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Antique, Vintage & Primitive Furniture Pieces! Most All Ready for Your House! Outstanding Opportunity! Mexican slope-lid desk, stenciled / mirrored trunk, ornately carved Tudor cupboard, carved Spanish sideboard, distressed wood round table with adjustable tripod iron industrial base, marble-top burled maple sideboard, Empire sideboard ca. 1820, art deco waterfall mirrored sideboard, Asian chair, stenciled cane chairs, low Asian hallway desk, large stenciled blanket chest, painter’s trunk, baker’s cabinet, Ross table wash stand, Asian moon curio cabinets, grained table, painted hexagonal table, drop leaf tables – both circular and square, Atie leopard man stool - Ivory Coast, Sudanese tripod stools, elaborately carved Indonesian cupboard with reflective details, country cupboards, marble-top table on iron base, Brunswick table on painted iron base, small metal coffee table with lion-face relief under glass top, square wood table with removable top, vintage carved wood coffee table, vintage wood office desk, rustic Asian side table, wall-hung cabinets, curios, small Asian floor pedestals, large antique wood free-standing display with three glass shelves supported on vintage custom metalwork legs, large dovetailed Asian footed trunk, Eli Lilly 1920s leather Rolls Royce car trunk, Victorian armoire converted to three-shelf glass-front display cabinet, large antique glass and oak table top display, long slope-top vintage table top display, small drop-front wood / glass table top display, small curved glass / wood table top display with tiered shelves. Antique and vintage wood stools, marquetry pedestal table, marquetry valet, 1933 Grandmother clock built by John K. Shanaman, French wall clock, Victorian mantel clock, large carved soapstone floor lamp, pr Persian brass floor lamps ca. 1910, 3-tiered chest in frame with handle, wood pulpit, harp-back chair, captain’s chairs, 19th Century Anglo-Indian side table with elephant head legs, wood commode stand / cabinet, black laminate floor display pedestal with turntable top & More! Fine Art / Jewelry Fine art pottery by Rose Cabot, two-dimensional art by Fritz Scholder, Judy Graese, Udinotti, Carl Dahl, Jon Zahourek, Mark McDowell, Brent Bond, Mark Rossi, Robert Redbird, Bill Schenck, Paul Coze, Barry Moser, S. Oman, Lamar Briggs, Philip Curtis Campbell, Paulo Boni, Gay Patterson, Earl Linderman, cancelled plate proof by Gene Kloss, Damien Gomes, and more. Framed painting on fabric Al Capp of 1920s era copper arguing with an antique dealer over damage he caused while in "hot pursuit", and dimensional wall assemblages and sculptures produced by Ukrainian artists post-glastnost (1991-1994). Saint Thomas Garnet pyrographic school desk by Brent Bond, tooled leatherwork "Cattle Drive" by F.H. Downes, Carved painted peacock, carved painted eagle on rock, carved stone Native American with fan and rattle, carved stone giraffe Jewelry: trade bead necklaces, raw amber, coral, lapis, jade, silver and glass necklaces, vintage, antique, ancient and some modern. Origins are Native American, ethnic, Naga land, Taxco and more. Bags of loose beads. Early 20th century engagement ring. Silver concho belt, Native American beaded belt, and more. Cuffs, necklaces, pins, earrings, belts and rings. Pottery / Collectibles / Glassware / Misc. Advertising Items: Mills Building (Topeka), Heinz pickle, The Pier button hook, Welsbach Mantle advertising letter opener, Dupont explosives advertising letter opener, numerous Victoriana (thread, baking powder, cigarette cards, etc.) Pottery / ceramics: salt-glazed stoneware, Asian water holder, Lester Breininger pitcher with dog handle, Jan Du Toit blackberry charger, Celadon pot, Yixing teapots: peanut, blueberry, fish, lizard, spotted salamander, and more. Pitchers, platters, vases, studio, and signed pottery. Limited edition Disney charger bowls by artist Brenda White: Ursula, Mickey Mouse with sketchpad, and Mickey Mouse from Fantasia Glassware: fry glass tray, blown glass wine stemware, etched crystal vases, Blendo punch bowl, juices glasses and more Stage and screen: signed matted headshots from the ‘80s, leather whip signed by cast of Streets of New York, 1960s theater movie promotional posters: Cat Ballou, Cast a Giant Shadow, Dr. Who and the Daleks, Spartacus, One Million Years B.C., Beau Geste, and many more Decoys: canvas duck decoy ca 1910, shorebird decoy ca 1950, R.A. Johnson (Cape Code) duck decoy, merganser decoy, Elliston duck decoy, mini wood duck decoy, Cobb Island decoy, carved wood owl signed by R D Lewis, pieced carved duck on lake wall hanging, Charles Weddle carvings: woodpecker, Baltimore oriole, robin and more. Musical instruments: Asian and American folk art violins, Japanese flute ca 1900 Kitchen wares: Belgian counter coffee grinder ca. 1880, Folk art wood “kitchen utensil” balance scale, lacquered rice container, large African gourd storage vessel with lid, rice basket, crude oversized rectangular bowl, antique Asian zoomorphic coconut grater Agricultural: antique wood hand-crank thresher, Japanese well pulley, Afghani camel bell, Scotch top horse harness, firkin pail and more Toys: wood pull toy from Burkino Faso, Victorian-era articulated wood figure, antique Lionel O Gauge train set, wood doll furniture, Vitalite lawn bowl sets and more Misc: Sewer tile match holder, Steel plate bullet-distressed bison doorstop, Folk art and international canes, mauchlinware. Stamps: Wide selection of stated-price postage stamps: stage and screen, Disney, fine art, international, Bison 6¢ stamp with original framed bison by same artist, space exploration and many more Knives / Blades: Oglala Spear, ca 1960, Chancay palm wood spear, ancient lined metal blade. Knives: Green Beret, Colani, Timber Wolf, and antique. Global Misc: New Guinea skull hook wall hanging, traditional carved wood ceremonial masks: monkey grinder wooden mask, Congo region mask, Dogon Kanoga mask ca. 1945, Dogon zoomorphic ceremonial box, Yoruba offering bowl. Numerous items too many to mention! Seller: William P. Bishop Estate Auction Note: This is 1st of three auctions. Mr. Bishop owned antique stores and fine art galleries in Allenspark, CO and Scottsdale, AZ for over 50 years. This extraordinary collection contains one-of-a-kind items from his Scottsdale location as well as his home. Some vintage, but most items date from antique to ancient, and come from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa—items RARELY available for Auction in this region. Many works of fine art, pottery, sculpture and jewelry were created by Native American, western, and southwestern artists. Many Unusual items & the Quality is Exceptional! DO NOT MISS THIS AUCTION! Many Unlisted Items! Plan on Spending ALL DAY! All Items MUST be removed Day of Auction! Auction Staff Does Not Load! Terms: Cash or approved checks, sorry no credit cards, ID required to register for a bid number, bidding by number, nothing removed until settled with the cashier. Elston Auctions or Seller not responsible for accidents / damage or theft. Statements made day of auction take precedence over all prior advertisements and printed material. Title transfers are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. Everything sold as is, where is, without any guarantee implied. Concessions: Worden Church Ladies

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