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Saturday, October 14th, 2023 at 9:00 AM - Larned, KS
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KNIVES James Largent Bridwell Bridwell Puma Skinner Langbein Langbein James Largent D'holder Richard Self James Largent Richard Self Langbein Richard Self Richard Self Richard Self Richard Self Richard Self Langbein Richard Self Sarge Folding DU Case 036 Case 09252 Case Gold Tooth Pick Case 09248 Case 3 Blade Case Tiny Trapper Case Sway Back Gent Case Gunstock Case Humpback Case Trapper Case Trapper Mahq. Case Tiny Trapper Case Hunter Case Stockman Case Cheetah Cub Case Trapper Case Trapper Case Mini Muskrat Case Mini Trapper Case Trapper Abalone Case 2 Blade Case Brian Yellowhorse Case Red Trapper Case Muskrat Gold Case Trapper Lock Case Tiny Trapper Case Trapper Case Tiny Trapper Case Tiny Trapper Case Pearl Case Mini Muskrat Case 2 Blade Case Tiny Muskrat Case Pearl Trapper Case 0233 Case Red Trapper Case Mini Moose Case 52075 Case 53083 Case 71022 Case 52094 Winchester W15 Stag Buck 154/250 Buck 175 Dogs Bucks Bantom Buck Catapult Queen 2 Blade Queen Amber Stag Queen 2 Blade Queen Ram Horn Queen 2 Blade Queen 2 Blade Beretta Airlight Bulldog Elephant Hen & Rooster 3 Blade Weidmannsheil Lone Wolf Paul Yellowhorse Beretta 3 Blade Stag Buck Collector 80/250 Painted Pony Case Stag 6207 Unmarked Damascus Ed Van Hoy Damascus Ed Van Hoy Damascus (4) Case XX (x4) (3) Case XX (x3) Carl Schlieper (2) Salingen (x2) Carl Schlieper (2) Case (x2) "Last Glance" DU Deer & Knife "High Tailing It" DU Deer & Knife David Yellowhorse Buck 13/250 David Yellowhorse Buck 49/250 David Yellowhorse Buck 17/250 (4) Case (x4) (4) S&M (x4) (3) Hen & Rooster (x3) (3) Puma (x3) (3) Solingen (x3) Bulldog Tobacco Pit Bull Pen, Schrade & Kentucky (x3) (5) A. Crenshaw (x5) (6) Mixed Knives (x6) Rough Rider Pocket Knife Set, 12 Pocket Knives w/Case FIREARMS Remington Single Shot, 22 S, L, LR, NVSN Remington 1100, 12 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., Mod. SN:43957V Remington 1100 Sporting, 28 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., Cracked Stock, SN:RS11795W Fabrica Arms 1917 Mauser, 7x57, SN:3239 Marlin 1898, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl., SN:12195 JC Higgins 29, .22 LR, w/Scope, NVSN Remington Nylon 12, 22 S, L, LR, w/Scope, NVSN Remington 788, 22-250, SN:018276 Barker Brothers SxS, 10 Ga., NVSN Remington Rolling Block, 45-70, NVSN Mossberg 640 AK Chuster, 22 WMR, Broken Trigger Guard, NVSN Ithica 37 R Featherlite, 20 Ga., 28" Bbl., Swelled Bbl., SN:546328-4 Sig Sauer 522, .22 LR, w/Case, SN:32A011206 Remington 1903-A3, 30-06, w/Extra New Bolt, WWI, II, SN:3428221 Springfield Armory M-1 Garand, 30-06, WWII Korea, w/Sling, SN:2459306 Inland Mfg. M-1 Carbine, 30 mi., w/Oiler & Sling, Mfg. July 1944, SN:4908978 Colt 1911-A1, .45 ACP, "Marina Argentina", SN:C187133 Walther P-38, 9mm, WWII, SN:6674 Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy, 22 LR, American Farmer Tribute, NIB, SN:AFT 03440 Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action, .22 Magnum, Octagon Bbl., NIB, SN:M17123T Savage Model 62, .22, w/Cabela's Scope 4x9, SN:2881125 S&W Model 1000, 20 Ga., Pump Shotgun, SN:FS99641 Winchester Model 1200, 20 Ga., Pump Shotgun, SN:159037 Remington 1911-R1, .45 ACP, (2) Mags, NIB, SN:RH13522A (HG) Iver Johnson Pony, .380, SN:1J008064 (HG) Kimber Micro-9, 9mm, NIB, SN:PB0115183 (HG) S&W Body Guard, .380, w/Laser Light, SN:EBB6865 (HG) Ruger New Bear Cat, .22 LR, Stainless Steel, NIB, SN:95-09723 (HG) Ruger Mark 1 Target, .22LR, w/Ruger Holster & (2) Mags, SN:311177 (HG) Ruger Mark III, 22 LR, (2) Mags, NIB, SN:22795741 (HG) Ruger Single Six, 22LR & 22Mag, w/6" Bbl. & 2 Cylinders SN:508047 (HG) Diamond Back Side Kick, 22 LR & 22 Mag, (2) Cylinders, NIB, SN:SK A 3833 (HG) Remington Nylon Model 76, .22 LR, Apache Black/Chrome w/Scope, Only 1,615 Made, NVSN Radikal SA-3, 12 Ga., Semi-Auto, 24" Bbl., Mossy Oak, NIB, SN:28349 Remington Field Master Model 121, .22 Cal., Pump Action, Routledge Smooth Bore,SN:154339 Winchester Model 9422M, .22 Mag., Lever Action, SN:F366135 Remington Nylon Model 66, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, Brown Stock, SN:2197689 Winchester Model 61, .22 Magnum, Pump Action, Made in 1962, Hangtag, SN:315219 Winchester Model 61, .22 WRF, Made in 1937, Octagon Bbl., Pre-War has Small Forearm, SN:27317 Ruger Model M77 Mark II, 30-06 Cal., Paddlestock, Bolt Action, SN:786-86499 Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, .223, 18 1/2" Bbl., Stainless Steel, 20 Round Magazine w/Bushnell 4-16x40 Scope, SN:581-98861 Winchester Model 42, .410 Ga., Pump Action, 2 3/4 & 3" Chamber, Full Choke, Vent Rib, SN:70943 Radikal SA-3, 12 Ga., Semi-Auto, 28" Bbl, NIB, SN:JDTM00134A Radikal SA-3, 12 Ga., Semi-Auto, NIB, SN:W-24637 Radikal SA-3, 20 Ga., Semi-Auto, NIB, SN:W-25052 (4) Perazzi 20 Ga. Forearms (EX) Browning Fabrique Baby, Semi-Auto, 25 Cal., w/Stag Grips & Soft Case, SN:124549 (HG) High Standard Model 103 Olympic, .22 Short, Barrel Weights, SN:1295341 Browning Citori, 20 Ga., O/U w/Choke Tubes, SN:17861PN763 Browning SA-1, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, Take Down, Made in Belgium, SN:24289137 Weatherby Element SMU Ducks Unlimited, 12 Ga., 28" Bbl., NIB, SN:RL017693 Winchester 1200, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl., Vent Rib, Screw in Win. Choke (Mod) As-New, SN:L904021 S&W Model 53 (K-Frame), 22 Mag/22 Rem Jet, 6" Bbl., SN:K443713 (HG) Sig Sauer .357 Sig Barrel & (2) Sig P250 Frames Only w/Hard Case (EX) Ruger M77 Mark II, 7mm Rem Mag., Cabela's Alaskan Guide Scope 4.5-14x42, Rifle Basics Trigger SN:783-15070 93 Spanish Mauser, 7mm, w/Bayonet SN:8074 MAADI AK47, 7.62x39mm, Made in Egypt, Red Dot Scope, (2) 30 Round Mags., & Extra Dust Cover, SN:ES02033 Springfield Armory XD5 3.3, 45 ACP, w/Crimson Trace Laser, Factory Case TacPac, SN:XS622630 Ruger 10/22, .22 Win. Mag, Simmons 3-9x40 8-Point Scope, SN:290-09229 Ruger No. 1, 45-70 Govt., Weaver 1.5x45 V4.5-II Scope, SN:131-13568 Winchester Winder Musket 1885, 22 LR, SN:122739 Winchester 69A Target, 22 Short, NVSN Ted Williams Mod 21, 20 Ga., Poly Choke, NVSN Colt Kansas Centennial Model 1961 Single Action Frontier Scout, 22 LR, SN:5225G Italian Black Powder 1851, .44, SN:L8837 (EX) Ruger Vaquero, .45, 5 1/2" Bbl., SN:51266910 (HG) Ruger SP101, .357, 2 1/4" Bbl., SN:575-05777 (HG) S&W 10-6, 38 S&W, 4" Bbl., SN:AUP1954 (HG) Uberti 1873, 45 Colt, 5 1/2" Bbl., SN:U54099 (HG) S&W M-P9, 9mm, 4 1/8" Bbl., SN:HAC9733 (HG) Ruger Blackhawk, 357, 6 1/2" Bbl., w/Extra Cyl., SN:38-20355 (HG) Heritage Rough Rider, .22, 6 1/2" Bbl., w/Extra Cyl 22 Mag., SN:C92616 (HG) Rock Island 1911 A-1, 45 ACP, SN:1690783 (HG) Ruger Single Six, .22, 6 1/2" Bbl., Extra Grips w/22 Win Mag Cyl., SN:64-68595 (HG) Ruger New Bearcat, .22, 4 1/8" Bbl., SN:93-63578 (HG) Savage 11, 308 Win., w/Bushnell Scope, SN:H848094 Savage Axis, .243, w/Bushnell Scope, SN:J625831 Henry Silver Boy, 22 WMR, NIB, SN:SB000631M Henry Golden Boy, 17 HMR, NIB, SN:6B043647V Henry Golden Boy, 22 LR, NIB, 6B122025 Marlin 1895, 45-70, NIB, SN:MR31006C Rossi Ranch Hand 92, 45 Colt, NIB, SN:AM220953 (HG) Winchester 70, .270, SN:903290 Mosin Nagant 1891, 7.62, SN:6037 Remington Rolling Block, 20 Ga., NVSN Marlin 780, .22, SN:19765241 Newport CN, 12 Ga., SN:T13259 Marlin 60W, 22 LR, SN:07378388 Savage 110, 30-06, w/Bushnell Scope, SN:F181344 Marlin 882SS, 22 WMR, SN:04509636 Marlin 336, 30-30, SN:21141509 Winchester 37, 12 Ga., NVSN TC Arms Black Powder, 54, SN:K242725 (EX) Winchester 37A, 12 Ga., 32" Bbl., SN:C623869 Remington 870, 12 Ga., 27 1/2" VR Bbl., SN:RS02302E New Haven 600C, 20 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:C72415 Ithica XL900, 20 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., SN:S2904322 Benelli ETHOS Sport, 28 Ga., 28" Bbl., NIB, Hard Case & (4) Extra Choke Tubes & Wrench, SN:XA16127C18 Browning Citori, 16 Ga., 28" Bbl., As-New w/Case (No Box), SN:22225ZR131 Old Henry H010CC, 45-70, 22" Bbl., NIB, w/Soft Case, SN:WFFSCC003851 Ruger SR1911, 45 ACP LW, w/Holster, SN:67357183 (HG) Springfield XDS MOD2, 9mm, NIB, Extra Mag., SN:BA686612 (HG) Colt Viper, .38 Special, 4" Bbl., Re-Blue (See Pictures) SN:62386R Taurus Circuit Judge, .45 LC/.410 Ga., As-New, SN:FT2273 Remington Model 700 BLD Deluxe, .17 Rem Cal., SN:6626269 Winchester Model 1897, 12 Ga., US Trench Gun, Rare w/Heat Shield, 2 3/4" Chamber, SN:679770 Colt Diamond Back, .22 LR, 4" Bbl., Like New, SN:D26980 Lucid Optics Red Dot HDX M5 32 Circle w/4 MOA DOT Scope, In Case As-New (EX) AXEON 1X RDS, 1x30mm Red Dot Scope, New w/Paperwork (EX) 10 Troy oz., .999 Silver Ingot Bar (IGR) (EX) 10 Troy oz., .999 Silver Ingot Bar (IGR) (EX) 2009 Liberty 1 oz., $50 Gold Coin, Unc. (EX) 2009 Buffalo NGC MS-69, 1 oz., $50 Gold Coin (Early Relases) (EX) 2013 1 oz., $50 Unc. Gold Buffalo Coin (EX) Silver Walking Liberty (EX) Benelli Super Black Eagle DU Limited Edition, 12 Ga., 3 1/2" Chamber, VR 28" Bbl., w/Hard Case, Unfired, SN:DU08610 Benelli Super Black Eagle III Camo, 20 Ga., 3" Chamber, 26" VR Bbl., w/Hard Case, Unfired, SN:X083292P Benelli M1 Super 90 Camo, 20 Ga., 3" Chamber, 26" VR Bbl., w/Hard Case, Unfired, SN: N061010 Benelli Montefeltro, 20 Ga., 3" Chamber, 26" VR Bbl., w/Hard Case SN:N193175V18 Remington 870 Wingmaster, 20 Ga., 3" Chamber, 26" VR Bbl., w/Box, Unfired, SN:RAS060122 Remington 1953 870 Wingmaster, 12 Ga., 2 3/4" Chamber, 30" Bbl., SN:245555V Hungarian FED Model P9M, 9mm, SN:B20284 Ruger 22/45 Mark III, 22 Cal., Red Dot Site, Heavy Bbl., (2) Clips, SN:228-47872 Browning Buckmark, 22 LR, w/Box, SN:655NY26216 (HG) Taurus Judge, 45/410, 6.5" Bbl., w/Box, SN:KS263196 (HG) NSF Starter Pistol Model B-32, 32 S&W Blank, (EX) Nikon Buckmaster VI – 18 x 40 Scope (EX) Franchi I-12 Upland, 12 Ga., Semi-Auto, 26" VR Bbl., SN:P231123R Mossberg Silver Reserve, 28 Ga & 20 Ga, 26" Bbl., SN:TR20014899 American Arms Waterfowl Special O/U, 12 Ga., 26" Bbl., Rusted, SN:A64452 American Arms Silver I, 12 Ga., 25 1/2" Bbl., w/Gold Trigger, O/U, SN:A52300 FR.W. Heym Model 200, 20 Ga., 3" Magnum, Dbl. Trigger, O/U, SN:99 Henry U.S. Survival (Camo) Model H002c, 22 Cal., (1) Mag., SN:U5005221C Ruger Mini 30, 7.62x39, SN:189-31168 M1 30 Carbine (Universal), 30 Cal., SN:40883 Winchester Model 77, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, SN: 112430 Winchester M70, .223 WSSM, w/Nikon Buckmaster 4x12x50 Scope, SN:G3004474 Remington 572, .22 S, L, LR, Rusty, SN:1813469 Remington Game Master 141, .35 Cal., Rust, SN:69525 Ruger Gunsite Scout, 308 Cal., Flash Supressor, Scope Red Dot 5 Power & Mako 5x Scope, Extra Mag & Case, SN: 680-59584 Marlin 882L, 22 WMR, Bushnell Scope 3x9, SN:05437034 Remington Model 7400, 30-06, w/Winchester WRK-433 4-12x44 Scope, SN:119798 Remington 7615 Police Pump, 5.56/.223 Cal, Shooters Edge Scope 4-12x40 AO, w/Case, SN:B8535722 Taurus CT40 Gen II, 40 Caliber SW, Rust, SN:HM2367 Charter Arms AR7 Explorer, 22 LR, SN:A197952 MVRS Gen I Night Vision Scope (EX) BSA Deer Hunter 3x9 Scope (EX) Stan Baker 32", Trap Bbl., 12 Ga. (EX) Remington 3200 Trap, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl., SN:25553 Remington 3200, 12 Ga., Special Trap O/U Full/Imp Mod., SN:OU35902 Remington ARO 1884 Rolling Block, Unknown Caliber, NVSN Mauser Gewehr 98, 8mm, SN:2181 Mauser VZ-24, 8mm, SN:4323V3 Remington 700, 270 Win, SN:E6527528 Stevens 87A, 22 LR, NVSN US Springfield 1878 Trapdoor, 45-70, SN:458621 Mauser Sporter, 300 WSM, SN:13966 Mauser Sporter, 300 WSM, SN:6162N3 Savage M112J, 223 Rem, w/Scope, SN:C061414 Mauser Steyr, 8mm, SN:34-9212 Stevens Marksman, 22 LR, SN:580 Stevens Favorite 1915, 22 LR, NVSN Savage Model 12, 223 Rem, w/Scope, SN:G444158 Savage Axis, 30-06 Sprg., w/Weaver Scope, Bolt Action, SN:N053867 Mauser Action, 22-250, w/Tasco Scope, Bolt Action, SN:2398 Savage Arms 93R17, 17 HMR, Bolt Action, SN:3631590 Savage Axis, .223, w/Weaver Scope, Bolt Action, SN:N256093 Winchester Defender, 12 Ga., Pump, SN:L2052971 Weatherby Patrician II, 12 Ga., Pump, SN:NS14781 SKS Chinese, w/Tapco Stock & w/NC Star Scope, 50 Rnd P-Mag, Semi-Auto, SN:24000236 Weatherby Ninety-two, 12 Ga., Pump, SN:92-06300 Remington 700, .243 Win, w/Center Point Scope, Bolt Action, SN:G6893151 Marlin Model XT-22, 22 Mag., Micro Groove Bbl., Semi-Auto, w/Barksa Scope, Extra Mag., SN:RB11478A Savage 720, 12 Ga., Semi-Auto, 28" Bbl., NVSN Remington 770, 243 Win., Bolt Action, SN:M71863445 Thompson Center Arms, Encore Pro Hunter, 300 Win Mag., w/Thompson Center Scope, SN:131209 American Tactical AR, .410, Semi-Auto, SN:NS161557 Rossi Model RS22, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, SN:7CA044327L Rossi Single Shot, 17HMR, w/Scope, SN:AC012529 Marlin Model 60 SB Micro Groove, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, Stainless, w/Simmons Scope, SN:01078095 Western Field Model XNH-480-C, .410 Ga., Pump, 26" Bbl., NVSN Mossberg 185K-A, 20 Ga., Bolt Action, 26" Bbl., NVSN S&W 64-2, 38 S&W Spl., Stub-Nose, Stainless, SN:6314X (HG) Taurus 66, .357 Mag., w/Holster, SN:76850 (HG) S&W 10-7, 38 S&W Special CTG, SN:6D99457 (HG) Sig Sauer P229, .40 S&W, Semi-Auto, SN:AG18459 (HG) Taurus PT-911, 9mm, Semi-Auto, w/Gold Accent, Extra Mag, SN:TCW27926 (HG) Armi Galesi Brescia Brevetto, 6.35 Cal., w/Pearl Grips, SN:352757 (HG) Ruger Mark II, .22 LR, Semi-Auto, w/Extra Clip, SN:18-52584 (HG) North American Arms NAA-22LR, 22 LR, Fold-Out Receiver, New w/Holster & Case, SN:L102067 (HG) S&W M&P 45 Shield, .45 Auto, 3.375 Bbl., New Box & Extra Mag, SN:HNS1112 (HG) Springfield Armory XD-9, 9x19 Cal., 4" Block, NIB, SN:HD913376 (HG) S&W M&P 40 M2.0, 40 S&W, NIB, SN:NBD6988 (HG) Walther P22Q Black, .22 LR, NIB, SN:WA320245 (HG) Springfield XD-9, 9x19 Cal., NIB, SN:BY299204 (HG) Ruger SR9E, 9mm Luger, NIB, SN:337-62847 (HG) Ruger Security 9, 9mm Luger, NIB, Extra Mag., SN:382-86165 (HG) Glock 23Gen4, .40 Cal., w/Box, SN:SBN764 (HG) Glock 23Gen4, .40 Cal., w/Box, SN:SBN763 (HG) American Tactical GSG Firefly, .22 LR, Extra Mag, NIB, SN:F450301 (HG) American Tactical GSG Firefly, .22 LR, NIB, w/Holster & Case, SN:F422948 (HG) Czech CZ52, 7.62 Tokarev, w/Leather Holster & Extra Mag., SN:Z14958 (HG) Daisy Powerline 880, .177 Cal., BB Gun (EX) Black Ops, .177 Cal., BB Gun (EX) Remington 10A Pump, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl., SN:166532 Springfield Model 107, 12 Ga., Single Shot, Rusty, NVSN Thompson Contender, .22 LR, SN:143136 (HG) Thompson Contender, .357 Mag., SN:166808 (HG) Thompson Contender, 17 Rem, w/Burris Scope Rings Bull Barrel (EX) Thompson Contender Super 14, .357 Rem Max, w/Redfield Scope (EX) Thompson Center Arms .22 Hornet Barrel (EX) Thompson Center Arms, .357 Mag, Super 14 Barrel (EX) Stevens Sure Shot, .410 Ga., NVSN Stevens 12M, .410 Ga., NVSN Ithaca 49, .22 LR, SN:114 Marlin 55, 12 Ga., No Mag., SN:L05034 JC Higgins 103.229, .22 LR, w/Scope, NVSN Pietta 1873 Millennial, .357 Mag., SN:E25126 (HG) CVA Navy .36, Black Powder, SN:D10070 (EX) SCCY CPX-2, 9mm, TRIO Laser Sight, SN:C045966 (HG) Pietta 1851, .44 Mag, Black Powder, SN:G87611 (EX) Bersa BP9cc, 9mm, SN:L26295 (HG) Taurus Curve, 380 ACP, SN:93781E (HG) Springfield XDE 3-3, .45 ACP, Laser Sight, SN:HE119287 (HG) S&W Bodyguard 380, .380 ACP, Crimson Trace Sights, SN:KDF8450 (HG) Remington 550-1, .22 RF, NVSN Winchester M1200, 12 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., SN:L745098 Winchester 1200, 12 Ga., 26" VR Bbl., SN:L2036703 H&R Topper 88, 12 Ga., SN:AU516D27 Stevens M94, .410, SN:R077633 Baikal IZH-27EM-10, 12 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., SN:032752123B Ithaca 51-Featherlight, 12 Ga., SN:510042959 Remington 11-48, 12 Ga., 30" VR Bbl., SN:5041782 JC Higgins 58314, 16 Ga., NVSN Mossberg 500c, 20 Ga., w/Scope, 18 1/2" Bbl., NVSN Mossberg 500c, 20 Ga., 24" Bbl., SN:K210963 Mossberg 500A, 12 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:L529077 Ultra Hi 2200, .22 LR, SN:T2582 Savage 3, .22 RF, NVSN Winchester 25, 12 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:58659 Stevens 311E, 12 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:A444871 Savage 110E, 30-06, w/Scope, SN:E532915 Thompson Center Firehawk, 50 Cal., Black Powder, SN:S4359 (EX) BPI New Frontier, 50 Cal., Black Powder, SN:61-13-064123 (EX) CVA Wolf, 50 Cal., Black Powder, SN:61-13-139998-OF (EX) S&W M&P Shield, .45, SN:HZR7875 (HG) Stoeger Cougar 8000, 9mm, SN:T642912G01863 (HG) Stoeger Cougar 8000, 9mm, T6429-06-A002045 (HG) Beretta PX4 Storm, .40, SN:P-1118257 (HG) Glock M17 G.5, 9mm, SN:BRDP485 (HG) Glock 43X, 9mm, SN:BPAX779 (HG) Glock 22, 40 Cal., SN:BTSC045 (HG) Walther PPS, 9mm, SN:AU4739 (HG) Sig P322C, .22LR, SN:73A000503 (HG) Springfield Hellcat, 9mm, TLR-6 Laser, SN:BA540046 (HG) Springfield Armory XDM Elite, 9mm, SN:BA588884 (HG) Winchester XPR Sporter, 7mm Rem Mag, NIB, SN:PTO2693YZ357 Winchester XPR Sporter, .308 Win, NIB, SN:PTO8433YZ357 Beretta AL 391, 12 Ga., DU, In Case, 28" Bbl., NIB, SN:295DU2003 Ithica 37, 20 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., Modified, SN:381017071 Winchester 61, 22 S, L, LR, SN:176030 Stevens 311, .410 Ga., 26" Bbl., SN:A883295 Winchester 9422MXTR, .22 Win MAG, SN:F368992 Ruger No.1, 25-06, SN:13298678 Colt Lightning, 38 WCF, SN:6639 Winchester 1873, 22 Short, SN:333419B Winchester 1890, 22 Short, SN:380397 Colt Trooper Mark III, 22 LR, 8" Bbl., SN:Y26671 (HG) Colt Challenger, 22 LR, SN:28845-C (HG) Colt Huntsman, 22 LR, SN:071898S (HG) Colt Mark IV Series 80, .380, SN:RC02792 (HG) Colt Match Target, 22 LR, w/Org. Box, SN:0959035 (HG) Colt Mark IV Series 70 Gold Cup, 45 Auto, w/Org. Box SN:70N36501 (HG) Thompson Center Contender, 45 Colt, w/Box, SN:97879 (HG) Colt Ace, 22 LR, w/Box, SN:SM30226 (HG) S&W 19-5, 357 Mag, 4" Nickel, SN:301K192 (HG) S&W 629-2, 44 Mag, 6" Bbl., SN:BAS1113 (HG) S&W 48-4, 22 MRF, 4" Bbl., Org. Box, SN:96K5748 (HG) S&W 29-2, 44 Mag., 8 3/8" Bbl., SN:N624764 (HG) S&W 57, 41 Mag., 8 3/8" Bbl., SN:N776864 (HG) Ruger Security SIV, 357 Mag., w/Org. Box, SN:15024052 (HG) S&W 41-22, 22 LR, SN:A537469 (HG) S&W 18-4, 22 LR, 4" Bbl., SN:34K6788 (HG) Colt Buntline, 45 Colt, 12" Bbl., SN:64825SA (HG) S&W 17-4, 22 LR, SN:89K9584 (HG) S&W 53-2, 22 Mag. JET, w/2 Full Boxes Remington 22 Jet Ammo, SN:K700016 (HG) Remington 700, 220 Swift, w/Burris Veracity 3-15x50 Scope, 30mm Tube, 3lb. Trigger, Made only in 1992 SN:C6716527 OAI OMEGA, .25, Parts Gun, SN:313 (HG) Investarms Sile Magnum, 12 Ga., SN:282542 Stevens 200, .243, w/Scope, SN:G980541 Palmentto PA-15, .223, WILDE 1:8 Bbl. SS, No Magazine, SN:SCB938188 American Import Calvary SX-E, 12 Ga., 30" O/U Bbl., SN:720-H22UU20318 Marlin 10, 10 Ga., Super Goose, SN:23755912 Savage Mark II, .17 Mach, w/Scope Mauser, SN:0469763 Ruger 10-22, .22 LR, w/Nikko Scope, SN:35735944 Remington 742, 30-06, w/Leopold Scope, SN:A7201049 New England Handi, .223, w/PREY Scope, SN:NS379134 Ruger M77, .243, w/Bushnell Scope, SN:73-59490 Winchester 37, 20 Ga., NVSN Savage 11, .223, w/Scope, SN:F952686 Remington 552, .22 S, L, LR, w/NC Star Scope, SN:A1755836 Thompson Center ThunderHawk, 50, Black Powder, SN:8187 (EX) Remington 11-48, 16 Ga., 26" Bbl., SN:5582325 Ruger 77/17, .17 HMR, w/Weaver Scope, SN:70275298 Iver Johnson Single Shot, 16 Ga., SN:88953B Winchester 70, 243 WSSM, w/Tasco Scope, SN:G2548243 Winchester 70, .222, w/Redfield Scope, SN:G1301781 Ruger American, 22 MAG, w/BSA Scope, SN:83216483 TC Super 14, 22 LR, SN:29784 (HG) North American Arms Black Widow, 22 MAG, w/Extra Cylinder, SN:R37239 (HG) SA Taylor Revolver, 9 Luger, SN:E149810 (HG) S&W 439, 9mm, SN:A820801 (HG) TC Pro Hunter, 243, w/Simmons Scope, SN:168223 TC Pro Hunter, 270 Win, w/Scope, SN:11627 TC Pro Hunter, 300 Win MAG, w/Leopold Scope, SN:F116096 TC Encore, 280 Rem., w/Tasco Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 30-06, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 7mm-08 Rem, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 7mm Rem Mag., w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, .223 Rem., w/Bushnell Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 308, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 204 Ruger, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 22-250, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 25-06, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 22-250, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) Sportster SS1, 22 LR, w/Scope, *Barrel Only* (EX) Hastings 12 Ga., 26" VR Bbl., *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 25-06, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 308 WIN, *Barrel Only* (EX) TC Encore, 22 LR, Super 14, *Barrel Only* (EX) Savage 99E, .243, SN:B885306 Remington Woodsmaster 740, 30-06, w/Tasco 3x9 Scope, SN:205907 M1 Carbine, .30, SN:AA65739 Remington 700, 30-06, NIB, SN:RAR008198 Ruger 77/17, 17 HMR, NIB, SN:703-81765 Ruger 77/22, 22 Hornet, w/Extra Bbl., (No Box), SN:720-82377 Marlin 336C, 30-30, NIB, SN:MR24532D Winchester 94AE Heritage High Grade 1/1000, 38-55, Hairline Crack in Stock, NIB, 26" Bbl., SN:HER0099 Marlin 1894, 44 Mag/44 Special, As-New (No Box), SN:91089477 Henry H00IV, 17 HMR, As-New (No Box), SN:V046158H Henry H001, .22, NIB, SN:294915H Winchester 12, 12 Ga., Re-blued w/LH Safety, 30" Bbl., SN:291116 Savage 1899, 22 HP, w/Bushnell Scope, SN:142471 Ruger Single Six, .22, 5 1/2" Bbl., SN:123905 (HG) Colt Diamondback, 22 LR, 4" Bbl., SN:S67625 (HG) Colt Diamond, 38 Special, 4" Bbl., SN:011337 (HG) Colt SAA, 357 Magnum, 7 1/2" Bbl., SN:SA60860 (HG) Walther PP, 7.65mm, SN:366794 (HG) Stoeger Llama, 22, SN:905692 (HG) Walther PP, .22, w/Box, SN:42844 (HG) Ruger Mark II Target, 22 LR, 10" Bbl., w/Box, SN:219-88943 (HG) Beretta 96A1, 40 S&W, (2) Extra Mags, NIB, SN:A48063M (HG) Browning 1911, 22 LR, Like New, w/Paperwork, SN:51EZZ01511 (HG) Winchester 9422M Yellow Boy, 22 Mag., 20.5" Bbl., NIB, SN:F756777 ArmaLite AR-10B, 7.62mm, As-New, SN:US59753 Winchester 94, 30-30, Light Surface Rust, SN:5056640 Walther P22 CA Military, .22 LR, NIB w/Extra Mag., SN:WA376826 (HG) Walther P22Q Tungsten, .22 LR, w/Laser, NIB w/Extra Mag., SN:WA393875 (HG) Colt D.A., .38, SN:215603 (HG) Lee Enfield No.4 MK, 30-40 Cal., Re-Barreled, w/Bushnell 4x32 Scope, Synthetic Stock Western Field 59A, .22 LR, NVSN Revelation 100A, .22 S, L, LR, w/Weaver Tip-Off Scope, NVSN Stevens Favorite 1915, .22 LR, NVSN

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