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Preview Photo Ridgeway grandfather clock Metal candleholders Large pedestal vase Electric double lamp Candelabra style lamp Carved side table with Marble center Wing back chair Round pedestal table, flower arrangement Lady lamp with three tulip shades Small parlor table Wood and Marble entry cabinet Large antique style mirror Vase and matching picture Round marble top table Parlor chair Burgundy and gold framed pictures Oval framed bouquet pictures Victorian Carved Walnut Buffett Two leaf shelves Decorative shelf, bird candle holder Wood angel shelf Oriental vase, Egyptian head statue Lighted column Music themed wall art, horn Crystal, candleholders, nesting bunny Heavy gold framed mirror, puzzle, picture, bird picture Humming bird pictures Cast iron book ends, match holder Oil lamp, 1915 calendar Roman numeral Clock, picture Decorative plates, plate holders Two flats of figurines Gold ornate clock Pair of white angel statues Marble top coffee table, flower bouquet Matching chairs, needlepoint seat, wooden back Victorian style armchair Wizard of Oz characters, nutcracker, old postcards Victorian vases, figurines Two children statues Crystal ice bucket, candy dish Lead crystal Silver plated items Tropical floral arrangement in Vegas Crystal vase full of glass pebbles, swan Turntable with CD, cassette and radio Cat, bird & satin pillows Leaf art, picture, yearbook Duck pillows, swan floral arrangement Eight crystal glasses, cream and sugar, candy dish, other Christmas lights, old time Santas, Christmas train Holiday decor Crystal serving plates Lead crystal pitcher/vase Two candleholders Gray sculpture Two theater statues Serving buffet Large gold framed mirror Rabbits, elephants, coasters Large white rabbit statue Marble top high table Mahogany colored China buffet Crystal stemware, vase Beautiful crystal stemware, toothpick holder, jellyfish Elephant table Beautiful ornate picture frame Doilies, placemats Two candelabras, gold centerpiece Mahogany, colored dining room table with leaf Books, CDs, music albums Wood cabinet with metal inserts Antique Organ made in the USA, stool Pair of wing back chairs Round table with flower and vase Marble base vases Victorian style pictures Futon type sofa Paul Revere style pedestal statue Vase with greenery, angel decor, flower pot Plasticware, ice cream glasses Hamilton beach microwave Corningware, casserole, coffee pot Partial set of Corelle dishes Stainless steel flatware Crystal fruit bowls, cereal bowls Hamilton Beach electric can opener, toaster Sandwich maker, waffle maker Oil lamp, lantern, cleaning supplies Marble cutting board, 9 x 13 Pyrex, kitchen towels Bundt pan, muffin tin, cookie sheet Three plastic organizers Lightbulbs, inside tools Stapler, hammer, needle nose, other Pet feeding station, boot tray Partial cans of paint Skillet, sauce pans, roaster Electric skillet, Keurig Rival crockpot, blender Partial cans of spray paint, finishes Hand mixer, wall clock Percolator/Coffee Pot Pet cleaning supplies B&D toaster oven Kitchen utensils Measuring cups, strainer, jug Bug stop, plant food, plant waterer Flat back picnic basket Humidifier, cords Small round wood table, two chairs Hoover carpet shampooer Pet bunkbeds Umbrella, broom holder, sconces Small shop vac, leaf blower Broom, dust pan, mitt, other Riccar vacuum sweeper, swiffer mop Glue gun, metal yard stick Iron and ironing board Towels, organizer, bathroom tissue Health and beauty Wall decor Floral prints Bathmat, hairdryer, Dixie cups Clock and metal wall art Four fairy pictures Storage chest White metal shelves Wooden stool Crosley washing machine Crosley electric dryer Area rug 8 x 10 feet Crosley side-by-side refrigerator Crosley gas range Tall wooden plant stand with bouquet Battery operated carousel, angel figurine Hat rack, maids bell, clock, flower holder Two plastic organizers Complete brass queen bed w/bedding Sheet sets, pillows Black nightstand, suitcase Tufted wingback chair Wooden wind up clock Walker, cane, heating pad Riccar vacuum sweeper Aztec jar, man on pedestal Gold framed picture, candle stick holder Candles sconce, mantle scarf, pictures Hunting picture, candles Two table lamps with bead accent Mantle and lamps Small table with book rack, lamp Podium, train sign Metal train signs Maps in display rack, telegram, material, plates Train themed decor Red crackle vase on podium Two sets of shelves w/long counter Emerson 31" flatscreen Magnavox DVD/VHS player Panasonic stereo system CD player, CDs, movies Wood shelving Three flats of railroad movies and informational movies Typewriter,3 drawer metal file cabinet Small computer desk ,desk chair on rollers Desk supplies Desk lamp, calculator Pair of larger electric fans Train memorabilia Towels, Dixie cups, trash cans Rocker recliner Pair of pet gates Four train pictures St. Louis Union station pictures, train picture, Santa Fe sign Santa Fe train items White storage cabinet Lot one of train pictures Lot 2 of train pictures Lot 3 of train pictures Five cast iron train cars, train track Trolley video, display railroad track Railroad magazines from 1950 to 1994 Train magazines from 2010 to 2022 Train magazines Train calendars, magazines Small shelf on rollers, informational books Bookcase with books Mesh chair, antique wood glass panel, cables Valet, men’s watch, Kennedy book Standard/queen size bed, bedding Mahogany colored night stand Chest of drawers, matching lot 257 31" flatscreen Emerson TV Christmas horse and sleigh, candles, glass, ornaments Comforter, matching scarf Dresser with mirror, matches lot 258 Wall candle, standing candle holder, pictures Gold framed pictures with pink mat, Archway picture Framed pictures one antique frame Carousel pictures, carousel horse Bouquet picture, porch picture Decorative cabinet with metal trim Arm chair with brocade type back Fancy dresser accessories Limited edition glass Barbie, hand painted tray Two small wood shelves, fancy round box, tissue holder Wind up mantle clock Baby carriage, dolls Three girl dolls Clowns, poly fill Floor lamp, picture Decorative pitcher, vase Decorative hall table Portable fireplace Five drawer dresser Standard/Queen size bed with bedding Tapestry arm chair Power washer Two wheel dolly/step ladder Wheelbarrow Gas weedeater Lot of hand tools 1 Lot of hand tools 2 Lot of hand tools 3 Axe/maul Pair moving dolly’s Small grill/grate/roasting sticks Delta Miter saw Shop Series 10” table saw 4 drawer file cabinet Small vice/iron Two flats drywall supplies Tin snips/vise grips Battery/clamps/assorted hardware Screwdrivers/pipe wrench Small grease gun/saws Levels/crowbar 3 organizers 6” bench grinder Garden items/organizer Pair DeWalt drills Assorted bits Assorted sockets/fuel Workbench Pruner/pole saw Pile assorted lumber Bench frame/iron pieces Hoses/sprinklers Small pet crate/stool Fan/cabinet Seeder/lawn items B&D cordless tools Small cabinet/hardware Organizer w/contents Top shelf hardware/tape recorder Fountain pump supplies/chemicals Shelf paint/oils Shelf garden items Shelf gas cans/funnels Corner assorted iron/metal pieces Coax/romex/electrical Squares/grabber Cushions/wreaths Canopy/pump Paintbrushes/folding table Concrete birdbath/fountain Small lawn decor pieces Male statue Planter w/base Birds/planter Pair metal patio chairs Bench Pair matching planter stands 2’ Concrete base Planter & base Pair matching statues Wind chime/sphere Statue w/wood base Patio set w/cushions Wicker chair/table Vintage bike & croquet set Lion statue Gazing ball Cherub statue Trellis w/topper

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