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NOTE: WE will be running two rings on most of the day.     Ring 1: Implements, Tractors, Skid steers, Backhoes, ETC   Ring 2 : Immediately Starting on over 250 skid steer Attachments, then to Vehicles, Grain Trucks, Campers, Trailers.   Call Now To Consign    OFFICE -660-663-3363 Shay Esbeck-660-605-0839 Justin Harlow 660-605-2346   ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS NOW Monday -Friday 8 to 5 Saturdays 8 to 12   Small items must be the lot by December 12 , 2022 All large equipment related items must be to the lot by Wednesday, November 14th, 2022 -No later than 5:00 pm   This will be a large auction, over 75 tractors, Construction items, Hay equipment, Tillage, Planting, 200 plus Skid steer attachments, already consigned. Thanks   ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED AFTER AUCTION WITHIN 15 DAYS. Tractors/Loaders (Expecting 75-100 tractors) John Deere   ’08 John Deere 7230 w/741 loader, only 562hrs JD 8335R, MFWD, F&R duals, weights, IVT, 2198hrs ’12 JD 6190R, 2wd, 2300hrs, Loader C/H/A, Clean JD 8420, MFWD, 7350hrs, Duals, weights, QH JD 8330, MFWD, 3145hrs, IVT trans, C/H/A JD 8410, Tracks, only 540 hrs, F&R weights JD 7420, loader, MFWD, 3011hrs, C/H/A JD 7230 Premium, loader, MFWD, 1800hrs, IVT trans, C/H/A JD 7230, loader, 4000hrs, C/H/A JD 7800, 2wd, 5623hrs, duals, ps trans, C/H/A JD 7210, loader, MFWD, 10,000hrs, C/H/A JD 6150R, loader, MFWD, 3600hrs, IVT trans, C/H/A JD 6125M, loader, MFWD, 3841hrs, C/H/A JD 6430 Premium, loader, MFWD, 7000 hrs JD 6330 Premium, loader, MFWD, 6213hrs, C/H/A JD 6215, loader, MFWD, 4336hrs, C/H/A JD 6115M, loader, MFWD, 1500hrs, 32spd, C/H/A JD 6115M, loader, MFWD, 1900hrs, 32spd, C/H/A JD 6430 Premium, loader, 2wd, 2360hrs, C/H/A JD 6430 Premium, loader, MFWD, 1857hrs, C/H/A JD 5425, loader, MFWD, open station JD 4850, 2wd, 9083hrs, duals, ps trans, C/H/A JD 4850, 2wd, GB loader with grapple, C/H/A, good rubber, duals JD 4440 2wd, duals, weights JD 4250, 740 loader, MFWD, 6978hrs, C/H/A JD 4250 2wd, 7335hrs, C/H/A JD 4050, loader, 5032hrs, quad trans, C/H/A JD 8440, 4x4, 7996 hrs, duals, PTO, C/H/A JD 2940, loader, 2wd, open station JD 5100E, MFWD, 1300hrs, C/H/A JD 5400, loader, MFWD, 2905hrs C/H JD 3520, loader ready, 756hrs, hydrostat JD 2555, 2wd, 4539hrs, canopy CASE IH/INTERNATIONAL CIH MX240, MFWD, 5063hrs, F&R duals, changeable PTO, autosteer, C/H/A CIH MX270, MFWD, 9800hrs, QH, C/H/A CIH MX285, MFWD, 4701hrs, rear duals, 1000pto, C/H/A CIH 120U, loader, MFWD, 1318hrs, C/H/A CIH MX120, MFWD, 2879 hrs, C/H/A CIH 5230, loader, 7282hrs, C/H/A CIH 75C, loader, MFWD, 415hrs, C/H/A CIH 2394, 2wd, C/H/A Case 870, loader, OS, diesel, 3389hrs IH 856, diesel, 9983hrs, IH 1086, 6701hrs, C/H/A McCormick MTX135, loader, MFWD, 9574hrs, C/H/A New Holland/ Ford NH 5640, 2wd, loader, 415hrs NH 8870, MFWD, 8812hrs, super steer, duals, C/H/A NH TS100, loader, MFWD, 6100hrs, NH TT60A, loader, 2wd, 4555hrs, open station NH TL100A, loader, MFWD, 4746hrs, C/H/A Ford 5000 rowcrop, diesel Ford 5900, loader, 3350hrs, canopy Ford 6610, 2wd, 1571hrs, Alamo bank mower, open station NH TL80, OS, 1400hrs Kubota/Massey Ferguson Kubota M110X, MFWD, 1901 hs, C/H/A Kubota L3560, loader, MFWD, 113hrs, C/H/A, clean Kubota B3030, belly mower, cab Kubota B3350, belly mower, cab Kubota B2620, loader, 751hrs, open station Kubota B2660, MFWD, snow blade MF 1105, 2wd, cab, good rubber MF 596, 2wd, 1112hrs, C/H/A MF 231, loader, 2wd, 4564hrs MF 4610 loader, MFWD, 1900hrs, C/H/A White/Agco/Allis Chalmers ’99 White 8610, MFWD, 2810hrs, weights, C/H/A Cat CH35, tracks, 1000pto, C/H/A Challenger MT325B, MFWD, 908hrs,C/H/A AC 190, 2907 hrs, gas, C/H/A Mahindra M-force 100S, MFWD, 3389hrs Other-Loaders Westendorf TA42, bucket, brackets, spike Westendorf TA46, bucket, brackets Westendorf WL42, bucket, brackets, spike Ford loader Combines/Headers/Harvest JD 9650 STS, duals, 2wd, 4729/3182hrs CIH 1666, 2wd, 5174 hrs Lexion 570R, Duals, RWA, 2891/1937, chopper, bin ext Corn heads Geringhoff Northstar Elite XL, Patriot Crop Sweeper/Reel Aluminum, like new CIH 4408 8-30 CIH 4208 8-30 IH 883 JD 893 -poly 8-30 JD 643 6-30 Platforms CIH 2020-35 JD 630F JD 925 Construction Skid Steers ’22 Kubota SVL97-2S, 4hrs, 2spd, HF,,  ’22 Deere 333G, 10hrs, tracks, 2spd, HF, HQA, counterweights, air ride seat, back-up camera, radio, C/H/A, like new (2 available) Deere 323D, tracks, 3056hrs, HQA, C/H/A Deere 328E, tires, 4547hrs, 2spd, HQA, radio, C/H/A Deere 328E, tires, 2322hrs, 2spd, HQA, radio, C/H/A Deere 326E, 2800hrs, C/H/A Takeuchi TL320, 2333hrs, C/H/A Case SR150, 898hrs, tires, hand controls ’19 Bobcat T770, HF, Forestry package, 1875hrs, HQA, C/H/A ’18 Bobcat T870, HF, 341hrs, C/H/A ’07 Bobcat T320, 4338hrs, C/H/A Bobcat S330, 4000hrs, C/H/A Bobcat T190, OS, C/H/A Bobcat 743, 5144hrs, tires, diesel, foot controls, open station Bobcat 630, tires, 2301hrs, gas, foot controls ’14 Cat 299D-XHP, tracks, 1805hrs, 2spd, HF, C/H/A Cat 226, tires, 1929hrs, hand controls, open station Excavators/Dozers ’14 Kubota KX080-4, 4243hrs, 2spd, hyd QA, C/H/A Komatsu PC78 excavator Cat 308C-CR, excavator, C/H/A Cat 308C-CR, excavator, 9000hrs, Poly pads ’08 Cat 303.5 mini, 3392hrs, hyd thumb, C/H/A Cat 304CR mini, 2767hrs, hyd thumb, C/H/A ’09 Bobcat 435 mini, 3000hrs, aux hyd, C/H/A AGT mini ex, unused, gas engine, tool-kit, open station, (5 available) Cat D7G, excellent UC, 3306eng, new trans, 3 shank ripper, C/H/A Backhoes/Loaders Deere 310K Ep backhoe, 4x4, 5205hrs, C/H/A Ford 550 backhoe, OS, 2wd Other Construction ’05 Deere 444J Wheel loader Vermeer V450 trencher, backhoe and back-fill blade NPK hydraulic hammer for excavator Planters-Drills-Seed Tenders ’20 Kinze 3600, box planter, 12/24, NT ’14 Kinze 3600, bulk fill, 12/23, shut-offs ’11 Kinze 3600, bulk fill, 12/23, shut-offs Kinze 2200, 12R30 Kinze 2000, 6 Row Kinze 3500, 8-15, NT Kinze 3500, 8-15, electric drive Kinze 3200, 12R, NT, Trash whips Kinze 2600, 12/23, NT JD 1790, 16-31. Bulk, NT JD 1790, 12-23, bulk, NT JD 7000 6R30 JD 455, 24’ 7.5in JD 8300, grass ’20 Atchison GrassFarmer drill, NT, less than 100 acres Great Plains SS13, end wheel drill, nice 2- CIH 5100 drills Brillion Seeder 8’ Sprayers/Applicators CIH Patriot wide-track, 90ft booms, 20in, lightbar Redball 580 sprayer, 1600gal, 90ft booms, 20in, nice Hardi Navigator 1100 sprayer Hardi NP1100 Sprayer Grain Carts/Grain Handling Brent 1084 grain cart, tarp Unverferth 9250, tarp Brent Grain Train, tarp Demco 750, tarp Unverferth 2755XL tender, bumper hitch Wheatheart Auger SA10-61 Forage Equipment/Feeding Equipment Grinder Mixers/Mills Deion F41 silage chopper, row-crop/pickup heads Knight 2375 Feed Mixer Wagon Badger silage wagon Farm Hand 880 tub-grinder Hay Equipment Balers/Mowers/Tedders/Rakes NH H6830 pull type disc mower Tubeline 5500A Bale Wrapper 2 JD 535 balers, twine/ net JD 348 square baler, late model, clean Vermeer 605L baler, twine/net Vermeer 605xl, twine Vermeer 605 super M,net Vermeer 605 Super M, net Hesston 856, 7500 bales, nice Hesston 5580 baler, twine Mowers NH H7450 moco NH H7220 moco 2-JD 946 moco, impeller and rubber rollers CIH DC133 moco CIH MD92, 9’ 3 point Hesston 1340 moco Rakes Vermeer R23 Frontier 10 wheel rake Hesston 18 wheel NH 258 ,NH 256, NH 57 3pt Several 2 and 4 basket tedders Brush Cutters/ Finish Mower (2) JD M15 brush cutters BH 2620 brush cutter Caldwell 20’ Cyclone RD6 Finish mower JD MX8   Disks/Vertical Tillage Phillips 4505 rotary harrow ’13 Landoll 7431 33’ VT Plus JD 637, 16 1/2ft Great Plains Turbo Till TT3000 JD 630 30’ JD 640 14’ plow disk JD 235 24’ JD 220 18’ CIH RMX 340 disk, 30’ CIH PTX300 chisel, 27.5’ Field Cultivators JD 980, 28’ Wil-Rich 36’ AC 1350 20’ CIH 4600 26’ Krause 4100 30’ OTHER HD wood splitter 3pt box blades 3 point blades Pull-type box blade Danhauser post auger Several gravity wagons Several Plows PTO generator Kubota snow blower Vehicles/ ATVS, LAWN Mowers Grain Trucks/ Trailers ’12 FL semi, big Cummins, wet-kit, sleeper ’02 Mack semi, wet-kit, sleeper ’99 40ft alum end-dump ’90 F700 tender truck, 1400gal tank, eductor, pump, nice setup ’77 Ford F600 Grain Truck Cub Cadet 4 seater SXS, 4x4, new engine ’18 H&H Speed-loader trailer, 83”x20ft, manual tilt, removable fenders ’04 FL semi with Hiab pallet crane, 302,xxx miles ’85 Ford L9000, twin screw, air-ride, Cat engine, good rubber ’87 C65 flatbed, disk brakes, gas ’73 Chevy C60 grain truck, newer engine ’70 Chevy C60 grain truck Elsey fuel trailer with pump ’12 Featherlite 7x24 Aluminum Stock Trailer ’18 Elite trailer, GN, 25ft, nice trailer Several Misc Trailers Skidloader Attachments (All attachments are new and will sell with NO Reserve)- All attachments are Skid Steer Quick attach   OVER 300 Attachments to sell                   B and S Equipment YEAR END CONSIGNMENT Year End Auction

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