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Thursday, February 15th, 2024 at 7:00 PM - Chanute, KS
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Preview Photo 1997 Chrysler Plymouth van 1988 Plymouth Reliant LE 1972 Honda 750 Four motorcycle Wash Stand, pitcher and basin Larkin Eastlake Victorian Secretary 42 in. Square oak table, chairs Five small wooden shelves Two drawer, file cabinet metal Antique Office supplies Wicker cap, old watches, small pocket knives Ladies costume jewelry Bead necklaces Writing desk, typewriter Moose wall hanging Floor to ceiling bar, stain, glass pieces Christmas items Turn table, cassette players, stereo, CB Beer steins, cigar boxes Wooden cigar boxes Cedar box, wallet, jewelry box Cards, game, opera glasses Brownie/Yashica/Zodiac cameras Jigsaw puzzles Wooden box of toys 2 Tin cans with lids Montgomery Ward grandfather clock Three stools Primitive yellow chest, suitcase Wooden chest, jigsaw puzzles Wooden bookshelves, books Antique little wizard lamp, lanterns Electric Wirlitzer organ, speaker, bench Auto harp Records, long play albums Two lots of albums in sets Mosaic tile pieces, knickknacks Ashtrays, small banners Old postcards, quartz rock, small bell Matching side tables Two Matching cavalier end tables Vintage coat rack, vintage fan Oval mirror, vintage lamp stand Blankets, Afghan Two Straight back chairs. XL new T-shirts, army sleeping bag Victorian arm chair, antique footstool Round Occasional table, antique square stool Book rack table, clock Embossed copper plaques, bells, handmade water lilies Vintage dresser with hidden drawers Plank flooring, approximately 52" long Cedar chest Antique singer sewing machine, in cabinet Yarn, knitting needles Singer Attachments, Sewing Notions Electric scissors, pillow slips, sewing notions Yarn, tracing wheel, seam ripper, crochet Thread, cutting board, other Mosaic tile Antique dresser Fabric pieces Antique table with marble top, bed stead Velveteen pieces Upholstery material Fabric pieces, net, door draft stopper’s Retro glasses, S&P shaker Two incomplete sets of China Approximately 18 plates, saucers of China Two boxes of stemware Green goblets, Stoneware jug, picher, jars Milk glass, planter One box of fabric, globe Vintage dresser Glassware, bubble glasses, sandwich plate, shot glasses McCoy Tea set Lamps, trashcan Antique floor lamp Three flats glassware Copper molds, wine bottles, Avon Stoneware, Correlle cups, coasters Planters, soup bowl with saucer, custard dish Drinking glasses, bottles with lids Cut glass, anchor hocking Milk glass, and hobnail Crystal glassware Carnival glass, handmade roses Four lots of brown ware Amber colored lamp, candleholders Oil lamps Two oil lamps, one electric lamp Percolator, cream and sugar, serving utensils Jars and vases Cookbooks Table with two leaves Decorative plates Jars, vases, pitchers Greek Santini Statues Small glass lampshades, green glass Vintage suitcases, random keys Pioneer speakers Four-door metal file cabinet Swedish bar cabinet Oriental items 1953 silver half dollar, zippo lighter, WW2 lighter Parlor table Kenmore washing machine Kitchen utensils, antique cans Metal shelves with contents Piano bench, music Flatware, pop bottles, letter holder Antique hot plate, recipe boxes Cloth napkins, clear film wrap 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers Rocking chair, metal chair Wooden barstools, wooden bowl Wooden shelves, oval mirror in frame Older wooden table, stoneware bowls Hump back trunk, concrete cat Hump back trunk Pair of hanging lamps Pole lamp with plastic shades, antique wall lamp Costume jewelry Necklaces, cameos Gold and silver like necklaces, vintage card Stepstool, work light Two flats jewelry Flat of marbles Spectacles/book Vintage lamp Concrete picnic table, benches, pavers Citation stove Player piano Treadle sewing machine, cabinet Wooden antique ironing board Antique washing machine Five metal boxes Four metal boxes Four totes with lids Plate glass Card file cabinet Armoire cabinet Small trailer Shop made table saw Pair of Columbia windows with screens Panasonic direct Drive player system Handtools Bedspread and blanket, cleaning rags Pillow stuffing Saw blades, ohms meter Addressing Machine, spools Craftsman open end wrenches Pipe wrenches Hanging light with long cord Capper/Nutcracker Ice tongs, ice skates Large ice tongs Large pipe wrench, rasp, screwdriver Briggs and Stratton 8hp Engine Wooden box with lid Square, saws, other Small alternators, galvanized tool tray, hardware Two flats of handtools Two flats of sockets Tall shelving unit with books, (tools not included) Storm door Wooden spools of thread, hot pad frame Seam binding, bias tape, Rick rack Buttons, patterns, hooks and eyes Craft items, buttons Crochet thread, wooden spools, thread Crochet thread, zippers, yarn, fabric pieces Flat of building toys, older football, catchers mitt Children’s games, vintage toys, books Tub of bed protectors Box of Boy Scout items, wooden box Flower pots, vases, partial jug of Round Up Hedge shears, small shovel, seeds, edger Hedge trimmer, weed control Wheelbarrow Kenmore electric clothes dryer Upright freezer Weedeater Metal lunch pail, two metal storage boxes Metal storage box, metal filing box Shop light, roll of plastic, vinyl City service truck, jeep Refrigerator bottles for juice and water Three ball jars Ball jars with lids Tiller, vintage vacuum Granite slab Corded tools, motor Two flats of seashells Extra long extension cord Garden bell, butter churn top Jumper cables, reflectors, tire Extension cord, power strip, tail lights Flat of hardware Hardware, caster wheels Drive axles Hardware for drawer slides, metal tube Bee windmill, railroad books 7 glass chimneys, 6 pack of large pop bottles Air hose, dog stake, windshield fluid Pair of matching concrete benches New in the box older microwave West Bend 100 cup coffee maker, trays, cast iron skillet Two small tool boxes with drillbits Small toolbox, miscellaneous Welding rods, sockets Organizers, chain Three drawer Craftsman toolbox Reddy Heater Sawhorse legs, dolly Antique lamps Broom, dustpan, snow shovel Antique door knobs, Gas fixture piece Antique rug beaters, rake Concrete birdbath Pair of shovels, Rake Shovel, steel rod, hoe Extra long extension cord Metal stencils, umbrella, parking sign Solid wood door, shelf piece Two metal pieces, aluminum trim Two wheeler, moving dolly Three hard plastic planters Three Trash containers. Scrap metal pieces Concrete blocks Extension ladder Terra-cotta pots, water can Lumber pile Park bench Large bird bath Concrete base, concrete top Wind chime Hose reel Role of woven wire

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