Public Auction

Saturday, February 29th, 2020 at 9:00 AM

45+ Quality Firearms, Firearms Memorabilia,
Nazi Rad Ceremonial Dagger w/Scabbard & Belt Loop,
Collectible Cartridges, Collectibles, Collectible Furniture


FIREARMS (approx. 1 PM)
45+ Quality Firearms, Very Good to Good Condition including:

Winchester mod. 1894 in 38-55 cal.; IH M-1 Garand 30-06 battle rifle re-parkerized, M-1 .30 carbine, very good; 10 Win. .22 pump rifles, mod 1890s, 1906, in .22 S-L-LF, WFR, round & hex barrel including 1890-S, 1890 SL- LR, Europe single shot .22 custom built drop block; Savage mod 93R17 .17 HRM w/3X9 scope; Win mod 1890 .22 pump, W.R.F., oct barrel;Win mod 06 S-L-RL, round barrel,; Win mod 1890 .22, oct barrel; JN Scotts DB London Stub twist barrel muzzle load shot gun; Rem 12 ga 870 mag, never fired Ducks Un., no box; Win mod 1890 .22- LR; Win mod 1890 .22 –S , oct barrel; Win mod 1890 .22WRF, oct barrel;Win mod 1890 .22-S, Oct barrel; Win 1890 .22-L pump, oct barrel, VIEW GUN LIST

SPECIAL NOTICE: All FFL rules & regulations will be observed. After firearms are sold they will be transferred to Dave's Guns, LLC, 201 N. Buckeye Ave., Abilene, where background checks will be performed and firearms picked up. $10 transfer fee on all firearms.


1896 Ideal #5 powder dump; 1899 Ideal paper shotgun shell reloader; many wood ammo boxes, Peters, Federal, Remington, Winchester and others; approx. 30 handmade duck calls in case and approx. 200+ others (many one of a kind); many lg. hunting prints, 1912 lg DuPont print of ducks, lg. Winchester print, Ithaca prints; 1937 Hercules powder calendar; old powder horn w/brass; brass & leather powder flask; over 300+ collectible shotgun shell boxes, from the 1900s to present domestic and foreign many full, partial and empty (old and new); (must see pictures above to appreciate); 1939-1942 album of Hunting & Fishing mag.; 1930s Field and Stream; vintage Gun Digest (60-70); 1985 African Rifles & Cartridges book; Ducks Unlimited buttons & pins; 1927 Frontier Times monthly; 1952 Winchester-The gun that won the west by Harold FWilliamson; approx 100 .22 vintage boxes of ammo shells, Win-Rem-USC #2,8,4,12 ga. brass shells; approx 300+ shotgun shell boxes 1900s to present (cardboard); several James D. Nelson Prints, Custer 30/300, John Browning 5/50, Mc- Cormick Reaper 59/300; Charles Rogers Deer in clearing, Cowboy empty saddle, Barns & the pony; Browning Silaflex fly rod; MANY COLLECTIBLE CARTRIDGES, WIN & BRASS SHOT SHELLS, ALL THE MAKERS, 100 OF VINTAGE CALIBERS. NAZI RAD CEREMONIAL DAGGER W/SCABBARD & BELT LOOP

COLLECTIBLES (approx 11:00)

Dayton computing Scale Co. red scales; Singer featherlight sewing machine in case, excellent shape; approx. 30 beer steins, some by American Achievement; fishing reels Bait Casting, Penn, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Abu, Sweden Amb., Winchester new in box; 1945 Wonder Atlas & War Review book by Arthur Capper; brass mini mortar; canvas US water bucket; lg. carved wood Indian nut cracker; lg. 1815 girl & angel picture (good); several Logan prints; Copper Kettle in wrought iron stand; sm. wood keg w/brass bands & handle; set of 1976 Frankoma animal political mugs, red, 1 Carter-Mondale & others; Vaseline fruit bowl set; place settings of Sandwich Glass, serving pieces, 2 cookie jars; Ruby to clear tumbler, 2 toothpicks, 2 cups adv. Lincoln KS; 2 milk glass toothpicks, 1 Vaseline pitcher, milk glass mug adv. Lincoln, KS; 1987 American Sporting Adv. vol 1; Cargoes, Monopoly, cribbage, Domino db9 in wood box & other games; CAST IRON: 10+ trivets, Indian bookends, some adv. ash trays, Wagner griddle, #4 Griswold skillet and other Wagner cookware; 16" iron Scottie Dog door stop; iron bull dog, cat & others.


5'x4' oak china cabinet; 2 cabinets 12 drawers ea. for cartridge display; lg. metal shipping trunk; lg. & sm. cedar chests; lg. medical glass cabinet.

Mr. Bird was an avid collector & dealer in vintage cardboard shell boxes, guns & cartridges. There are too many items and guns to list.


AUCTIONEER'S NOTES: This is only a partial listing of the things that are to be liquidated. We will be running 2 rings part of the day.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cash or personal check with proper ID. All items must be paid for before removal. Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material.

Reynolds Auction Service
Abilene & Clay Center
Randy Reynolds
[email protected]
Guest Auctioneer: Greg Kretz, 785-630-0701


#1  older rolling block rifle w/ram rod ® on inside of chamber
#2  Colt Pt. FA. Mfg Co side by side hammer shot gun
#3  Savage mod 93R17 .17 HRM w/3X9 scope
#4  Win mod1890 .22 pump W.R.F. oct barrel                                                                     S# 551653
#5  Win mod 06 round barrel S-L-LR                                                                                        S# 256543
#6  Win mod 1890 .22 oct barrel                                                                                              S# 564406
#7  JN Scotts DB muzzel loading shot gun (London stub twist Barrels)
#8  Rem  12 ga 870mag never fired no box Ducks UN
#9  Win mod 1890 .22 LR                                                                                                                        S# 338278
#10 Win mod 1890 .22S oct barrel                                                                                                      S# 793170
#11 Win mod 1890 .22 WRF oct barrel                                                                                  S# 690855
#12 Win mod 1890 .22 S oct barrel                                                                                         S# 3898802
#13 Win mod 1890 .22 L pump oct barrel  very good                                                        S# 577948
#14 Hibbard  20 ga single shot
#15 coustom built single shot .22 drop block case hardend  DB set trigger Checker target stock
#16 IH  M-1 garand 30-06 reparkerized  ex. Condition
#17 Inland M-1 carb .30 ex condition
#18 Win mod 1897 pump shot gun                                                                                         S# 337085
#19 Chinese SKS 7.65X39 rifle
#20 Davidson & Co.32 cal cap lock rifle hex barrel w/hex bore brass patch box Cincinnati OH Ex condition
#21 Win mod 1906 .22 S-L-LR round barrel                                                                          S# 406098
#22 matching cap & ball muzzel pistols
#23        “              “                “
#24 flint lock pistol Dixie gun works Repo
#25 flint lock  muzzel loading complete w/ ram rod  Old
#26 Halm cast steel bar single shot black power pistol
#27 Hann (45) fast draw BB pistol
#28 Hi-Standard Sport King .22 auto                                                                                       S# 347785
#29 Mosin-Nagont 7.62 Russian revolver w/Russian star 1944                                       S# AC625
#30 H&R mod 929  9 shot revolver                                                                                          S# AH2774
#31 Regent R200S .45 ACP auto stainless steel 3 dot site very good                              S#12Y00188
#32 FNL .308 battle rifle RA w/extra
#33 Win mod 1894 38-55 cal lever auction oct barrel                                                     S# 1771
#34 Mosin-Nagant 7.62X54R bolt Russian army rifle W/scope mount                      S#15647
#35 JC Higgins 16 ga bolt action shot gun
#36 Rossi .410 single shot,  (snake charmer)
#37 early 1900’s pin fire, revolver drop trigger
#38-39   2 CZ 82’s  9X18 w/#2 mags ea.
#40 Charter Arms 5 shot .38sp revolver 2” barrel W/Pacmar grips                               S# 10095
#41 Marlin .22 auto rifle                                                                                                              S#11230726
#42 Western Reserve Co old  .22 Rolling block
#43 Taurus stainless steel Tracker7 shot .17HMR 6 ½’ barrel
#44 Norinco SKS 7.62X39 rifle w/bayonet & BSA Red Dot scope mount                      S#1500316

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