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2 Day Auction2 Day Auction

Friday, October 14th, 2022 at 10:00 AM - Spearville, KS
- 1920s Rumely Oil Pull Tractor, Mobil Gas Pump,
1920 Hines Prototype Combine, F-5 Ford Wheat Truck,
1920s Brass Hand Crank Oil Pump, Fordson, 1925 Ford Model T,
Fairmont Railway Maintenance Cars, 1958 Ford Fairlane,
1959 EdCharo Ford Edsel, 1958 Corsair, 1980 Ford CL9,000,
1953 Freightliner Truck, 1958 Pacer Edsel, 1920s Hayes Gas Pump
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Selling at 11:00am on Friday Early model Wiggly mower; GI Fuel tanks; Oil cans; Approximately 15 milk cans; (2) Shop air compressors; Fuel oil stove; 1960’s Sun distributor tester; Primitive chicken house door; Wood shop cabinet; (4) Model A tire rims; Stainless steel hospital sterilizer machine; Soda fountain dispenser; Ice cream cooler/dispenser; (2) Goodyear 13x28 tractor tires; (2) Goodyear 7.5x20 tires; Pallet of tires – miscellaneous sizes and brands; Craftsman shop work light; DeWalt radial arm saw; Shop fan; Construction items: Tool boxes – miscellaneous; Aluminum Tapco siding brake; (2) Rebar cutter/benders; Steel form pins; Form tie wedges; Graco texture sprayer with self-contained air compressor; Miscellaneous electrical items; Chainsaws; Soffi t shear – siding shear; Miscellaneous siding , soffi t and trim; 2x40 Fluorescent lights; Pallet of chicken wire fence; (3) Rolls of felt paper and shingles; Metal building sidewall sheets and 4 Coop sky lights; Scaffolding with wheels; Scaffolding planks; 200 gallon plastic water tank; Railroad tires; Bridge planks; Snowblower; Tin; Light bars; Stove; Misc. hubcaps – Chevy, Buick, etc; Portable air compressor; Misc. electrical boxes, brakers, fi ttings, etc. Antique Vehicles Selling at 1:00pm on Saturday • 1953 Freightliner Truck – Red, 10-Speed, 265 Cummins engine with sleeper, odometer shows 601 miles, runs and drives and is equipped with power steering. • F-5 Ford Wheat Truck – 200-bushel hydraulic bed hoist, good tires, always shedded, does not run. • 1980 Ford CL 9,000 with double bunk sleeper, 8V92 Detroit engine (not in the truck & bad), 8V92 Detroit spare engine – both engines will sell with the truck. Truck has a full air ride cab, 13 speed cruise control, all aluminum wheels, 310,035 miles. Purchased new in 1980 and is a one owner truck. • 1925 Ford Model T – 2-door sedan with fat man steering wheel. Complete with motor (always shedded and has not run in 25 years). • 1958 Pacer Edsel – 4-door, large frame, E 400 engine, 4-door post, 11,284 miles, has not ran in 25+ years, has always been in a shed. • 1958 Corsair – 4-door, hard top, 75,909 miles, has not ran in 25+ years, has always been in a shed. • 1959 EdCharo Ford Edsel – 71,497 miles, has not ran in 25+ years. • 1958 Ford Fairlane – 4-door post, 9,368 miles, all original, starts and runs. • Fordson Tractor – Year unknown, does not run • 1920’s Rumely Oil pull tractor – starts and runs, Dutch throw out bearing is bad, starts on gas and runs on kerosine and water. • Fairmont Railway maintenance cars (2) – one will run with some work, the other one is parts only. • 1920 Hines Prototype Combine - Designed and patented by A.M., A.B., Mike and John Hines. The machine was built in Hutchinson, KS in the Hines Brothers workshop. This is known to be the fi rst self propelled combine harvester that was brought to Ford County, KS and used on the Hines Family farm. This combine is #1 of 3 still known to be in existence and was featured on the 1997 Kansas State Fair Belt Buckle. • 1937 American LaFrance Pumper Fire Truck – All original! This fi re truck was purchased new by the Hutchinson Fire Department. V12 engine, rebuilt radiator, all lights work and water pump is locked. This truck runs, but water froze in the engine which caused a piece of the engine block sidewall to push out. • 1975 Dodge W30 Mini Pumper Pierce Fire Truck – 360 CID gas engine, four speed manual transmission, four-wheel drive, heat, manual windows and locks, Pierce bed with 300 gallon water tank and pump works, front winch, electric hose reel • 1949 Packard Custom 8 Sedan – Blue, automatic transmission, 4-door, 51,400 miles (odometer reads), car runs and drives • 1949 Packard Deluxe Super 8 Sedan – Black, 3 speed manual on the column transmission, 4-door, 37,178 miles, car runs and drives and was restored in Michigan • 1950 Packard Deluxe 8 Sedan – Light blue, 2nd owner, 3 speed manual on the column transmission, 4-door, 80,897 original miles; paint and interior are all original, car runs and drives great. This is a complete 2nd owner all original car that was bought brand new in Dodge City, KS and has the original title. Antiques 1920’s brass hand crank oil pump; Mobil Gas pump red / Clearvision pump #19213, Wichita, KS, Model G730; 1920’s Hayes gas pump, visible pump, Wichita, KS; Coca Cola: (3) Ice Coolers – (1) blue and (2) red; Tractor Seats: Walter A. Wood, approximately 25 tractor seats – miscellaneous brands; (3) Maytag washing machines – 1 with motor; Cream separator; Copper boiler – several; Baskets; Hit & Miss engine with single cylinder; (2) National Wooden countertop cash registers; Detroit 1903 countertop scale; Cast iron kettle with legs; Small kettle with no legs; John Deere peddle toy tractor with wagon; Wooden windmill blade sections – very rare and brand unknown; (4) Brass fi re extinguishers – Champion and Campbell brands; Corn sheller; (2) Primitive forge blowers; Primitive brake shoe riveter; Miscellaneous forge tools; Primitive wooden wheelchair; Water bottle with frame; Primitive oak wall phone – candlestick telephone; (3) Brass blow torches; Embury lantern; 1930’s Cadillac headlights; Several small fi re extinguishers; Cast iron tool boxes – several; Early primitive woodworking tools; Porcelain door knobs; Light globes; Curved glass countertop showcase; Buggy seat; Steel wheel cart for Hit & Miss engine; Miscellaneous marble pieces; Egg crate maker; Freestanding print shop label/binder machine; (2) Anvils – (1) 50lb. and (1) 100lb.; Fairbanks platform scale; Water pumps – 1 Case and 4 other misc. brands; (2) Horse drawn cultivators; Header canvas; Miscellaneous pitcher pumps; Halfmoon Eclipse windmill weights; Miscellaneous cast iron buggy steps; Post drills; Jacks; Vice; (5) Reel mowers; Cast iron sausage stuffer; Cast iron wood-burning farmer’s stove; Daisy butter churn – gallon capacity; Primitive miscellaneous bottles; (2) Maytag kickstart motors; Cast iron Caterpillar greaser hand pump; Miscellaneous single/ double oxen yokes; Small pot belly stove; Cast iron tools/end wrenches – Ford, Cadillac, Caterpillar, etc,; Horse drawn planter & plow; (2) Cook stoves – (1) 5-burner New Perfection (white), (1) 5-burner upright porcelain (green); Small cast iron eagle; Camelback trunk; Miscellaneous primitive wash boards; Primitive tin boilers; Primitive barrels; Shoe lasts – several; Bushel baskets – several; Produce crates; Large ammo box; Antique license tags – 1920’s through 1970’s and (2) Dealer tags; Cast iron primitive cast cover – marked R&C 4843; (5) Windmill pump jacks and handles; Double porcelain sink; Tire rims – 1 Model T; Windmill tail – HEBCO; Westinghouse 2-lamp 14ft. cast iron light pole; Clyde Steam donkey; Model T rear end tractor converter; Wagon tire rings – various sizes. Antique Railroad Items Locomotive headlight; Rail lifter; Railroad signal & switch parts; RR Crossing cast iron sign; RR Crossing tin sign – 3 sets; Railroad cast iron sign; Santa Fe pickup and delivery sign – porcelain; Stop sign – tin and double sided; Santa Fe platform scale; (2) Platform scales; RR Baggage cart; RR Deadhead stop “Buda” freight bumper; RR Cable car puller; RR Polemounted switch light

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