad iron Vintage wash board Vintage washboard 9 artificial green apples 15 artificial red apples Artificial flower Artificial flowers Flat of ribbons Thomas Kincaid simpler time book Joan wolf that summer book 6 little golden books Flat full of 2 count 3 layer filter mask Fujifilm FinePix AX200 12 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Black) Canon Power Shot Sd550 Digital Elph With Box KU coaches and staff book 2012 -13 KU basketball book 2017 2018 Kansas basketball media guide 2016 2017 Kansas men's basketball book Hearthwise for life medical self care for healthy aging Notebooks and notepads pans electric pencil sharper and good for school or office Chicken sitting on basket 3 dinner plates 4 Dessert plates one bowl Kitchen utensils Musical jewel Box worked 5 piece silver plate coffee tea set 11" pitcher 10" bottle of beans vintage One pint milk bottle Coalport Tea service white with gold trim 8 coffee and tea cups and saucers one coffee pot 1 teapot 18 total pieces tea pot has cracked 5 saucers 2 cups From France 4 7" plates 13 gold trim coffee cups 2 bowls 4 Blue Danube cups and saucers 5 plates from France 5" flower pot 9" glaze Pie dish with lid 13" tall ern Blue dish lid? been glued back and has cracks Pink flower dish Haeger 11" Mary and child statue 9 1/2 inch long plaque 9 1/2 statue 7" long statue 7 1/2 and stepping stone 8" angel Cast iron door knob 9” Wooden salt and pepper shakers 7 1/2” pink vase 7 stacking boxes ( Inside each other 6 3/4” x 6 1/2” heavy log cabin not wood 5 1/2” x 11” Farm scene with windmill 6” x 3 1/4” Wooden handcrafted clock by John A. Deal 9 1/2” x 7” Basket Miscellaneous old buttons couple tokens look like ivory belt buckles or something Foam poly brushes Assorted old buttons 11 x 11 serving platter or Candy dishes Stackable 11 1/2” x Metal basket 15 1/2” x 5 1/2” wooden church Black rock like Base with acrylic round Display can be covered 13” Acorn and leaves candle holder 2) 8” Acorn and leaves candle holder 8” Tall glass dome candle holder 7 1/2” Reed Buntings on leaves 7” Bird on a tree(swallows) 7 1/2” Wrens One tree limb Snap setting tools with a lot of different snaps 5) Dinner dishes one each of the other 5 inch high water glasses 3 juice glasses Presto pop light gourmet regular hot air popper 9 1/2” x 4” ( 115) Cream colored envelopes open on side 6 1/2” glasses history of Missouri, Fort Osage,Boon’s landing post’ Missouri Ozarks 12” x 12” Massage board for feet 4) Royal blue soup Bowls 16 1/2” x 10” rooster Platter 17 1/2” x12” White leaf platter 2) Crystal candy dishes, 12 inch long 5 inch round 2) Matching bowls 9 1/2 inch and 9 inch, extra little bowl 4) Old Mission San Juan Capistrano glasses California,2) Unicorn glasses Collection of pewter salt and Pepper shaker,creamer, Small bowl, 7 inch goblet. 10) Piece dessert cups? 9 1/2 inch urns, lids do not Come off Miscellaneous kitchen stuff 5 1/2 x 5 1/2“ metal can, and 7 coasters 4) dinner plate 10 1/2“ 15 1/2” x 11 1/2” Cutting board Eight track tape player Roberts untested with Speakers 4) Speakers untested Vintage 1974 Saturday evening post 13 3/4” x 10” Sign, that Hurrier I go behinder I Get . Sony hybrid LCD camera untested Nikon camera with Lens & speed light untested TOSHIBA photo cartridge amplifier untested BOZAK electronic Bi-amp filter model N106 CDE auto router Untested Sony digital handy cam untested VICTOR 800 Adding machine Untested 3) pots one lid 5 quart Dutch oven With lid 7 quart Dutch oven no lid fiber ware 2) Sets of salt and pepper shakers 3) pyrex Pie plates. 2) 9”. 1) 8” 2) matching bowls pears and cherries iron stone ware One and a half quart glasbake No lid Small milk glass 2 other Glass containers 4) 8” Historical place for Indiana 4) 10“ Souvenir plates 4) 10” Souvenir plates 4) Souvenir plates 4) 8 1/4” biggest Souvenir plate Assorted plates knickknack 8” Casserole dish with lid 2) MELIHA filters? vintage 8 1/2” x 4 1/4” Glass container Vintage water bag for Car 18” GLASBAKE Fish design bowl 8 1/4” Glass Pyrex baking dish with lid 8 1/4” Blue crystal bowl 11” x 2 1/4” Vintage beautiful Bowl 10” 22 k Farm scene with windmill 10 1/4” plate Oriental design 11” Colorful plate with angels 6) 9 1/2” Leaf candy dishes 4) 7 inch glass leaf dishes 15” Urn Broken Spout piece inside 6 1/2” High 3 1/2” Opening bowl 8” Crystal candy dishes Miscellaneous crystal oil container sugar, creamer 6 1/2 inch dish Sorted crystal relish tray, candy dish, dish, 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” x 10” A crossed easy chair for a dol large bowl 8 1/2”, Two smaller divided bowls and a square bowl Assorted miscellaneous stuff 12 1/4” Matador jar hole in the top 12” Señorita jar with hole in the top pinecone basket for fall/Thanksgiving decor Scarecrow 30” standing decor 55” x 26” Thorough 9” x 6 3/4” Metal Sunflower Paul 3 Artificial flowers 3 Artificial flowers 3) Artificial flowers 2 long stem 15 x 10” antique mirror or tray 18” x 28” Chef kitchen towel Thousand piece jigsaw puzzle Buried blueprints from the past the wild west 7” Dragon star trinket box Butterfly plant hanging basket. 12” Crust Butterfly plant hanging basket 12 inches across 24” bunny stake 8” x 6” Mimi me it’s all about Ashley Sign Landscape books 12” x12” Welcome to our home metal sign Bee/ Fly Catcher Pink and blue lovebirds planter Brown bird 5” Bird with message on side. 6 3/4” x 7” Send flowers shaped of clay made with Saint Helens mountains ash in Washington 52” x 14” Table runner 11” 3/4” x 68” Barry table runner 11 inch apple pie pie dish with recipe Hallmark 11 x 11 leaf platter Hallmark Fallleaf pattern bowl on stand 12” x 6” 11 x 17” basket 16” x 11” basket 9 1/2 x 13 1/2 x 2” 3 quart baking dish smoke colored Rubbermaid 11 inch pie container Large sterilize pitcher Small 14 inch roaster 23 inch down drain pour 5 1/2” Fall acorn canister with lid and candle 3” x 4” x 5” tall sweet thoughts first edition 1999 1986 holiday figurine series (helping mom)good housekeeping 1986 holiday figurine series be my valentine 3 inch I love you puppy Hallmark 4 inch my favorite thing musical Seashell stands 8 1/2”across 6“ Royal yellow crowned bird statue 6 1/2” Bird statue musical 3 3/4 Thanksgiving tin with six coasters 3 1/2 inch glass kitty cat Placemats with the presidents of the United States on it ) Leaf bowls 8 inches across Small glass picture 6”tall Glass grape / cereal bowl 7” A crossed tastefully simple green leaf serving dish or candy dish for fall 6” tall hand made blue pottery Hallmark black cat coffee cup 9 x 1 1/4”Crust corning ware pie dish 6” x6” Egg coffee it’s all that it’s cracked up to be trivet Large hello fall coffee cup with cookie cutters 12” x 8 1/2” Metal fall sign ( harvest Autumn fall 36” Table runner fall leaves 13” Round fall tree 8” x8” Sweet home metal holder 10 Pieces of dinnerware 4 bowls 4 plates 2 lunch plates 9” Spout to handle teapot roses 8 1/2” Spout to handle peach tea pot 18” Mirror with pick me up around the edges passages of the Prophets 4” x 3” Dragon pot with Plant 3 1/2“ x 3” Succulent plant 16” x 11” Basket with handles Ice cream scoop Mario tailgates NASCAR style cookbook Vintage paper table cover Cabbage Patch 1983 original 22” x 8 1/2” Metal and wood sign Setting 9” turkey shelf sitter 25 inch thick girl scarecrow with jean skirt 14” long sunflower wood wall decor/ Door decor 14” long Would fall leaves wall or door ornament 17” Scarecrow Two scarecrows on sticks Hallmark felt big eye owl Decor 6 1/2 inches high 11 inch cute Scarecrow with bucket 12 1/2” Girl scarecrow wooden stake 5” Kay’s collection set of two boy and girl figurines Double sauce jar with lids. 6 1/2”wide 3 1/2” high 4” Glass orange pumpkin with green leaves 9 1/2” Weathered owl Embellished kitchen towel 18 x 28” 11 3/4” Wooden welcome sign with crow 6” Wooden pumpkin simple blessings 30” Home decor wall hanging 18 1/2 x 14” 2) placemats pumpkin fall decor Set of 3 embroidered orange flower linen doilies 15” Golden white doily A group of small doilies An assortment of small doilies 6” x5” Metal box with the rooster 10” Pumpkin (give thanks) Assorted Christmas decorations Christmas decorations 2) Fall placemat’s 42” Fall table runner 42” x 64” One panel curtain floral print Sailing ship Doily 14 1/2 x 12” And three 12 x 6 and 12” x 6 3/4” smaller 17” Witches hat bright blue with lace crocheted doilies biggest 12 1/2“ 2) wooden cats pink 7 3/4 x 6“, other is 7“ x 5 1/2 1 wooden plaque of cats 2 ceramic cats 3 Wooden Cats biggest 6 1/2 inch 3) wooden cat items, 1 wooden black bird on sunflower Assortment of crocheted doilies Assorted crocheted doilies 3 Coca-Cola cans ornaments 3 inches high 4 inch Coca-Cola bear ornament 7 Party beads 8” Seashell 9 1/2 inch tall bird musical 7 1/2” Orioles 4 1/2” Bird on pale, blue bird with flower pot hat 9” Ceramic wheel lamp 3 1/2” Lefton china flower with butterfly candle holder 7” purple glass pitcher with flowers 6” Beaded Pot African Violet 13 1/2” Spiderweb 6 1/2” Birds and flowers 9” x 4 3/4” large bowl 4 1/2” x 6 1/2” Antique metal measuring cup Sugar creamer set two piece fall autumn leaf Pair of wire hearts 3 Wreath Hooks 2) are plastic Miscellaneous doily, shell,cat TerraCotta Bird Planter 8” 6 1/2” Vintage peekaboo mouse / pumpkin tray Antique fall saucer with handle 6 inch Old book. Stories from HEORDOTUS Stands 9”. Natural waterfall fountain untested Christmas ornaments 11 of them 2) Christmas ornaments, night before Christmas, and nativity 2) figurines. Little girl watering garden, girl where the goose 5” tall 5” pumpkin, 4” Bear with turkey wings 11 1/2” x 16” 1914 ladies home journal ad for fairy soap 7” Metal maple leaf candle holder With candle 4” Ball canning jar salt and pepper shakers and one rooster coffee cup 4 3/4” Bird ceramic trinket Container, dual handle Painted 2 1/2” jar Wooden hourglass and a brown and green 6 1/2” x 4 1/2” Aluminum bucket. Flowers and garden 6” x 6” Aluminum bucket with flowers and garden on it 25th Anniversary collector club miniature pie plate long burger 1973 to 1998 Bradford exchange angel ornament, hanky, Little tree with seashells Heavy metal salad spoon and fork set 4” thanksgiving basket cardboard, 2) 12” Lace doilies 16” long, 18”high Wooden carousel horse 10” x 13 3/4” wooden plaque painted Canadian geese 9 1/2” Metal cat, 7” Wooden cat Metal fish Holder / net Large plastic pumpkin, cutting tools for carving your pumpkin 1 Strand of Halloween lights 1 Strand of Halloween lights 1 Strand of Halloween lights 1 Strand of Halloween lights Large orange bowl for Halloween 12” a crossed Cardboard trick-or-treat box with handle, plastic web spider dish 10 inch 11” Setting pumpkin scarecrow 11” Bear, 8” Dog both Halloween Metal 8 inch cornucopia hanging decor Tupperware 4 sandwich keepers with lids orange, yellow, Green, brown, 8 1/2”. Disney Pluto Halloween untested 7” Metal cat 1999 Halloween metal pumpkin Wreath hanger 11” Door handle decorations Halloween 9 1/2” Which with black flowers with eyes 5” Pumpkins and ghost, And large notepad Disney Pixar turning red coffee cup Disney jungle cruise captain hat 9” Decorated heart with stars patriotic Heavy Avon glass cat candle holder Silver tree skirt and batting Silver garland with lights untested 19 inch pink Santa porcelain 19 inch Mr snowman black hat and plaid scarf 19 inch Mrs. snowman With plaid dress green scarf 18 inch gold Robe Santa 22 inch snowman stuffed 15 inch snowman with Lantern 14” Snowman with snow Dolly 15 1/2” x 11 1/2” Santa pillow with two smaller pillows 38” snowman Dangle he legs Giant Christmas stocking 70 inch 14 “ Little girl snowman with baby doll snowman 10 1/2” Angel 9” Angel Set a for candy cane coffee mugs New Christmas clock 8 1/2” Here 12 traditional carols one each hour 3) Christmas signs wine jar with handle surrounded by tree, Santa, snowman and gingerbread ceramic Christmas friends Planters. 4 1/2” high on Snowman Set of three blue snowflake bowls biggest 5 1/2 a crossed 3 1/2” Snowman ornament Set of two spreader knives checkered handles stainless steel blue box Set of two spreader knives checkered handles stainless steel in blue box Set of two spreader knives checkered handles stainless steel in blue box Set of two spread your knives striped handles in red box 6 by 6” Cardboard Decorated round box 10” Snowflake basket holiday angel 10” Has spring in it moves 3 1/2” vintage pewter Santa with bears and toys & tree 3” Vintage pewter Saint Nicholas ornament 1995 3 1/4” Vintage pewter Santa ornament 1996 3” Vintage pewter center with Star ornament 1997 3” Pewter ornament Santa’s arrival 1994 3” Pewter season of peace ornament 1999 3) Window candle lights. Works 9 1/2” Holly basket 7” Holly tea pot candle holder 10” x 5 1/4” Radio flyer sled large 5 inch tall coffee mug, And angel mug and a snowman 14” Hanging Santa with hanging apple 2 1/2” Hallmark forever family ornament. And Bell with snowman painted on 6” Silver star candle holder with 6” Angel snowman with star 14” Snowman with birdhouse Blue and silver Garland set of 9” Christmas angels set of two 9” Christmas angels 3) Silver decoration sticks 18” Christmas stocking and holiday pillow 20 1/2” x 14” Nativity stable 14” Angel tree topper with feather wings 43” x 18” x35” Antique wood buffet 26” x 16” x 26” Black garden cart 25 1/2” x 20 3/4” 34 3/4” Butcher block table with your block table 5 1/2 Foot white Christmas tree 35 1/2” x 15 3/4 x 13” Antique wood office chair office 30 1/2” x19 1/2” x 23” TV stand with cabinets Pearl tree garland 23 1/2” Angel with light works 66” x 68” Christmas quilted throw 11” Sitting Santa with Christmas tree 4” Precious moments angel with snowflake icicle 4 inch precious moments angel with snowflake on icicle 2021 3 1/4” Precious moment 1995 5” m/ l White this home believes wooden sign, 5 x 3 1/2” Wooden sign merry peaceful joyfully blessed Bear with basket bell 11 1/2 inch elf and wooden sign Mary, peaceful, joyful, blessed, 11” Angel tree topper and candleholder 11” Metal heart shaped wall hanger snowman 29” x 13” Merry Christmas wall hanging Book: a quilters country Christmas 23 1/2” x 4” Home for the Jolly days wooden sign 11 1/2” Wooden hanging angel With a star 9” days till Christmas snowman with plaid bow and tree & 3 1/2 x 3 1/2”. Block with three saying Garden Santa & Let it Snow snowman candleholder 8” Striped fall ornament wall decoration 4 1/2” x 11” Christmas ornament gold and silver 4) Assorted placemats 54” Christmas table runner 36 inch snowman table runner Assorted Christmas tea towel placemat with reindeer and red and green placement 17 1/2” x 9 1/2” Beautiful picture Book: Christmas at home Three Christmas story books 10” x 71/2” Christmas basket With angels and Christmas trees 10” x 5 1/2 Angel metal basket 2) cross stitch table scarves & Crosstitch knife holder Fancy Christmas ornaments 2) Whitman puzzles 250 piece 1000 Piece puzzle unopened 550 piece puzzle garage Fines 15” Vintage reindeer berrie troll doll 22 3/4” x 13” Crosstitch musical note with butterflies 10” Christmas plate happy memories warm the heart 1972 Assorted Christmas flowers stems Assorted fall flowers Assorted fall flowers 3) Thanksgiving placemats pumpkins & ghost miscellaneous table Scarves dish towel anatomy of a grandpa‘s heart & 1985 cloth calendar with birds 13” x 12 1/2” KU Jayhawk purse new 18” Christmas candle lights work 22” Christmas star lights work 14” Christmas wreath Most lights work 12” x 12” Reindeer water jug 7 1/2” Vintage gold seal pure ground black pepper can 7 1/2” x 11” Silver star basket & 5 3/4” China plate 10” x 11” Garland pumpkins 14” x 9” Happy Halloween signs Group of pumpkins miscellaneous Halloween decorations 6 inch bear in which costume and a ghost candleholder Green garland Green garland pieces Pillow with crocheted top. 13 inch 21 inch fishnet 9” x 6 1/2”. Birdhouse Christmas 7 x 4 1/2” Hummingbird jewelry box Nativity with accessories for stable Tiedown seat Cushion with Halloween bowl 10” & 7” Frying pans Assorted items ice cream bowl for the freezer ashtray 2 candles Four wooden spoons and a spatula fork Miscellaneous kitchen tools Miscellaneous kitchen gadgets Miscellaneous kitchen utensils Miscellaneous kitchen utensils Assorted kitchen Utensils Picture: Cats 8” x 6” & Ceramic cat Assorted cats angel cat, stuffed cat, have a purr-fect day, Collection of roosters 5 1/2” Bird with a face and large sunflower 2) Bird statues one has cameo 6 1/2” Metal wire bird nest with bird 2) Jessica doll dresses 6” Vintage green Avon basin and pitcher with lid decoration 9” tinted green Vase 8” Bud vase cranberry / gold 7 1/2” Flowered bud vase 6 1/2” Butterfly ceramic Vase 5 1/2” Glass milk bottle with artificial flowers 5 1/4” Garden angel & little girl 5 1/2” Mom and son statue & Four leaf clover candy dish Assorted placemat & doilies Black metal candle holder, wooden hearts, and a rooster dish towel Miscellaneous stuff 70” x 122” Christmas quilt 2) PURAVIDA bracelets musical candle holder please you light up my life 3 1/4

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