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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 at 7:00 PM - Iola, KS
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Antique oak cabinet Antique table Side table and lamp Wood buffet Recliner Pale blue recliner Coffee table Side table Sectional sofa Flat screen TV, VHS player Entertainment cabinet Sofa Home decor Christmas Stain glass lamp Platters, Lazy Susan Two flats of glassware Crystal and glass pieces Clocks in tote Linens Linens 2 Linens 3 Three flats miscellaneous Candelabras Music 45 records Collectibles Wooden shelves John Deere pillow and stadium seats Stadium cushions, pillow JD 6000/7000 tractor Fossil watch Puzzles, other Prints, kites Caps, banner JD Coin Bank John Deere items John Deere items Belt buckles Belt buckles 2 Belt buckles 3 Belt buckles 4 Shadowbox John Deere replica shop John Deere tractors, bags Cap and gloves 8760 John Deere tractor JD Vest, hats Water pick, shaving system Cookie jars, books John Deere banners, carriage Pictures Coolers Antique dresser White Storage Cabinet 1 White Storage Cabinet 2 Antique dresser Trunk Lot of picture frames Alarm clock, storage Men’s heavy rain coat Full length mirror, angel Three wooden shelves, pictures Vintage cameras Knives, whit Stone Two plant stands Throws Throws Cedar chest Pictures one Pictures two Pictures three Gary Hawk King size bed Wooden dresser Washstand Nightstand Side table, hall tree Dresser Laundry items Small vacuum, fan Vacuum sweeper Ice bucket, trashcan Pyrex , Corningware Canisters Copper canisters Plasticware Plastic containers Baking Blender, spices Can opener, mixer Food chopper, potato ricer Coffee mugs, jar Pyrex Bowls Crockpot, cutting board Ashtrays, trivets Toaster oven, deep fat fryer Bread machine Breadbox Baking Pyrex, other Corning ware Cleaning Glassware Rolling cart, trash container Desk Oak table, stool Soufflé dishes Stoneware casserole, soup pot Kitchen knives, utensils Flatware, bells Eating utensils, stemware Wine set, glass ware Frankoma pieces Secretariat Table and chairs Office supplies File cabinet, shredder Six stackable chairs Rocker recliner Galvanized crate, frames Lightbulbs Plastic containers Wood shelves, magazine racks Statues, sunglasses Stereo radio, digital clocks Weather band radio, other Electronics DVD player, other Health items Books Books Coffee table Swivel rocker Folding chairs Card table and chairs Kitchen utensils, paper items Humidifier, plant Heater, humidifier Cabinet Pie safe Rolling file cart Glassware Pressed glass, other Punch bowl with cups Glass pitchers, other Snack plate Dishes Dishes Gibson dishes Baskets Trash bags, broom Two wheeler, fan Zinc plated rods, shoe stretchers Cleaner Hardware Fan, brooms Level, square Hand saws Saws, organizers Deer whistles, door edge, organizers JD Vice Chains, wire Coolers Chest cooler Hand drills , Branding iron 13 gal. Air compressor Shop vac Two chains with hooks Hardware Second shelf hardware Third shelf hardware Bottom shelf Ladders Craftsman toolbox on wheels Cabinet, cases Toolbox Plastic toolbox Black toolbox Wheelchair Hand tools Snow shovel Pitchfork Plastic rake Push broom File cabinet Metal file cabinets Yardsticks Work table Sawhorses, tray Attic ladder Shelving Safety ladder Stepstool, plastic Top shelf items Second shelf items Third shelf items B&D Cordless Weedeater Saw, tripod Miter saw Buckets Oil Jack, hitch, anchors, rolling stool Post hole digger Hand tools Spade/Scraper Soil fork Magnet, squeegee Table saw Sprayer, sprinkler Weathervane Sprinkler Blower/vac Hardware Folding shelf Gas cans Auto detailing Workbench Sander Battery charger Jack Battery charger Disc grinder Jumper cables Jumper cables Drill bits Sockets Basketball, pump Dirt devil Dust buster, fan Ramps Mop bucket, lawn chairs Fertilizer, plant, food, round up Chemicals, garden items Bungee cords, ratchet straps Galvanized tub, mouse trap Crock, birdhouse Drill bits, air filter Tire inflator Ammo box Birdfeeder, water cans Reflectors Light fixtures Stadium seats, caps Hose/Sprinkler Extension wand Birdfeeder, water hose Ship Auger Bits Electric scissors, multi meter Wire, power strips Extension cords Store a cord, flashlight Flashlights, rivet tool Foaming wand, rope Paint supplies Clamps, shims Bolt cutters, hammers Sockets Chisels, wrenches Cleaning supplies Concrete stones Crescent Wrenches, other. Large crescent wrench, glue gun Lot of large open end wrenches Screwdrivers Heavy duty wrenches Glue gun, hammers Roller wheels, hooks Spray paint, hooks Wood storage Wooden type medicine cabinet Rollers Sawhorses Wooden sawhorses A pair of tables with homemade wood tops Patio tables Lawn prep Wood piece, concrete blocks Seeder Totes Outside chairs Heated dog bowl, stool Lawn chairs Trash containers Gas grill Ladder, wire

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