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Tool AuctionTool Auction

Monday, February 19th, 2024 at 6:00 PM - Topeka, KS
This auction features tools of all sorts. From carts to screwdrivers...
large power tools to hand tools.... must see!!!
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Craftsman bottom box with keys Craftsman bottom box with keys Craftsman bottom box with keys Craftsman top box with keys Bosch sander Craftsman router Multi tool Kreg pocket hole set Pipe threader kit 24V drill Tile saw Tile cutter Impact sockets Pulley remover Cutsinger wood carving knives Drill bits Countersink bits Drill bits Drill bits Craftsman socket set Router bits Large router bits Craftsman router bits Cordless tool kit Doming set Miller Dialarc 250 ac/dc welder w/long heavy leads 6868 Welding rods Assorted Welding rods Welder cart Dewalt cordless drill Rockler clamp-it set Bosch jig saw Dremel shoe shiner Jack stands Dewalt saw 12 inch compound on folding stand Dewalt Sawzall T handle allen wrenches T handle allen wrenches Multimeter Professional wood burning set Wrench set Wrench set Torque wrench Dial indicator Dremel tool bits 4.5 inch grinder 4.5 inch grinder 3 inch cut off wheels 3 inch cut off wheels Bottle jack 2 Valve spring tools Palm nailer Sanding drums Plyers Cutters C.r.i&p.r.y. railroad special 14 inch pipe wrench 2 pipe wrenches Hole saw Jig saw blades Needle files Needle files Riffler file set Craftsman torque wrench Slot cutters Router bit Router bit Router bit Router bit Router bit Router bit Folding saw Tiger usa knife Pry bar set Welding hammers Taps Oil lot Box knife lot Paint brush Paint brush lot Stirling co ruler Wire brush lot Wire brush lot Hemostats Scissors Air sheers Air file Air grinder Air grinder Tool box organizers Hand saw Hand saws Countersink bits Tool box organizers Snap ring plyers Carving knives 10 multi tool blades 10 multi tool blades Tool box organizers Pulleys C clamps 2 4 inch c clamps 3 4 inch c clamps Deep impact sockets Mason drill bits Small precision screwdrivers Screwdrivers Percision nut drivers Auto body tools Bender Bow tie template Grommet tool Crimpers Pickle fork 1/2 inch drill DA sander Metal markers Engraver Eletric pencil Soldering iron Transfer punch set 2 hand drills Slide hammer 3 hand drills Craftsman bit set Wood bits Bits and center punches Irwin saw blade light Niji carving knives Files Concrete tools Screwdrivers Nut drivers Small plane Cutter lot Sand blaster Random lot Tool lot Random lot Chalk line lot Drill bits Punches & picks Tool lot Bench vice Bench vice Drill bits Vintage pulley Hammers Brad nailer Air file 2 snap on 1 p&C snap ring plyers Small vice Chisels Punches Craftsman screwdrivers Craftsman screwdrivers 2 folding wood rulers Buffer wheels Sledge hammer head Sledge hammer head Roto zip bits Metal snips Rigid Wood river SAE nut drivers Metric nut drivers Tool lot Large bailey #6 plane No. 5 plane Corsair wood plane Bailey #4 wood plane Stanley no. 110 Pexto draw knife Dewalt drill Tool bucket Ultrasonic cleaner Magnets Staley tool box Lether bag of zip ties Worx wood clamp Worx wood clamp Wood clamp Wood clamp Wood clamp Wood clamp Tool cart Tubing bender Case of sikaflex construction adhesive Router table never used Shop stool Saw guide/straight edge Saw guide/straight edge Saw guide/straight edge Saw guide/straight edge Empire level T square Torch bottles and case Sledge hammer Pick axe Tool box of lamp parts

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