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Friday, July 8th, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Piqua, KS
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Winged angel Large winged angel Virgin Mary Virgin Mary 2 Pair winged angels Small rabbits Small rabbits 2 Pigs 3 little pigs Squirrels 1 6 small animal pieces Rabbits 3 Oriental lantern Children/bear Pair Joseph’s Pair angels Small angel/Joseph Angel w/lion Children/angel Jesus/fryer Kneeling/standing angels Jesus Angel w/children/wings 3 angels 3 angels/harp Angel w/child Angel w/child/small 2 pieces Winged/laying angels 3 smaller angels Larger winged angel 3 angels Pair of fryers 3 smaller winged angels Praying angel/children 3 small angels Sitting angel Bears/angels Shepherd w/lamb Pair of Joseph’s Pair angels Pair children/duck Pair winged angels holding Angel w/harp Child/angel Mary Jesus Angel w/lion & lamb Lantern w/top Pair families Pair boy & girl Family/mother 3 kids fishing Farmer/woman Girl & rabbit/boy Fishing girl Hedgehog/kids Families Boy/girls w/cat Sitting girl/boy Pair women Boy & girl 3 girls Farmer boy/girls Fireman/man & dog Kids/umbrellas Sitting boy & girl Woman/children Boy & girl pair Boy & girl single Kissing boy & girl Woman/umbrella Pair Dutch girls Family/babies Girls/boy w/dog Women/kids Girl w/geese Fishing girl Pair girls w/dresses Pair farmers 3 dogs Pair of Collies Lab Hound dogs Dog with basket Doberman Base/ woman planter Large birdbath 3 pillers Collie dog Pair of bases Shoe/planter 3 planter stand Rabbit/pig Pair skunks Pair lions Mother rabbit Pair of shoes Pair fire hydrants Pair fire hydrants Pair raccoons Markets/fruit basket Pair raccoons 3 raccoons Pair of gators Scarecrow/gorilla Pair raccoons Pair lions Eagle 3 lions Pair of shoes Edger/ flower pot Planters Large planter Pedestal planter Basket Large planter Large planter Pair of planters Rectangle/wheelbarrow planters Pair large matching planters Wishing well Vases/other Pair rectangular planters Large planter Pair planters Pair swan planters Girl w/shell/planter Rectangle planter 4 bases 4 bases Birdbath/base Birdbath/stones Large birdbath Base/planter Birdbath 3 bases Birdbath/2 bases 3 bases Pair bases Pair bases 3 bases Bench w/spare seat Curved bench Large bench Small bench Pair curved benches Pair small bases Pair of stools Pair scarecrows 5 piece pillar Birdbath Pair stools Pair of stools Pair flamingos Flamingo/pelican Pair of ducks Goose/duck 10 pavers Deer family Horse Lava rock Dock posts Skulls/cactus/wheel Skull/cactus Native Americans Dock post Horse head/wheel Woman fountain/base Pair small fountains Pair bear fountains Girl fountain Pair small fountains Dolphin Fountain & base Fountain/pieces Boy & girl fountain Pair fountain bases Raccoon fountain Pair raccoon fountains Dolphin fountain Fountain pieces/base 3 small child fountains w/bases Cupid fountain Pair woman fountains Pair mermaid fountains Children fountains Bear fountain Man & woman fountain/bowl Pair water pump fountains Single water pump fountain Pair black fountains Pair bases Pair sandstone rocks Small rock fishpond Sandstone decorative rock Corners/edging 6 corner pavers Pair fountain bases 3 fountain bases

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