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Saturday, February 18th, 2023 at 9:00 AM - Larned, KS
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ARTIFACTS Don Ricado Buckle Set 10K, .625, Buckle Set & Belt Sunset Trails. 10K .625, Buckle Set & Belt Crockett Buckle Set & Belt, Very Rare, .625 Silver Watch Fob Kansas City Stockyard 1939, Very Rare Silver Dollar Conchos Don Ricardo Buckle Set & Belt, .625 Silver Renalde Buckle Set & Belt, Solid Nickle Hollywood Classic, 14K Sterling Silver, Gary Parsons/Oklahoma Rockmount Denver Colorado Nickel Silver, Justin 40" Belt Elk Creek/Volt, 14K .625 Silver, Rubies Lizard Belt -36 Fritch Brothers Buckle Set 625 Silver, Circle Y Belt, Silver Laced Nelson Bringhoff, 625 Silver, Leather Belt Renalde – Denver Colorado, Solid Nickle, 34" Hercturo Belt Belt Buckle Set – Mexico Tex Tan Belt Ricardo Buckle Set Nickle Silver Renalde, Denver Colorado Solid Nickle Silver Watch Band, Mexico Buckle Set Silver Watch Band Buckle Set, Keystone Brothers, SF Calif., .625 Silver, Very Rare, Elgin Watch Not Working Newton Buckle Set Buckle Parts Hollands Buckle Set, .625 Silver Nelson Bringhoff, .625 Silver Rubies Custom Made Brief Case CR Buckles BOJAR Buckle Set, .625 Silver, Stone Settings, Very Rare Nelson Bringhoff, .625 Silver 10K, Unmarked Nelson Bringhoff, .625 Silver Don Ricardo, .625 Silver 10K, Stone Settings Nelson Bringhoff, .625 Silver Renalde Bucket Set Unmarked Ladies Spurs, Silver Buckles, Overton NM Chihuahua Style Mexican Spurs w/Straps Unmarked Prison Spurs w/Straps Pistol Spurs w/Straps Marked "E" Garcia, Vintage Spur Straps Elgin Pocket Watch w/Key, Made in 1883/SN 138838 w/Winchester Card Suit Chain, .625 Silver/Extremely Rare Waltham Pocket Watch Made in 1863/SN:78369 w/WM J Bryan for President Fob Bicycle Tire Iron Crate Axe (5) Single Spurs Pocket Compass 30-30 Cartilage Belt, Vintage LL Bean McChesney Unmarked Spurs, Vintage Spur Straps Bottle Opener Spurs, Maker Mark Hard to See w/Jerry Wallace, .625 Spur Buckles Vintage Spur Straps Spur Straps Colt 45 Grips, 2nd Generation RT Frazier Watch Fob Toledo Spanish Saber Frame of Arrowheads Large Strap of Graduated Sleigh Bells Winchester Sign Frame of Arrowheads Pair of Bridle Rosettes Pair of Bridle Rosettes Cast Iron Frog Mechanical Bank Cast Iron Steer Head Hummer Rooster Windmill Set "We Don't Call 911 Sign" Old Snow Shoes Antler Handle Knife Silent Chief Double Sided Porcelain Gas Sign Frontier Porcelain Gas Sign Old Dog Boot Scraper Old Butcher Shop Trade Sign Cowboy Shadow Box John Deere Tea Pot Parrot Balance Toy Double Mounted McChesney Type Gal Leg Spurs Hercules Bronze Indian Head Spurs North & Judd Iron Engraved Spurs S. Garcia, Elke, NV. Silver In-Laid Spurs Large Pair Silver Inlaid Spurs 54"x32" Indian Rug 83"x52" Indian Rug 44"x36" Navajo Lita Roadhouse 48"x34" Elsie Napoleon 52"x36" Indian Rug 42"x33" Navajo Patricia Foghorn 36"x12" Indian Rug Runner Cherokee Quill Painted Tobacco Bag (Framed) San Juan Plainware Bowl, 13" x 6 1/2" (Small Crack), Local Pickup Only Large Hopi Piki Bowl, 11" x 5", Local Pickup Only 2 Tone Ribbed Rim Bowl, 8" x 4 1/2", Local Pickup Only San Juan 7" x 4 1/2" Bowl Hopi 4" Pot 14" Woven Bowl 8 1/2" x 2 1/2" Woven Bowl 11" Woven Bowl (2) 15" Baskets & Sage Bundles Circa 1948 Skin Moccasins & Soyok Monster, Women's Kachina Circa 1880 Beaded Flap Pouch 6 1/4" x 5" Full Fringe Northern Plains Beaded Drawstring Pre Colombian Nazca Tie-Dye Textile Fragment (3) Framed Prints, Pawnee Family, Little Jim Pepper, Wayne Hedron Ron Toahani Jackson Print Indian Reference Book & Red Jacket Chief Print (x2) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 10" & 6" (x2) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 10" & 8" (x3) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 9" & 8" (x3) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 8" & 7" (x3) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 8" (x3) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 8" (x3) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 8" (x3) Damascus Knives w/Sheaths, 8" (x3) Damascus Knives – (2) Folders, (1) Carved Horn Handle Carved Seal Inuit 76 x 64 Pendleton Blanket 62 x 48 Untagged Pendleton Blanket Benchmade Crooked River 15080-2, Folding Knife, Manual Open, New in Box FIREARMS H&R Topper M88, 12 Ga., 3" Bbl., SN:AY437054 New England Firearms Pardner, 12 Ga., 3" Bbl., SN: NS305879 Mossberg M835 Slugster, 12 Ga., 24" Rifled Bore, SN:UM434028 H&R Topper M.58, 16 Ga., 2 3/4" Bbl. SN:AM345360 New England, Receiver Only, SN:NN373019 (OTHER) New England, Receiver Only, SN:NJ214039 (OTHER) Savage Arms AXIS, 30.06 NIB, SN:190090 Savage Arms AXIS, 270 Win., w/Weaver Scope NIB, SN:K358520 Savage Arms AXIS, 6.5 Creedmoor NIB, SN:K980606 Savage Arms AXIS, 22.250, NIB, SN:N202990 Mossberg M.500, .410, 24" Full, NIB, SN:V0256849 Weatherby Waterfowl Max-5, 12 Ga., 3" 28" Bbl., NIB, SN:RL009494 CZ-75 Compact (B Series), 9x19mm, Two Magazines, Factory Blued Finish, SN:B2244P (dated 94) (HG) Browning M.65, 218 Bee, SN:00384PN167 Beretta M.5025, 7.64 Cal. w/Minox ZV3 Scope, Sako Round Top Action, SN:573380 CZ 550, 9.3 x 62 w/Burris 3x9 Scope, SN:B1295 Steyr M.1961, 30.06 w/Minox ZV3 Scope, SN:44988 Remington M700 300 H&H Mag. SN:B6451958 Ruger #1, 7x57/9.3x74R w/Minox ZV3 Scope, SN:134-26894 Ruger M.77, 250 Savage w/Minnox ZV3 Scope SN: 770-43475 Winchester M63, .22-LR w/Redfield Scope, SN:110912A Winchester PRE-64 M70, 300 H&H Mag. SN: 296061 Winchester M75 Sporter, .22-LR, w/Lymon Sights SN:47520 SAKO Pre 61 Supreme Action, 300 H&H Mag. SN:11866 Ruger 10/22, .22-LR w/Nikon Scope SN:240-96840 Colt M357, .357 6" Bbl., SN:16526 (HG) Colt Official Police, .22-LR, 4" Bbl., SN:46217 (HG) Colt Diamond Back, .38 Special, 2 1/2" Bbl., SN:D41184 (HG) Colt 1911 Government, .45 Cal., SN:SS25332E (HG) Ruger Blackhawk, .44 Special, 4 1/2" Bbl. SN:521-39039 (HG) Browning Fabrique, 9mm, SN:E08759 (HG) Winchester M1902, .22-S-L, NVSN Winchester M1902, .22-S-L, NVSN Winchester M1890, 22 Short, SN:312172 Winchester M06, .22-S-L, SN:357929 Winchester M94, 30-30, SN:2564641 Winchester M77, .22-LR, SN:32209 Westernfield M59A, .22-LR, NVSN Weatherby SA-08, 12 Ga., 26" Bbl. SN:AD12742 Excel Single Shot, .410 SN:4734X6 Franchi 48AL20, 20 Ga., 26" Bbl. SN:05-03-E02764-12 Remington M33, .22-S-L-LR, SN:211886 Remington M33, .22, NVSN Remington M11-48, .410, 26" Bbl. SN:4150476 Remington M12, .22-S-L-LR, SN:797799 Stevens M53B, .22-S-L-LR, NVSN Mosin-Nagant M44 Russian, 7.62 x 54R w/Scope & Bi-Pod, SN:M44040005 Winchester M12, 16 Ga., 26" Bbl., Full Choke SN:194522 Ruger M77 Hawkeye, 6.5 Creedmoor, SN:712-60023 Browning BPS, 16 Ga., 2 3/4" 26" Bbl. Full Choke, ANIB, SN:09620MR121 Winchester M1200, 12 Ga., 2 3/4" 28" Bbl. SN:452519 Winchester M12, 16 Ga., 2 3/4" 28" Bbl., SN: 913104 Remington 870, 12 Ga., 2 3/4" 28" Bbl. SN:244666V American Gun Co., New York, SxS, .410, 3" Chambering SN:9157 CZ-USA RingNeck, SxS, .410, 3" Chambering, 26" Bbl., SN: 10C3584 Remington 1100 LW, .410, 3" Vented Rib, 25" Bbl., SN:N371203H Savage Model 24, Overunder, .410, 22-LR, 3" Bbl.,Cracked Stock, NVSN Springfield Armory by CZ, M6 Scout, Overunder .410, 22 Hornet, 3" Bbl., SN:MC065544 Norinco China SKS, 7.62 x 39, SN:1212522D AMT 380 Backup, SN:DA13528 (HG) Beretta M.950 BS, .22 Short, SN:BR13428T (HG) Ithaca 37, 16 Ga., Full Choke, SN:495208-4 Stevens 58B, .410 Ga., NVSN Remington Field Master 572, .22-S-L-LR, Re-blued, NVSN JC Higgins 31, .22-S-L-LR, NVSN Remington M.24, .22 Short, SN:105100 Remington M.241, .22 Short, Cracked Stock, SN:5546 Remington M.12, .22-S-L-LR, 24" Octagon Bbl. SN:730041 Remington M.12, .22-S-L-LR, SN:193344 Remington M.12A, .22-S-L-LR, Cracked Stock, SN:629699 Remington M.24, .22 Short, Chipped Forearm, SN:19973 Remington 572 Field Master, .22-S-L-LR, NVSN Glenfield 60, .22-LR, SN:25271071 Mossberg 802 Plinkster, .22-LR, SN:HHC037677 Remington 121 Fieldmaster, .22-S-L-LR, SN:46027 Winchester 1890, .22 WRF, SN:560348/666285A Remington Falling Block, .22 Single Shot, SN:98447 Stevens Gallery No. 80, .22-S-L-LR, 1906-1910, Some Furniture Cracks, SN: 23372 Colt DA US Army 1901, Colt DA .38 Cal, RAC Stamped Frame and Barrel, SN:139081 (HG) H&R Victor, .32 S&W, SN:52506 (HG) Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Tip-Up, .38 Cal, SN:F9038 (HG) Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Tip-Up, .38 Cal, SN:G1656 (HG) Marlin 30AW, 30-30 Cal., w/Tasco Scope SN:11065324 Remington Nylon Model 66, .22 Cal., Seneca Green Tube Feed w/ Weaver Scope, NVSN Colt Diamond Back, .38 Special, Made in 1977 w/4" Bbl. Excellent Condition, SN:R04976 (HG) Remington Nylon 66, .22-LR, Rare Black Diamond, Made in 1985, Good Condition, Tube Feed SN:A2309387 Winchester Model 61, .22 Magnum, Excellent Condition, Made in 1961, SN:309399 Winchester Model 43, .22 Hornet, w/Clip and Scope, Nice Condition, SN:Z9606A Winchester Model 9422M, .22 Magnum, As New, SN:F263053 Remington Model 1100, .410 Ga. Engraved Receiver Shotgun, 2.5" V.R. Bbl. SN:L206098H Remington Nylon Model 66, Tube Feed, .22-LR, Brownstock w/4x Bushnell Scope, Good Condition, NVSN Remington Nylon Model 77, .22 Cal., Apache Greenstock w/10 Round Clip, SN:A2377298 Remington 870 Express, 12 Ga., 28" VR Bbl., Damage to Butt Stock, SN:B969266M Savage 64, .22-LR, Semi-Auto w/Magazine w/Bushnell Scope, SN:1627721 Savage 110, 7mm Rem Mag w/Simmons Prodiamond Scope, 3-9x40 & Bipod, SN:G306265 Remington 597 Mag, 22 Win Mag w/Bushnell Scope 3x9 & Bipod, SN:A2917592M Mossberg 100-ATR, 30-06, Nikon Buckmasters Scope 3x9 & Bipod w/Stand, SN:BA036510 Weatherby Vanguard, 300 Win Mag, Pentax Gameseeker Scope 4-12x40, SN: VS96419 Remington M770, 270 Win, 3x9 Bushnell Scope, SN:M71570319 Mauser 1911, 22-LR, New NIB, SN:BL79654 (HG) S&W M&P 40, 40 S&W, Good Condition, SN:DVF6866 (HG) S&W 64-3, .38 Special, Good Condition, SN:6923 (HG) Ruger PC Charger, 9mm, NIB, SN:91334514 (HG) Girsan MC28SA, 9mm, NIB, SN:T636821AV12997 (HG) Heritage Rough Rider, .22-LR, NIB, SN: 3HR031021 (HG) Pietta 1873, .357 Cal., NIB, SN: E116526 (HG) Sccy CPY-2, 9mm, Good Condition w/Extra Mag and Box, SN:108347 (HG) Beretta APX, 9mm, NIB w/Extra Mag, SN: A119150X (HG) FNH FNS-9, 9mm, Like New In Box w/Extra Mag., SN:GKU0026300 (HG) Diamondback DB9, 9mm, NIB, SN:YN2162 (HG) RG IND RG26, 25 ACP, Good Condition, SN:U040663 (HG) Savage 12, .223, Great Condition w/6x24 Scope SN:G638687 Browning A5, 20 Ga., Good Condition, SN:8Z3836 Baikal MR221, 45-70, Like New in Box, Double Rifle, SN:1222120536B Carl Gustuf M67-99, 8mm x 58, Made in 1870 Brass and Dies are Available, SN:5819 Remington 12, 22-LR, SN:408299 Marlin 92, 22-LR, SN:400296 Ithaca SxS, 16 Ga., SN:46101 Stevens Bolt Action, 22-LR, NVSN Winchester 97, 12 Ga., SN:240651 NEF SB2, .22 Hornet, w/Scope, SN:NF296456 Heritage Rancher, 22-LR, New NIB, SN:3PH129994 H&R 1871, 12 Ga., Good Condition, SN:NZ786788 Bear Creek Arsenal BCA15, 7.62 X 39, New NIB, SN:B06418 Bear Creek Arsenal BC-15, 223 Wylde, New NIB, SN:72952 Centurion BP12, 12 Ga., New NIB, SN:21US14298 Arms CO MKS-12, 12 Ga., New NIB, SN:12A21006018 Arms CO MKS12, 12 Ga., New NIB, SN:12A21006018 G Force GF2P 1220, 12 Ga., New NIB, SN:2189047 G Force GF2P 1221, 13 Ga., New NIB, SN:2189049 Ruger Black Hawk, 45 LC, Great Condition, SN:4618549 (HG) Beretta 81, 32 ACP, Good Condition, SN:D36816W (HG) CZ 52, 7.62 X 25, Great Condition, SN:A9003 (HG) High Standard R107, 22-LR, SN:2120601 (HG) Remington 1100 LW, 20 Ga. Improved Cylinder, Great Condition, SN:L827163K Springfield 1898, 30-40-Crag, Spotter w/Lyman Pep Sight, SN:139172 Harrington and Richardson Arms 150 Leather Neck, 22-LR, Good Condition, SN:1647 Harrington and Richardson Arms 65 H&R Reising, 22-LR, Scope Mount & Leather Cheek Rest, SN:2379 Savage NRA 19, 22LR, SN:NVSN Mossberg 44B, 22LR, Peep Sights Training Rifle, SN:NVSN Stevens 59B, 410, 3 inch Chamber Tube Feed Bolt Action, SN:NVSN Western Field, 60 B, 20 Ga., Slug Sights, SN:641514 Winchester 37, 16 Ga., Single Shot Red Label, SN:NSN Marlin Goose Gun, 12 Ga., 3 inch Chamber 36 Barrel, SN:25680380 Mauser 96, 6.5 x 55, Sporter w/Very Nice Stock, SN:7072 Mauser 1895, 7mm Mauser, Very Nice Sporter w/Turn Down Bolt, SN:G3541 Marlin Glenfield 10, 22-LR, Single Shot, SN:72380950 Remington 511, 22-LR, SN:NSN Winchester 74, 22-LR, SN:302223A Husquvarna 51, 12 Ga., Neat Old 12 Ga. Side by Side, SN:77210 Ruger 77/17, 17HMR, w/Nikon Scope SN:703-67317 Ruger American, .223, w/Barska Scope, Pitted Barrel, Rust, SN:692-17900 Baikal SxS, 12 Ga., 3" Bbl., Pitted Barrel, Rust, SN:0475035B Baikal SxS, 12 Ga., 3" Bbl., Rust, SN:0038468B Ruger M60, SS, .22-LR SN:04194921 Browning BPS, 12 Ga., 2 3/4-3-3 1/2, 28" VR SN:07914MN12128 S&W M&P 15-22, 22-LR, SN: DYZ3077 Chinese SKS, 7.62x39 w/Scope, NVSN Sig Sauer 1911-22, .22 LRHV, SN:T167663, (HG) Arminius H. Weihrauch Liberty HW5T, 22 Mag., 8 Shot, 6" Bbl. w/Holster, SN:75290 (HG) Ruger P89, 9mm, Extra Mag in Case, SN:310-77050 (HG) Beretta, M92FS, 9mm, Stainless Steel, w/Case, Mag, Holster, SN:M61294Z (HG) S&W M.P40 Shield PC, 40 S&W, SN:HLY1850 (HG) Kimber 8400, 300 Win. Mag Classic, Leapold BX-1 Scope 4-12 x 40, SN:DU751028 Ruger 10-22 SS, .22-LR w/Bushnell 3x9 SN:257-99263 Beretta AL-391 Teknys, 12 Ga., 28" VR Bbl. SN:AA243084 Stoeger P-350, 12 Ga., 3 1/2" 28" Bbl. SN:923630 Chinese SKS, 7.62x39, w/Bayonet & Extra Mag, SN:24005030 Armalite M-15 15A2NM, 5.56MM, w/Leopold Mark AR Scope, No Mag., SN:US110252 Remington 700 SPS, 22.250, w/Simmon 6-24x50 AO Scope and Pole Cat Bipod, SN:G6662435 Remington 870 Express MAG, 12 Ga., 2 3/4-3" 28"VR Bbl. SN:C030371M Remington 1100 Mag. 12 Ga., 3" w/Sling, 26" Bbl. SN:PI573852M Remington 12 Ga., Choke Set, w/Patter Master (EX) CVA Accura w/Bergara Bbl. Ration I-28 Twist & 50 Cal., w/Cabela Powderhorn 3x10x40 Scope (EX) Mathews Mission Compound Bow w/Case & Arrows SN:1257354 (EX) Ruger Wrangler, .22-LR, As New in Box, SN: 204-14243 (HG) S&W 14-4, .38 S&W Special, 6" Bbl., SN:76K7527 (HG) Benelli M2-20, 20 Ga., 26" VR, SN:N216852N20 Weatherby Vanguard, 6.5 PRC, w/Nikon Scope, SN:VB278619 Ruger M77 Hawkeye, w/Scope 204 Ruger, SN:711-71278 Italian Carbine, 6.5x52, w/Bayonet, SN:TL5687 Remington RAC 1907-15, 8x51 R Lebel, NVSN Remington M121 Fieldmaster, .22-S-L-LR SN:193882 Ruger M60SS, .22-LR Only, w/scope & box, SN:07463090 Beretta U22, .22-LR, SN:R10782 (HG) S&W Police Model, .38 S&W, SN:826914 (HG) Sentinel Deluxe, .22, SN:1547332 (HG) Stevens M320, 20 Ga., 2 3/4-3", SN:176560A Ruger 10/22, .22-LR, SN:232-21408 J Stevens Tool Co., 12 Ga., SN:DW487 Stevens M124B, 12 Ga., NVSN Stevens M94, 20 Ga., NVSN Acer Belgium SxS, 20 Ga., SN:4088 Remington 10-T, 12 Ga., 30" Full Choke, SN:222805 Springfield Armory M1, Fulton Armory 30-06, SN: 3556466 Remington M10, 12 Ga., Orig. Blue 30", SN:161078 Argentine Mauser M1891, 7.65x53 SN:F1894 Winchester M.12, 12 Ga., Cyl. Bore, 28" Bbl. Nickel Steel Bbl., SN:205915 Winchester M.50, 12 Ga., 2 3/4" Pre-64, 30" Bbl., SN:65132 Winchester 1887, 12 Ga., Smokeless Proof, SN:1467 Marlin Semi Auto (Model 50?) .22-LR, NVSN US Springfield M1903, 30.06, SN:698736 Mauser K-98 Conversion, 8mm, SN:3753 Marlin Semi Auto (Model 50?) .22-LR, NVSN Benjamin Blue Streak, Pellet Rifle, 5/mm, (EX) Mauser 1937 Model 32, 7.65mm, SN:548763 (HG) Mauser 1910, .25 ACP, SN:5858 (HG) High Standard Sport King, .22-LR, SN:344380 (HG) FN Model 1910, .32 Auto, w/Holster, SN:57122 (HG) S&W M29-2, .44 MAG, 8 1/2 Bbl. SN:N722760 (HG) CZ M24, 380 ACP, w/Holster, SN:119300 (HG) Walther Model 8, 7.65mm, w/Holster, SN:56751 (HG) Colt MKIV, Series 80, .45, Para-Ordinance Frame w/Extra Mags., SN:PG004030 (HG) Walther P22, .22-LR, SN:L105351 (HG) Winchester M1400MII, 12 Ga., SN:N591997 New England Firearms Pardner, 20 Ga., 3" Single Shot, SN: NS208341 Husqvarna Underlever, 20 Ga., SxS Hammer Gun, SN:15755 Remington 11-87 Premier, 12 Ga., Rem Choke, SN:PC671442 Ruger No.1, 243 Win., SN:133-69114 Remington 870 Wingmaster, 12 Ga., 2 3/4 Mod. Choke, SN:815852V Remington 1100, 12 Ga., 2 3/4 Full Choke, SN:N654705V Smith & Wesson 3000 Pump, 12 Ga., 2 3/4 Pol. Cyl. SN:FC33039 Smith & Wesson 3000 Pump, 12 Ga., 3" Full Choke, Water Fowler, SN:FC39664 H & R Model 949, 22-LR, 9 Shot, SN:AU143429 (HG) Taurus 94, 22-LR, 9 Shot, SN:TK71989 (HG) Remington 870 Express Magnum, 20 Ga., Rem Choke, SN:A287729U KELTEC PLR16, 5.56mm, SN:P2T43 (HG) Winchester Model 54, .30 Gov't 06. SN:14509 Marlin Papoose, .22-LR, SN:13414726 Deutsche Werke 7.65mm, SN:211021 (HG) Chinese SKS Norinco SKS, 7.62x39, w/Simons SKS Scope, SN:21000692, Bayonet & Bipod, Stripper Clips C.T. MAK-90 Sporter, 7.62x39, Extra Mags, SN:9382341 Schmidt Ruben Swiss GP-11, 7.5x55 Swiss, SN:469574 Waffenfabrik Neuhansen Bayonet, SN:235248 (EX) 1914 Swiss Army Helmet w/Non-Era Cover (EX) Japanese Axuma/Tokyo Angel, Fly Rod Set w/Case & Accessories (EX) Remington Model 550-1, .22 S-L-LR, Bushnell 3x9 Scope, NVSN Remington ADL 700, 30-06, Weaver K6 Scope, SN:A6480634 NEF Handi Rifle SB-2, 45-70, SN:NC246366 Remington Wingmaster Model 870, 16 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:68992W Remington Model 1100, 12 Ga., 19" VR Bbl., SN: M932832V Remington Model 1100, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl., SN:L359902V Winchester Model SXP, 12 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:12AZW11534 Lefever Nitro Special SxS, 16 Ga., 28" Bbl., SN:333863 Browning Citori PreType 1, O/U, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl., Extra Stock & Forearm, Full/IM Choke, SN:01997H47 Browning Superposed O/U, 12 Ga., 32" Bbl., Full/IM Choke, SN:16697S3 Israel Military Industries Desert Eagle, .357 Mag., SN:70904-S (HG) Ruger New Model, .22, Single Six, w/Extra Cyl.SN:6276608 (HG) Ruger P89DC, 9mm, Extra Mag & Box, SN:307-28152 (HG) Century Arm Canik TP9SF, 9x19 Ducks Unlimited, NIB, SN:T6472-21AT27206 (HG) Nikon Spotting Scope Prostaff, 16-48x65mm Spotting Scope, (EX) Benelli M2, 12 Ga., 3" 28" VR w/Case, SN:781285A Remington Model 12, 12 Ga., 30" Bbl. SN:76801 Fox Sterlingworth, 12 Ga. SxS SN:133571 Parker Bros SxS, 10 Ga., SN:13462 LC Smith SxS, 12 Ga., SN:R192046 Baker SxS, 12 Ga., SN:2217 Colt Pt, F.A. Mfg Co., SxS, 12 Ga., SN:21952 Winchester M.06, .22, SN:114318 Henry Golden Boy H004, .22-LR, NIB, SN:GB278612 Marlin No. 20-A, .22-S-L-LR, Oct Bbl., NVSN Remington Model 12A, .22-S-L-LR, SN:555655 Winchester 1906, .22, SN:274945 Marlin Model 336SS, 30-30, NIB, SN:94210213 Ruger No.1, .243 Win., Redfield Scope, SN:133-26663 Ruger Mini 14, .223, BSA Scope, Ranch Rifle, SN:195-55765 Remington Model R-15 BTR, Nikon Active Target 4-12X40 Scope, Multi-Cal. w/Case, SN:R15001830 TC Encore, 50 Cal., Black Powder, Nikon Scope, SN:C11098 (EX) Savage Model 82R17, .17 HMR, Bushnell 3x9x40 Scope, SN:1702375 Marlin M7000, .22-LR, w/Scope Ring SN:01156122 Winchester M1903, .22 Auto, SN:17427 Winchester 1902, .22 S-L, NVSN Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative, 30-30, SN:WC116961 Winchester M.94 Golden Spike Commemorative, 30-30, SN:GS5746, w/East meets West Board Ruger Super Blackhawk, 44 Mag., Blue, SN:81-79224 (HG) Walther PPK/S 380 Auto, Stainless Steel, w/Case, SN:5604BAT (HG) Ruger 57, 5.7x28, NIB, SN:642-01356 Weatherby VGD2, 257 Wby. Magnum SN:VB051467 Browning BPS, 410 Ga., w/Full Mod and Imp. Chokes, NIB, SN:09824ZW121 Ruger AR-556, 5.56 NATO, NIB, SN:856-18541 River Side Arms, 20 Ga., SN:54843 Empire State Arms, 12 Ga., SN:26656 Remington 722, .222 Cal. Bolt, w/Bushnell 4x Scope, SN:234173 Remington Wingmaster 870, 12 Ga., 28" VR 3", SN:V708377M Springfield 87-A, .22-S-L-LR, NVSN Marlin 60, .22 Cal Auto, SN:21426968 J Stevens A-T Co Marksman 12, .22 Cal., SN:C-261 Ruger Mark II, .22 Cal, w/Holster, SN:12-23420 (HG) Tri-Star Hunter Mag, 12 Ga., 3 1/2 SN:AR12002357 Stevens 325-B, 30-30 Bolt, w/Tasco Scope 4x9, NVSN ALSO SELLING A GOOD VARIETY OF RELOADING SUPPLIES, AMMO, TAXIDERMY, MEMORABILIA, HOLSTERS, KNIVES, BAYONETS, & OTHER RELATED ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST.

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