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Estate AuctionEstate Auction

Thursday, July 7th, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Topeka, KS
- Vintage Furniture, Antique Cast Iron Bed, China Cabinets,
Antique Refrigerator & Cook Stove, Dining Room Table w/ Chairs,
Vintage Dishware, Fostoria Glass, Enamelware, Stoneware,
Antique Crocks, Advertising Pieces, Antique Kids Scooters,
Ladies Clothing & Coats, Christmas Village Collection,
Decorative Plate Collection, Disney/Snow-White Collection
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We are so Happy you Joined Us! Pick Up is Sat 7/09/2022 9am - 5pm Bring your packing materials & boxes! You must load your items! Confused? Need Help Registering? Have a Question? Shipping and Handling on Reasonable sizes only! Antique porcelain chamber pot Vintage silhouettes Acrylic barn painting - Lois Stanley vintage singer sewing machine - green Porcelain floral lamp w/ Doily shade Porcelain chamber pot / night stand Watercolor artwork - Arthur shortbull. Oak display shelving Canon Pixma Copier/printer HP desktop /Monitor keyboard speakers Rollaround office chair Oak office desk w/ glass Contents of desk drawers/ Office supplies 2007 Microsoft office Coby personal CD player souvenir spoons Mississippi glass box/green vase Lucky elephant metal bowls Vintage kids books - Golden story library 15 inch magnavox flatscreen TV Oak Credenza Antique stationary artwork print advertisement Religious items Vintage purse compact nail kit Vintage Goebel Vintage Crosstitch 3 RCA Universal remotes Throw blanket/doilies Antique western kids chest Glass mirror Floor lamp/magnifying glass Vintage dressing screen Antique spinning wheel Antique porcelain wash bowl w/ pitcher Antique piano stool w/ marble claw feet Dog artwork/print Vintage bedspread/pillows/rabbit Mattress with bedframe Artwork print - Signed and numbered Vintage beveled glass frame with photo Goodholm mansion state fair Oklahoma Douglas fulks Artwork Douglas fulks Artwork Julie hammer artwork Morning glory cottage Thomas kinkade Randal Spangler don’t smoke reproduction Political buttons Picture frames The globe-wernieke Columbia file Denim pro sewing machine Singer sewing machine File cabinet on wheels - 15 x 18 x 27 Suitcase stand - 24 x 16 x 23 46 qt tote Miscellaneous glassware Large canvas. - 21 x 25 Barn wood frame Closet of women’s clothes Vintage quilt has rough edges Vintage quilt needs repairs - 76 x 80 Breakfast tray Wicker breakfast tray Blankets and pillows Women’s clothes Southwestern Golden Dawn 100% wool blanket Vintage comic strip shirt size medium Aloha breeze fan Shoe rack with shoes - size 9 Women’s shoes size 9 Women’s shoes size 9 Women’s shoe size 9 Women’s shoes size 9 Women shoes size 9 Clarks Footstool Nut and bolt organizer full of thread Vintage 31" ceramic Santa clause Closet of women’s clothes Vintage quilt - 60 x 69 Antique rocking chair Small kids/doll painted chair Straw hats/stuff animals Artwork watercolor - L. Sponable Artwork print signed and numbered Vintage Religious chalkware - Mary w/Jesus Antique footstool Knickknacks/mirror tray Antique parlor table Antique pottery/Crockett jar Antique glass lamps Vintage Brannock device shoe sizer Victorian ladies boots Shoe spreaders Antique Colman Iron Suitcase rack -23 x 14 x 19 Vintage Shaw Antique rocking footstool - 15 inch tall Dress form - 52 inch tall Doll rocking chair Wooden duck book rest and floral decor Vintage baby clothes Antique tiger oak chested drawers Antique cast-iron baby crib -53 x 29 x 42 Vintage turquoise quill approximately 80 x 68 antique cast-iron bed Antique tiger oak bed w/ matching dress Antique quilt Vintage quilt proximately 84 x 100 Vintage blanket/blanket stand Vintage chair Antique Floor lamp - 53" Electrified antique lamps Antique tiger oak washstand Antique chaise chair w/ Stuff animals Antique area rug Antique enamelware Marble like bookends Vintage wood stool - 31" Wall Decor - 10 x 8 Lee K Parkinson signed artwork - 16 x 13 Mirrored silhouette wall Decor - 8" Oval mirror- 19 x 25 Sewing basket Sewing stand - 13 x 11 x 24 Large sea shell - 8" across Closet miscellaneous - Mainly Sewing see all pics Miscellaneous linens and more Irons Kleenex lightbulbs and more Mattress covers Various towels Sewing Drawers Contents - See all Pictures Vintage glass lampshade Korean figurine - 11" Brass Christmas bells - 4" Woodwick rum raisin reed diffuser Vintage Christmas ornaments and more Vintage Christmas truck Vintage Christmas conifer candles Artwork- 13 x 23 Bathroom decor Vintage chalk ware Antique soap advertisements - 7 x 5 Wall display with contents - 13 x 17 x 5 Toilet roll holder - rapid washer - 24" Vintage porcelain potty chair Mens and ladies restroom signs and rack J.h. Cuff 1801 bottle Antique medical scale Cast iron bookend Vintage chalk ware Antique Coleman iron Contents of Bathroom Cabinets - See all Pics Jesus wall decor - 8 x 16 Contents of Coat Closet Magnavox DVD player Southwestern style jacket Fur collared coat Fur collared coat Georgetown jacket Oval mirror- 17 x 23 Vintage chair Cross & cross w/ holy water holder Silhouette artwork John Deere & i&r oil co-op Antique Hall Tree - 69" Decorative serving platters Antique Chelsea Royale pottery chamber pot Antique pottery Splatoon Pottery jar 1927 world book encyclopedia/side table/doily Decorative silhouette art Vintage Lazy Susan 15" Delfts Blauw Holland hand painted Platter 15" Delfts Blauw Holland hand painted Platter 15" Delfts Blauw Holland hand painted Platter 15" Delfts Blauw Holland hand painted Platter Antique high chair with steel wheels Antique plant stand Decorative Norman Rockwell plates w/ wall hanger Antique hurricane lamp Glass cake platter Antique lamp Antique oak Buffet Antique farmhouse dinner table w/chairs watercolor painting - E. Bowers Cast iron bookends books doily Small oval top/foldable end table Antique Jade juicer Uranium glass juicer Antique pickle jar Vintage glass tea pitcher w/ 5 glasses 1976 Coca-Cola heritage series patriotic Antique World War II greeting cards Cut glass Crystal collectible glassware Collectible milk glass collection Milk glass Westmoreland hen dish Myott Royal Mail fine Staffordshire ware Vintage juicers Vintage Vase/Lusterware seashell bowl Vintage toy pans bird plates cupholders Vintage Snowman/Halloween? Handpainted drink pitcher Table cloths doilies vintage table linens Walnut cracker Betty Jane enriched flour bags 1881 Rogers stainless silverware set Assorted Reed & Barton silverware & more Oak church pew Oak church pew 59 x 21 x 38 Decorative glass horse Heads Antique china - AJ Wilkinson England Antique writing/telephone desk Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage juice pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage water pitcher w/ matching glasses Vintage water pitcher w/ matching glasses antique red wing pottery pitcher Glass Pyrex stacking bowls hand made pottery bowl Antique pedestal crystal dish Vintage cut glass pedestal cake dish Vintage cross stitch - 12 x 15 Vintage ashtray- 11 x 8 x 24 curio cabinet - 35 x 16 x 81 Vintage clock - 14 x 7 x 31 Vintage chair Wall shelfs - 44" Vintage rooster iron Vintage spinning wheel - 45" Austin sculpture 1991 Driftwood mosses Mary and Jesus statue Vintage glass candleholders Resin Jesus & Mary holy water holder/bronze color Willow tree angel Willow tree angel Vintage bird coasters/ashtrays vintage decorative dogs/shoe Gentile glass paperweight 1919 American woman magazine Decorative glass birds/flower bouquet Antique decorative floral plate/fake floral Decorative 22 karat plate Best loved poems of all time - Hallmark book Vintage 1950s Bible Antique Wilkinson porcelain washbowl Pair of matching lamps - 27" Pair of matching end tables- 16 x 24 x 24 Ethan Allen Coffee table Antique woven throw rug - 60 x 32 Victorian velvet blue couch - 80" Vintage blue wingback chair and footrest Victorian blue velvet chair Signed artwork - 15 x 18 Vintage peacock porcelain platter Curio cabinet w/ knickknacks Art Deco floor lamp w/ slag glass lighted base Signed artwork / prints Pink depression stemmed glasses Assorted pink depression dishware Decorative Victorian hanker chief box Sessions self starting electric Westminster c Pink depression flower vase Porcelain Splatoon Antique Fostoria glassware -see pictures Antique Fostoria glassware Antique Fostoria glassware Antique Fostoria glassware Antique Fostoria glassware Antique tiger oak china cabinet Antique sock dryer/stretcher Small wood trunk - 25 x 13 x 12 Antique tiger oak parlor table Antique Art deco floor lamp Vintage fruit chalkware Vintage fruit keyholders - chalkware Inspirational sign/wicker organizer Contents of pantry Corning ware dishes/baking pans/miscellaneous Electric slicing knife vintage cookie press Mr. coffee coffee grinder Kitten cake pan Marble rolling pin Vintage rooster metal mail organizer Pots/pans/coffee pot/baking and cooking misc Rival Crockpot Stainless steel mixing bowls Enamel roasting pan Candy thermometers Cookie cutters/cookie press Vintage cake topper Utensil drawer/hot pad drawer - see pics spice cabinet - see all pics Glass baking dishes/pie dishes/graders Glass hors d’oeuvre trays/cookie sheets/rolling Vintage thermometer/cook timer cheese grater/hand mixer 2 Slice toaster vintage hand painted canister set Glass tea pitchers coffee pot porcelain strainer stoneware mixing bowls/ pitcher primitive pineapple butter press Primitive butter press Rooster salt & pepper Chalkware Dutch people Glass measuring cups Food Network waffle maker Stacking enamel canisters Vintage plastic pitcher Pancake serving platter Antique ball canning jars/carriers Bicentennial ball canning jars 1858 canning jar/undated ball canning jar Vintage kitchen scale/grinder Antique surp dispenser Butter bowl spoon Chalk ware string holder/recipe holder Absolute pure milk bottle Vintagewood rolling pins Antique #2redwing crock Oster 12 speed Blender Enamel roasting pans/plastic storage Country cutter Regal 1 hour breadmaker Eight piece of pie makers Glassware baking dishes & more Miscellaneous kitchenware & items Vintage milk glass meatloaf pans miscellaneous junk drawer/tools kitchen utensils/linen drawers - see all pics Vintage informal snack set vintage halls porcelain covered bowl Harker pottery 22 it. Gold cake set Vintage 15" pepsi:cola serving tray Midway USA Centennial Kansas drinking glasses Miniature Anheuser Busch beer crate Enamel shelf Westmorland hen dishes Pitcher and juice glasses Glass bread dishes/miscellaneous kitchen dishware Miscellaneous glassware Pepsi-Cola pitcher and glasses Campbell soap dishware Vintage fireking bowls Vintage Kansas City chiefs beer mugs Assorted coffee cups/Soup Bowls/miscellaneous Vintage cranberry red glasses Dish set Under the sink cleaning supplies Tulip/ tomato juice glasses Vintage enamel coffee grinder & tray Plastic food storage containers Vintage arcade wall mount coffee grinder silverware/miscellaneous kitchen utensils/knives Primitive food slicer Horse Hook and glass bobber Show cobbler tool Vintage Chesapeake and Ohio lines thermometer Decorative inspirational and Kansas tiles Vintage chalkware cats Small antique whiskey jug Vintage General store birdhouse Vintage chalkware lamb Vintage sheep shears and horse hook Vintage carve wood wall decor and goose Vintage picnic basket copper butterfly sprinkler Antique wood stove bread spatula 72" tall Primitive hay rake - 76" tall Antique canister with fall floral display Antique wooden stepping stool Antique a crate w/ egg dividers Vintage wood hat boxes Antique rug beater Costco stool painted Apple Orchard Vintage sifter Vintage porcelain urinal guest bath Hand carved duck Hand card native Americans Vintage porcelain pans Vintage porcelain Abilene Kansas wax paper holder Vintage porcelain pans Vintage kitchen utensils some porcelain Wood shelf - 48" Vintage Redwing crock number 2 Vintage Redwing crock number 3 Vintage Redwing crock number 4 Vintage Redwing crock number 5 Vintage Redwing crock number 6 Vintage Redwing crock number 8 Vintage Redwing crock number 10 Vintage Redwing crock number 15 Antique 2gal Rickel’s stoneware Antique Whiskey crock Antique Redwing refrigerator jar/crock Antique Redwing 5 gallon crock Hand painted bench Vintage porcelain pan Vintage porcelain bowl with ladle Vintage porcelain platter Oak coat rack Antique Emerson seabreeze metal fan Antique porcelain hotplate Vintage peacock serving tray Vintage Chinese checkerboard Antique Damascus sewing machine Antique cutting board Primitive smasher Antique wheelchair Wicker lamp New standard Cherry Stoner number 57 End table Inspirational shelf/coat rack Antique rollaround serving cart Red porcelain coffee pot Porcelain pot w/ wood handle Porcelain canning pot Smaller porcelain pot Blue porcelain coffee pot porcelain pot Porcelain pot Porcelain steamer Vintage stovetop popcorn maker Porcelain double boiler vintage drinking glasses wi/ caddy Primitive Hayfork Rolling pins w/ hanger Antique Cobolt blue glass rolling pin Antique ruby red glass rolling pin Antique pink glass rolling pin Antique slag glass rolling pin Small primitive cabinet Vintage dietz monarch lantern Vintage paulls leader lantern Antique roll around childrens coat caddy Vintage Coleman air-o-lantern Vintage Kanasa floor bag doll Vintage candle stick maker Small stoneware pitcher Burlington northern Santa Fe railroad fans Shelf/coat rack Antique J.C. Higgins wood duck decoys Bird’ small medal knickknacks Vintage looking fly swatters Antique metal kids scooter Antique western flyer kids scooter Vintage enamel bowls Vintage enamel nesting bowls Decorative Barnwood bookcase Vintage enamel covered pans Vintage enamel roasting pan Wicker shelf and table Vintage decorative Santa Claus iron board Decorative Fourth of July themed iron board Folding doors - 36 1/2 x 80 Vintage floor lamp - 50 Antique wicker cast iron folding chairs Chalk ware parakeet papier-mâché turkey Fall arrangement centerpiece Wooden crate Crocheted pillow Vintage pillows and tote Small primitive shelf Blue enamel coffee pot Sewing machine base enamel table top Handpainted milk can Vintage parlor table - 20 x 20 x 29 Primitive dough bowl - large - hand carved Uncle Sam decor - 50" tall Vintage galvanized water can w/ sunflower decor Antique wood goose decoy Bird nest Large round coffee table - 60 x 19 Decorative bucket Antique whiskey jug Antique western stoneware #5 jug Antique stoneware #5 jug Metal turkey silhouette Decorative / craft - houses Wire tractor/truck decorations Antique Child’s booster seat Hay Hook Decorative cheese box Primitive sifter Antique cast-iron - Pattee Antique child’s folding chair Wall shelf - 36" Antique rolling pins w/ caddy Reproduction refrigerator/television stand Antique Cooks’s Rapidry Enamel Paint - pint Antique Cooks Rapidry Varnish - light oak Antique Cooks’s Rapidry Enamel Paint - pint/sample Antique cooks paint - yard sticks Antique cooks prefix paint - quart Antique cooks varnish remover Mickey and Minnie mouse neon sign Serving tray Tea cart Porcelain flower pot/birdhouse decoration Fruit bushel baskets Enamel cookstove Judge ware enamel pot Red enamel tea pot w/ hot plate Vintage yellow stepstool Vintage rocking horse Antique wooden wagon Galvanized watering can Enamel serving trays Large enamel fruit bowls Large enamel turkey platters Decorative wood chicken Decorative shadowbox Antique metal birdcage w/ stand Decorative stone ware bowls/fruit Antique ring toss game Large hanging plant stand Antique pickle jar Decorative fake pine tree Decorative read carpenters tool box Hand painted cabinet Outdoor rod iron table w/ 4 chairs Antique americana chalkware Vintage birds chalkware Antique enamel bowl w/ Wood blocks Antique ice tongs Vintage rolling pins - Smaller size 3 Enamel pot Decorative items Vintage sewing drawers Enamel rose platter Vintage enamel bowls Enamel Plates/Serving platters Enamel tea pot Enameled water pitcher Enamel yellow bowl w/ Plastic Apple’s Wall hanging clay flower pots Enamel dishware 4 small clay pots Various vhs Enamel plate /candle stick holder Enamel/cast iron cooking pot Vintage weathers watchers thermometer chalkware Vintage brown oil company advertising thermometer Cast-iron hurricane lamp holder Primitive cast iron wall hooks Antique curling irons Marush fish & oyster co. Tacoma wash. Chalk ware decorative plates Vintage enamel cookpot/plate Acorn Birdhouse Small decorative turkey jar Acrylic mill painting w/ Barnwood frame Chalk ware pheasants Signed artwork Acrylic painting w/ Barnwood frame - 19 x 23 Photograph butterfly - 19 x 13 Acrylic paintings - 20 x 17 Vintage picture- 16 x 12 Vintage tin metal organizer Matching metal base lamps - 29" tall Vintage end table - 20 x 22 x 27 Vintage end table & contents - 15 x 22 x 22 Parlor sofa - 84" Vintage coffee table - 52 x 24 x 17 Vintage quilt approximately 70 x 74 Vintage quilt needs some repairs - approximately Vintage quilt - approximately 76 x 72 Vintage quilt - approximately 84 x 62 Vintage quilt needs repairs- approximately 82 x 72 Vintage quilt - approximately 76 x 70 Vintage wood ladder used as rack 20 x 90 Artwork by E. Bowers - 14 x 18 Vintage Mrs Butterworths Vintage wood figurines firefighter police man, West Moreland hen dish Vintage barnyard lunchbox & thermos Coutellerie flatware - 24 piece Vintage Raggedy Ann cookie jar Vintage McCoy clown cookie jar Quilting books Plastic summer dish-ware w/ placemats Various hardback books 1975 Elton John rock hits played by Kings Road 1975 disco Tex & the sex-o-letters review 1973 Shanana the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll 1975 Elvis I got lucky 1978 Elvis the Canadian tribute 1978 Elvis he walks beside me 1971 Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas 1975 Elvis pure gold 1971 Elvis record 1958 Elvis golden record 1951 Elvis sings Christmas songs Vintage Jerry Lewis breathless LP 1973 Charlie pride sweet country LP Vintage 45s records Time Life the swing era record collection Vintage assorted vinyl records Annual recipe cookbooks The best of the world classics Miniature book Decanter fast freight services cashbox/logbox Enamel kitchenware book Record albums Vintage picture Vintage hurricane lamps Disney tell me a story Snow White Vintage view master 50’s 1950’s Viewmaster slides Hollywood San 1950’s Viewmaster national park slides Cornelia waltwood figurines Various books / cook books Vintage pickle jar Doll chairs Various VHS tapes Various vintage board games LG 42" tv Willie Wilson Whitney Herzog Vintage Swedish Folk Art Wood Girl Maid Card Vintage chalk ware Vintage anchor bird drinking glasses Vintage serv-rite corn servers Vintage The villa potato chipper Vintage kitchen utensils/ Match box holder Antique knife block w/ knives Antique juice press Antique Cobalt blue rolling pin Vintage popcorn popper - 31" Enamel roaster Large Vintage Roasting Pot Vintage iron Candle decor - 40" Vintage ash bucket with shovel Vintage Griswold corn cake pan Vintage corn on the cob dishes/holders Antique Northland refrigerator - 27 x 17 x 42 LED Christmas tree Vintage oak farmhouse table - 33 x 33 x 30 Antique refrigerator water bottle - glass Antique kitchen utensils/linens/wood shelf Table top roll up organizer Vintage floor lamp - 58" Reproduction dry goods metal sign Antique slicer Primitive drying rack Decorative stacking boxes Lots 800 to 1000 are located in the basement Concrete Snow White & the seven dwarfs Vintage cuckoo clock Antique applesauce maker Snow white candy tin Hallmark musical snow globes Snow White Vinyl sculpture bank Snow White Antique tiger oak rotating book shelf Snow white music box/snow globe Snow White music box 1998 Barbie as Snow White Vintage snow white high chair Vintage chalk ware clowns Charles Davis clown artwork print Charles Davis artwork print Enesco 65th anniversary Snow White collection Musical porcelain Snow White/smaller snow whites Porcelain Snow White with the seven dwarfs Pewter Snow White and the seven dwarfs Snow white cookie jar Snow White and the seven dwarfs Tea sets Snow White and the seven dwarfs cookie jar Snow White and the seven dwarfs teapot Snow White and the seven dwarfs cookie jar Snow White and the seven dwarfs salt and peppers Snow White and the seven dwarfs Ornaments Snow White and the seven dwarfs Salt and peppers Snow white porcelain figurines Mickey Mouse train Snow White and the seven dwarfs Snow White and the seven dwarfs teapot Snow White and the seven dwarfs cookie jar Snow white porcelain figurines Snow White and the seven dwarfs Ornaments Snow White and the seven dwarfs Salt-N-Pepa Snow white porcelain figurines Snow White and the seven dwarfs glass ornaments Snow White and the seven dwarfs cookie jar Antique bowfront curio cabinet Bean bag tic-tac-toe Sewing box stand - 16 x 8 x 29 The seven dwarfs magical figurines 1992 Mattel dopey & sneezy stackable dolls Vintage Disney Snow White prince doll Disney princess 12 piece lighted porcelain 1992 Snow White and the seven dwarfs doll Snow White and the seven dwarfs anniversary clock Snow White and the seven dwarfs Snow White and the seven dwarfs Porcelain Village The wicked witch/snow white Vintage Snow White ornaments Snow White and the seven dwarfs ornaments Snow White and the seven dwarfs McDonald’s Snow White and the seven dwarfs Lights Snow White and the seven dwarfs pez Snow White and the seven dwarfs Snow White and the seven dwarfs Vintage children’s chalkboard Reproduction vintage record player Anheuser-Busch Beer crate Norman Rockwell Print 1979 hallmark collectible dolls Snow white ornaments - 2 Replica antique radio Turtle light Assorted it Snow White and the seven dwarfs books Disney/Burger King collectible glasses Vintage table and chairs 101 dalmatians Snow White Bambi’s Wicked West Jean elephant Vintage brass floor lamp Snow White serigaph artwork Snow White Lithograph Antique metal earth globe Vintage metal earth globe Bubble pumper fire truck Vintage Fisher-Price toys Floor checkerboard Vintage traveling Barset Vintage record player Assorted books - see pictures Assorted books - see pictures Assorted books - see pictures Antique Snow White - all steel toy stove Antique snow white toy refrigerators Antique snow white ironing boards w/ Toy iron Vintage Lincoln logs / Tinker toys Drying rack and Disney clothes - 35 x 53 Shadow box and knickknacks - 12 x 16 Additional Lots Coming Soon!

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