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Guns (in order of sale) Taurus .357 Mag, Davies .32 Auto DERR, rifle barrel and receiver J. Stevens A&T, Philadelphia 45 BP, Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver, Remington Model 760 300 game master, 1911 Russian M91 7.62X54R, .38SPL Colt Texas Ranger, 44cal. Navy BP, E16 Navy BP, Navy arms BP, Replica Arms BP, Charles Daily 3” 12 ga. Auto, 6.5 Italy 1944, SLG M48.5 8MM, SKS Modified 30rd clip, 7.65 Mouser, Winchester Model 150 Lever Action .22cal, 6 Mac 90 clips 3/30 round and 3/10 round, Marlin model 60W .22 auto, Davies .22LR DERR, Witness 9×19 Auto, 2SKS Bayonets, New Frontier .223 Auto, Thunderstruck .22 Mag DB, High Standard .22 LR Model B Auto, Remington 870 12 ga, Walter .22LR PP Sport, American Gun Company NY 12ga DB, FIE Gold .22/.22mag revolver, Russian Nagent M44 7.62X54, Husqvavria Swedish .243 with Leupold scope, FMG Ducktown .410/45cal DERR, 1953 Army Rifle (possibly Chinese), leather gun case, Davies .38sp DERR, Ruger Blackhawk .357mag, 1942 army rifle (England), 7.62REI Rifle, Army Rifle, 1940 Army rifle, VZ24 7.9mm, Taurus .22LR 9shot revolver, brass BP DB Pistol, Winchester 1897 12ga, Rock Island .38sp revolver, Heritage rough rider .22/.22mag, 45cal BP Pistol, DB BP wall hanger, OF Mossberg & Son .22, Remington .270 Model 710 with scope, Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster .22, Beeman .177 pellet gun, Benjamin Prowler .22cal Pellet Gun, Marlin Model 60 W .22cal S/A, OF Mossberg & Son Model 151MD .22Auto, OF Mossberg & Son Model 46M .2, Winchester Model 150 .22 cal, 1954 Rifle w/Bayonet, Stevens Model 67 12ga Pump., Savage .17cal WSM Rifle Ammunition: .22LR (1650rds +/-), 1&3/4 boxes of .338 Winchester Mag, .357Mag (450rds +/-), 2 boxes of 220 swift brass, 1 box of 257 Roberts brass, 160rds of 20 ga, 2 boxes of 20ga, 1 case 3” 12ga 2shot steel, 1 case 7.62X59, 1 box 12 ga 3-1/2” steel bb, 16 ga shells (45+/-), 12 ga slugs (16+/-), 12ga. 8shot 2 boxes, 2 boxes 12ga 7-1/2 shot, 122 rds .38sp (+/-) Miscellaneous & Toys: Mighty Tonka Loader, 3 Tonka Dump Trucks, Tonka Road Grader, Small Tonka Dump Truck, metal toy trucks, metal & wooden rocking horses, wooden toddler rocking horse, CAT toy excavator, cream can, misc. glassware, mini fridge, stuffed golden pheasant, 3 military helmets, collectors Harley Davidson toys, toy tractors, toy pistols, 16 red wing plates & butter dish, buffet with alabaster handles, 1880 trunk, 7 years of flight/16 planes, pool sticks, Neon & Signage: Five Miller Light Neon’s, Two Coors Light Neon’s, Budweiser Neon, Coors Light Neon W/Jayhawk, Miller Lite w/chiefs helmet, Miller American way neon, Bud Light Kansas City Sporting neon, Bud Light truck neon, Lite Arrowhead neon, KSU Wildcats Neon, Blue Moon Neon, Coors Original neon, Coors Beer neon, Bud Light UFC neon, Miller Time/Lite neon, Rusty Wallace Sign, leather and lace Miller sign, Miller Lite pool table lights, Golden Road Brewing sign, Coors beer sign, Miller Lite sign, Dale Earnhardt Busch sign, Tiger Beer Sign, Bare Knuckle Brewing sign Coins & Paper Money (In order of sale): 6x 1945 * 1x 1918 Mercury Dimes, 6x 1942 mercury dimes, 1975 S proof nickel, 9x Lincoln pennies, 5x 1942 mercury dimes, 5x 40’s & 50’s silver quarters, 6x 30’s silver quarters, 5x v nickels, 13 large cents (no dates), 1943 steel penny, 18x no date buffalo nickels, 15 war nickels, 3V nickels and 2 buffalo nickels, 64 & 59 proof 4x 2004 proof nickels, 5 large cents, 6x 1944 silver dimes, 6x 1964 silver quarters, 7x 1943 silver dimes, 5x 40’s silver quarters, 1776-1976 set, 4 silver quarters, 8 1964 silver quarters, 7 buffalo nickels, 10 indian head pennies, 5 1941 silver dimes, 10 1976 two dollar bills, 10 1957 one dollar bills with two star notes, 10 1953 two dollar red seals, 10 1953 A two dollar red seals, 10 1995 two dollar bills, 6 1963 two dollar bills red seals, 19 1976 two dollar bills, more coins to be listed.

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