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Saturday, August 6th, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Baldwin City, KS
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wood and metal adjustable shelf 48 inches wide 19 in deep 48 in tall three shelves 36 inch by 15 in Pub mirror has five hooks Lasko HPV high velocity blower fan works good no remote mountain orchard crate has partial label is 12 in wide 19 1/2 in deep 11 in tall Arvin 1500 w radiant heater works working Lakewood box fan working lasko box fan working lasko box fan green touch infrared heater Aero pillow top blow up bed looks to be new did not take out a box vintage Remington wood gun rack 27-in x 18 in cabin on a lake picture with top gun rack and bottom coat rack 18 3 ft wood yardsticks 5 4 ft wood yardsticks 18 3 ft yardsticks wood 4-ft Stanley level six orange parking cones Toshiba DVD player power's on no remote no testing further 12 inch by 12 inch x 15-in tall marble top table Black & Decker heater working working Singer sewing machine one vintage flashlight and one newer flashlight working Shop-Vac grass blower all there is is what you see three turkey decoys working Black & Decker jigsaw working sump pump half inch brace vintage brace vintage brace working scunsi turbo vac working Dyson DC40 vacuum working Hoover floor mate hardwood floor cleaner six pieces floor cleaning items set of jobbers 2 dusters one adjustable duster with 12 ft extension two rolls of some sort of poly brand new seven American ground flags adjustable metal rake and log splitter Chrome Plated Bath Waste Ezy Touch Watts Bathtub Drain Set Model 4933666 Jameco Moen 2919 Thermostatic Chateau Shower Head, Tub Filler and Trim, Chrome two rolls of rope 2 yd trimmers 2 ft aluminum level 2 N706-8 in hard rubber Wheels new pair of Boston speakers working box of mixed tools Kansas City Chiefs cool six pack cooler working skil electric circular saw flat of miscellaneous tools 1978 Sunshine biscuit tin box of miscellaneous electronics with DS all untested box of mostly children's books small havahart live trap fold up Wesco two wheel dolly fold up 2 wheel dolly 2 fold up walkers adjustable door gate adjustable door gate the game tracker fishing reel for a bow and arrow slik universal dolly u700 3 pry bars flat of tools and garage items thinner weight scales untested we'll need batteries 17 inch by 12 and 1/2 in Walt Disney Casey Junior metal tray luxman receiver plugged in power is on no further testing done pair of mission speakers untested flat of drills untested flat of tools flat of garage items working Toro power sweep flat of mixed tools flat of mixed tools flat of mixed tools and garage items pair of sound design type c professional series MK2 speakers 25 new chip clips for potato chip bags pair of general electric speakers two hooks four c clamps 3 c clamps have pins substance abuse identification kit drop hitch with 2-in ball and pin number to universal hand grinder sad iron from Geneva Illinois St Marge Little League Wood bat Canadian made Rawlings big stick softball bat Superior wood professional bat trademark Young little league bat wood Louisville slugger hitter series Wade boggs wood bat box of six softballs two hard balls and a Mizuno glove size 10 vintage Mattel Pop za ball game small one glass shelf curio cabinet 24 in wide 12 in deep 42 in tall piano bench 30 in wide 15 in deep 19 in tall 19 in Toshiba TV with DVD player model number 19 lv61k no remote plugged in comes on 9 in prism digital TV color monitor was working in house 24 inch Vizio TV plugged in power's on no further testing done no remote plugged in working 32-in Philips TV with paperwork no remote 42 inch LG plugged in comes on no remote 42-in Panasonic Viera plugged in comes on no remote 40 inch Sony Bravia no remote plugged in power's on no further testing done small trash container full of shop rags wood tool box with metal handle 24 in Long 8 1/2 in wide 4 in deep Goodwrench spray gun and cop like new in box two portable DVD players and case one works one don't two sets of pool balls with case to carry them brush and chalk new Coors pool cue in case five pool cues and case working Black & Decker cordless weed trimmer no charger has battery Bosch caring case with electrical wires 55 gallon plastic drum top cutout has a hole in the side and in the bottom 55 gallon plastic drum top cut out has hole on side and bottom large rangeland feed bucket cast iron base for singer treadle sewing machine small iron patio table 18 1/2 in wide 15/2 inches 18-in tall 35 gallon dark trash can on Wheels with lid 35 gallon dark trash can with wheels and lid large stand up dustpan rust colored rug 12 ft long 4 ft wide will need cleaned 6 ft tall wooden coat rack has one broken Coat holder vornado stand fan plugged in comes on 2 garden rakes 5 ft iron pry bar sledgehammer and splitting maul 2 step fold up step stool 3 dust mops 5 brooms 5 brooms 3 push brooms 2 push brooms 25 and 1/2 in x 25 1/2 in enclosed showcase wood and plexiglass box of peg hooks 3 recurve bows box of 15 aluminum hunting arrows box with three can lights and one extra light 15 dust pans and two whisk brooms table full of mixed Auto parts mixed fluids from garage including new antifreeze working Lennox sound portable radio CD player Coleman toaster griddle boiler 70 by 24 prosource Exercise mat Is 72 by 24 exercise mat Pizza slice floating mat 69" by 57" 3 steined lids broken off on 2 of them 2 prince tennis racket with balls Dazey 8 court stocker plus multiply cooker/slow cooker works Longaberger Christmas collection 1988 edition poinsettia basket 6" tall round longaberger basket 1988 With insert 5" tall round longaberger basket Crisco American cookies celebration basket 5 by 7 rocking longaberger basket 1989 Longaberger Christmas collection 1989 edition holiday memory basket Hummingbird feeder 11" bird feeder 21" bird feeder Different size and kind of paper 45" by 96" 3 bag tough 2 mil plastic Scranton Craftspun dinner cloths Like new Antique 3 Bolb ceiling light Leap frog Explorer globe needs batteries and tested Kiefer floating device 2 12 by 14 marble cutting boards 19" statue with marble bottom with cracked arm 6 jar canning Cold pack cooker Hat box Hat box 14 by 14 by 12 wooden crate 4" high folded step Metal basket full of fruit 2 ducks 2 Ducks One duck 4 ursulaleyk house 2 ursulaleyk design houses 2 ursulaleyk design houses Flower arrangement Box of miscellaneous Flat of light bulbs Size 7-8 Hyaro trains flippers Women's a 8- 9 1/2 men's 7 -8 1/2 finis flippers Kiefer size 7 to 9 floating Finn new Kiefer floating fins size 5 to 7 new TYR Finn's size 5 to 7 new Aqua sphere goggles Kiefer Ankle/Wrist Weights 1-Pair 2.5 Pounds Each Red (811400-5) new Kiefer Ankle/Wrist Weights 1-Pair 2.5 Pounds Each Red (811400-5) new Kiefer Ankle/Wrist Weights 1-Pair 2.5 Pounds Each Red (811400-5) 8 swimming caps 4 books 5 books The Living Bible bible and methodist church books Fista 12 cooler Gott Tote 18 Cooler Metal sign of hotel 3 basket and 3 tubs 3 candle holders Cabinet drawer one door missing with contents Sex extension chords 3 books great poems interpreted 2nd course of algebra arithmetic reviewed 3 books the new world foundation in the old West and king of the wind and the wheat pit Horton hatched the egg by doctor Seuss Almost big enough but Wreath Wreath Wreath Wreath Basket of ivy Vintage perfume bottles Vintage perfume bottle and kleenex holder Vintage perfume holder Vintage basket and bottle Thailand flatware Wooden carved horses and lumber cart Grandma and grandpa statues Copper coffee pot 9" high kissing angel statue 9" high angel statue 3 little angels praying 3 angels Two angels and archbishop statue Nativity set angel and angel candleholder 7 animals figurines 18" long sign the best parents get promoted to grandparents Religious items Flat of angels 10 by 10 stepping stone may God-bless this home The blessing of secret heart 12 by 15 we are a family 11 by 13 amazing grace 3 trivets Wood and Metal eagle 13" vintage oval mirror chipped on side Set of fitness gear 5 pounds weight 2 transistor radios needs batteries untested 7 Vinyl records Life size poster of the smallest man on Earth Assorted bags and glass cases 10 Beanie babies 10 Beanie babies 10 beanie babies 10 Beanie babies 10 beanie's babies 8 beanie babies 5 McDonald's beanie babies new in package Large beanie baby Two snoopies and Easter Bunny outfit Bando clock untested 20 by 24 painted mirror Golf ball case holds 63 balls Golf ball case hold 63 balls 12" rod iron Mirror Tiles 3 vintage pink dishes Relish tray and egg tray Candle top with candle Vintage spools of thread with needles And miscellaneous sewing equipment 2 throw pillows Extra large bow Jackson T-shirt Extra large Kansas City Royals T-shirt Extra large royals hot dog Derby T-shirt Medium Jersey Large Michigan Jersey West bend stainless steel percolator Untested 2 baskets 3 cutting boards and 4 placements Set of king size sheet Size 11 air cushion Merrell slip on shoes Flower Box Lantern Works Walgreens blood pressure monitor works 4 hand puppets New in package 4 hand puppets new in package 5 hand puppets new and package The White House ornament Coaster Dream catcher Snoopy And other Millionaire money dome Rolo the skating bear needs batteries untested The Amish Heritage collection mother's little helper White towels set 5 hand towels Set of red towels Purple towel and wash rags 2 red towels White hand towels and wash rags 2 Rose colored towels and wash rag Towels and wash rags Pots and pans Royal Haeger vase 1847 Roger's brothers silver plate knives and fork 2 royals ran up for kids straw hats Colander Dog training poles Dog training poles 12 Goebel collectors wine glasses 1950 German punch bowl set with 16 cups German cookie biskit jar German beer Stein 12 by 18 marble cutting board The Hummel book 10 by 18 metal pan Set a 4 punch set Set a 4 punch set Flat of the VHS Nix nack ChurchHill hat size large 15" long Candle holder wood 13" angel Bowl vase and container KU cushion Seat women's basketball T-shirt size medium and bag 2015 champs T-shirt size medium Royal's cap and T-shirt size medium New Emerson Karaoke player with 4" screen and record function New inbox 2 Roster Expandable trivet Vintage Coca-Cola wooden wagon Wooden truck and trailer Shields depend for men 58 count Wooden heart shaped stool 22 by 28 poster 22 by 28 poster 4 votel candles holders 4 lids Two hurricane globe 12 inch Shoe groomer Daylight light Work cut out and material Wire ties and meters Dogs on talking couch works but need new batteries Vintage evening purse Coach green purse New Jewelry Box flat for girls bags hair dryer girl friend coupons poncho coaster set money bag Oriental guy clock and tinker Box 5" pottery vase African mask and stautal 2 games pictionary 1st edition and masterpiece 2 games pictionary 1st edition and Boggle Alexander doll Vase and Candy dish 2 Black vase 2 14" hurricane globe Martini pitcher glass and hurricane globe 3 hurricane globe Charlot doll Precious moment doll And bracelet Porcelain doll Porcelain doll 6 inch old man with fish Nuwave blender The Premier egg cup By Royal Worcester Flat of kitchen utensil 4 Pewter bowls picher glass and jelly tray flat of Bottle stopper Mask confetti seashell and more Pottery bowls vase and dish Two vintage tennis ball metal containers 3 DVD's Wine opener Iron bell Nordic Ware skillet 9" cake Pan and tea pot Toast master waffle and sandwich grill Untested Black and Decker handy steamer Untested Cooling rack rolling pin lazy Susan and more Sign book by doctor Judith Briles Sign book by Dan Millman Sign book by Suze Orman Sign book by Suze Orman Sign book by Barry Moltz Sign book by William A Donius Sign book by Barbara Van Cleve Sign book by ZuZu Sign book by Barnett C Helzberg Jr Sign book by Jeannine C Fox Sign book by David sherwin Sign book by Tony G Boehm ph D Sign book by Andy Van slyke and rob rains Sign book by Barbara Van Cleve Sign book by Jennifer white Sign book by Jim Welch Sign book by Diana Kander Sign book by G P Schultz 22 by elk Picture 20 by 24 mirror 25 by 21 embroidered train station picture Cedar Valley train depot 31 by 31 Canvas pictures of saddle 24 by 30 sticks poster 26 by 32 Poster by Stephanie Smith 12 by 16 oil painting Three piece motive set and large pig Artificial flowers 2 Large bowls 11 1/2 and 11 inch 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 by 9 piece glassware 6 assorted fancy pillows Largest travel and a half inch .(2) 14” candle Holders and speckled fruit in basket (2) Fruit pictures and musical photo album 17 x 14 Greenleaf candleholder Children’s books Books Children’s trays 14 x 10 red and yellow Miscellaneous dinnerware 4 pie pans, pie crust shield, 11 inch By 4 inch bowl with lid 9 Miscellaneous cups pot, Lead, colander, round Metalbaking dish 14 ASorted plastic containers with lids Miscellaneous stuff frames. 18 1/2 inch bass ECT Waffle iron and a handy Chopper 2 dolls and Assorted medals Hard plastic stepstool 14 x 10 1/2 Little tykes stepstool 10 x 8” 18 and half by 8. 5 place candleholder 3 cup tea set, 4 saucers, tea pot with lid, Creamer, sugar bowl with lid, 3 cups 3 saucers (2) Books, treasures of the great Midwest, Huxford’s old book value guide Two vases and one piece candle holder 2 clocks, 3 Treasure holders Miscellaneous glassware VHS movies American quilters magazines from 2018 and 2019 and duplicates 11 inch glass canister purple 7 inch vase, 2 10 inch champagne glasses, Plastic pitcher (12) 7 1/2” Green dessert dishes 8 1/2” Fire king baking dish with lid 12 Dessert bowls 1 1/2 Quart fire king baking dish and 12 inch platter 12 1/2” x 6” Long trays Pampered Chef adjustable baking dish carrier Bake and roast pan with roasting rack 15 x 10 1/2 x 2 1/4” 2 Cutting boards one adjustable the other 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 8 bags 2 extra bags Wooden holder and measuring cups, gravy separator Nine fancy ties Artificial flowers 3 first picture, 4 Next picture 42 pieces of Adams China made in England 14 x 16 basket with cover 2 Artificial flowers in pots Time locker bag new never used KIVA case 15 1/2 inch oil lamp Napkin holder and silverware tray Shoebox and wire basket miscellaneous candleholders 4 baskets 15 x 11” fruit basket 15 x 11” fruit basket 15 x 11” fruit basket 12 assorted bags and small purses For assorted little bags 11” x 5” opening Vase 9 1/2” x 8” glass jar grilling book metal pineapple Picher the village picture I am Patsy doll F A O Schwartz 1998 13” 16 1/2” Doll 18” Doll 3 Bears Biggest 12 inches 10” Solid porcelain doll 7” Small porcelain doll Light works. 12 1/2” Orchard Crystal Embassy 8 piece buffet set orchard Crystal embassy 8 piece Buffet Set Fluffy Vanderbear And friends Office mail sorter and pin holder Books on animals fiesta wear cookbook and American locomotives Assorted grinder wheels (2) 14 1/2 x 9 1/2” baking dishes Pyrex Two large bowls and a pedestal cake dish Assorted frames Assorted glass kitchen wear (2) Sets of 4 Goblets steak birdhouse 25 inches Miscellaneous kitchenware assorted pillows biggest 17 x 16” 12” Anniversary clock pendulum came loose Set of three mixing bowls 10 1/2 x 5 1/2 biggest 12 x 7” Large mixing bowl 14 x 6” Large Mixing bowl Miscellaneous cooking things Stuffed toys miscellaneous Vases Miscellaneous drinking cups and glasses 13 1/4 x 11” wooden frames Large pioneer brandy snifter, six wine glasses from LUMINARC in France (3) pie pans and 2 bowls two Large Dutch ovens Yarn, knitting needles, crochet hook extras GElightbulbs 40 and 25 small end 42 1/2 x 23” elephant picture 37 1/2 x 26” golf history picture By 14 inch University of Kansas puzzle picture Floor lamp untested Floor lamp adjustable. untested. 33” Light works Miscellaneous doodads Miscellaneous baskets Unfinished tablecloth and napkins with thread 11 13” Green plates Levoit True HEPA replacement filters Canvas rifle cover Large paper plate holders 12 Sewing basket with stuff Decorative cords Miscellaneous craft supplies 51” x 51” tablecloth or Through Half gallon Glass juice jar with Pour lid And 12 punch glasses Picture light untested Miscellaneous hodgepodge napkin holder, hot pads, light timer,shell, fan. 55” Brown vinyl material 40” White vinyl material electrical Plug-ins 300 pocket photo album Four puzzles three not open Keurig one cup coffee maker untested Miscellaneous kitchen stuff 12 cup punch bowl with ladle Sunburst snacks add sparkling Crystal for plates for cups decorative soaps 12 cup coffee makerGEVALIA Untested 12 1/2 x 6 1/2” sculptured bowl Large scrapbook unopened 100 pages 50 sheets Large scrapbook hundred pages 50 sheets unopened 12 1/1” x 12” 25 page photo album(12) Pictures per page BAYLIS & HARDING body lotions 7” A crossed 12” high. Large vase 13 x 9” metal dish 9” Chinese plate YUAN DYNASTY 1279-1366 A. D. Hamilton Beach 2-Way flex Brew coffee maker 11” x 9” 10 1/2” Pink basket (4) Empty Avon bottles. (2) Empty kings men aftershave bottles 36 piece Royal cauldron Bristol iron stone England dinnerware Dutch oven with lid pie pan etc. 10” x 6” Crystal bowl with small chip (2) 15” Hammercraft Aluminum roaster Pyrex 13 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 1 3/4” baking dish 13 x 6” large glass crystal vase 10 1/2 x 8” fondue pot Assorted glass stuff except plate plastic Cookbooks 3 Cookbooks 3 Cookbooks 4 Cookbooks 4 Cookbooks (3) Flip phones, 2 Motorola, 1 Allergy Wooden salad Bowl set 4 bowls 8” x 3” Opening blue bowl 9” Acrossed Two books 2 Holy Bibles 2 Religious books 20 pieces of Flower dishes 11 punch cups 21” Male marionette 21” Female marionette 15 1/2” x 8 1/2” Carved locomotive A number of odds and ends Miscellaneous stuff Miscellaneous glassware Assorted baskets Trey to insulated mugs one cup and saucer Large crockpot rival untested 4 stuffed animals Vinyl notebook 2 Final notebooks stuffed toys And Popeye the sailor man 7 1/4” x 10 1/4”wooden box 22” Hard plastic 16 inch clown bear Pajama party in a box Miscellaneous sewing items miscellaneous flower cups. Five red cups, two glasses Classic reading books Blood pressure and door lock 2 Dinosaurs and box Claris Companion 10 Wi-Fi with cord untested Noah’s ark wooden boat with 4 60 minute cassette stories small rival fiesta croch - ette. untested 25” Candle holder 3/glasses missing Miscellaneous kitchen stuff Dutch oven and baking dish 9 1/2 x 7 1/2” Bird house Vintage Snacks set 3 plates 4 cups Vintage snacks set three plates 4 cups Glass Sun tea jar, Air tight container Display case it’s Village and none’s coming down the hill Sir Knight formal wear ties. Poker chips with cribbage board attached 13 red wine glasses 3 Decorative bowls 5 inch Black & Decker electric knives works 13 3/4 x 5” glass tunnel Cord control cable zipper and two lightbulbs 21 x 17 picture silk Hangings 18 3/4 x 16 1/2 picture synagogue 17 x 3/4 x 19 3/4” Frame 20 x 16” Frame 18 3/4 x 14 3/4” Picher

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