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27 Guitars Alvarez Stratocaster; Mako Traditions; 4- Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594’s (Lite Oak, Tiger Striped, Single Cut, Artist); Fender Stratocaster; 5 – Fenders (Stratocaster’s, Precsion Bass, Precsion Bass Special); 4 – G&L (Legacy’s, Legacy Tribute, ASAT Tribute); 2 - Tom Anderson Guitarworks; 5 – Gibson’s (Explorer, Les Paul’s); Nash Guitars; Epiphone; The Heritage; Rain Song Music Equipment / Misc. Amps: Fender’s, Tom King’s, Crate, Peavey, Mesa Boogie; 25+ Pedals: JHS (Moonshine, Muffuletta’s, Angry Charlei, Charlie Brown, Morning Glory), Timmy; Cusack, Boss, Xotic Effects, Earth Quaker, Dane Electronics, Keeling Eng., Flint, Jim Dunlap, KMB; Guitar: Stands, Straps, Picks, Strings, Pich Ups; Amp Stands; Guitar Publications; Fender Book; Band Pictures; Elvis items; many other items too numerous to mention! Auction Note: Great Collection of Guitars & Music Equipment from ONE Owner! BE ON TIME NOT A LARGE AUCTION! See Internet for Complete Listing! Scott's Guitar & Music Equipment List Name Country & Serial # Additional Notes 1 Alvarez Stratocaster Korea, 9022904 Red, Fender case Seymour Duncan pick ups. Looks Stock 2 Mako Traditions 5036740 Blue/White, keyed case LA3-8 LS3-8, Replacement Schaller Tuners 3 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 USA, 233145 lite oak, w/case 58/15 LT p/u, pattern vintage 10-11-16, 4 Fender Stratocaster R80142 11/03/14 bronze/white, G&G case w/fender tools, Model # 9230090844 w/certificate Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster Journeyman Relic RW Shoreline Gold Metallic 5 G&L Legacy CS1804008 swamp ash/blonde, keyed case w/certificate 6 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 USA, 0282575 tiger striped, w/case custom built 7 Tom Anderson Guitarworks USA, 05-31-18N Corvette yellow, w/case Seymour Duncan pick ups. Original Tom Anderson p/u's in case 8 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Single cut USA, 14-215246 brazilian 4998, w/case East indian rosewood, p/u 47/08 TM 9 G&L Legacy USA, CLF1706334 silver metalic/black, G&L case 10 G&L Legacy Tribute Indonesia, 180400829 Lime green/white, keyed case 11 Fender Stratocaster Japan, E853675 Blue/White, Fender case w/keys 1988 Gotoh tuners, pick ups could be replacements 12 Tom Anderson Guitarworks USA, 12-04-17A surf green, w/case Certificate, 13 G&L ASAT Tribute Indonesia, 151207717 burgundy, keyed case 14 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Artist USA, 14-210132 woodtones, black paisley case p/us 57/03 TM 15 Fender Precision Bass Japan, E626262 off white, w/case 1986 p/u EMG, 1986 16 Fender Precision Bass Special Mexico, MX13128124 Black, keyed Fender case 2013 Deluxe series 17 Gibson Explorer USA White /black, w/case 18 Gibson Les Paul Jr. D.C. USA, 020560368 Lite yellow wood, Gator case w/keys 2006 Lollar pickups, originals in case 19 Epiphone Les Paul Korea, U02040611 Blue shades, w/case 2002 LP-Standard, Seymour Duncan pickups SH-2 20 Gibson Les Paul USA, 01884622 Flametop sunburst, Gibson case w/combo lock 2004 Standard 2004 w/OHSC, Seymour Duncan SH1 neck pickup 21 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 USA, 135621415 woodtones, Gibson case 2012 Birds eye Maple top, Seymour Duncan SH-2 neck pickup 22 Fender Stratocaster Japan, H001633 Black w/marble face, SKB strat case w/key 88-89 Reissue, Black m1J 1989 w/mods w/GB, Gotoh Tuners 23 Gibson Les Paul Custom USA, CS501361 Heritage cherry sunburst, Gibson custom case Certificate Gold covers removed from pick ups & in case 24 Nashguitars May-63 USA, ADM-334 Fiesta Red, Nashguitar case w/key 25 Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Indonesia, 19042301115 Burgundy w/sunburst face, Epiphone case 2019 specialized card, QC bass 26 The Heritage H-535 USA, Y34302 Dark oak w/sunburst face, The Heritage case w/key H-535/ALM513, Seymour Duncan Seth Loves, SH-55 PAF Pickups 27 Rain Song CO-WS1005NST USA, 18506 Bronze w/sunburst face, Rainsong/Access case Certificate says SN 18505 Amps 28 Fender Amp Princeton Reverb-Amp USA, A 18311 1967 Speaker non-original, w/Fender cover AA764, .7 amp/117 volts/ 50-60 Cycles 29 Tone King Amp Gremlin Ironman II 8100918018? Blue color 870/70 Watts/ 8 ohms/ 120v 30 Tone King Amp Imperial MKII 8011910004 33 Loudspeaker/ 30 watts/ 8 ohms Tan color 31 Fender Amp Blues Junior Mexico, B-712522 120v - 60 hz 180w, w/J&L cover 8/18/2017 Brown color 32 Crate Amp All Tube Vintage Club 50 USA E12, paper former vintage series, 2 speaker Cream color 33 Peavey Amp Tour 450 USA, K0462194 Smart rail, 450 watts/ 42.4v/ RMS 4ohm min. load 34 Mesa Boogie Amp Dual Caliber DC-3 USA, DC3-02786 W/Studio cover Dynawatt Power, Celestion G12 Vintage 30 35 Mesa Boogie Amp Remedy Dr. Z USA w/studio cover 3 amp 36 Mesa Boogie Amp Z USA W/Studio cover 8 ohm 37 Mesa Boogie Amp Black Shadow USA, C4-08900 1 x 12 cabinet, w/Mesa cover 90 Watt max 38 Mesa Boogie Amp 2x12 Horizontal Rectifie USA, C1-73511 W/Mesa cover 39 Ampeg 410 Cab USA, D2FDR20019 47-928-63 40 Amp Homemade 4 speaker 41 Peavey Amp Sheffield 412 MS USA, 9916033 Stereo GTR, MFG LOC-03 42 Mesa Boogie Amp Furman PL-Plus USA Gator case w/wheels Pre V-Twin Amp, power conditioner & light module 43 Mesa Boogie Amp V-Twin Pre Amp USA Floor Amp Miscellaneous 44 JHS Pedal Moonshine 1539 Hand painted pedal in box 45 JHS Pedal Moonshine VI 5361 In box 46 JHS Pedal Muffuletta Fuzz In box 47 JHS Pedal Muffuletta VI 1355 In box 48 JHS Pedal Angry Charlie V3 3575 In box 49 JHS Pedal Angry Charlie 1626 In box 50 JHS Pedal Charlie Brown V4 3228 In box 51 JHS Pedal Charlie Brown V4 995 In box 52 JHS Pedal Morning Glory V4 1381 In box 53 JHS Pedal Morning Glory V4 In box 54 JHS Pedal Mini Bomb Boost 716 In box 55 Timmy Pedal in box 56 Cusack More Louder Pedal in box 57 Fulltone OCD V2 172396 Pedal in box, Overdrive/distortion 58 Boss DD-7 Pedal in box 59 Boss TU-3 Pedal in box, Chromatic Tuner 60 Xotic Effects Xotic Wah Xw-1 Pedal in box 61 Xotic Effects Xotic Wah Xw-1 Pedal in box 62 Earth Quaker The Depths 3770 Pedal in box 63 Dane Electronics Tape Echo 141553 Pedal in box 64 Keeley Eng. Dark Side 2254 Pedal in box 65 Keeley Eng. Caverns 1282 Pedal in box 66 Flint Strymon Pedal in box, Tremelo & Reverb 67 Jim Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q GCB535Q Pedal in box 68 Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Pedal in box 69 JHS Pedal Charlie Brown Pedal in box 70 KMD 2479 Taiwan Pedal in box 71 Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2 Pedal in box 72 JHS Pedal Morning Glory Pedal in box 73 JHS Pedal Unicorn 220 Pedal in box 74 Boss Super Shorus CH1 Pedal in box 75 Zoom 506 II Bass Pedal in box, analog, 33 effects, 8 at once, 36 programs

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