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Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 10:00 AM - Manhattan, KS
- Firearms, Ammo, Mounts, Knives,
Hunting / Fishing Gear & Equipment,
Collectibles, Misc, 200+ Lots of Coins
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FIREARMS Remington Nylon .22 Rifles: * Model 76 (lever action-Mohawk brown) * Model 11 (bolt-Mohawk brown) x 2 * Model 12 (bolt-Mohawk brown w/tube feed) * Model 77 Apache (semi auto-Seneca green) * Model 77 Apache (semi auto-Seneca green w/matte finish) * Mohawk 10C (semi-Mohawk brown) x 2 * Model 77 Mohawk (semi auto-Mohawk brown w/matte finish) * Model 66 AB (semi auto-Apache black w/chrome) x 2 * Model 66 BD (semi auto- Apache black on black) * Model 66 (semi auto-Mohawk brown) Other Rifles: * Remington Model 70 .270 * Remington Model 760 .243 * Remington Model 770 7mm Magnum * Remington (1914 Patent) .22 (semi-auto) * JC Higgins Model 29 .22 (semi-auto) * Winchester Model 190 .22 (semi auto) * Marlin Model 783 .22 (bolt action) * Ithaca Model M-49 .22 (lever action) * Remington Model 572 .22 (pump) x 2 * Winchester Model 150 .22 (lever action) * Winchester Model 1906 .22 (pump) * Winchester Model 1890 .22 (pump w/hex barrel) * Winchester Model 62A .22 (pump) * Rossie Model 625A .22 (pump) * Remington (1909-1912 Patent) .22 (missing cartridge tube) * Daisy Limited Edition pellet rifle Shotguns: * Browning 12 ga A5 Magnum (Belgium made) * Noble 410 pump Model 70 * Browning 12 ga 2001 NWTF BPS pump (NEW IN BOX) * HJ Sterling-Vintage Damascus double barrel 16 ga * Stanley Arms-Vintage Damascus double barrel 16 ga COLLECTIBLE AMMUNITION Shotshell boxes; shotgun shell boxes; 184+/- boxes of 22 SHORT/LR/CB/MAG/LONG ammunition (Brands included: Aguila, American Cartridge, American Eagle, Armscor, Aussie Ammo, Canuck, CCI, Charles Daly, Coast to Coast, Dynamil Nobel, Eley, Federal, Gem Tech, Gevelot, Hansen, Hawthorne, Herters, Hiawatha Ace, Hodgdon, Imperial, Monarch, Montgomery Ward, Nim Rod, Pajkal, Peters, PMC, Quik Shok, Randfeurpatronen, Remington, Revelation, Russian, Russian Jr., Sears, Seeker, Smith & Wesson, US Cartridge, Western, Winchester - (more specific list on our website) MOUNTS Deer (SEVERAL nice mounts); caribou; bobcats (full body & head); Golden Pheasants; “Locked Antler” set; coyote (full body & head); rabbit; striper; squirrel; pheasant; ruffed grouse; turkey tail; bear rug; quail w/glass top table; prairie chicken; deer and elk sheds; lots of deer antlers; Bighorn Ram skull & horns. KNIVES Pocket knives (Hen & Rooster, Remington, Case, Buck, Zwilling, NWTF, Frost Cutlery); Hunting Knives (Handmade by Ernie Peck & Mike Weisbender, NWTF, Wyoming, Keen Kutter, Colt, Buck & misc.) and misc. Buck knives & others. HUNTING/FISHING GEAR & EQUIPMENT Coleman Crawdad 10’ boat; Alumcraft “V” bottom boat & trailer; sportsman backpack; camo/hunting clothing; deer feeder and sev. extra spinners; quail breeder cage; crossbow; bow; arrows w/quivers; kill traps & others; hunting bucket; Ameristep pop-up blind; fish baskets; several tackle boxes; lures and fishing supplies of all kinds; bait nets; trolling motor; Winchester throwers; fly tying kit; modern & vintage rod and reels (sev.); wooden vintage lures; Flambeau duck decoys (mixed species in boxes); vintage duck decoys; Ducks Unlimited decoy; gun cleaning kits; misc. ammunition; calls (duck, turkey, game, predator, crow, etc.-Duck Commander, Lohman, Mallardtone, Haydel’s, Sureshot, Yentzen, Gander Lander, Rich-n-tone, Olt, Ducks Unlimited). COLLECTIBLES Western Super 22 wood ammo box, Western wooden cartridge box; military sword; K-State belt buckles; “The Vette Set”-Corvette buckle set by S&S Buckle; NWTF mirror; Dick Idol Sculptures (“The Breen Buck,” “The Gould Buck,” “The Hole in the Horn Buck,” “Midnight Crossing”); EZBA fish decanter; Danbury Mint turkey sculpture; NWFT-“Fence Post Suitor” sculpture; Brass Bull & Bear; NWTF “Back Trail Glance” sculpture; Remington, Western & Winchester Collector Trucks; gun & honing oil cans; Boone & Crockett measuring tape; Jerry Thomas Prints (several); misc. wildlife buckles. MISCELLANEOUS Food slicer; deer silhouette; Cabela’s gas flotation device; 1986 Columbian Bicycle (reproduction-great condition); cross country snow skis; collectibles cabinet; outdoor & hunting books; gun display cabinet; Garrett Ace 300 metal detector; Pulse Dive underwater metal detector. 1930’s-1960’s Jefferson Nickels; (2) France 50 Centimes (silver); (2) Sir Winston Churchill; (80) 1950’s-1960’s Lincoln Memorial Cents; Rolls of 1930’s-1940’s Mercury Dimes; 1 Roll Kennedy 40% Silver Halves; 1 Roll Kennedy 90% Silver Halves; 1 Roll Mixed Franklin 90% silver Halves; 1 roll of unsearched Nickels; 1909-1940 Lincoln Cent Book #1 (22 coins); 1909-1940 Lincoln Cent Book #1 (25 coins); 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel Coin Book (Incomplete 35 coins); 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel Coin Book (Incomplete); 4-1916-1945 Mercury Dime Book (various amounts of coins) silver; 1938-1961 Jefferson Nickel Coin Book (missing 4 coins); 1941- Lincoln Cent Coin Book #2 (complete); 1941-1961 Lincoln Cent Book (complete); 1941-1969 Lincoln Cent Book (complete); 1945-1964 Roosevelt Dime Book (46 dimes) silver; 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime Book (41 dimes) silver; 1999 & 2000 Colored American Silver Eagles; 2 Cent pieces; (2) .999 Silver 1 oz. Rounds look similar to Eagles; (2) 100th Anniversary, Kansas Livestock Association; (2) American Silver Eagles; (2) Eisenhower 40% Silver Dollars Uncirculated; (2) U.S. Coins Uncirculated Sets; 2001 September 11th Colored American Silver Eagle; 3 Cent pieces; (3) Eisenhower Dollars 1972, 1974, 1976; (3) Atlanta Olympics Silver Dollars different designs; (4) Franklin Half Dollars 1-1951, 1-1954, 2-1959; (4) Morgan Dollars; (4) Gold Copy Coins; (4) 1967 Kennedy Half Dollars (40% Silver); (10) American Eagles .999 Silver Dollars; (10) American Eagles .999 Silver Dollars-misc. years; 5 Coin Set Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collection; 5 Coin Set WWII Walking Liberty Halves; (5) Franklin Half Dollars 1-1960, 2-1961, 2-1963; (5) Kennedy Half Dollars (40% Silver) 1-1966, 2-1968, 2-1969; 50 States Solid Bronze Collector set (missing 2 coins); (9) Indian Head Pennies; American silver Eagle; American Veterans Disabled for Life Dollar; Antique Car Coin Collection Franklin Mint (2 Sheets); Antique Car Coin Series #2 (1 Sheet); Antique Car Coin Series Sunoco/DX (1 Sheet); Atlanta Olympics Silver Dollar; Austria 5/10 Kreutzer (copper); Bald Eagle Silver Dollar; Barber Half Dollars; Canada 5 cent pieces; Canada Dime; Canada Dollar Coin; Colored Morgan Silver Dollar; Complete Presidential Coin Collection Franklin Mint Display Case; Desegregation in Education Silver Dollar; Eisenhower Dollar; Ellis Island Statue of Liberty 1-ounce Silver; Ellis Island Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar; Ellis Island Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar & Half Dollar; Famous Popes of 20th Century (6 Coins); Flying Eagle Cent; France 50 Cent (Silver); Sev. Franklin Half; Franklin Halves Book (22 Coins); Germany 5 pfennig (Nickel); Golden Anniversary Mount Rushmore Dollar; Great Americans Series Franklin Mint (Small Coins); Great Britain 1 Farthing; Great Britain Silver 4 pence; Indian Head Penny; Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar; Italy 20 Centesimi (Nickel); Landmarks of America Coins (1 Sheet); Sev. Large Cents; Large Cent Small date/large fraction; Large Cent (Head of 1836 small 8) (Cleaned); Large Cent medium letters; Large Cent Slant 5; Los Angeles US Olympics; Louis Braille Dollar; Marine Corps 230 Anniversary Silver Dollar; Medal of Honor Dollar; Sev. Mercury Dimes-various years & mints; Mexico 10 Centavos (silver); Mexico 25 Pesos (silver); Sev. Morgan Dollars-various years & mints; Morgan Dollar Belt Buckle; MS69 Early Release-American Eagle NGC; Sev. MS69 American Eagle NGC; National Community Service Silver Dollar; National Rifle Assn International Mint Great Guns Coin Set; National Wild Turkey Federation Turkey Stamp Coin Set; Paralympics Silver Dollar; Sev. Peace Dollars-various years & mints; Peace Dollar Belt Buckle; PR-69 Sacagawea Dollar DCAM; Presidential Coin Kit (38 Coins); Presidential Cover Collections (Coins & Stamps); Sev. Presidential Dollars sets (20 Coins); Presidential Proof set (ICG Certified 4 Coins Case); Rugged Americans Franklin Mint (13 Coins); Seated Liberty Dime; Sev. Seated Liberty Half Dollar; September 11 One Ounce Silver Round; Smithsonian 150th Anniversary; Special Olympics Silver Dollar; Star Spangled Banner Dollar; Swiss 5 Centimes (Nickel); Thomas Jefferson Dollar, Trade Token $1.00 in trade, Brights Store, Little River KS; Trade Token $1.00 in trade, Kelly Farmers Union Store Kelly KS; (2) U.S. Coins Uncirculated Set; (3) U.S. Proof Set; United States Army Silver Dollar; United States Constitution 200th Anniversary Silver Dollar; United States Mint Silver Dollar; West Point Bicentennial; Whitehouse 200th Anniversary; World Cup Silver Dollar.

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