Friday, July 12th, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Glass, Pottery, China, Etc., Notebooks of Illustrations,
Books, Photographs, Sporting Goods, Toys C.I., Furniture,
Tins, Door Stops, Christmas, Misc., Prints

Saturday, July 13th, 2024 at 9:00 AM

Ephemera, Post Cards, Glass, Pottery, China, Etc.,
Carnival Glass, Toothpicks, Furniture, Calendars, Purses,
Western, Stereograph Cards, Prints, Jewelry, Misc.

Location: Sims Event Center at 109 West Main St. in Osborne, KS.


FRIDAY 4:00 pm

GLASS, POTTERY, CHINA, ETC.: Leuchtenburg (Germany) pitcher; “Westward Ho” covered compote; Fenton “Colonial” Thumb print blue basket; Nippon “Blue Bird” Creamer w/lid; American “Verlys” 12” bowl; 6 Nippon salts; 24 pcs. Milk glass, inc. Fenton & Westmoreland; Hampton Court coaster set; Fire King “Laurel” 8 ½” bowl; Hull “Woodland” C/S; Weller “Blossom” 6” vase; White glass basket w/Amber trim; Shawnee planter w/Doe & Fawn; 13” Crackle glass vase w/blue medallions; Fenton “Crystal crest” 6”bowl; Hall’s “Fantasy” Sundial casserole # 1; Weller “Olla” (gourd form water jug); 3 Fenton “Puss-in-Boots” shoes; Royal Copley Pouter Pigeon; “Beaded Shell” shaker; “Peek-a-Boo” toothpick; Royal Rudolstadt 10” plate; A. Santini Goddess w/dogs; 10 ¾” German bowl, pre 1891; 10 ½” Bavarian bowl, fruit décor; Four 10 ½” Pendleton plates w/Indian Tepee décor; Carnival glass Amethyst “Peacock Tail” 5” compote; McCoy “Rustic”8” vase; 9” McCoy cookie jar; “Singing Bird” Custard glass small compote; 2 French transfer plates “Faust” and “Hamlet”, c. 1921; 12 1/2” oblong bowl w/ floral décor.; Milk glass plate w 3 owls; Jade Foo dog; 11 English bone China luncheon plates by Hammersley; McCoy log planter; Chinese Jade Foo Dog; McCoy 10 ½” dish w/bird; 6 Heisey “Crystolite” 8 ½” plates; Lladro Kissing couple; Chalkware (lions, horse, dog, George Washington); 3 lady whisk brooms; Fenton “Spiral Optic” tumbler; 2 “Delaware” tumblers; Atterbury mug; Bavaria 7-pc berry set; Delft canisters, lidded jar, salt box; 10 pcs. Ruby flash; Royal Rudolstadt 9 ½” bowl; 8 ¾” R.S. Germany bowl; Hall “Fantasy” 7 ½” bowl; 2009 Red Wing collector’s society bean pot; 4 Murano amber cordials; “Ball & Swirl” syrup; “Mt. Pleasant”-four 9” plates, 9 cups & saucers, 4 sherbets; 1909 Calendar Plate; Blue milk glass 9” pitcher; Spooners (King’s Crown, Duncan’s “Empire,” “National Star,” “Crystal Wedding,” “Mardi Gras” “The Prize,” “Box in Box”); Bavaria “Eleanor” 8” bowl; Germany 8 ¾” bowl; R.S. Germany 8 ¾” bowl; 5-Ruby Thumbprint wines; 8-Ruby Thumbprint goblets; Orrefors Etched “Sea Island Golf”-8 ¼” bowl; “Colorado” 8” ruffled footed bowl.

NOTEBOOKS OF ILLUSTRATIONS: 270 Illustrations of Women; 266 Misc. Illustrations; 59 Illustrations of Nudes; 63 Ads; 113 Misc. Illustrations; 45 Fairies & Mermaids; 136 Misc. Illustrations; 100 Kids w/Adults; 220 Illustrations of Men; 214 Military; 168 Norman Rockwell Repos; 190 Illustrations of couples; 80 Thomas Rowlandson; 207 Famous Illustrator Repos; 189 Rural Life Illustrations; 140 Portraits; 94 Famous Illustrators; 20 pcs. of fiction by famous authors; 75 Christmas; 1901 Pan American Exposition (98 pgs.); 99 Animals, Birds, Fish; 77 Misc.; 95 19th Cen. Kids; 78 19th Cen. Kids; 89 19th Cen. Kids; 46 20th Cen. Kids; 110 20th Cen. Kids; 121 19th/20th Cen. Kids; 64 Ads; 28 Misc.; 34 Parrish Reproductions; 40 Misc.; 26 Photos of Misc. Men; 47 photos of women; 43 photos of kids; 29 photos of teens; 42 photos of families; 15 photos of couples; 41 photos of groups

BOOKS: Big-Little books, Children’s books, St. Nicholas (1882 to 1925), Cookbooks, Teens books, Art books, misc. etc.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Babies, kids, couples, women, men, families, misc. etc.

SPORTING GOODS: Vintage iron ice-skating skates, KU practice helmet, Downs FFA baseball chest protector, catcher’s mask, Boxing gloves, Racing helmet, Osborne Bulldogs basketball, Football, softball and glove, etc.

TOYS C.I.: Horse & wagon w/beer barrels, Hubley tractor, C.I. Horse & Fire “Chief” wagon & rider, Cap gun & holsters, Rodeo marble game, etc.

FURNITURE: 12 bookcases, coffee tables, 42” square oak table, etc.

TINS: 50 tins inc. Sunshine Biscuits, Huntley & Palmers Biscuits, White Horse Inn, Gilette Safety Razor, Campfire Marshmallows, Victor Hacksaws, John Deere lunch box, Three Crow Coffee, Yacht Club Coffee, Patterson’s Tuxedo Tobacco, Raggedy Ann & Andy lunch boxes, Fashion Tobacco, etc.

DOOR STOPS: Horse & Carriage; Rooster & Hen; 3-houses; 2 dogs; carriage; 2 golfers; shoe; iron; stork; Jayhawk; Uncle Sam; Lady in Bonnet; Lighthouse; 2 rabbit doorstops; Female golfer; C.I. Owl; Bear on Bed; Castle; 19th Cen corn; African-American Athlete; Kitten in Boot.

CHRISTMAS: Approx. 40 Santas; Apple Basket; Coca-Cola Santa glasses; Wisemen; Snowmen; Wine Stoppers; Candles; Red Wing1999 Christmas mug; etc.

MISC.: Russian 5 ½” x 7” Lacquer box; Celluloid boxes; Union Leader lunch box; Steak knives & cake slicer w/Bakelite handles; Dietz lanterns; Hammon Lantern plates w/English scenes; candle mold; Boy Scout camp kit; electric Coca-Cola sign; tin lantern; Campbell’s kid’s lunch box; pottery art mask; retractable laundry line; 8 glass cozys with football décor; fancy Italian photo album w/photo posts & sealing wax; Russian 5 ½’ x 7” lacquer box; Black dog chef’s notepad; iron lady’s boot; 5 x 7 celluloid box; 3 ½” x 11” x 17” metal box; glove box w/Dutch lady & goose décor; celluloid collar box; 3 ½” x 4 ½” box w/rooster décor; female golfer 9” statue; ox & Conestoga pioneer door stop; Kwanzaa candles; 2 ¾” x 5 ¼” x 7 ¼” celluloid box; Union Leader cut plug lunch box; Mutt & Jeff repro; 6 steak knives w/bakelite handles; cake slicer w/bakelite handles; small painted cabinet; bath & body set; set of 3 nesting cow boxes; Chinese carved wood elder; pulley; microphone, stork scale; Dietz lantern; vintage wooden level; postal scale; set of Yale door knobs; Hammon lantern plates w/English scenes; candle mold; chicken waterer

PRINTS: 12 cowboys; 28 Indians; 6 bluebird series; 25 animals & fish; 10 golf; “Roses” by Paul de Longpre; William M. Thompson: “Lake Louise”; Untitled #40; “Where Shelter Awaits”; Untitled; ” A Spring Morning,”14”x17”;” Mountain Splendor”; “Silent Night” 7 ½” x 9 ½”; Untitled 8” x10”; “Winter Moonlight #1, 11”x14”; “Blacksmith Shop,” 8”x10”; “A Light in the Window”; “Song of the Mountain,” 10”x 12”; “Sunset Glow,”10”x14”; “Deep in the Woody Wilderness,” 14”x17”; “By a Mountain Steam,” 12”x16”; “When the Sun Sinks Down at the Close” 14”x18”; Untitled (Waterfall and Stream), 12”x16”; Untitled (two people in snow scene), 13”x16”; “Road to Home,”11” x14”; “When Shadows Fall,” 7”x9 ½”; Untitled (Cottage in Snow scene), 9”x12”; “Where Shelter Awaits,”9 ¼” x 6 ¾”; Untitled #34, 9”x12”; “A Mountain Vista,” 8”x10”; “Wearing Her Christmas Furs”; Ice Skating on the Creek; “Roses” by Paul de Longpre; R. Atkinson Fox; “An Old Fashioned Garden,” 16”x22”; “Rose Bower,”10”x16”; “A Song of Evening,” 10”x16”; “Perfect Day,”14”x18”; “Dawn,”9”x15”; “Garden of Hope,” 10”x16”; Great Fall of Yellowstone,” 8”x12”; “Spirit of Youth,” 9”x15”; “Heart’s Desire,” 14”x22”; “Sunset Dreams,” 8”x14”; (Geo. W. Turner) “Silvery Divide,” 6”x8”; “ Silent Rockies,” 7”x9”;“Sunland,” 14”x22”; “Lake Louise,” 12”x16”; “Blue Lake,” 14”x18”; “Glorious Vista,” 16”x20”; “Garden of Hope,” 14”x22”; “Garden Retreat,” 10”x20”; “High in the Mountains,” 10”x12”; “Nature’s Beauty,” 14”x22”; “Promenade,” 12”x10”; (Unsigned) “At the Foothills of Pike’s Peak,”; “The Path to Home,”; (Geo. W. Turner) “Silvery Divide,” “When Morning Wakens in the Hills,”; ”By a Waterfall”; “An Old-Fashioned Garden,” 16”x22”; “Glorious Vista, 18”x30”; “Glorious Vista,” 16”x20”; “English Garden,” 14”x18”; “Indian Summer,” 14”x18”; “Glorious Vista,” 16”x20”; “Promenade,”14”x22”; Daughter of the Setting Sun,” 14”x16”; “Glorious Vista,” 16”x20”; “Love’s Paradise,” 9”x15”;“The Old Mill,” 7 ½” x 10”; (George White) “Silvery Grandeur,”8”x10”; “Rocky Waterways,” 16”x13”; “Nature’s Silvery Retreat,”6”x9”; Untitled #168, 8”x10”; “A Sheltering Bower,” 11”x15”; (Musson) “Homeward Bound,”7”x9”

SATURDAY 9:00 am

EPHEMERA: 6300 items in 77 lots, inc. wild flowers, sheet music, fashion, tobacco products, actors & actresses, wild animals, horses, ads, military, car ads, Cream of Wheat ads, cats, birds, Coca-Cola ads, Audubon prints, rural life, art, boats & ships, sports & entertainment, Indians, Georgia O’Keeffe sketches, Harrison Fisher book, Rolling Stone Magazines, Marc Chagall book, “Motor” magazines, Kansas historical Quarterly, Comic books, Kiddie Lit, valentines, 2 Charles Dana Gibson books, Pulp magazines, Cowboys & Indians, Floral magazines, Etc.

POST CARDS: 10,670 cards in 79 lots, inc. Christmas, Santas, Thanksgiving, courthouses, hospitals, post offices, Valentines, scenery, congratulations, please write, best wishes, religious, domestic animals, patriotic, famous illustrators, theaters, amusement parks, cowboys & cowgirls, U.S. sites, Easter, Expositions, exaggerations, Beach scenes, Bird’s eye views, comics, New Year’s railroads, Indians, Leap years, dressed animals, Blacks, Street scenes, novelties, military, birthday, advertisements, foreign, etc.

GLASS, POTTERY, CHINA, ETC.: Fenton “Silver Crest” 8” basket; Phoenix “Fern” 7” vase; Artist-signed (Warff) Kosta bowl; “Jefferson’s Wheel” 9 inch bowl; 40+ Russell Wright dinnerware; Humidifiers, Inc. clowns, Egyptian queen, neighborhood bully, etc.; 59 Sabastian miniatures, Murano ashtray, “Medallion” Vaseline compote; “Winged Scroll” cup; Shawnee 3-pc. Range set; 6 Crown Ducal (Eng.) dessert plates; Northwood “Cherry and Cable” creamer, sugar w/lid & spooner; Moser free-form vase; “Bull’s Eye” 5-pc. Berry set; Royal Doulton Rouge Flambe 6 1/2” vase w/farming scene; Royal Albert c/s; “Grape & Cable” custard ruffled bowl; Noritake 3-pc. Console -12” bowl & 2 large candlesticks; 7” English Crown biscuit jar; Signed C/S hand painted, 1868; Royal Bayreuth pillow vase; Doulton Lambeth tobacco jar; Roseville “Florentine” 4 1/2” two-handled vase, c. 1935; 10” Alabaster vase; Weller 5” vase; R.S. Prussia creamer w/lidless sugar; Red Wing Friar Tuck cookie jar; Floe Blue Biscuit jar w/oriental blossom décor; Iridescent vase, serpent Motif- -Loetz?; Loetz Luster Art Glass paperweight; vase Fraudulently signed “L.C.T.”; Weller “Roma” 6 ½” bowl; Rookwood 3-handled 6 ½” vase; Royal Bayreuth “ Peacock” 8 “ ewer; Green art glass with controlled bubbles; Royal Bonn 11 ½” vase; Art Nouveau English porcelain 10 ½” vase w/Mexican décor; Westmoreland Cobalt Bulldog; “Westward Ho” 11” compote; “Shrine” 8 ½” pitcher; Fenton “Opalescent Spiral” hat, 1922; 10” Wheeling Peach Blow art glass on Amber Griffin Base; 9 ¾” English ceramic vase by Trevor Picter; Pomona art glass 7” celery; Van Briggle swan; Art deco C.I. & Marble bookends; Vaseline 3-legged 7” bowl; Camark pottery 10 ½” Heron flower frog; Two Zsolnay (Hungary) vases, 1873-1882; Mr. Bumble flower frog, c. 1900; Roseville “Fresia” wall pocket; Roseville “Cornelian 1,” 1910-1915; Hull “Magnolia” Matte 8 ½” vase; Hull “Woodland” 8 ½” vase; Royal Doulton jug made specifically for Highland Whiskey; Royal Doulton “Hunting Ware” pitcher; Shawnee “Bo Peep”; Hull “Woodland” 10” window box; Hull “Wildflower” 7 ½” vase; Hull “Orchid” 4 ¾” vase; Hull “Iris” 7” rosebowl; Roseville “Cornelian 1” fan vase, 1910- 1915; Roseville “Teasel” 885-8”; Royal Doulton “ Santa” w/deer handle; Royal Doulton “Santa” w/girl handle; Royal Doulton “Santa” w/sack handle; Murano 3 pc. Vanity set; “Bulls Eye” sugar & butter; “Grasshopper” glass; Weller “Bonita” 8 ½” bowl; Red Wing 7” bowl; N. Dakota School of Mines 9” bowl, signed “Ferguson”, 1942; Roseville “Zephyr Lily” hanging basket; Blown glass pitcher by Josh Ries; Bavaria 12 ½” silver overlay bowl; Nippon 7-pc. Floral berry set; 2 Wedgewood 1895 plates -Boston’s old State House & Faneuil Hall; Royal Doulton “Flora”; Royal Doulton “Orange Lady”; “Colorado” banana dish; Royal Bayreuth “Grape” C/S and S/P; Royal Bayreuth boy w/turkey 8 “ pitcher; 13” Murano decanter; six 11 ½” milk glass colored plates; “Zipper Slash” butter; 1922 Rookwood bowl, brown w/green inside; Bennington 7” pitcher; Fenton Cranberry “Spiral Optic” 5 ½” crimped vase; Santa Claus 3 ½” bowl; “King’s Crown” punch bowl w/10 cups; Watt “Apple” ice bucket; Phoenix 7” vase; Fenton “Spiral Optic” rose bowl; Fenton “Rib Optic” rose bowl; 8 Ruby thumbprint luncheon plates; 2 Polychromatic “Poonah C.M.” floe blue plates; Floe Blue 10” bowl by Adams & Co. early 1900’s; Floe Blue “Fancy Villas” 10” bowl; Polychromatic Floe Blue soup bowl by Hope & Cantor, early 1900’s; Pink Fiesta Disc pitcher; 8 Royal Worcester “Pomona” coffee cups; Bohemian footed dish; White cut-to-clear decanter; Red art glass vase; Carlsbad Austria vase; Austrian vase; New Mexico Indian signed vase; 11” Phoenix vase; Stoneware pitcher w/Dutch Décor; Royal Nippon vase; Czech hand-painted signed decanter; 11” Fenton “Rustic variant”; “Germany R.W. vase; Enameled glass bowl w/ winter landscape, c. 1920; Hull “Woodland” 8 3/8” vase; 5 Schmid music boxes; 2 Lladro eggs; 2 Royal Doulton maids -“Wendy” & “Babie”; Abingdon goose; Pompadour vase; Hammersley Bone China pin tray; French & Spanish ash trays; Silver-embossed candy dish; 14-piece demitasse set; “Frosted Lion” compote; Hull “Rosella” 8 ½” cornucopia; Imperial “Crackle” candy dish; Japanese figural vase; Marble vase; Abingdon fish; 15” Bohemian cut glass decanter; Royal Doulton, “Blue Beard,” 1952; Royal Doulton, “Koko,” 1979; 4-pc. Serving set (chips, salsa & 2 candles), Lane & Co. Van Nuys, CA.; Cased art glass vase; Large coffee cup, made in China; Royal Doulton Moorish gateway 5” pitcher; Red Wing compote #635; 3 mixing bowls: 8 ¾” blue bowl, 7 1/8” yellow bowl, 6 3/8” red bowl; Winfield 2-compartment bowl; Blue-Gray pottery vase; 3-piece Royal Rudolstaut serving set; Blue satin art glass vase; Royal Copenhagen vase; 6” art glass basket; McCoy Cobbler’s bench planter; Pickle Castor - Reed & Barton frame w/Bohemian glass insert; Ridgeways “Old England” pitcher; China box w/fish décor; Chinese bowl w/bird on rim; Chalk Lady; Weller “Olla” (gourd-shaped water jug); Weller basket; Austrian art glass vase; Asian ceramic Dragon pitcher; R.S. Prussia C/S; Cambridge “Heritage” fan vase; Two unmarked R.S. Prussia mustard pots; Carnival glass Santa; Royal Doulton “Arriot”; Royal Doulton ”Arry”; Steuben Pyramid w/etched patriotic décor; Autumn leaves paperweight; Powder box w/Middle Ages décor; Art glass paperweight; Dancing couple (Japan); China ink well; 4 Buddha’s; Royal Bayreuth tomato S/P; Hand-painted Rueven glass vase; IHC 6” bud vase; Pill box w/bird décor; Brass & Shell snail; Incolay box; Dancing Lady planter; 2 powder jars w/lady lids: Marumon Ware (Japan) powder jar w/angels décor; Deco “Elegance” head vase; “Button Archer” 1907 mug; “Republic O” mug; 6 ½” stoneware pitcher w/Dutch décor; “Narcissus” pitcher w/4 tumblers; Floe Blue covered dish (“Regent” pattern); 4-tile Dutch picture; Limoges 8” covered dish; 7 Heirloom Bird & Dog mugs, hand-painted & signed; McCoy Golden Retriever mug; German covered dish w/flower décor; McCoy planting dish; 7-pc. Germany berry set w/flower motif; Royal Doulton “Under the Greenwood Tree” plate; Plastic Woodpecker toothpick server; P.K. Silesia Syrup pitcher w/undertray; Swarovski double candle holder; Van Briggle three-Indian 12” vase; 2 Van Briggle “Cherub” vases w/flowers; Van Briggle 7 ½” bowl; Van Briggle 8” Butterfly bowl, 1916; Van Briggle 8 ½” bowl; Van Briggle free form black bowl, 1984; 3 Van Briggle 4 ½” vases, 1907-1912; Van Briggle ash tray; Van Briggle 5 ½” plate; Van Briggle 7” plate; Van Briggle 3 ½” bowl, 1907-1912; Van Briggle 4 ½” leaf bowl; Two 4” Van Briggle Tulip bowls, mid 40’s-mid 50’s; Van Briggle 2 ¾” scalloped bowl; Pair of Van Briggle double candlesticks; 1872 Brass & Glass English condiment set; Porcelain dresser mirror w/19th century couple; Cranberry insert for pickle castor; German bears-annual bath; Fish ash tray; Soho Pottery creamer w/fish décor; Rosenthal right- handed & left-handed mugs; Flower & Grape 4 ½” compote; 3 ½” dish w/fish finial; Folding block; Van Briggle “Let There Be Light” jug; Van Briggle lamp - “Rebecca at the Wall,” w/2 shades; Early Van Briggle lamp, 1908-1912; Stone carving of Indian, 5” x 5” x 8”; Bengal gin tiger counter display; Van Briggle black ashtray; Jewel T pie plate; Blue satin glass creamer; 6” figural humidor; “Gretel” brush; 5 ¾” Silesia tray; “Croesus” sugar; 3 “Croesus” tumblers; stein w/3 drinkers; Pair of Japanese figurines; 3 ¾” Lusterware pitcher; Chocolate glass creamer; English Ironstone creamer; Pair Nippon hand-painted 6” vases; “Diamond Peg” custard glass 8” vase; Lalique swan ring-holder; 7” Doulton Burslem biscuit jar; syrup pitcher; Swanee Granny Annie teapot; art glass paperweight; Sebastian miniature Abe Lincoln; European Syrup in Wave pitcher; Chinese Cloisonne & Enamel Lotus bowl; Royal Bayreuth dish, bowl, mug, pitcher; Katsu Kimura “Top Hat” box; Tin box w/Indian decor; Weller “Louwelsa” 12” vase; “Ship Designs” by G. Homer & E. Keye; “Rubina” art glass biscuit jar; Hull “Royal Woodland” wall pocket; KS Centennial S/C; 2 Swarovski bracelets; 6 snuff boxes (4 are Chinese hand-painted); 2 Battersea (England) enamel boxes, c.1780; Swarovski candle holder; Swarovski paperweight; Goldfish cup, saucer, spoon set by Jen Wood & Ming Li; Oxford “Burslem” 16” platter; Poonan C.M. 16” platter; Cambridge “Toronto” 16” floe blue platter; R.S. Prussia covered sugar; Floe Blue Doulton “Madrid” 1891-1902 13 ½” platter; Doulton “Norfolk” 10” Floe Blue plate; Wm. Duesbury “Derby” Floe Blue 9 ¾” plate, c. 1812; Floe Blue 10” Bull Fight plate, c. 1870; Sang Pottery “Venice” Floe Blue 7 ½” plate; 5” Santa Clara vase; 8 3/4” incised Hungarian Ewer; “Westward Ho” 9” oval covered compote; Rosenthal (Bavaria) mug.

CARNIVAL GLASS: Imperial “Heavy Grape” Marigold Nappy; “Sharon” Shaker; 4 berry bowls; Northwood “Hobstar-Band” bowl; Fenton ”Orange Tree” blue mug; Fenton “Orange Tree” Marigold goblet; ”Round Robin” sugar & creamer; “Stippled Rays” bowl; “Tulip & Cane goblet; Bowl -“Wildrose” exterior and “Stippled Rays” interior; candy dish w/ lid; Dugan “Banded” mug; 2 “Rays” open compotes; Imperial “Floral & Optic” small cake plate; “Ski Star”7” peach Opalescent bowl; Dugan “Cherry” 8 ½” footed ruffled bowl; Fenton “Orange Tree” Marigold C/S; “Blossoms & Palms” 8 ¾” ruffled C/S; “Stippled Flower” Peach Opalescent 7” bowl; Imperial “Wide Panel” footed 9 3/8” bowl; Imperial “Grape” punch cup

TOOTHPICKS: “Kitten on a Pillow”; Royal Bayreuth “Stork”; “Kewpie”; McKee Co. “Crocsus” #484; McKee Co. “Peek-a-Boo”; Imperial #612; “Daisy & Button” hat; “Woodpecker”; “Baby Owl”; “Bird”; “Rabbit”; “Black Man,” C.D. Kenny Co., Germany; Wedgewood; “Swan in Rushes”; “Shamrock”; Royal Bayreuth Arabic scene; “Cameo”; Mt. Washington fig salt shaker; “Ribbed Base”; Mt. Washington tomato salt shaker.

FURNITURE: 4-Shelf shelving (3’-8”); 2-shelf shelving (2’-4”); 4-shelf shelving (4’); 5-shelf shelving (3’-11”); 3-shelf shelving (2’-4”); 4-shelf shelving (2’-10”); 5 shelf shelving (3’-11”); 3 shelf shelving (2’-4”); 4 shelf shelving (2’-10”).

CALENDARS: 1897 “Planing Mill”; 1925 calendar; 1930 R. Atkinson Fox calendar; 1931 calendar; 1935 Morse Garage (Agra, KS); T.J. Mullgrew Co., Dionne Quintuplets, calendars: 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1945, 1946; 1965 Shell Chemical; Lady in Bonnet

PURSES: Milano (Italy); Jennifer Moore: Longchamps; 2 canvas bags (One new); 2 black rivet (one new); Brio; Rosetti; Carlos Santana; Coach; Purse w/Bakelite handle; Needlepoint; Bonwit Teller; Cuban Alligator clutch; German; Metal; .800 coin Silver evening bag; 12 Mesh purses; SR Squared; 2 Coblentz (Saks Fifth Ave); Calvin Klein; 6 billfolds; beaded purse

WESTERN: C.I. Horses & Coach lamp; Chrome horse’s head; Cowboy figurine by Largo; Cast metal match safe; Bruce Contway “Wiyaka” 7/250; Branding iron - “R”; Signed metal cowboy figure; Schultz Beer & Ale C.I. door stop; Indian sculpture by H.M. Elmoy; Contemporary Indian rattle; Indian couple; Davy Crockett flashlight; Belts; Abingdon horse; C.I.horse doorstops; 3 Breyer horses; 3 C.I. horse banks; Oxen & Wagon TV lamp; Abingdon white horse head bookends; Abingdon black horse head bookends; “End of the Trail” Bronze bookends, 1925; horse bookends; cowby doll; spurs; 3 cap guns; McCoy Log Planter; “Beware of Fox” mug; Schafer & Vater chief tray; Red horse plate; Signed Navajo vase; Lone Ranger snow globe; Davy Croackett glass & 3 cups; Signed Indian feather vase; Hop-Along Cassidy milk glass; Lloyd’s bank; Horse & Cart candy container; Colorado Elk measuring cup; Buffalo paperweight; Indian hunting sculpture; hand-painted Indian chief vase, signed “Wihoa’s” ’79; Encased covered wagon; “Westward Ho” covered compote & creamer & covered compote repro; 2 wolf figurines; Moose coasters, Buffalo cribbage board; gun and holster carving; Bull-fight; horse C.I. book-ends; 4 Bolo ties

STEREOGRAPH CARDS: Asia- 73 cards; Mexico &S. America-19; Middle East-51; Norway & Sweden -23; France -18; Italy – 47; Russia-27; Switzerland – 23; Greece-16; USA-179; Europe-41; Blacks-12; Relationships-92; Kids- 98; Hunting and Fishing- 66; Animals-18; misc. – 84.

PRINTS: 17 Maxfield Parrish: “Thy Woods & Templed Hills,”1942; “Prince Codadad” from “The Arabian Nights,” 1906. 9” x 11”; “Wild Geese,” 1924. 11 ¾” x 14 ¾”; “Spirit of Transportation,” 1923. 16 ½” x 20”; “Stars,” 1927. 10”x18”; “The End”(Final print in “The Knave of Hearts,” 1925); “Young American writing the Declaration of Independence,” Collier’s Cover, July3, 1909; “Sunrise,” (from the Arizona series), 1933, 5” x 7”; “Rock of Ages,” (Arizona series), 1939; “Wynken, Blinken & Nod’” 1905, 6” x 8”; “Daybreak’” 1928, 10” x 18”; “The Botonist,” Collier’s Cover, July 18, 1908, 11” x 15”; Bookplate, “The Arabian Nights,” 1924; “Community Plate” Ad,” 1918; “Garden of Allah,” 1918; “Morning,” 1922; “Garden of Opportunity,” 1915; “The Garden of Allah,” 1918.Phillip Boileau, Sat. Eve. Post cover, Sept. 9, 1911; Harrison Fisher, “Ready for a Spin,” 1906; Harrison Fisher, “Pretty Lady,” 1907; James Montgomery Flagg, Pretty Lady, 1902; Penrhyn Stanlaws, Lady Golfer, 1910; Charles Dana Gibson, couple; Howard Chandler Christy, couple in bed clothes; Harrison Fisher, Lady in Red Scarf, 1907; N.C. Wyeth, book cover for “Kidnapped” by R.L. Stevenson, 1913; Penrhyn Stanlaws, Lady Golfer & Cupid, 1907; N.C. Wyeth, “Mr. Balfour,” from “Kidnapped, 1913; Fredrick Remington, “The Rooky”; Penrhyn Stanlaws, Ice-skating Ladies, 1907; N.C. Wyeth, “Life Itself Is Only A Vision,” bookplate from ”The Mysterious Stranger,” by Mark Twain, 1916; Harrison Fisher, couple on Beach, 1907; Charles Dana Gibson, Pretty Lady; Harrison Fisher, Lady in Black Hat, 1907; A.B. Frost, “The Conciliator,” 1908; James Montgomery Flagg, “Good Night”; Harrison Fisher, Sat. Eve. Post cover, Nov. 16, 1907; Harrison Fisher, couple on couch, 1907; Harrison Fisher, Lady in Lace Scarf; Jessie Wilcox Smith, Game of Checkers; Fredrick Remington, Squaw & Drunk Brave; A.B. Wenzell, “The Lover’s Quarrel,” 1908; Harrison Fisher, “Miss Kay Laurell”; Chandler, 4 prints; Charles Dana Gibson, “Fore’” 1900; “A Day of Golf,” 1899; Jessie Wilcox Smith, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,”; Al Narizzano, 8 prints; G.B. Fox, 3 prints; Currier: “Caroline,” 1850; “Look at Mamma,” 1850; “The Rose”; “Clara,” 1849. Currier & Ives, “New England Winter Scene” (Mirror); “The Girl I Love,” 1870; “Spring,” 1870; “Little Manlys,” 1874; “Father’s Pride”; “Mother’s Pride”. Icart, “Perfect Harmony”; “Spring”; “Summer”; “Fall”; “Winter” A.B. Wenzell, “Midieval Christmas Processional” from The Passing Show, 1900; Coca Cola Ad; Vintage Italian Advertising poster; Colonial Belle’s Theater Poster; United Farms Tools sign; Big A Pro Quality Parts Sign; Golden Harvest Hybrids Sign; Harmon Stove Co. Sign; Chandler, Winter print; Chandler, Summer print; J.G. Brown, “Card Trick”; J.G. Brown, “Give Us a Light”; “Dewey’s Victory at Manila”; Renarte art Deco Etching; St. Bernard & Girl; J. Meran, “Rocky Mountain Indian Trail”; “Black Babies”; “Lone Wolf”; “Sarah Bernhardt” 1879; Ida Waugh, “Child w/Hands on Brow,” Chromolithograph, 1900; “Missouri King” Hybrid Seed Corn Ad; E.D. & E.C. Kellogg, “The Canary Bird”; “Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy Ad” by Heiter; Fred Schnurr & Co. Wymore’s Popular Clothiers ad; “Among the Blossoms,” 1881; “Dutch Boy,” 1903; N.C. Wyeth, “Alleyore’s Ride,” 1915; W.W.1 German Poster, “Die Fahrt Der Deutschian’s”; Martin Goldman, “Lost Luggage,” Frontier Airlines; Thomas Kinkade , “Passages of Summer”; Signed “Sincerely, Mary Pickford”; 3 Framed 1932 comics puzzles; Flohrim, “Woman Wants But Little Here Below”; Dog & Girl, 1939; Jack Ellis Haynes, Hand-colored print, “Jupiter Terrace, “ Yellowstone Park; “Christmas Gifts”; Haskell Coffin, 1st Nat’l. Bank, Marysville, KS; “Caves St. Catherine” Wine ad; “Reserve Le Vin pour Nos Pollus” wine ad; “Louis Eschenauer” wine ad; “Giacomo Mori” wine ad; “Correlli” wine ad; “Grands vin de Bordeaux” wine ad; “Presoirs Mobille” wine ad; “St. Vincent” wine ad; “ A. Bichet & Cie” wine ad; 25 silhouettes

JEWELRY: Approx. 100 flats of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings, etc., inc. Bakelite, silver & turquoise, etc.

MISC.: 1930 Waltham 8-day clock; 3 children’s scrapbooks; Mitsubishi video cassette recorder; boom box; 3 Menorahs; Kissing Dutch couple clock; Brass letter holder; fireplace clock; Figural wind-up clock; Wooden Uncle Sam; Blue/White graniteware cowboy coffee pot; United Metals elec. Clock; Metal Dresser clock; Iron Pig; Doctor’s bag; Indian basket; Bear Bride & Groom; Doll bench; Blue graniteware Boston Milk Can; Basket w/camel décor; 1863 Lookout Mountain wooden gavel; Russian Lacquer box; Placemats & coasters; 3 celluloid boxes; wooden box; pen holder; Wooden Zebra; small wooden doll bench; Japanese Champleve vessel; McFarlane, Pang & Co. Biscuit tin(USA); Wooden Jewelry box; Decorated tin box; “Welcome Home” by Brian Patterson, 1976; Patinated French Art Noveau bronze vase; Pastoral figure; Greek Lady; Parrot bottle opener; Pen holder; bronze pen tray w/music décor; Chinese Salt/ Pepper/ mustard server; Kenner’s double-edge stropper; Rollani Bronze Lion, 1976; Wooden black cat; Marble rabbit; Photo envelope; Onyx clock; Roman soldier; wooden fish; Shale kissingbirds; Empty Coach C.I. bookends; C.I. baby buggy; National Safe C.I. Bank; Painted match box; 6 Griffin Steak knives (Germany); Black figure on picket fence; Rolls Razor; Wooden dog bookends; wooden gander; Old dipper (drinking cup); Shell box; vintage tin lunch box; tin box w/eagle décor; Bunkel Brothers cocoa serving tray; 4 Golden Hour Mother Goose puzzles; Mason Shoe-Blacking box; Concordia, MO Hardware Co. ad; “The Exerciser” ;“the Shopper”; Sledding picture on glass; 16 pcs. Bakelite flatware; Brilliant Mosaic Game (1920’s); Wooden box w/ 18 pens; Deluxe Dial toy typewriter; Victorian Lady lamp; Golfer lamp; Silverplate Georgian cruet set, c. 1830; 8 Red goblets w/clear stems; Audio books; Mail box; Boy Scout Camp Kit; Kid’s woodworking toolbox; “Indian Sculpture,” by H.M. Elroy; Wade & Butcher straight edge razor; Shumate’s “Peacemaker,” St. Louis, MO bamboo scales straight razor; Baccarat Golfer; 21 Silverplate figural napkin rings; Bottle, Can & jar opener; National Sheaf of Wheat chocolate glass toothpick; Baby in 5” carriage; Chinese napkin ring w/Dragon; Baccarat Bunny; Buttons (29 sheets, 18 partial sheets, 42 packets, 1 small jar); cap guns (Jr. Police Chief, Hubley “Tex”, “Champ”); Chinese porcelain box, c.1756; Blue Graniteware fish poacher; Icart cold-painted bronze dancers; Watches; Thimbles; silver & turquoise jewelry; Neiman Marcus key chain; Swarovski pin; Cloisonne bracelet; Divot repairers; Bakelite Cuff; Louis Vuitton phone holder; Coach luggage I.D.; Jianhui Necklace; Mont Blanc bracelet; Crescent Set: Ferragamo bracelet; Wendal Wilkie 1940 Presidential Rally Medal; Sterling salt spoon; Nixon Penny: Whorehouse tokens; 64 belt buckles; 8 Vintage wooden shaft golf clubs; 34 “ cane w/Pewter Wolf’s head; 22” cane w/silver duck w/red glass eye

Auctioneer’s Note: For the past 20 plus years, Dan and Deb Hahn have been antique dealers in North Central Kansas. During this period, they have had booths in antique malls in Abilene, Salina, Russell, Hays, Phillipsburg and Smith Center. They have also held an annual 4th of July sale in Osborne. Now they are retiring and selling all the antiques from their final booths, (Russell and Smith Center) and storage facilities in Osborne. This auction will involve everything from their storage facilities.

Overnight Accommodations: Crossroads Inn Motel at the intersection of US Hwy 24 and US Hwy 281, 933 North 1st Street, at the North end of Osborne, KS. Phone 785-346-5413.

Food service by Shelly Roach both days.

Sellers: Dan Hahn & Deb Borisoff (Hahn)
For Info, Call 785-346-2726

Statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material. Terms: Cash or Good Check. Not responsible for accidents. Lunch Stand Available.

Personal Property Auction conducted by
www.kansasauctions.net / postrock /
Mike Cheney | 785-658-5728 | [email protected] | Lincoln, KS 67455

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