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Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at 9:30 AM

A 70 Years Collection - Large Sale with very unique
and very unusual items: Horse Tack, Horse Drawn Equipment,
Leather Tools / Hardware, Tractor / Lawn Equipment, Tools, Car, Misc.

709 Wyandotte Rd - Meriden, KS
1 / 2-mile East on Wyandotte Rd off K-4, Watch for Auction Signs

This is a 70 Years Collection - Large Sale with very unique and very unusual items

Horse Tack:

SIMCO Saddle complete with Breast Collar, Rope, Saddle Bags and Crocket bit, Frazier Black Officer Saddle, Frazier Bucking Saddle, Camel Saddle complete with Pad, Army Saddle Complete with Mohair Girth, Chas.P. Shipley KC Missouri Bucking Saddle, 2 Plantation Saddles, Military Calvary Army Spurs - Different Ranks of Service, US Army Harness – complete, US Army Horse Brush, Tug Hangers with Eagles, US Military Harness Buttons, Horse Collars various sizes, Decorated Face Pieces for Bridle, White Leather Show Bridle, Single Set of Harness with Wood Hames & Chain Tugs, WWI Bridle with Eagle Rosettes, Hames, Large Lot of Rosettes -Brass, Glass & Paper, Spur Straps, Stainless Ladies Belt Buckle, Trammell Nickel-Silver Salesman Sample Bridle Bits, Leather & Rawhide Stir-ups, Riding Bridles, Single Pony Size Driving Harness, Single Set of Wooden Hames, Nickel-Silver Driving Bits, Medicine Bit, 3- Spectrum Bridles & Medicine Tube, Ladies Metal Side-Saddle Stirrups, Large lot of Horse Bits -Various Sizes, Neck Yoke Hardware, Over 100 Harness Spreaders various lengths & colors, Horse Halters – Pony, Medium & Draft sizes, New Big Draft Size Harness made in 1992 never been used – with BW Bolt Hardware, Hames Housing – 2- Pony size & 1-Draft Size, Double & Single Trees- Wood & Metal Draft & Pony Size, Double Trees & Neck Yokes, Buggy Driving Harness Line Guides, Canadian Hames – 28” Full Set - 2 sets of Wood & 2 sets of Metal, 2 Sets of Horse Hip Drops with Brass Hardware, Spur Auger Bits with Braces, 4 Brass Hames Knobs – Horse Size, 4 Brass Hames Knobs – Pony Size, 4 Threaded Brass Hames Knobs, Large Lots of Horse and Saddle Blankets, Horse Brush – made by Ackenhausen Saddlery Co in Leavenworth, KS, Horse Mane & Tail Grooming Kit, Horse Tail Docker, Lots of Old Riding Bridles, 3 Horse Tie Down Weights, 4 Blanket Pins, 2 sets of Horse Ear Clippers, Saddle Cinches, Horse Hip Drops, Dray Single Driving Harness, Indian Trade Blanket, All Types of Veterinary Tools for Horses, Harness Rack, Horse Shoeing Tools, Draft Size Black Harness w/ Spots, Driving Lines, 2 Sets of Stewart Horse Mane Clippers, Horse Mussels

Horse Drawn Equipment:

Weber Wagon w/ John Deere Tongue, Running Gear and Rubber Tires, Flat Trailer – needs work, 2 Buggy Foot Warmers from 1906, Pony Cart, Railroad Cart, Homemade Pony Wagon w/ Tongue, Hitch Cart, Hay Fork Yokes, Draft Horse Cart, 3 Wagon Seats, Lantern Globes Clear & Ruby Red, Buggy Lanterns with Red Lenses, Buggy Lights, Buggy Tongues, Buggy Wrenches - All Sizes, No.7 McCormick Deering Sickle Mower, John Deere 7” Walking Plow, John Deere Five Shovel, John Deere Walking Lister, 52” McCormick Deering Orchard Sickle Mower, Berry Plow, 48” McCormick Orchard Sickle Mower, Campbell 1 Row Corn Planter, Draft Horse Shaves for a Sickle Mower, Dump Rake, 3 Sets of Plow Handles

Leather Tools / Hardware:

American Leather Splitter, Many Harness Parts, Full Set of Leather Tools, Leather Punch, Large lot of BW Brass Hardware, Harness Parts & Tools, Snaps & Buckles, Nails, Rivets, Spots - A lot of them are Brass, Half Side of Leather, 3 Riveters, Leather Anvil, 2- Rounders for Leather, 2 Cast Iron Nail Caddies, Wood Stitching Horse, 3 Cobbler Hammers

Tractor / Lawn Equipment:

1948 Ford 8N Tractor – runs well, Aluminum 4-wheel Trailer, 3-point Blade, 40 Bushel Manure Spreader, Reel Mower, Ford 6’ Sickle Mower w/ extra sickle, John Deere Brush Cutter 5’ 3-Point, Road Grater, Lawn Sweeper Cart, Cement Mixer with Motor, Huskee LT4200 Riding Lawn Tractor 42” Deck, 2 Push Mowers, 2 Garden Cultivators, 2 Section Harrow, 2 – PTO Seeders, 20 Foot Hay Elevator with Motor, Chains for Ford Tractor, Garden Sprayer 5 gal. ground driven


Shopsmith Mark V complete w/ 4-inch cutter & Book, Grinding Stone, Ford Wrenches, Chain Breakers, Anvil, Balance Beam Scale, Small Post Vise, Knife Sharpener – American St. Louis, Fence Pliers – King Kutter K-1946, Work Bench, Farrier Tools, International Toolboxes, Hay Hooks, 5-Ton House Jack, Meat Saw, 40-foot Wooden Extension Ladder, Blow Torch, Anderson Brothers Tools, 11 Set of Hog Ringers different Sizes and Rings, 3-Sickle Grinders, 3 Buddle Forks


Shoe Cobbler Stand With Shoes, Tongue Holder, US Pony Express Trail Printing Die, Shoeing Stand, 4 - Wood Baseball Bats, Lanterns, Tabletop Electric Cream Separator complete, US Army Cloth Water Bucket, Pig Holder, Sewing Machine Stand w/ Tabletop, Misc. Scrap Iron, Ladies Schwinn Bike, Corn Sheller, 5-gallon Cream Can, 5 Whiskey Jugs, 20# Propane Bottles, Casey Jones Railroad Lantern, 4 US Army Spiral Fence Posts, 2 Plantation Hoses, 2 glass Coal Oil Bottles with Spouts, Homemade Forge, 8 Brass Front Spring Scales, Chicken Brooder complete with feeder, Lots of Metal & Plastic Milk Crates, 4 Dehorner Saws, Foot Warmer, Lots of misc. items not listed


1973 Grand Torino 168,000 miles – not running with Title

** Lots of multiple sets and extra-large assortment of hardware parts & tools**

Seller: Robert (Bob) Lentz

Gary Seifert 785-760-2047 - Russ Brown 785-817-6617 - Brian Bolinger & Lewis Bolinger - Auctioneers
E-mail: [email protected]

Terms: Cash or Good Check, sorry no credit cards. Nothing removed until settled with cashier. Seifert Auction Service or Seller not responsible for Accidents or Theft. Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Everything sold as is without any guarantee or warranty implied.

Concessions Provided by: Fairview 4-H
Restrooms will be provided

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