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Guns, Ammo, Reloading supplies & Gun related items. ​ GUNS: Mossberg 835 20 ga. 3 1/2" chamber (NIB), Ruger Ranch .223 rifle, Marlin Mod. 25MN .22 WMR, Remington Mod 700 25-06 w/ tasco 3x9 scope, Ruger mod 77 .280REM w/ 4x40 scope, .22 cal air rifle, Ruger 10-22 camouflage (NIB), Remington 700 300 WIN MAG sendero fluted barrel w/ muzzle break w/ Springfield Armory 4-14x56mm scope & bipod, Springfield Armory National Match M1A w/ Nikon 4x12 scope heavy competition camouflage stock, Glenfield 30A (Marlin 336) 30-30 w/ 4x32 scope weaver mounts, Ruger M77 mark 2 w/ Douglas match grade barrel 308 w/ Nikon 4x12 scope (fired less than 50 times), Norinco SKS 7.62x39 (NIP), FN Belgium Herstal 308 MATCH (mirror bore), Norinco 1911 45 auto w/ packmayr grips, Ruger stainless steel SP101 357 mag 2" barrel, Glock Mod 21 45 auto, Glock mad 27 40 S&W Stainless steel w/ original box, S&W Mod 622 .22LR, Ruger GP100 357 mag 6" barrel stainless steel (NIB), Taurus judge 410-45 long colt, Norinco Mod 1911 45 auto w/ packmayr grips. ​ AMMO: 308 WIN, 300 WIN, .223 PMC, 357 wad cutters, .22 LR, 7.62x51 NATO, 25-06 REM, S&W Black talon, 357 Starfire, 20 gauge Federal, CCI .22 mini mag, 280 REM, 10MM, 7.62x39, 40 S&W, 30-30, 12 gauge 00, 9MM, 45 ACP, .243, 30 carbine, .38 SP, 30-06, 12 ga 3 1/2" #4 shot, Lots more ammunition to much to list. ​ RE-LOADING: Lyman reloading press, Lee re-loading presses 30 carbine & 45 ACP, Primers 30,000+, 38 sp brass, 357 brass, Smokeless powder (n150, n160, n54, #9, Winchester 571, 2460 accurate, Hodgdon, 8# Varget powder, Red Dot powder), IMR black powder, Misc. dies & reloading items. ​ SCOPES: Nikon 4-12x50, Tasco sniper scope 16x42mm, Tasco 4x40mm, Nikon 6.5-20x44mm, more scopes not listed. ​ MISC: Ear plugs, 1911 & Glock parts, Stripper clips, Gun cleaning kits, Mini 14 parts, Mossberg choke tubes 12 ga. & 20 ga., 30 rd AK mags, Ruger mark 2 mags, 20 & 30 rd Mini 14 mags, GI gear, Camouflage nets, AK bayonets, M14 mags, 45 Colt clips, De-humidifiers for gun safes & ammo, Ammunition cans. ​ AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: The Shaw's have sold the farm and are selling all farm equipment and shop items. Large 2-day auction. Great auction with all clean and well taken care of items. Largest ammo supply sold in Eastern Kansas in a long time. On Saturday we will start with GI gear, ammo and re-loading supplies, At 12:00 on Saturday we will sell guns. All guns, ammo or gun related items will sell Saturday.

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