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Thursday, July 7th, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Humboldt, KS
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Large stainless table Can opener/other Smaller stainless table Turbo Air commercial fridge Adcraft commercial fridge Deep fryer Commercial range Steam table Chest of drawers 8 Resturant chairs 8 Resturant chairs 8 restaurant chairs 8 Resturant chairs 8 Resturant chairs 8 Resturant chairs Restaurant table Restaurant table Restaurant table Small restaurant table Small restaurant table Small restaurant table Small restaurant table Hoshizaki ice machine Wood stand Lids/food service Bags/Deliwrap paper Small stock pots/strainer 3 larger stock pots Baking sheets Pans/bowls Condiments/dispensers Bunn iced tea dispenser Silverware/knives Cooking utensils Cups/mugs Food baskets/papers Plastic bowls/food containers Tickets/toothpicks Straws/napkins Haier mini fridge Paper rolls Plastic cups Plastic trays Pair ice scoops Metal baking trays Warming lights Bottles Open face reels Zebco 33 reels Helmet/tool pouch HVAC gauges Drimmel tool Stanley jump pack Carquest jump pack Torch heads/gauges Pipe wrenches Open end wrenches Closed end wrenches Assorted wrenches Toolbox w/contents Small toolbox w/contents Chainsaw accessories Fry baskets Chain Chain 2 Set of rims Floor jack Pair floor jacks Bottle jacks Creeper Creeper 2 Engine stand 1 Engine stand 2 Hand planers Small anvil Pair pipe wrenches Corded tools Corded tools 2 Welding rod box Pair 12v drills DeWalt 18v drill Empty cases Ford speciality tool Axel service set tool Housing spreader adapters Transaxle plug set Door latch cable tool Final check gauge tool Carrier bearing puller Injector nozzle/other Master key set Basket ball hoop Power tools Lot 2 power tools Stool/ desk Bar stools Pair Propane fry base Propane frying base Picture frames Coolers Lot 2 coolers Fuel nozzles Weed eater Trimmer/ blower Leaf blower/trimmers 3 sprayers 3 sprayers Pull sprayer Craftsman sand blaster Air compressor Cart with air hose Air hoses Storage crates/ leather Totes leather pieces Nylon tack pieces Cinches/assorted tack Empty totes

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