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Equip-Bid AuctionEquip-Bid Auction

Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Baldwin City, KS
- Baldwin City Estate ★ Halloween ★ Halloween ★
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Best witches 21" jack-o-lantern light up Which 44" ghost pumpkin flag Welcome sign Ghost welcome sign Whitch Doll Teddy bear trick-or-treat Teddy bear as a witch trick or treating Teddy bear as pumpkin for Halloween Teddy bear as pumpkin for Halloween Ghost and porcupine For Halloween Walking ghost untested needs batteries Teddy bear Scarecrow Beanie baby witch Beanie baby pumpkin Teddy bear and Halloween Sweater Whitch was foot missing 4 pumpkins Pumpkin no top Jack-o-lantern basket Hallmark candle holders Ghost candleholder 3 metal candle holders a ghost bat and jack-o-lantern Jack-o-lantern candle holder holds 3 candles Whitch metal Candle holder Jack-o-lantern candle holder Wooden Jack-o-lantern stand Halloween salt and pepper shakers new Halloween Box Cat 12 inches Cat 12" high String of Orange lights work 7 pumpkin lights works 10 candy corn lights works 9 pumpkin lights Zombie 49" witch Give thanks Scarecrow Scarecrow lights up works Whitch comes apart Witch stick in ground 40" long 7" tall basket 44 by 28 Halloween flag Whitch Teddy bear Box Haunted school light up works Halloween Witch Teddy bear Halloween stew monster pot needs batteries untested Halloween candles Metal Jack-o-lantern candle holder Trick-or-treater Whitch Halloween figurines Halloween snow globe 12 Mini buckets and one halloween can Halloween figurines Jack-o-lantern fruit 50 light indoor outdoor motion skull Needs some new bulb 50 light indoor outdoor pumpkin works Greenbrier International Halloween Spooky Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof Security Lights Easy Install Garden Lights for Garden Path Walkway Light (6 Eye) Jack-o-lantern windchime Autumn Wreath Ghost Whitch head 20 art disco flapper costume size Large Taffeta Cape Adult Halloween Costume Jack-o-lantern Black cat Jack-o-lantern Jack -o-lanter Whitch Two jack-o-lantern Two Halloween candles Haunted house Open up pumpkin Scarecrow Scarecrow Jack-o-lantern windmill 11 Halloween gift Box From Hallmark Halloween figurines Two Halloween figurines Sounds Of Halloween Spine Chilling Hair Raising Sound Effect Cassette Tape Vintage Topstone Black Light Bulb 75 Watt 5921 Halloween scary spot lite Black light only 3 Pumpkins Rubber spiders a bat and skeleton Whitch Wooden cardholder Ghost beanie baby Ghost Beanie baby 3 scarecrows Halloween potpourri pot King pumpkin decorative lawn bags Halloween Pumpkin pal Seasons Melted Plastic Popcorn Jol Orange Pumpkin Light Up Halloween Read 10" work 10 fun to fill leaf bags Wooden jack-o-lantern 3 Jack-o-lantern candleholder Decorated material Halloween decoration Halloween wreath Light up needs batteries Halloween wreath lights up needs battery Halloween wreath Pumpkinhead in chair Scarecrow and chair 5 halloween candles 11" platter 2 scarecrows 2 Pumpkins Skeleton head Skeleton head Halloween Stuff A Pumpkin Leaf Bags Jack-o-lantern bell Candle top and ghost can 9 ft Fall garland Pumpkin bowl no label fall basket Pumpkin Fall ball Fall salt and pepper shaker Pumpkin Pumpkin with chips Pumpkin candle Pumpkin Candle Witch 2 turkeys 2" tall Clown costume looks to be maybe size large Clown kit hair and glasses Size 10 Halloween costume One strap broken Pumpkin wreath Scarecrow Metal qpumpkin Witch that crashed it spreads out Scarecrow Tinker bell costume Disney costume size large Size 6 Costume One strap is broken Medium adult clown custom Ceramic Jack-o-lantern needs clean Ceramic pumpkin Needs clean Wooden turkey Fall Wreath Fall Wreath Fall flower arrangement Fall flowers Flowers Witches hat and wig Girl Scarecrow Scarecrow Jack-o-lantern Owl fall basket Halloween costume Plastic jacko lantern 20 inches tall Halloween costume Halloween costume Halloween costume Halloween costume And old whitch live here sign 19 by 8 Ceramic jack-o-lantern 3 DesignWare plastic tablecloth 54 by 96 3 designWare Is plastic tablecloth 54 by 96 2 Plastic tablecloths 54 by 96 2 plastic howaleen bowls Cut out jack-o-lantern Light app works 2 Vintage Empire Blow Mold Jack O’lantern Candy Buckets Pumpkin Treat Pails Lindsey clean 2 Vintage Empire Blow Mold Jack O-lantern Candy Buckets Pumpkin Treat Pails Bat windsock Howaleen costume Pants size 33 waist Whitch costume Whitch hat wig and Cape Mickey Mouse hands for costume Clown wig Long black wig Mask Vampire mask Halloween mask Witches Bucket Wig Mask Skeleton lights up needs batteries and testing Is shrieking ghost needs batteries untested Shrieking ghost Super Stretch Spider Web Skeleton untested needs batteries Vintage 1995 Dy Toy Bungee Jumping Spider Of Doom Sound Activated Halloween new Indian headband Super Stretch Spider Web 2 hands Scarecrow Scarecrow Scarecrow 38 by 18 Orange material Screaming skeleton needs batteries untested Witches bucket Mummy lights up Halloween flag Skeleton costume Grilla costume Grilla mask Miscellaneous knives with holder Miscellaneous kitchen utensils Miscellaneous kitchen utensils Miscellaneous kitchen utensils Miscellaneous kitchen utensils Miscellaneous kitchen utensils 6 x 5 1/2” Pumpkin 3 inch Halloween figures two candles and rings 8 1/2 inch Tigger pumpkin untested needs batteries 12 1/2"Ghost carrying a pumpkin that is not connected unknown plug-in untested 12 1/2"Ghost carrying a pumpkin that is not connected unknown plug-in untested 4 Solar stakes 14 inches. Untested Halloween bowl, cracker or package sugar holders and three candle holders with burnt candles 15 Halloween ornaments and a roll of Halloween ribbon Miscellaneous candles untested need batteries and a light 13”Flying witch, 11 1/2” Standing witch and window Clings Halloween candles And when ceramic candle pumpkin with lid Halloween trees big one is 12 inches 8” Tin Halloween pumpkin & witch candleholders 3 Halloween candle holders 6” x 4” Basket full of pumpkins 4 pumpkins with stakes 3. 6” x 4” pumpkins 3. wicker pumpkins 7” x 7 1/2” STROBE PLUS. works Halloween black cat 16 x 16” Frankenstein monster Halloween DJ needs batteries untested Halloween pumpkin lights works string lights works 16 1/3 x 10 1/2" wide wooden ghost 7" x 8" Ceramic pumpkin 9" x 8" Tall. Ceramic pumpkin. Metal leaf 9"x 7" Ceramic pumpkin 9" x 8" ceramic Pumpkin 10 Pumpkin stakes lights (works) 10 Pumpkin stake lights. Works 5” 6 1/2” Ceramic pumpkin Lightweight pumpkin 7” x 6” 10” x 6” light weight Squash 9” x 8” lighted pumpkin works 9” x 7” skull the jaw moves 5 1/4 tall 6 inch crust plastic and rubber makes noise needs batteries untested 18 inch spider by 13 1/2 inch 7 inches tall 10” x 10” ceramic plate 3 1/2” x 5 1/2” coffee cups In 1/2 x 9” pumpkin plate 6 1/2” x 8” pumpkin bowl 1990 3 -5"x 4 1/2" Pumpkins 3 bales of hay. 6" x 3 1/2"Plus stowaway 6" Spider candle 5 1/2" pumpkin candle 5 1/2"ceramic Candle Miscellaneous Halloween candle holder ghost and pumpkin Halloween towel set. Towel, hand towel, & Washcloth 2. 11” Halloween plates package of napkins and flour sack dish towel 2 Halloween pot holders, oven mitt, to dish towels, 2. 5 1/4 ceramic Halloween bowls. 43” m.o.l. Ghost flag 15” x 9 1/2” pumpkin stake 14 x 18 trick-or-treat sign 20” x 3 1/2” pumpkin on a stake 11 inch by 15 1/2 inch hanging Punkin 4" x 5" Styrofoam pumpkin on a stick 30” Holiday metal yard fence Two hanging Halloween things when needs blowed up untested 8 inch dalmatian puppy utested Accessories for Halloween Village 14 Orange placemats 40” Pumpkin flag 20” Pumpkin light sculpture works 12 1/2” Scarecrow wreath 28” Scarecrow Man 14“ Lady 15“ Scarecrows 11 1/2” Halloween lantern 10” Halloween wreath pumpkin, squash Hanging which needs batteries untested 6” x 6” strobe light works House 6 1/2 inches tall Halloween figurines 5 inch ghost figurines for Halloween One candle pumpkin, one tea light candle pumpkin, one just pumpkin 11 1/2” x 7 1/2” Ceramic pumpkin metal leaf 11 1/2” c 7 1/2” ceramic pumpkin with metal Leaf 5 1/2” x 5 1/2” Ceramic pumpkins with metal leaves 4” x 5” ceramic pumpkins. 2 2. 5” x 4” Ceramic pumpkins 6” x 7” Ceramic pumpkin tea light holders 6” x 7” Tea light pumpkin holder 8” x 9 1/2” Ceramic candy dish with cat Pumpkinheads tea light trio Hanging pumpkin with black cape pumpkin is 20” x 13” with speaker attached and tested 3 hanging ghosts untested but only uses a nightlight with connectors to another set 3 Hanging ghosts untested uses night lights with connector 8” x 12 1/2” Untested trick-or-treat Black cauldron with witches leg sticking out 17” Across 14” Tall. Pumpkin head untested 18” x 22” Basket full flowers, scarecrow, pumpkins 20” Fall wreath 11” Fall Apple pie pie dish with a recipe 13” x 10” Metal pumpkin 9 1/2” x 9” Ceramic pumpkin plate 7” x 10 1/2” Ceramic candle holder 3 assorted pumpkins. 5 x 5 1/2 ceramic Bucket wooden pumpkin and ceramic pumpkins with ghosts 2 Sets of pilgrims 5” & 6” Miscellaneous Halloween, ghost on pumpkin, 2 candles, wooden box and a snake 18 1/2” Metal welcome sign Fall pinecone Tree in ceramic pot 7“ x 9“ jack-o’-lantern untested with which decorated ball and seven stems fancy beads 12 1/2 inch scarecrow platter Miscellaneous Halloween ceramic-pumpkin, 2 Wire baskets ghost in a bottle and a tin can 20” Fall wreath 18” Fall wreath 19” Fall wreath 16” Fall wreath flattened needs puffed up Miscellaneous Halloween. Halloween mug pumpkin on a stake, Figurines 2 Halloween bowls. 1 ghost miscellaneous Halloween spiderweb, two candles Need batteries, tiny bag. And mask 6” x 10” Red Vase 5 1/2”tall 6 1/2 inch wide. Scarecrow candy dish Adult size clown suit and shoes Bag never opened 20 light set works pumpkins 20 lights it ghosts works stands 14” Turkey 9” wide 20” Ghost with face cloth 18 1/2” Heavy duty plastic ghost untested 2 1/2” pumpkins with stakes 3 1/4” acrossed 3” deep. Halloween pumpkins candle 3 Pumpkin candles 3 1/4”crossed 1 1/2” deep 7” x 7” Lightweight pumpkins 140 super bright orange manager lights on a pumpkin utested 44” Animated bat untested Lighted spider untested Skull signal window ornament untested 10” x 11” Metal pumpkin tea light holde 7 1:2” x 8 1/2” Ceramic pumpkin flying witch Stick is 27” 10 1/2” x 9 1/2” Metal pumpkin candleholder Miscellaneous Halloween pumpkin squash and guest 12 1/2” x 9 1/2” haunted house for Halloween village works 2 Pumpkins 5 inches. 1. Is 5” x 5” other. is 5 1/2” x 4” Miscellaneous Halloween pumpkins 7” x 6” black cauldron two hanging witches 8” x 10” Lightweight pumpkin Three pack lighted ghosts works 8 1/2” x 9” Fall basket pumpkins and squash 8 1/2” x 7 1/2” Pumpkin with lite untested 8 1/2” x 8 1/2” Metal pumpkin tea light holder Halloween pumpkin coffee holder or small planter 12” Scarecrow lighted pumpkins on a string needs batteries untested 3 bales of straw 6” x 6 1/2” Wax candle pumpkin 3 stacked pumpkin candleholder ghost candle ghost with cat and boo 9 inch pie plate autumn bounty 9 1/2" x 9" Terra-cotta Pumpkin 12” x 16” Half straw basket with pumpkins and scarecrow 30” Stuffed scarecrow 27” x 23” Stuffed pumpkin pillow 6” Black basket with cats two of them 13” x 8” Black plastic cauldron 9” x 10” Halloween wooden box Wooden pumpkin bench 10 inches tall 11” x 9” Black witches cauldron Halloween costume adult small to medium dragon ninja Angel costume for Halloween size up to 24 months 9” x 9 1/2” Lighted pumpkin works 18” Hanging mouse 19” x 13” hanging Turkey 8 1/2” x 9” Pumpkin display stand. Can be candleholder 2 Which is one phone and when stuff Bella 8" x 6" Halloween cabin candle holder or incense holder 2 Elbows and 1 pumpkin metal candle holder Daisy Kingdom iron on patches pumpkin 19 inch wreath beautiful flowers 20” Wreath with flowers 18” Wreath with flowers 3 Pairs of pilgrims five Assorted pumpkins 7 Halloween candles String of lights with ghosts on them works string of Bats lights for Halloween 3” x 4” Three piece haunted Village pumpkins in ghosts 28” Long legs on candy corn 17” Hanging cornucopia 25” Halloween witch 6 1/2” Witch candleholder 2 House and pumpkin that open 15” x 15” Welcome friends scarecrow sign 14 x 8 scarecrow on wooden stand 21” x 15” Pumpkin wreath Sorted Halloween stuff two bags Halloween paper ribbon Halloween tissue paper Halloween stuff toys pumpkin and two ghosts 4 11 x 14 Halloween gift bags and big candy dish plastic 7” 5 1/2” Ceramic pumpkin 7” x 5” Terra-cotta pumpkin 6 x 6” metal box 6 x 6” Metal box 5 foot Winsock pumpkin 5 inch tall pumpkin & Light thing Adult Witches witch is cape with hood Miscellaneous Halloween stuff two packages of spiderwebs 6” x 5” Pumpkin bat Miscellaneous Halloween stuff, spiders, Bone untested, picture Battery powered lights two sets works Set of 2. battery operated lights. Works need batteries Two Halloween placemats, two scarves two scarves one Halloween and one dots 20 1/2” x 10” Serving platter with handles 17” Fall wreath 8” x 9 1/2” Lighted pumpkin works 10” x 15 1/2” Lighted pumpkin works 17” across witches hat with hair 18” Witches hat 18” Witches hat 14” Sitting scarecrow with basket. 26” Bear dressed as a witch hanging Skeleton head, bat, & ideas Thanksgiving magazine, With short stories ect. 17 inch wreath flowers measure 18” Wreath with flowers Two hanging baskets with fall foliage and black carnations for Halloween 16” Cromwell hand Wrought aluminum Relish tray 2 foot stick with three hats and Spider, and dish towel 31” Witch can hang or Sit 6 foot hanging Pumpkin head

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