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Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at 9:00 AM

100s of 2D Art (Framed, Matted and Loose)

2110 Harper Dg. Fairgrounds Bldg. 21 (Climate Controlled) Lawrence, KS

100s of 2D Art (Framed, Matted and Loose)

Mediums, Eras and Cultures

Acrylic, oil, pen / ink, woodcut, brass, stamped metal, lithograph, serigraph, watercolor, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, embossed paper, mixed media, engraving, gouache, monoprint, weavings, needlepoint, Victorian paint transparencies, papercut silhouette, stevengraph, Eglomisé, carved wood, Antique playbill, vintage 7th Seal movie poster, and more. Photographs: color, black and white, palladium prints, tin types. Many signed, numbered and artist’s proofs. Contemporary, U.S., Native American, European, Asian, Folk and Antique..

Artists and their Works.

Abbrescia, Joe: Charlie Russel Rides; Amason, Alvin Eli: Otter Family; Amen, Irving: Caraculla

Anthony, L.: Portrait of Harrison Begay, Indian in Headdress in profile, Red Eagle in Blue Sky, Eagle, and more; Audubon, James: Townsends Oyster-Catcher Female, Razor-Billed Auk, Common American Shrew Mole, Canada Pouched Rat, Large tailed Spermophile, and more; Baskin, Leonard: Henry Coger, signed Edgar Allen Poe posters, View of Worster, Death Mask, Tentacles, Thistle Ornament, Peace a Plenty, Lebrun, Glutted Death, The Pumpkin Man, The Hanged Man, Cerberus Medallion, postage stamps (signed), misc Baskin papers, woodcuts, monolithic woodcuts, bronze medallions, lithographs, artist's proofs, etchings and many more.; Battenberg, John: Koi Group II; Bell, Bob Boze: Billy's Walk in the Snow, The Earp's Blow, Billy the Kid Kid Pleading his Case, Doctor Death, and more; Bess, Rachel: Secret Weapon; Bohl, Walter: Camelback, Watching - Gambel's Quail, Woodland Retreat, Arizona Desert Family; Bond, Brent: Stage Lights, There are nicer rooms in town, but the hospitality here is hard to beat, Descension From the Chandelier; Bongibault, Andre: Monastery, Couple on Stairs; Boni, Paulo: Graphisculpture Poster 1979, 1979; Briggs, Lamar: Flower #8, Purple Iris #1, Feather Dancer, Flower Cosas II, and more; Burgdorff, Ferdinand: Carmel Mission in 1926

Cabot, Hugh: Old Adobe House; Caldwell, Will: Carey Arena Horse Sense, Bathing Women, Shilin Village, China No. 24 Chinese Doorway / figures, Wagon and Horse, Baringo Sunrise, Giraffes and more; Carlsen, Emil: Fruit Still Life with Painting; Carlson, George: Red Sash; Casimir, Laurent: Men and Tropical Fruit; Chmiel, Len: Day Dreaming; Coze, Paul: Hopi Wedding, Navajo Medicine Man, Grizzlies Attacking Apaches, Walapai Scouts Above the Colorado River; Crook, William: Seated Man; Crow, Cloud Medicine: Too Much Oil; Crumbo, Woody: Scalp Dancer, Crow Dancer; Dahl, Carl: Rearing Stallion, Bull, Man Angel, Standing Horse, and many more; Daily, Mark: Reflection, Portrait in profile; Dawson, John: Comic Book Villain, Homage to Rembrandt #5, Dressed in Black, Lady and Model T, The Hunchbacked Man and more; Eyer, Charles Robert: New Haven, VT, Prospect School, Union Camp #3 - northern Georgia; Farnsworth: Boules, 4th Avenue Night Manager #876, Sundown on Plomosa Rd #887; Folwell: Portrait of a Bearded Man; Foster, Elizabeth: St. Jerome Riding a Lion, Blind Seer, Man Followed by a Corpse, Old Testament Vision and more

George, Dick: Portrait of Sculptor Luis Jimenez (This was the last photo taken of Jimenez. He is posing in front of his sculpture of a horse to be placed at the new Denver National Airport. Shortly after this photo was taken, Jimenez was killed in a studio accident.): Gomes, Damian: I'll Be a Part of Your Tornado..., Siamese, If You Please, Black Crown, Seated Man, and many more; Graese, Judy: The Song of Francis pg. 18, Girl with Wolf, Iron John, signed Estes Park Music Festival Poster; Grooms, Reginald Leslie: Emerald Sea; Guzman, Carol: Schlattingen Switzerland, Found Sparrow; Hardy, Paul: Charcoal Burner; Harper, Ben: Balboa Park; Hookway, William: Portrait of Pueblo Indian, Duck Decoy, Gunslinger, Discussion and many more; Hooper, Curtis: Churchill intaglio series; Husberg, Rob: Ghost Tree, Sanctuary, Topiary with cats, Duckbilled Plaidypuss, The Visitor, and many more

Irvin, Kevin: Spiral Skeleton; Jacob, Ned: Cowgirl from Behind, Guitar Player, Moorish Barber, Portrait of a Young Man, Sailor Portrait, and many more; Jagman, Edward: Blackberry Brambles; Kaminsky, Dora: Pueblo, Taos Pueblo family, Taos drawing, Fossil Fish, Indian Girls; Kendrick, Robb: Colter Schlosser, Family with Cowboy Hats, Cowboy with Chaps, Couple with Lasso, and more; Kimball, Wayne: Normal Wooded Interior, Horse and Rider and more. (Kimball is highly regarded for his 7 color lithographs); Kloss, Gene: Force and Fate, Shield Dancers 12 / 25, Foremost-McKesson 5th Anniversary Poster, and more; La Caff, Elnore: Desert Romance; Lhotka, Bonnie: Embossed handmade paper; Lowenkamp, Rick: Don't know who I am, and more; Mahdy, Wadie: Still Life 1967, Riding a Burro; Manley, Roger: Baby Headstone, Mound of Snakes, Portrait Collage, and more; Mason, Steve: smasonArt - set of three 3D prints and glasses, Waves; McCall, Robert: Spirit of Egypt, Egyptian Mystique; McDowell, Mark: Neck tie, 16 No Dance, Hot dog, Little Bill, and many more; Nast, Thomas: Can the Law Reach Him?, Cincinnatus; Oman, S.: Ringtail Lemur, wolf, Rabbit

Pearlstein, Philip: Butterfly Kite; Pogzeba, Wolfgang: Instinct and Know How, The Partners, Encampment & Horses, Proof #6, and many more; Porcaro, Gregory: Where's the Beef 1994; Prutzer, Charles Timothy: Shorebird, Swallows, Owl, and more; Redbird, Robert: Indian / Feathers, Crane, Indian Woman, Indian and Landscape in Golden Light, and more; Rezvani, Shahrokh: "you in the information age" poster 1984-85; Ricker, Michael T.: Sawtooth Valley '86, Reeds, White Rock Lake '86, Little Colorado River Gorge '85, Mountain Valley, Bryce Canyon, and many more; Robinson, Boardman: Subway Work Royce, Richard: Owl, Stingray, Three Birds Ruthling, Ford: Bill Bishop's Goat on Crescent Moon; Scholder, Fritz: Cowboy, Blue profile of wolf, Self Portrait in Barcelona, Dark Figure, An American Western Celebration poster, and many more; Soyer, Raphael; Starikoff, Mikhael: Cottage, Port City, Trees Along Shore, Flowers in Pitcher

Swann, James: Mission San Jose de Aguayo; Thompson, J. Barry: Elves Chasm, Grand Canyon, Trees in Snow; True, Virginia: Interior with fireplace, New Mexico Village; Turk, Rudy: Red / Gold Star

Udinotti, Agnese: Black Man in War Dance Udinotti studio door; Vann, Samuel: Rumley Tractor, New Mexico landscape, New Mexico Landscape #2, Swan, Geese Swimming, Gorge, and more; Varez, Dietrich: Hawaiian Landscape, Halau Wa'a, Kalo, Ulu, Mele Po; Wanamaker, Rodman: A Sanctuary of Four Thousand Years, Chief White Horse, Mountain Chief; Washington, R.E.M.: Uncle Tom Flour Co.; Wegman, William: Woman working in an office, Watching Basketball, Anteater, Fig. 108; Welty, Eudora: Four Photographs by Eudora Welty; Williford, Ronnie: Owl and mouse, Kiva, Seated Indian boy, Orangetan, Sanibel, Log Cabin, and many more; Wray, Russell: Sea Turtle, Sleeping Woman, Couple with Fruit, The Resurrection of the Woodcarver, The Woodcarver; Young Running Crane, Jay: Ledger Art Teepee; Zahourek, Jon: Cowboy portrait, Mountain Man, Indian with Blanket, Roughneck series (9 of series oil well drillers), Pueblo woman, and many more; Zion, Ben: III But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect ca 1970, XII - and it came to pass, 57 / 65 ca 1970.

Numerous additional artists and their works too many to mention!

Seller: William P. Bishop Estate

Auction Note: This is the 2nd of 3 Auctions. Mr. Bishop owned antique stores and fine art galleries in Allenspark, CO and Scottsdale, AZ for over 50 years. This extraordinary collection contains one-of-a-kind items from his Scottsdale location as well as his home. This auction set includes antique, vintage and contemporary art from the Americas, Asia and Europe—items rarely available for sale in this region. Many works of fine art were created by Native American, western, and southwestern artists.

Quality is Exceptional! DO NOT MISS THIS AUCTION! Plan on Spending ALL DAY!

Terms: Cash or approved checks, sorry no credit cards, ID required to register for a bid number, bidding by number, nothing removed until settled with the cashier. Elston Auctions or Seller not responsible for accidents / damage or theft. Statements made day of auction take precedence over all prior advertisements and printed material. Title transfers are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. Everything sold as is, where is, without any guarantee implied.

Concessions: Worden Church Ladies

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