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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Estate Coin & Currency Auction

3395 SW Mayo Avenue - Topeka, KS 66611

Coin & Currency
Auction - Part 2
Topeka, Kansas

This is the second of three coin and currency auctions to help settle an Estate. This auction has over 380 lots of coins & currency that will be sold by the lot by Internet bidding only. Bidding is now open and will begin to close at 6:00 pm CT on Tuesday, December 1st.

This auction includes a number of high grade and hard to find items. Categories include - half & large cents; Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents; Lincoln Cents; Two & Three-Cent Pieces; Liberty Head, Shield, Buffalo & Jefferson Nickels; Mercury & Roosevelt Dimes; Standing Liberty & Washington Quarters; Franklin & Kennedy Half-Dollars; Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, and uncirculated & proof Eisenhower and ASE Dollars. This auction also includes the following albums - Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington & Statehood Quarters, America The Beautiful Quarters, Kennedy Halves and Eisenhower & Anthony Dollars.

Other items include Mint & Proof Sets; Prestige & Premier Proof Sets; bags of Wheat Cents, Liberty Head "V" and Buffalo Nickels; rolls / tubes of Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes and Kennedy halves; silver rounds & bars; slabbed & graded coins; selection of currency including both large & small size bills and an assortment of gold coins.

Some individual items of note include 1858 Flying Eagle Cent, 1864 & 1865 Two-Cent Pieces, 1883 No Cents Liberty Head "V" Nickels, 1913-P (Type 1 and Type 2) Buffalo Nickels); 1909 VDB and 1931-S Lincoln Cents; 1861 Seated Liberty Quarter & Half-Dollar; 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter; 1927-S Walking Liberty Half-Dollar; 1925 Stone Mountain & 1927 Vermont Commemorative Half-Dollars;1921-P Peace Dollar; 1914 $5 FRN & 1923 $1 Silver Certificate; 14 coin (1950 - 1963) proof Franklin Half-Dollars in display holder; very nice 3-coin (1880 - 1882) Morgan Dollars with "S" Mint Marks in display box; 1945 2 and 2.5 gold Mexican Pesos; 1986 tenth, quarter, half and one-ounce gold coins; 1927 $2.50 Indian Head gold coin; 1927 $20 St Gaudens gold coin; 1999 and 2014 tenth-ounce gold coins, and 1991 Mount Rushmore Commemorative gold coins, and an assortment of one, two, five and ten-ounce silver round / bars - including a monster 100-ounce Engelhard silver bar.

Auctioneer's Note: To view the complete catalog of coins & currency in this action copy and paste the following information into your browser. I will be adding a few additional lots in the next few days so please check back for the latest additions.


If you have questions please contact:

Richard H. Garvin - Auctioneer
RJ's Auction Service
3395 SW Mayo Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66611
Cell 785-224-4492

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